The Collective: 22kt Kirk & Spock + DST Ship Dates + Return of the Star Trek Spork + more

2009 continues to be a cornucopia for the Trek collector. Today TrekMovie has news of new items from Danbury Mint and Funko, plus shipping dates from Diamond Select Toys. And the Star Trek Spork is back! Take a trip with us down the great material continuum in this brief, yet newsy, edition of The Collective.  


22kt Gold Card Collection from Danbury Mint
In January, TrekMovie broke the news about new licensees for Star Trek and we have seen many of those items available to fans during the last few months. One we mentioned was The Danbury Mint, a venerable collectibles company which had previously had Star Trek products and this week has started announcing their Star Trek line. The first items from Danbury are a set of collectible 22kt gold cards featuring characters from the various television shows. These cards are a subscriber set. To promote the cards, the Danbury Mint is offering the first card in the set, Commander Spock (a $12.95 value) free (with a $1.90 shipping fee).  Also included free is the Deluxe Collector’s Album for storing the cards. Then shipping every month or so will be cards at the price of $12.95 each plus shipping. You could cancel your subscription and keep the Spock card if
you wish, or continue getting the entire collection.

Danbury 22kt gold collectors cards

This set was originally available only in the UK during the early 2000s, but is now being offered to US fans. The original UK set had 48 cards total and were shipped 2 per month, meaning this was a 2 year subscription if interested in the entire set. More details at


DST Preorder and Shipping Dates Announced
The much anticipated Romulan Kirk and Spock 2 pack from Diamond Select Toys is now available for preorder from Big Bad Toy Store. This next set in the 7" line from DST features our heroes as they appeared in "The Enterprise Incident" and will be available this October for $24.99.

"Enterprise Incident" Spock and Romulan Kirk coming in October

DST has also released their revised shipping dates for Star Trek items at the Art Asylum website. This is the most current information available on when to expect your Star Trek items.

  • June 3, 2009 USS Enterprise 1701 D toy ship
  • June 24, 2009 Tricorder toy replica and the Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Kirk and Spock Two Pack
  • July 8, 2009 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Phaser toy replica
  • July 29, 2009 Deep Space Nine Sisko with Command Chair action figure
  • August 26, 2009 Star Trek TOS Wave 5 action figures (Kirk with Green shirt, Christine Chapel, McCoy with rolled sleeves, Janice Rand)

Funko SDCC Exclusives 2009
According to Forbidden Planet UK, Funko will have two San Diego Comic Con exclusive bobbleheads of Kirk and Spock featuring translucent designs to mimic the appearance of beaming. The San Diego Comic Con is July 23-26, 2009.

Beaming bobbleheads SDCC exclusives

The Star Trek Spork is back
Last, but not least, the return of the Spork! A surprisingly popular collectible for 2009 was the Star Trek Titanium Spork from Think Geek. The first issue sold out in days, and now Think Geek has added a new non-limited edition Spork. Get yours at ThinkGeek.

Spork Trek!

More News on the Way
Next week The Collective should have some breaking news on some exciting new movie related products and more, so keep your scanners to TrekMovie for all the latest in collectible and merchandising news.

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I Grok Spork!

DST/Art Asylum keeps pushing back their dates. It makes me wonder if they will ever release more Trek toys.

One of my favorite pages in the classic Making of Star Trek book was the list of possible Vulcan names, how could they have missed Spork!

Okay, I kinda want the spork. Why? Just because.

Oh, those bobble heads are SO mine come July!

Who cares about Spork, where is Kelvin salt shaker!

I was pleasntly surprised by the Star Trek “badge” in my box od Rice Krispies yesterday. For a freebie, it was a hhigher quality giveaway than I’ve seen in a looooong time. (I got the engineering badge –don’t know why they called it a badge. You can’t pin it on–which is more like a glorified flashlight.) The red light illuminates the spiral engineering logo nicely.

Just wanted to say, I’ve got a package from Paramount.

The spork is SO worth it. I got one of the limited ones from Think Geek. Its deceptively light, and the logo is actually set into the titanium, not just a silk screening on the top.

What happened to the TWOK communicator?
BTW, I don’t understand why DST insists on giving shipping dates that they cannot keep. Every product is pushed back again and again, Why don’t they just wait until they have their products ready to ship before announcing anything?

I would like to know if there is any update on the flying r/c enterprise? Wasn’t is supposed to be available before the movie?

AA/DST are releasing toys, however, the date for the 1701-D is inaccurate, 6-17-09 according to DST website. But that date may change as well.

Lovely to see all the swag being marketed for Trek in conjunction with the film (I offer this in the spirit of both sarcasm and accolade).

I find it curious that a certain set of ‘fan intensive’ products weren’t marketed, especially since the film was delayed six months which would have allowed for the licensing of such products. The category of fan intensive products I am referencing are non-toy products, many of which have been mentioned here. These would be elaborative materials such as a ‘tech manual’, a ‘film book’ with stills from the movie, an ‘encyclopedia’ of the “Alterverse’s” key points, a stats poster, blueprints and many such things.

The book was totally undermarketed, as it already is in 5-6th printing, which leads me to believe that Par didn’t expect the movie to do as well as it did. Where I live, you can’t find anything Trek except the movie unless you want to buy it using the ‘netmarket, and I live in Hawaii’s second most populous city (roughly 60,000).

As a curio, two friends of mine who are totally indifferent to Trek and consider it to be majorly ‘geekwad’ saw the movie and are freakin’ raving about it. One has even seen it multiple times and is definitely moving into the fangirl realm, not just because of Pine and Quinto but because she’s gotten the ‘message’. It’s fun watching her become ‘Trekified’.

To Paramount: Mission accomplished and thank you for resurrecting Trek!

I hope the upcoming news includes info on Wave 2 of the Playmates Star Trek stuff! I’d hoped they’d announce it shortly after the movie comes out.

That TOS tricorder release date has been pushed back about a dozen times now (and the price has increased substantially).

The line in the movie novelization where Kirk accidentally (maybe) calls his accuser Commander Spork is actually moderately amusing.

I almost wet myself laughing at the spork moment in Wall-E

#10 TWOK communicator was announced to be released late thi years or early next year. The way DST keeps pushing out dates we will probably see it in 2011.

John, Thank you for these product announcements. I hope to see something from you about the Mattel die-cast Star Trek ships.


You got it Steve. Its on the list!

I’m still waiting for the new Star Trek uniforms for my Playstation 3 Home avatar!

Stop releasing 50 shades of the same character and get the tricorders out the door, DST.
What do you people get paid for?? Yes, I know, bad build quality causes delay and you’re trying to get us the best possible product at great prices. You did such a great job with the phaser and communicator. Hats OFF to you guys.

But for crying out loud?? The tricorder would’ve been out 6 months ago if you weren’t wasting your time on a bunch of action figures that people basically already have. FFS!! If someone wants a Kirk in a Romulan outfit, or a Sulu with a cut on his cheek, or Uhura with pearl earrings instead of diamond, THEY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN.

Get the good stuff out there!

I want a scale model of the new Enterprise, something along the size of Polar Light’s refit Enterprise (35″ long).

I think I read somewhere a 12″ kit is coming…. I want bigger…. yeah, I’m suffering from Enterprise envy! LOL

Yes a 12 inch kit will be produced by round 2 (formerly polar lights) I doubt we will ever see bigger though since its in 1/2500 according to R2. That would make a 1/1000 scale Enterprise bigger than the current 1/350 scale refit.

I am one of the most loyal DST customers there is. But I won’t order one more thing until my tricorder arrives.

ebay will probably end up with all my business. Or Entertainment Earth or New Force Comics. but I won’t pre-order another thing from DST.

And MC1 Doug–Where did you read about the 12 inch kit?