Star Trek Movie Inspiring YouTubers With Skits, Parodies, VBlogs & more

Over the last week or so many people have sent in links to new YouTube vblogs, skits and more about Star Trek that they made or just liked. So poking around YouTube it seems the new Star Trek movie has inspired dozens of self-made broadcasters. There are way too many so below we offer just a sampling to show how the new Star Trek is all the rage on the interwebs.   


NOTE: The following are selected solely from videos where people appear on camera. Some videos contain adult themes and/or spoilers for the Star Trek movie.

Some people and indie filmmakers have been inspired to put together little Star Trek skits, mostly related to the movie, but some just good old Star Trek fun.

[also check out Indy Moguls’s guide to low-cost transporter effects]

This skit combines shows how you can ‘DIY’ your own Star Trek props and costumes

And these are review/skit combos:

UPSET TREKKIES (real and parody)
Although most Trek fans love the new Star Trek movie, a few have got upset over it. Some should read some of the Orci Q&As and maybe they wouldnt be so worried about the prime timeline, but here are a couple examples of venting Trekkies.

And here are a couple of parodies of upset Trekkies

Of course YouTube is awash in girl vbloggers, and it seems they like Trek too, here are just a sampling.

Even Princess Leia had to chime in on Star Trek.

Speaking of the ladies, some want to know how to look like Uhura. There are a couple of examples of this, but neither allow embedding so you can check them out here and here.



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Cool Videos.

You should also see the mountain of new AOS (That is, Trek 2009) inspired stories at fan fiction. net–292 of them since the movie opened! That’s a LOT of inspiration.

Not only that, interest has skyrocketed in all things Trek. My own TOS stories have seen an increase in hits by a factor of 10!


um… ok wow lol

Star Trek in 47 seconds LOL

OK Anthony, time to get crackin’ on some Star Trek 2 (12?) posts…

By this time in the process for Star Trek, already had dozens of articles on “greenlighting,” “will J.J. direct?” etc.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

I guess those angry Trekkers should have K/O spoon feed them explanations as to why their silly “script” makes sense.

It seems to be working with most of you.

Star Trek in 47 Seconds for the win!

That Scottish dude is seriously pissed off…

Some of those are painful to watch

Yeah.. I loved the movie.. LOVED IT! And cant believe the ppl who are pissed because they think it wiped everything away….. how so? Whos to say that TWOK isnt going to happen? To my knowledge in the movieverse hes still floating around in the Botany Bay. And Saavik could have been one of the 10000 surviving vulcans.. so there you go. No worries about the Trek we all grew up with, its still there.. just hasnt happend yet.

The trough of Star Trek is beginning to rise into the crest, though not too fast, I hope.

These are goofy, but very creative! I think it is way cool that so many people are digging the new movie. It is everything I hoped for!

I hope it continues to do well.

My family reviewed it for Treks In Sci Fi.

Enjoy! :)

“you’re First officer’s Masturbating…”


Are there any Hot Chicks who Hated/Disliked this Movie?

I understand what Orci and company did. I get it. I don’t need to be reminded of that. But I gotta admit…I’m very sympathetic to the Scottish guy – on many levels.

Yeah,…the 47 second guy is funny.

11. Not sure if this amounts to “rising into the crest” though it’s fun to see fans have fun with Trek again. TOS has a fun-factor that the other series never seemed to get (though I give Family Guy credit for trying with TNG multiple times).

BTW, anyone catch the recent Family Guy with the Star Trek II Regula I word-for-word entrance into the Genesis cave (with music, as well)?

Where the F can I get a trekkie hottie?

aj, lmao @ family guy, that was a great episode!

holy crap… that scottish guy just didn’t get it. I think he missed the point. To get that angry over the movie? The dude has to get a life! LoL

Gotta love hot chicks that love Trek! I had to drag my GF to see the movie.. but afterwards she said she was glad she went because it blew her away with how great it was.

I love Star Trek (In 47 Seconds)! I think this is a hoot as well:

Russians Review Star Trek (some adult content)


I’m a snob about Russian accents, and those two just don’t nail it. At all. Just Borat wannabees. Funny nonetheless.

something tells me the second angry fan under the “serious” negative reviews is actually a parody. At least I’m hoping…

Now someone needs to do The Shat interviewing JJ for his TV Interview series. I’m sure some one can splice together a parody of the half hour show. And at the end JJ could take off his mask and actually become Vader with a Light saber, and Spock could beam in and Vulcan neck pinch Darth. And in closing Shat could say the 21 century will rule the 20th century.

If I had the connections I’d go for it but sorry I may have the mind but do not know were to find the talet or the equipment.

And by the way Ashley those Vulcan ears sure looked early 1980’s el cheapo types. But would you like a Vulcan Mind meld, and be able to learn the secrets of the future. First tip for free, please teach your film buddies to save electricity and gas by turning thing off when not in use and stop being 1960’s American’s. We’ll never learn to use Anti-Matter if you waste energy.

The first video from an angry fan (the real one) actually brings up some good points… anyone else feels like he does?… I would have thought that on a hard core trek site like this there would be plenty that share his viewpoint…

The Star Trek Hotties needs to go to series RIGHT NOW!

Great stuff!

Great stuff! Glad to see TREK really taking off these days. Long overdue for some attention.

I loved the film but I treat everything in it as a parallel universe, including the Kelvin.

#25 –

Who’s looking at the ears?

Gee, what passes for entertainment these days.

Umm.. wow.. beware angry trekkies!

the scottish guy is a comedian he is not pissed he is trying to be funny lol

#31. MC1 Doug

you mean like the Movie, Heh:)

I’d like to be cast in the sequel to “Beam Me Up, Hottie”. Hubba hubba!

Fun reviews. What I’d really like to see is a report on the reaction of the original cast. I know George, Walter and NIchelle have all seen it. What did they think? Has this ben reported somewhere already and I missed it?

Also, Anthony, how about reviews from the likes of Bjo Trimble, DC Fontana, David Gerrold, Herb Solow, etc.? How do some of the old guard view the new movie? I’m especially interested in DC Fontana’s take on the destruction of Vulcan in the new timeline. That could make for some interesting reading… hint hint.

One of the things I noticed on Youtube when you look up Star Trek clips. Is the videos that are created about the romance between Spock and Uhura. I think I have seen like 5 of these videos. There pretty good, but im surprised they are still online since they contain cam footage from the movie.

Well, those postings are why I usually stay away from youtube… :-P

Ashley has more plastic in her than those 2 action figures she was holding…

The Russians were funny, they may play up the accent (as does Yelchin) but they’re really Russkies.

Does anyone know if Yelchin does the Russian voiceover for the film in Russian? One Russian friend who’s seen both says it’s him.

some people make em like a crime to hate this film.

every well received film has its critics, now I love this new Trek movie but it is far from being the best ever Trek film.

TWOK, TUC and First Contact are still miles better for me.

I would prob place this film fifth, but apart from Spock the film is separate for me as the Kelvin sequence is also in a parallel universe for me rather than diverging the timelines at that point

well those were crap

i think if you know limmys stuff he may feel this way about the film but is hyping it up for comedic value

Here I uncover the butterfly effect that started with the first Tomb Raider game which led to the creation of the new Star Trek movie :)

I <3 Ashley! She should be in Nacelles Weekly!

Here’s my YouTube review: