GoAnimate Mashup Contest Winners

Two weeks ago we announced the ‘mashup madness’ contest from GoAnimate.com for fans to mashup animations from Star Trek along with their other licensed channels (Street Fighter, Underdog, Willie Nelson, and It’s Happy Bunny). The contest ended yesterday and so below we present the three winning entries.


Mashup winners
The rules of the contest were to ‘mash up’ animations using characters from the different GoAnimate licensed channels, including Star Trek. Here are the three winning entries, hopefully some of them are among the TrekMovie readers.

GoAnimate.com: Bein' Green by Mojochi


GoAnimate.com: L-O-V-E Mash Up by RandomGirl



Congrats to the three Grand Prize winners.  GoAnimate.com is giving each of them copies of Star Trek SceneIt and Star Trek UNO, in addition to a trove of other channel-themed prizes.

The mashup capabilities will be available on GoAnimate.com from here on out – so you can mixup Star Trek vs. Street Fighter (or the other licensees). And finally, please stay tuned here on TrekMovie for future Star Trek themed contests on GoAnimate.com.

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Loved Bein’ Green

Thought the first and the third one were really good.

It’s not easy being…
TREK is #1!!!! 194.8 million as of yesterdays box office! ////over Monsters/Aliens 193.9 million….

#1 for 2009 //#4 yesterday,but less than 100.000.00 behind Angels and only a couple of million behind Museum and T4…they hit the 7 figure mark fast…won’t come close to Trek numbers when it’s all said and done!
200 million is right around the corner!!!!!!!!

Those mash-ups are kinda nifty. It’s cool to see what can be done by the average Joe these days with internet access. Although I felt that the Trek connections in them were fleeting at best. I would like to see the more Trek oriented examples.

RE: #5 – THX-1138

I am an AVID user of GoAnimate. If you want to see some original Trek animations, then please visit my page there. My newest series…”Star Trek: The Animated Graphic Novel” has been very well received. As well as my 3-poart episode entitled “Maiden Voyage”.


Oh, and I’m proud to say that each of those winners listed above are friends of mine on that site. You could not ask for a nicer bunch of people. Mojochi, RandomGirl, and Coady all bring something VERY special to that site…friendliness, respect, humor, and just a general good hearted nature. I am lucky and proud to know them. :-).

Aww thanks RO!
And you guys should really check out his link to his animations, they are amazing!

Congratulations! All 3 are such great entry’s.

Yes, thanks very much Ro. I too have created a few Star Trek TOS parodies using the theme, & plan to do many more. It really is an awesome tool for Trekkies to tell stories or make comedies featuring the TOS characters. In a way, It’s like a whole new era of TAS, but fan made.

The only reason the Trek characters featured here were fleeting was because the specific task at hand was to find original ways to combine all their licensed themes into one animation

Btw, awesome name THX-1138. I love that movie