The Collective: Review – New Kirk & Spock Teddy Bears

Two of the more interesting new Star Trek products for May are the Kirk and Spock Teddy Bears from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. At $100 each, these are high end premium Teddy Bears, but are they worth it? Find out in our review below.  



Star Trek and Teddy Bears have a long history believe it or not. In "Journey to Babel" we learn that Vulcan teddy bears are alive and have six inch fangs. Who wasn’t affected by the teddy bear toy in Star Trek Generations when the USS Enterprise Crew is preparing for imminent disaster? Then of course, there is Kukalaka, Julian Bashir’s teddy bear. Even the Doctor (from Voyager) knows to give a Teddy Bear on his date with Denara Pel. So, it is entirely appropriate to invert all this and instead of Star Trek featuring teddy bears, how about Star Trek becoming Teddy Bears?

Kukalaka, Julian Bashir’s bear from the DS9 episode "Inquisition", one of many references to teddy bears in Star Trek

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has two Star Trek Teddy Bears, one dressed as Captain Kirk and one dressed as Mr. Spock. While there have been Trek teddies before, none have had the quality and durability of these bears, which are heirloom quality. My father often says that you get what you pay for, and although he was probably talking about shoes, the same is true for teddy bears.

Kirk and Spock Vermont Teddy Bears

In fact, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company offers excellent customer support even after you buy the bear. If your Star Trek bear is ever injured (perhaps a transporter accident or your pet Porthos thinks it is a chew toy), you could send Kirk-bear or Spock-bear to the Vermont Teddy Bear Hospital for no charge and get it repaired or replaced. In other words, your purchase is guaranteed for life and the bear is intended to be something that is in your family for generations (not Star Trek Generations though because we know what happened to that teddy bear).

Kirk and Spock Vermont Teddy Bears (back view)

The Kirk-bear features a nicely detailed gold tunic with appropriate insignia. Spock-bear is in his blue costume, yet also features cute Vulcan ears. The uniforms are removable, which my wife Mary Jo (who has more experience with Teddy Bears than I) comments is important for play. You could tell from the boot bottoms that are detailed that much care was taken in the costuming.

Bears feature excellent detailing

Something else that is immediately noticeable is the quality of the bears compared to previous versions. These are huggable because of their durability (although, as with all Teddy Bears, these should not be given to young children, and the Vermont Teddy Bear Company reminds on their website that these bears are meant for people 12 years old or older). At 15" tall, they are perfectly sized for bookshelves or desks. The bears’ heads, arms, and legs are articulated, too, which was unexpected and very cool. Kirk-bear could take his seat in the command chair, or Spock-bear could engage the Vulcan salute.

Spock bear (with pointed ears) shows off articulation

Enhancing the experience, your teddy arrives as "Bear Gram" that features a card, care booklet, and caramel candies.

Kirk and Spock Vermont Teddy Bears

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is next month, and these would make a cute gift for Trekkie Dads. As Julian Bashir’s experience with Kukalaka demonstrates, a teddy bear could be a friend for life, and who better to spend it with than Kirk or Spock, even if they are in teddy bear form?

Kirk in the chair is a commanding bear

The new Star Trek Teddy Bears can be purchased directly from Vermont Teddy Bears:


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I want one! I am getting my Girlfriend one of the Vermont Teddy Bears for her Graduation upcoming…

Teddy bears are adorable. Certain to be a big hit with the little ones, ladies, and the collectors. I want to know why actual costume manufacturers can’t make a uni shirt as good as the bears are wearing, though.

I give kudos to John for covering this. Even though it’s not ships or tech.

These are too cool.

My 6-year old son has the old Spock, Klingon, Borg and Ferengi teddies I bought in Vegas at the Experience years ago.

He has no idea why he has them, but he’s grown up with them in his room, and is now starting to understand what “Trek” is.

They don’t have half the detail or plushness of the Vermont products, which have always been best-of-the-best. But Star Trek teddies are cool no matter how you slice it.

On Vulcan the “teddy bears” are alive and have 6 inch fangs!!!

got to have one!!!

A hundred bucks for a teddy bear? I don’t care how adorable they are that’s ridiculous!

They should make a red shirt bear but then they probably wouldn’t give it a lifetime guarantee. :-)


What are they smoking? I don’t think so.

I want the Vulcan one with the 6 inch fangs. Those would be the realy kool ones. I wonder what sort of teddy bear the Klingons have. maybe theres is the Targ.

#6 and #8

Teddy Bears are like anything else. There are cheaper products and heirloom quality. These bears are meant to last a lifetime and they will replace it or fix it forever. That is why they are $99. These are quality items.


I wish I wasn’t broke, though, baaah. D:

Too bad I can’t get this shipped to Ireland. My niece would love it. And with the currency exchange working so well in my favour $99 for a bear would be more than worth it for a legacy toy.

If I had the money….damn I know a couple of people who would LOVE the Spock Bear…


The Klingons have Toby the Targ. Tom Paris said B’leana Torres has one.

Wow, how JJAbrams-esque!
Looks like Cloverfield ARG story with Jamie

Can’t decide if the Kirk bear looks more like Pine or Shatner….

I like the write-up on these bears (“…transporter accident or your pet Porthos thinks it is a chew toy…”) (“… not Star Trek Generations though…”) Good stuff! :-)

And the bears are fun, too!

Kirk and Spock bears: Yet another reason that Trek is awesome. :-)

Live long and pros-bear…


I got my set a week or so again. They are very nice. I used to collect Steiff animals and these do well quality-wise in comparison. (Steiff bears and other stuffies run into the hundreds and thousands!)

Starry Trek 12- It’s un-BEAR-able!

TEDDY SPOCK: We have to stop that ship from destroying my panet!

TEDDY KIRK: All cuddly-wuddlys to battle stations! Mr. Huggaboo Sulu, arm the plushtoy torpedos and charge the tickle banks!

CUBBY CHEKOV: Keptin, the commander of the other wessel is hailing us.

TEDDY KIRK: On Boo-Boo Screen!

ENEMY CAPTAIN: Hello there, dear friend. I am Captain Teddy Ruxpin from the Static-ClingFree warship Snuggles. Please surrender yourselves at once or I will have to wrap your ship with fabric softener.

TEDDY KIRK: Dear… GOD… Spock! What do I do? I need a drink… get me some honey.

TEDDY SPOCK: I suggest we all look very, very sad into the Boo-Boo screen.

TEDDY KIRK: That’s it! Everyone, show them your big sad, watery, brown bear eyes! Oh, Mr. Ruxpin, pllllllllllease… pretty, pretty, pretty please don’t hurt our soft, lovable lil’ hearts! Spare our ship and spare Spock’s planet full of such soochie wootchie defenseless, logically frolicking ursines!

ENEMY CAPTAIN: Oh, God, I can’t take anymore of this! I’m a diabetic! Get us out of here! You’ve won this time, Teddy Kirk… but next time… next time… I’ll get your pic’anic basket!

McCOY: Goddamit, Jim… ths is making me sick as well… and I once went “oochie wootchie cootchie…”

YOEMAN RAND: Cootchie? Hey- sorry, I’m late but I’m reporting for duty now and… Uhhhhhh…

TEDDY KIRK: Yoeman! Why are you wearing your frilly willy knickers on the bridge?

YOEMAN RAND: It’s my black teddy… hey, weren’t you all humans when I went off shift last night?

TEDDY KIRK: We passed into the ultra-plushy wushy cuddly-wuddly universe and tranformed into adorable wee snugglies!

YOEMAN RAND: Oh, just great… now if I want to sleep with you it’ll just be sleeping…

BND BEAR: Not wit’ me! I sewed meself on a willie! Boy that really hurt!


Teddy Ruxpin is good Illiop.