Saldana Talks Sequel + Star Trek Crosses $200M Domestic

It seems everyone is talking about the Star Trek sequel these days. Today we have Zoe Saldana talking about who she may or may not be hooking up with next time. In other news, the Star Trek movie has crossed another box office milestone.


Saldana considers upgrading to the Captain
In a new interview, Star Trek’s new Uhura talks about who is her kind of man.

Who do you prefer, Kirk or Spock?
Oh God… It depends! I suppose it would have to be Spock for now.

So pointy ears are a bonus?
Hmm, I don’t know… Maybe in the sequel, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go with Kirk. He’s has those dreamy blue eyes. He brings a very interesting, rebellious manliness to the part.

Is that the kind of guy you go for?
I tend to be very picky, so I look for the perfect man! So it Spock and Kirk can mix, they’d become my perfect man. That’s the kind of guy I’d go for. I don’t only go for muscles, I don’t only go for brains. You just need to have a little bit of a bad boy and a geek and then you’ve got the perfect guy.

More from Saldana at

Could Spock be getting the shove?

Star Trek Tops $200M domestically
The estimates are in and it looks like Star Trek’sfourth Friday was pretty good, with $3.65M in sales domestically. Star Trek came in 5th behind the four releases from the last two weekends, but ahead of Angels & Demons (which opened a week after Star Trek). This brings the total domestic sales of ST09 up to $200.4M. It took Star Trek 22 days to cross the $200M mark — only 29 movies have done it faster. No international sales data is available for Friday, but combined with sales up until Thursday, Star Trek has a total global gross of $293.5M.

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Well I just saw it again for the 3rd time with some friends so more to add the the total.. What a great movie!

Awesome… Can’t wait 4 sequel and more dollars coming

Kirk isn’t even supposed to have blue eyes. His eyes are brown in the show. Duh.

Is this what’s going to be the talk of each Abrams sequel? “Who will Uhura ‘hook up’ with this time?”

3. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator – May 30, 2009
Kirk isn’t even supposed to have blue eyes. His eyes are brown in the show. Duh.


His premature birth amidst the radiation of deep space affected his eye color.

“Kirk isn’t even supposed to have blue eyes. His eyes are brown in the show. Duh.

Is this what’s going to be the talk of each Abrams sequel? “Who will Uhura ‘hook up’ with this time?”

Blah, Blah blah blah. Blah. Blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah.

It’s a great film and is dong extremely well. I’m excited, Trek fans all should be.

I love the new relationship dynamics of the new movie! So yeah….Lets talk about Uhura hookups, Kirk hookups (after all he did do it quite a bit in the series with pretty much anyone and everyone). Young people having sex…what a concept.

Kirk’s blue eyes absolutley ruined it for me. They completely overshadowed the thrilling action sequences, rapid pacing, great effects, and overall fun factor for me. You make an excellent point Purolator.

#3. Dude, you got a man crush on Kirk on something? I have been watching Trek for 30 years and can not tell you off hand what color eyes Kirk has. I am not into guys like that.

Its great to hear all the talk surrounding the sequel. The ride is about to begin all over again. In 1-2 years, we’ll be debating designs and nitpicking trailers to death. It’ll be like deja-vu.

Where are the Klingon Warriors? We will give Kirk a run.

What a silly interview. Who is Uhura going to hook up with next? I agree that if that’s what is talked about when the sequel comes up, we’re in trouble.

The Spock-Uhura thing is fine. There were hints that it may have gone that way in The Original Series. But let’s not focus on it and toss Uhura around from crewmember to crewmember. For Saldana to join in on such stupid talk is unfortunate.

it is logical that they made a sequel becauseonly than they will make real profit. i have read that the studio spent aditional 150million for the marketing campain. Also the stets for the enterprise are bild so the next movie will be cheaper.

I am listening to the soundtrack from the new movie, and I am beyond moved.

Someone once said that Trek is a religion.

It’s not.

It’s something everyone can believe in.

I agree with #7, I thought I was a pretty good Trek fan but I don’t know what any of the actors/characters eye color is. In the end, Who Cares?

Next people will be worrying about the size of his feet and that they are too big or two small or his eyes are too close or too far apart.

#12 — Dude, you like the soundtrack — we get that! No need to take potshots against peoples’ religions though. Keep the conversation to Trek.

I’m happy to have new Trek that isn’t from Rick Berman.

That is commercially and critically successful.

That guarantees more to come.

Life is good.

Were Kirk’s feet too big? :O

I’m telling you, you heard this here first: they’re going to bring T’Pring back and have a Ponn Farr cage match between her and Uhura over Spock.

Trust me on this. Michael Bay to direct.

How dare JJ Abrams hire one of the only actors on the planet who could pull of this part, but who had BLUE eyes? As soon as he saw his eye color, he should have been all “Yo, you gots to step off, fool.”

And how dare Chris Pine have blue eyes? He should have worn brown contacts to make basement dwellers everywhere happy. And likely for years after now that this was a huge success. No, no, he should have torn out his eyes and let ILM put tracking ping pong balls in the sockets so they could draw them in any color we decide.

O’rly? :P

I do find it interesting that in TOS Kirk was a walking ha*d-on, but now that Uhura might be doing some of this some fans are up in arms. DOUBLE STANDARD!

3- Actually both Shatner and Kirk on TOS have hazel eyes, not brown. At least if you believe Joan Winston. Of course, Hazel eyes are what was important about the character.

I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but I am a long time Trekkie/Trekker/whatever flavor you feel like it all means fan, and for the first time in a long time I had a great time watching Trek. Not just enjoyed, not just appreciated decent storyline, but had a great time. Been a while and it feels good.

Maybe I am more open to the change since I am also a comic fan and I am used to different incarnations of characters- provided they are true to the core characteristics. Score one for the good guys- we have a new Trek that was a blast and focused on characters I truly love. Blue, brown, hazel or crossed, Chris Pine has become James T. Kirk.

14, pleased be advised: I didn’t mean that people who are religious are wrong. I myself am religious. But I acknowledge that others may not be.

The only thing I do not tolerate is intolerance, whether based on religion or secularism, or against religion or secularism.

In other words… secular intolerance of religion is as wrong as religious intolerance of secularism.


Trek, however, is something that everyone might believe in, because by its highest standards, it makes no judgments against any religion — or for any religion — or for or against religiosity as a whole.

I was thinking Carol Marcus or one of his many other conquests…let Spock keep Uhura!!!!

250 million by next weekend!!??!! make it so!! everyone go see it again and again!!

21. OK, I buy into that too. Thanks for clarifying!

You’re quite welcome, 23.

Kirk’s (TOS) eyes were hazel, not brown, and definately not blue.

I don’t watch Star Trek because of the Uhura and think it’s sad that the only way they could make her relevant in the story was to hook her up with Spock. I hope that the next movie isn’t some kind of soap love triangle involving Spock, Uhura and Kirk. They put her with Spock, fine, so either keep it that way or don’t make it part of the story.

Ok, I went this afternoon for a 4th viewing! Damn this site and you guys for giving me reasons to see it again, lol! It’s all good, as long as my wallet holds out.

I think the whole Uhura/Spock dynamic will carry forward. This is a new, more realistic Spock, using both of his halves. Will they? Won’t they? I for one love the chemistry between them.

As for poor Kirk, he will be left to his own while pining for Uhura. Something tells me he won’t have much of a drought…….

@ 4. boborci – May 30, 2009

3. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator – May 30, 2009
Kirk isn’t even supposed to have blue eyes. His eyes are brown in the show. Duh.


His premature birth amidst the radiation of deep space affected his eye color.


LOL, is this the modern day “A Wizard did it”? If so then may I suggest “A Time-travelling Romulan did it”

Awesome news about crossing $200M, watch out The Dark Knight ;)

As Bob Orci states in post #4 that this Kirk’s eyes are blue because of the radiation due to singularity caused by Spock’s red matter, I am OK with it (though I am extremely dubious that any supernova can threaten the galaxy since it is full of them)

if the sequel actually has the Shat in it, will HE wear contacts?

I think not. ;)

@ #4

LMAO!! Good answer! If the cononistas are down to eye color of the characters it shows their desperation. I pity anyone that relies on such trivia to enjoy a film.

As I said, the canonistas……
As a 40 year Star Trek fan, I honestly couldn’t tell you the eye color of any of the characters. Guess it just wasn’t important………

well from what i recall, the original kirk did quite a bit of hooking up himself in TOS. so ‘hooking up’ isn’t completely new to trek.

Truly, a great movie that exceeded my expectations. I was brought up on James T. Kirk, my dad and I would watch it together when I was a little girl. I was really apprehensive about someone else playing this character, but Pine pulled it off! I’ve seen it 3x so far and still find it awesome…..

but I have to wonder, if the Federation outpost was 14 miles down the road, why wasn’t the elder Spock already on his way there instead of in the cave… :-)

First off, I loved the movie…so this is a minor issue I suppose.

If Nero went back in time, couldn’t he have just alerted the Romulans of the future Sun issue rather than go after Vulcan? Perhaps his motivation is better addressed in the book (which I will be reading soon) or in the deleted scenes. But it is an annoying point of contention…

Any thoughts out there?

I like this new Star Trek movie. I really, really do. I’m going to take my folks to see it next week!


your statement is somewhat true. however, trek is a show that is on the side of science. although trek has no indifference to religion, it is on the side of science in regards to science vs. religion. if you watch the shows, and even TNG, the crew meets some primitive peoples who worship some sort of god, and in the end, the crew always proves how the god technically convinces people he is a god, but in truth is not. only that it is such an advanced being that the primitive peoples believe it is a god. so no, i do not agree that for deeply religious people in general, trek is something they will follow or believe in.

i hope for several sequels.I’ve seen it 5 times already, and it’s as enjoyable as the 1st time.Star Trek has returned.Thank you JJ.

Have faith friends — like our beloved Star Trek franchise, the stock market shall rise again.

All hail the Stock Market

ajd, nero wanted revenge on spock. he wanted him to see vulcan die like he did romulus in the original timeline. thats his motivation.

Just as I feared – Abrams took a character of class, style and grace and turned her into nothing more than a Stafleet pincushion.

We women have SO much to thank JJ for…don’t we? /sarcasm

41. Star Trek portraying a woman in a stereotypical, poor light? That’s so unlike this show.

Uhura in the movie is portrayed as studious, intelligent, and more than capable at what she does (she does get promoted to the bridge after all). That’s really a step up in Trek-Women relations.

@ #8

“Dude, you got a man crush on Kirk on something? I have been watching Trek for 30 years and can not tell you off hand what color eyes Kirk has. I am not into guys like that.”

Wow, is this the kind of tolerance I can expect from this new era of change? No thanks…

So the guy noticed something that he didn’t like and voiced an opinion, it didn’t need to be jumped on like some bitter jealous hag.

#41 on the other hand makes an excellent, in true 21st. century fashion everything in existence boils down to sex. No wonder it took a nuclear holocaust before we invented warp drive.

#21 Hat Rick – that was beautiful – # 23 Trek Dynasty – why are religious people always so afraid of criticism or questioning of their religion from others – doesnt faith sustain you?
Thats why gene didnt include religion in star trek – because it seperates people & causes fights- Hat Rick was simply saying Star Trek has a philosophy that welcomes everyone- unlike all the different religion that includes some & exclueds others- that is fact so how can to u object to it being stated in support of star treks acessability?

I see Anthony Lurking…

From my perspective, the character of uhura was in name only. I could not find any resemblance of the real character. But, I totally admit my bias, if someone is watching that has never seen TOS they may have a better appreciation of what the actress brought, however I just don’t feel she brought the “real” Uhura to the pic. They could have totally left that character out and would not have missed a thing.

37, yes Star Trek is on the science, but we live in an age when the Roman Catholic Church acknowledges the reality of evolution:

“When the pope came to the subject of the scientific merits of evolution, it soon became clear how much things had changed in the nearly since the Vatican last addressed the issue. John Paul said:

Today, almost half a century after publication of the encyclical, new knowledge has led to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than a hypothesis. It is indeed remarkable that this theory has been progressively accepted by researchers, following a series of discoveries in various fields of knowledge. The convergence, neither sought nor fabricated, of the results of work that was conducted independently is in itself a significant argument in favor of the theory.

Evolution, a doctrine that Pius XII only acknowledged as an unfortunate possibility, John Paul accepts forty-six years later “as an effectively proven fact.” (ROA, 82)”


With this in mind, and unless the Vatican is not considered “deeply religious,” I do believe that you can be both deeply religious and also resolved to let science be science.

(The views of the current Pope are not described, but it appears most likely that John Paul’s views are that of the RC Church, whether or not he was speaking ex cathedra.)

Yes, there are people out there who think that the RC Church isn’t Christian but in fact anti-Christian, but there are extremists on all sides, and I am in this sense discounting the outlying extremes.

Trek has also acknowledged that there are many things that are unknown; it has respected alien religions as religions even when Starfleet officers like Sisko may be prone to see them as simply alien entities. (Who, after all, were the Bajoran prophets? Might they as well not be gods?)

If Trek has this universal view of religion, it must have a similar view of Earth religions, whether or not more expressly stated.

Further, it is true that Trek has disparaged reliance on patently false religions (“Who Mourns for Adonais?”, etc.), including the episode you alluded to, but this is, in the finally analysis, more a criticism of using religion as a crutch. Religion is religion; to use it, or anything, as a crutch, is not a healthful way of living.

Dang, I had been going to see the movie every other evening and now they took it off at the cinema in my town. Damn.


So aliens pretending to be god threatens your faith in a real god?


Only the second time seeing, but 7:20 showing, Batavia Illinois – 1 hour west of Chicago… packed house. Sold out or very very nearly so with an appreciative crowd.

Can’t ask for anything more.

41- Well, she doesn’t spend three years saying “Hailing frequencies open, Captain.” This Uhura seemed to me a confident, intelligent woman- she likes to hook up; it’s the 23rd century, do you think American sexual dimorphism which rewards a promiscuous male and calls a woman who likes sex a slut has become a thing of the past? Let’s hope so.