Saldana Talks Sequel + Star Trek Crosses $200M Domestic

It seems everyone is talking about the Star Trek sequel these days. Today we have Zoe Saldana talking about who she may or may not be hooking up with next time. In other news, the Star Trek movie has crossed another box office milestone.


Saldana considers upgrading to the Captain
In a new interview, Star Trek’s new Uhura talks about who is her kind of man.

Who do you prefer, Kirk or Spock?
Oh God… It depends! I suppose it would have to be Spock for now.

So pointy ears are a bonus?
Hmm, I don’t know… Maybe in the sequel, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go with Kirk. He’s has those dreamy blue eyes. He brings a very interesting, rebellious manliness to the part.

Is that the kind of guy you go for?
I tend to be very picky, so I look for the perfect man! So it Spock and Kirk can mix, they’d become my perfect man. That’s the kind of guy I’d go for. I don’t only go for muscles, I don’t only go for brains. You just need to have a little bit of a bad boy and a geek and then you’ve got the perfect guy.

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Could Spock be getting the shove?

Star Trek Tops $200M domestically
The estimates are in and it looks like Star Trek’sfourth Friday was pretty good, with $3.65M in sales domestically. Star Trek came in 5th behind the four releases from the last two weekends, but ahead of Angels & Demons (which opened a week after Star Trek). This brings the total domestic sales of ST09 up to $200.4M. It took Star Trek 22 days to cross the $200M mark — only 29 movies have done it faster. No international sales data is available for Friday, but combined with sales up until Thursday, Star Trek has a total global gross of $293.5M.

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