Star Trek Invades MTV Movie Awards + Pine (Jokes?) About Khan In Sequel [UPDATED]

The annual MTV Movie Awards was held tonight in LA, and even though the new Star Trek movie wont be eligible until next year, the film still made its presence known. Star Trek appeared in a couple of skits, Chris Pine presented an award, even JJ Abrams made a cameo (on keyboards!). Plus Zach Quinto showed up on the red carpet and Pine (joked?) about Khan in the sequel. [UPDATED: More video clips]


Star Trek comedy: opening skit + Starf Leet Clown College + JJ on keys
Tonight’s MTV Movie Awards kicked off with a parody skit featuring host Andy Samdberg popping in and out of various movies, including the new Star Trek.

And then there was ‘Starf Leet’ Clown College

Another Star Trek related moment was a cameo by Star Trek director JJ Abrams, playing synthesizer during a song parody.

Pine Presents + talks Khan
That was not the only Star Trek element of the show, as presenting the first award (for Breakthrough Female Performance) was the new Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine, who was joined by Anna Faris. The winner was Ashley Tilsdale of High School Musical 3.

Chris Pine presenting at the MTV movie awards

Chris wasn’t spotted on the red carpet or doing interviews, but MTV did have this on their live blog:

9:21: Approached a very cordial Chris Pine who is begging off interviews today. Still, when I told him Khan HAS to be in the next one, he laughed and said, “absolutely.”

UPDATE: Video of Pine presenting

Quinto and Collins rock the leather
Zachary Quinto was spotted on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, also sporting the scruffy look. 

Quinto on the red carpet at MTV movie awards

The MTV Fashion Blog noted how Quinto (along with fellow Star Trek actor Clifton Collins, Jr.) had ‘rocked leather’ for the event.

Collins on the red carpet at MTV movie awards

Next year…
Of course Star Trek was not eligible for any awards this year, but next year it will surely be getting some attention from MTV (and who knows what other award shows).

More on the 2009 MTV Movie Awards at


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But…that was not Old Spock!

Well, I’ll put my two cents in here. Khan in the next movie? Khan’s already been done and done well. How about we make a movie where nobody’s trying to get revenge this time? Make a movie with some kind of challenging idea? Something totally new (as far as story and idea, not ibridges, thanks)? Might be cool. I don’t know. Just saying.

Ok, so maybe a stupid idea but……… we never actually see Nero die, which has been pointed out somewhere…..and knowing that the Narada was made with Borg tech, I think it would be cool, if the wreckage of his ship came out through the blackhole and then started to repair itself and in the process assimilated Nero into a half borg mad Romulan after revenge.

It’s never going to happen but anyone else think that would be cool?

Or make Khan the B villain/plot in something grander thus setting him up for the 3rd movie.

#3: “How about we make a movie where nobody’s trying to get revenge this time?”



What is it with MTV and nudity, anyway, these days?

Can anyone remember when we were explorers?

Oops, wrong line.

Hey guys, any chance of a link or a mirror site that can be viewed outside the US? MTV really bug me with this. Prediction for next summer’s MTV awards – Star Trek, best movie!!

All new Star Trek

All of the Time!

Khan DIED!


Please no Khan! Head in a new direction, a new story. Maybe some Klingons or some such aliens from the original series, but please no reboot of Khan.

@ 3, 6: initially, Kahn hadn’t met Kirk. It wasn’t until “Space Seed” in the first season of TOS that the two met. Kahn wasn’t out for revenge until many years later, during the events of the second Trek film. So to introduce Kahn, would be to introduce a bad guy who poses a serious threat to Kirk and crew, but otherwise has no emotional ties to Kirk and Co.

I have to agree with MiniKirk here.

While Khan may or may not be a good idea for the next film his motive, if he were in it, would be anything but revenge. I don’t understand why people keep on forgetting about that, particularly in a place where so many self-proclaimed canonistas exist.

His last name is Samberg, not Sandburg.


No Khan or any other remakes/rehashes of previous episodes or movies please. This is the time for new big ideas to surface, so let’s not get lazy by reheating up some villan from the past.

15. Ha, this is Hollywood. You don’t expect lazy reheating, rehashes, remakes, and reboots? Maybe in the Mirror Hollywood! As much of a Trek fan as I am it opened a Pandora’s box of lousy TV remakes, so we get the Brady Bunch movie, The Beverly Hillbillies movie, Land of the Lost plus movies based on toys and videogames. It is amazing the drek that the studios will deign to reproduce. Perhaps I’ll shave my goatee and pop on over to the mirror universe where they value orginality and creativity. Meanwhile, gear up for the Khan meets the Borg in a Klingon lollapolallooza battle (lets hope this drek remains fanboi imagining).

I’m with the guys who hope for a Trek movie that isn’t driven:
1. A bad guy, who wants revenge or not
2. Time travel
3. The unstoppable alien foe dujour

All of these have been done ad infinitum, well and poorly in Trek, how about boldly going where no scriptwriter has gone before and dreaming up some challenging, though provoking scifi that entertains as well.

Note for the next film: Nobody should die by falling off a bridge. Seriously, not Kirk, not an alien fighting Riker over an inexplicably deep hole in the middle of a space ship… Nobody.

I total agree with those who says let the revenge stories have a rest in Trek, Science Fiction gives the opportunity to explore so many interesting ‘what if’ ideas but it seems that very few film-makers get that.

Is it very hard to see the difference between Ben Cross and Leonard Nimoy?
I don’t think so.

Khan wouldn’t want revenge, Kirk hasn’t done anything to him yet. Khan seemed like an arrogant and ambitious guy but he wasn’t simply an revenge crazed loon like in the movie version. Heck, if there was a serious threat to humankind I bet he’d help Kirk defeat it simply because he would want someone around to rule over.

if khan was in it he would be picked up by another ship and successfully take it over then the enterprise would have to stop the renegade starship so you get a cross of spaceseed and twok

it might be cool to see Khan but in this new timeline things could be diffrent. Kirk doesnt maroon him on Ceti Alpha and he joins Starlfeet? The Klignons find the Botany Bay and he joins with them to attack Starfleet? If Khan is used I want to see it play out completely diffrent than in the normal universe.

One thing I would love to see in Star Trek is World War 3! Time travel back to WW3? That could be cool and intresting story! there is soo much that could be done with that time period between present day and Enterprise.

I think a re-envisioning of Khan in the new timeline may someday be a good idea. But not yet!

Please let us have a movie that doesn’t have an evil villain.

“Does anyone remember when we were explorers?” -Jean Luc-Picard

How about something mysterious and scary and intriguing that isn’t about beating the baddie?

No Khan period for next movie.

It will just be a remake of not only one of the best Trek movies but one of the best Sci Fi films ever.

I still believe Wrath of Khan is a much better film than the latest outing so to remake Khan would not do the film justice.

They did a parallel universe/timeline to avoid canon inconsistencies so don’t use it to make new versions of the past.

I treat the whole film, including the Kelvin scenes in a mirror universe.

Why not bring back the human condition, the exploring of the galaxy.

I do love the film but I do feel that part of the Trek I love is gone, but I am glad the new movie will allow it to continue.

Anna Faris for Yeoman Rand? Bet she makes damn fine coffee.

Save Khan for a load of years, and lets have an original villain in an original storyline- i.e. more of the same in the sequel. A Klingon villain wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I bet the writers are going through every TOS novel for some inspiration.
Suffice to say, Star Trek’s sequel has to be as amazing (to me at least) a sequel as The Dark Knight was to Batman Begins. It has to do more of the same but simultaneously up the ante!

Everybody wants Khan and I’m sure, form a business point of view, it makes sense, since Wrath of Khan is so familiar. Also, I’m sure the writers would love to put Khan in this alternate timeline where anything can happen. And as much as I think it might work, just as much of me wants something fresh and new.

Space Seed is great, Ricardo was great, but we’ve been there, done that. Surely there are more imaginative threats out there…and I DON’T mean Klingons!!

“Or make Khan the B villain/plot in something grander thus setting him up for the 3rd movie.”

You mean like making Khan the villain when the plot is actually about something else of a much grander scale? Yeah, that would work. For example it could be about Starfleet researching a device that can reform a lifeless asteroid into a planet with atmosphere and new life. They could call it “Genesis device”, and in the 3rd movie, they would show the outcome of that story.

how about brining back… the monster from cloverfield?

lest drop kirk and co on its planet, or does it hop from planet to planet like some kind of space locust.

I realise something similar was done before, but it would be better than a Khan revisit.

Khan is dead, he died in the movie, just like Kirk.

no Kirk, no Khan

well, no SHATNER no Khan.

I love how we can edit our posts and not look like idiots.. oh yeah, thats right, we can’t!

PS has anyone got a like to those videos on you tube? because they don’t seem to work outside the US.

uh……back to MTV. Abrams tore the roof off the sucka on the keyboards!

can i just mention JJ Abrams on the keyboards was brilliant?

What about putting KAHN in the new movie? The franchise could use some deli meats. Wasn’t Scotty always asking for a sandwich. . . ?

Sorry. I just had to.

Serioiusly, I’d be okay with seeing Khan again — especially in his younger, non-vengeful form. But why not use Trelane/Q? That’d be a kick.

#32 I thought JJ Abrams on the keyboards was hilarious! The next movie could use some more keyboard playing.

I know it’s a cliche to say that MTV sucks these days, but I will say it anyway. MTV sucks.

The only remotely funny part was when Sacha Baron Cohen made a fool of Eminem. It seems the tough guy can’t take a joke.

I don’t know how wise it would be to have Kahn in the next film. Kahn’s return doesn’t seem necessary to me. I think you are playing with fire trying to re-cast the role.

Granted, the new cast is great, but why tempt fate by trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice with Kahn’s return when there are so many other ways they could go? I’m not saying it couldn’t work, but I think there are other routes that are less risky.

I think it would be far more interesting to see how Kirk + Spock would handle the Borg. And by the Borg I don’t mean the dumbded down family friendly versions we saw in later Star Trek. I want Kirk + Spock to battle the nasty Borg of “The Best of Both Worlds”

The writers purposely positioned themselves, with this new movie, to be able to move forward in a new direction and I thought they did it well. I’m a long time fan and I thought the movie was awesome, done with affection and respect to what Star Trek is.

Bringing characters like Chapel and Rand, for example, into the next movie is one thing. But I, for one, would not like to see them retread Khan, Prime Kirk, or anything else that’s already been done. Another time-travel movie bringing Kirk back would be cheesy now.

To the writers: Boldy Go! You’ve earned it. Regardless of the next plot, remember the heart and remember the characters and relationships and you’ll be fine.

Please no Khan, Klingons, whales, or doomsday machines!..
These guys can surely come up with something new!, something we have never seen before!!!

There is no need to rehash Khan. It was done very well twice already. I thought the whole point of this was to rejuvenate the series and find new ground? I want something new, original, exciting and inspiring.

Pine just answered the media man with agreement.. the way you talk to someone at work when you pass by and they yell at you in the parking lot, “hey! next year i want to see you in a new Cadillac CTS-V!” and you say , “absolutly!”
lol, its just pine answering , not orci!

lighten up jerks!


Here’s my vision of the Star Trek Sequel:

1. The Enterprise finds a really old ship, a DY1000.
2. Kirk remembers something from his meld with Spock Prime.
3. After searching for the ship’s registry number, they see the name S.S. Botany Bay.
4. “Shoot it!” Kirk screams.
5. Opening credits. On with the real story.

Whaddya think?

Khan works in the original Star Trek II because you have the backstory of the 5 year mission and Space Seed. That his vengeance is born out of Kirk’s neglect is the perfect metaphor for aging- the crew is getting old. It would be premature to trot that storyline out with a brand new crew, wouldn’t it?

One word: nexus.

Not quite as bad a joke as 33 but…

Bah. None of the videos work in Canada.

How about they give us a nice epic Klingon war story for the next one. It’s something we haven’t seen in the features save for a bit of action in ST III and the simulator scene of ST II.

” 33. Trek Nerd Central – June 1, 2009
Serioiusly, I’d be okay with seeing Khan again — especially in his younger, non-vengeful form. But why not use Trelane/Q? That’d be a kick.”

Or maybe something new that we’ve never seen before?

amen 46

Doesn’t matter WHO is the villain in the next film, Khan, or even The Gorn.

That the villain is new or old doesn’t make a great Trek movie.

New Villain: Ruofa, Shinzon, are a prime example that NEW doesn’t mean good.

It has to be a decent script and a well written role. Then you have to have a decent actor.

New never equates to quality. If it did Star Trek Nemesis (the first feature film with the Romulans) would have been a bona fide hit. It wasn’t.

The quality resides in the script. Judging by Trek XI, its in the best hands.

Bob Orci…….I BEG YOU!!!!!!

NO KHAN! Please Please!!!!

No uber-villans.

I LOVED this movie.

On the next one….

Please write a story…..NOT ABOUT REVENGE!!!

Let the Enterprise do some exploring for a change.

The Clown School video was priceless.

rebooting Khan only makes sense if the Botany Bay is rescued by another ship and we see what hell the superior intellect can raise without Kirk’s interference. raise a genetically engineered army, conquer a world like Apollo?

…and putting him in the second film is textbook case of jumping the shark. this movie is 5y before TOS and they pick up Khan’s sleeper ship about a year in to the 5y mission.