May 2009

Orci and Kurtzman Reveal Star Trek Details In TrekMovie Fan Q&A

Earlier this week Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman conducted another online Q&A with fans here at TrekMovie. There were hundreds of submissions and they got to dozens of questions and even addressed a few nitpicks. To make it easier for you instead of slogging through the hundreds of comments, the Q&A is presented below in an easy to ready Q&A format, along with highlights.  

JJ Abrams Responds To Fan Theories + Star Trek #1 At Wed. B.O. + more tidbits [UPDATED]

Are there hidden messages in the new Star Trek movie, some fans think so and so JJ Abrams has actually replied to some in a new interview. See below for more, plus in our latest box office update, more Pine gossip, and links where some are taking some lessons from Star Trek. [UPDATE: Star Trek is adding more screens for third weekend]

Review – Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu-ray

To coincide with the release of the new Star Trek movie Paramount has released the six original cast movies on Blu-ray for the first time in the ‘Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection.’ Each film comes loaded with extras. There is a lot to cover, so read on to see how Paramount did with the original crew Trek movies in 1080p HD.

Library Computer: “Star Trek Mere Anarchy” Review + “Haynes Enterprise Manual” Announced

This week the Library Computer is catching up with a review of the paperback reprint of “Mere Anarchy”, a six part mini-series originally produced in eBook format to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Star Trek. This week we also have news of the original book set in the new Star Trek continuity – and it’s sure to be a surprise!

ShatWatch Video Special: Bill’s Star Trek Leno Cameo + ‘Gavones’ Animated Show Preview + more

Chris Pine may be the new prince of paparazzi and celebrity gossip, but William Shatner remains the king of all media. In just the last few days the original Kirk has been all over TV and internet video, including a preview for a new Internet animated show and a Star Trek cameo on last night’s Leno. Check it all out below.

New Ships and Behind Scenes Images + Box Office Update + more ST09 tidbits

In the new Star Trek movie there are a couple of glimpses of some Federation ships besides the Kelvin and the Enterprise and we can now get a closer look with a new image from now available online, along with some more behind the scenes images. We also have the latest box office numbers, Trek’s ratings with movie viewers online and more.

EXCLUSIVE Blu Ray/DVD Featurette Clips: Morga On STVI “Brute” + Tim Allen Talks Kirk

Last week Paramount released a number of new Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray titles with the biggest being the Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu-Ray. Paramount has provided TrekMovie with an exclusive clip from that collection as well as another exclusive clip from the new Galaxy Quest Deluxe DVD with Tim Allen talking about wanting to be Captain Kirk.

Ben Burtt Talks Star Trek (& Star Wars) Sounds + Links To More Recent Star Trek/Star Wars Connections

Today is the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which is still the 6th best grossing film in US history. Star Trek and Star Wars have always had a symbiotic relationship (from Lucas’ ILM providing effects to George Takei’s voice in Clone Wars). So today TrekMovie provides some recent SW/ST links and references, including a new interview with Star Wars (and Star Trek) sound designer Ben Burtt.

Star Trek #1 At Box Office Again + New Interviews + Pine’s Paparazzi

Star Trek was the number one movie until Angels & Demons opened on Friday, but it turns out, since then it has gone back to being number one. We have details on the latest box office plus some interviews with Trek’s creature designer along with JJ Abrams and the crew. Plus it looks like Chris Pine has moved into the realm of being a paparazzi-hounded celebrity.

Orci & Kurtzman To Answer Fan Questions At TrekMovie + Transcript Of Last Week’s ‘Impromptu’ Q&A

Late last week over a couple of days Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci dropped by one of the article comment threads and started an impromptu online chat/Q&A discussion. Today we present that as an easier-to-read Q&A. Plus Bob and his writing partner Alex Kurtzman have also agreed to continue the online fan discussion this week. Details below [SPOILERS]

The Collective: New Star Trek Tchotchkes Edition

"Star Trek" collectibles are arriving "fast and furious" at Collective Headquarters. Like "angels and demons" we have been opening and reviewing the items so fellow fans could feel like "17 again" and learn about all the products available now. Enjoy this guide to some recent Star Trek items that aren’t as noticeable on store shelves. From key chains to cards, there are many items in the tchotchke category this summer.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Terminator, Transformers, + Fringe, V, Dollhouse, Chuck, T:TSCC [UPDATED]

Next weekend the Summer movie season heats up with the release of "Terminator Salvation," we have a big update on that plus lot of "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" along with more genre movie news and previews. In the world of TV the latest on "Caprica," "BSG: The Plan," and "Fringe," along with what new genre shows are coming next season and which ones are returning.  

UPDATED: Star Trek’s Big 2nd Weekend $43M Domestic + 21M Foreign – Headed To $400M Global Total?

According to industry estimates, JJ Abrams Star Trek movie will finish its second weekend with $43M in domestic sales, coming in a close second to Angels & Demons which racked up $48M. Trek actually beat A&D on Saturday ($18.3M v $17.8). Star Trek’s 2nd weekend drop of only 43% is impressing the industry, details below. [UPDATE: Foreign sales push Trek over $200M worldwide] .

President Obama Reviews Star Trek + more Saturday Tidbits

Since his election last year, there has been a lot of talk about how President Obama is fan of Star Trek and even many mainstream media comparisons to him and Trek’s Mr. Spock. And now the Trekkie-in-chief has gone on the record to talk about the new Star Trek movie in a new interview with Newsweek. We have his review below plus Friday box office and more Saturday tidbits.

Nokia Star Trek Site Offers Tour of Romulan Narada

It turns out that phone maker Nokia, one of Paramount’s Star Trek marketing partners who are already part of the Verizon Trek site, has their own Star Trek site ( , which is themed around the Romulan Narada ship from the movie. Nothing really new at the site, but it does give you a good view of the interior of the Narada, details below. .

TrekInk: Mission’s End #3 Review + Previews of Alien Spotlight: Romulans & Spock Reflections #1

McCoy and Chekov have been captured by giant millipedes, Kirk and Spock are trying to find out why the spider creatures are acting so strangely, and the Federation is insisting that things get sorted out quickly for a new member. Find out more in our review of the new third issue of the "Star Trek Mission’s End" comic. We also have previews of next week’s "Alien Spotlight: Romulans" and July’s "Spock Reflections"

ST09 Tidbits: Ayel Pic + 1 week box office + R2D2 In Trek? + Lucas Review + Enterprise Size + more

Star Trek has finished its first week by going over the $100M mark in the US. We have all the latest box office numbers below, plus a new shot of Ayel and a new Easter Egg contest for the movie. Also George Lucas and director McG give their reviews, Chris Pine strikes a pose in GQ and Gizmodo think they figured out just how big the new E is. All that and more in the final Tidbits of the week.

ST09 Tidbits: Bob and Alex Address Issues + Box Office Update + Stars Wars/Trek + more

Many fans of the new Star Trek movie still have questions and yesterday the screenwriters answered a few at a screening, we have details on that below. Plus Trek had another leggy day on Wednesday at the Box office. We have all that plus a new make your own T Shirt contest and a couple of new Star Wars looks at Star Trek.

Library Computer: “New Frontier: Treason” Review + “Star Trek” Ltd Edition Preview + “Trek Classic” Excerpt

Today we have a special Library Computer chock full of Star Trek book goodies. First John catches up with a review of the latest Peter David New Frontier novel, "Treason". Then we have a first look and more details on the limited edition hard cover from the Star Trek movie adaptation. Finally we have excerpts from Ed Gross’ reissue of "Trek Classic: The Unofficial Making of the Original Series,"

Star Trek Returning To QVC

We have news of yet another sign that Trek is returning to the heydays of the franchise. Trekkies who were fans in the 1990s might remember the QVC (home shopping channel) Star Trek shows which were a sure sign of the popularity of the franchise. Today, TrekMovie confirms that there will be a Star Trek QVC hour with products from Dynamic Forces this May 17th/18th, the first in almost 12 years.

Star Trek Box Office Still Strong + Abrams Fan Q&A + More ST09 Tidbits

For its fifth day Star Trek continues to show box office strength as it approaches the $100M mark in the US, and Paramount is already making money in the home market as well. We have those details and some more ST09 Tidbits including an Abrams fan Q&A, the Star Trek ARG in video, and more…even a look at how TOS would look in the hands of Star Trek’s cinematographer.

Review: “Best Of” TOS and TNG DVDs

Along the release of the new Star Trek movie, the Original Series on Blu-ray a few weeks ago, and TOS movies on Blu-ray, this week CBS and Paramount Home Video also just released two “Best Of” DVD sets for the most popular Trek series, The Original Series and The Next Generation. See below for our review of these bargain-priced Star Trek starter kits.

The Collective: Reviews Of New DST Star Trek Figures + Preview Of Upcoming DST Trek Toys

Even though the world is focused on the new Star Trek movie, the rest of Star Trek still marches on, in this case with figures and toys. In the last few weeks Diamond Select Toys has released a number of new figures from TOS and DS9, inducing a Worf/Gowron 2-pack and the 19" Ultimate Scale Kirk and Spock. We have reviews of those plus some new previews, including the Salt Vampire.