June 2009

William Shatner Explains Why He Has Not Seen The New Star Trek Movie

For over two years while the Star Trek movie was in development and production, much of the debate, news and gossip about the film was about whether or not William Shatner would be in it, something he contended would benefit the film. So it is a bit surprising that two months after its release, Bill has yet to see it. While co-hosting Live with Regis and Kelly last Friday he explains why, details below.

Sci-Fi Monday: Avatar, Paul, Watchmen, Fahrenheit 451, Avengers, Harry Potter + more

While Transformers 2 is the first mega movie of the year, an early preview indicates that James Cameron’s Avatar could give it a run for its money. We have details on that in our weekly genre movie news wrap-up, along with updates on Simon Pegg’s Paul, the Watchmen extended edition, Fahrenheit 451, and more. Plus all the weeks previews, including the latest Harry Potter.

Star Trek Passes $370M + Studio Chief (& Orci & Kurtzman) Talk Trek Future + Urban’s Big Mouth

Star Trek just finished its 8th weekend in general release and it is still in the top 10 for ticket sales. We have all the latest box office details below, plus the head of Paramount talking up the future of the franchise. We also have more from Bob and Alex and Karl Urban getting a mouth full.

Photos & Video From TrekFest & TrekExpo [UPDATE: & VulCon]

Over the weekend there were two Star Trek events held in the middle of America, TrekFest in Riverside, Iowa and TrekExpo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Celebrities attending these events include Leonard Nimoy, Marina Sirtis, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Denise Crosby, and Walter Koenig. Below we have links and excerpts from news reports, plus images and videos from the events. [UPDATED: Plus new video from VulCon from Alberta, Canada]

Orci & Kurtzman Talk Trek v Transformers & Future Prime Universe + more

In yet another interview for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman opine on the differences between working on Trek and Transformers fans and what could be next in the Star Trek sequel. We have excerpts below, plus details on a new project for Bob and Alex. .   

UK Star Trek Comic Magazine Review

Star Trek: The Magazine by Titan is a familiar institution to fans from the UK, and more recently, to US fans when it started publishing in North America about 2 years ago. Now, through the Titan Comics brand, younger UK and Ireland fans are now being treated to a really cool monthly publication. TrekMovie has all the details and a look at the first two issues of Star Trek Comics.   

Happy Birthday JJ Abrams

Today is the 43rd birthday of Star Trek producer/director Jeffrey Jacob ‘JJ’ Abrams. The man behind Lost, Alias, Felicity, Fringe, MI3, Cloverfield and much more joined the Star Trek universe 3 years ago, and he was a welcome addition to the family. So happy birthday JJ, and many more.

Video of JJ Talking Star Trek Sequel + More Photos From Saturns

As reported earlier, JJ Abrams attended the Saturn Awards on Wednesday night to honor Leonard Nimoy (where he was asked about Trek’s future). In a new video interview (below) JJ talks even more about the possibilities. We also have a great collection of photos of Abrams, Nimoy and other Trek celebrities from the event.  

Briefing For Ron Moore’s ‘Virtuality’ TV Movie (and possible series Pilot) Airing Tonight

Virtuality is a 2 hour TV movie (and possible pilot for a series) from Trek and BSG vets Ron Moore and Michael Taylor. Set aboard "Earth’s first starship", Virtuality is the first new space-based sci-fi on network television since Star Trek Enterprise went off the air in 2005. To get you ready, we have all you need to know below including a synopsis, previews, interview snippets and more.

More Trek Sequel Talk From Orci & Kurtzman + Transformers 2 Breaks Box Office Record

This week’s release of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen has kept Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman very busy doing press. As we did with our Transformers interview with the pair, everyone seems to also want to talk Trek. Below we have more snippets from Bob and Alex about their next project, the Star Trek: Something Something sequel.

Nichelle Nichols On ST09: Feels ‘Honored’ By Abrams and Saldana

This weekend is the annual TrekFest in Riverside Iowa (the futre childhood home of James T. Kirk). On hand will be stars of the classic Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and George Takei. Nichols has a new interview promoting the event, where she talks about her career and what she thinks of the new Star Trek movie.

STO Game Update: New Screenshots + Cardassians + Klingon v Klingon + New Backstory + more

In the last couple of weeks there has been quite a bit of activity for the Star Trek Online MMORPG. This update to Star Trek Online showcases three new screenshots (including Cardassians and Species 8472!), an update to Cryptic’s FAQ, two updates to the Path to 2409 series along with a few other tidbits of information, including more of the connection between the game and the new Star Trek movie

JJ Abrams Presents Leonard Nimoy With Lifetime Achievement Saturn Award & Talks Trek Sequel

Last night the 35th annual Saturn Awards were held in Los Angeles honoring the world of science fiction. The big winner of the night was The Dark Knight, with Star Trek eligible for next year’s awards. But Trek was still there as Leonard Nimoy was given a lifetime achievement award, presented by JJ Abrams, who also made some comments about the next Star Trek film.

Academy Rule Change Sparks Oscar Buzz For JJ Abrams Star Trek

Today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced a change in the rules for the Oscars, which could open the door to more popular movies being considered for Best Picture. Returning to rules it used up until 1943, the Academy will be doubling the number of nominees to ten. The change already has some wondering if Star Trek could be on that list.

Watch Winning Entries In GoAnimate Star Trek ‘Backstory’ Contest

GoAnimate.com, the site that allows you to create and share animations, has just announced the winners of its most recent Star Trek contest, "THE BACKSTORY". This contest was to honor the addition of three new TOS characters to the GoAnimate platform – Nurse Chapel, a Gorn, and Mara – and also, to honor the backstory theme of the latest Trek film. Check out the winners below.

The Collective: Review Of “Star Trek” Novel Adaptation Signed Collector’s Edition Box Set

The adaptation to 2009’s Star Trek film by Alan Dean Foster has had seven printings so far and made its way to the New York Times Best seller list. It is appropriate then that his book is getting some royal treatment by Premiere Collectibles. TrekMovie has all the details in our review of their special edition boxed signed hardcover book.