Star Trek Strong In 4th Weekend At Box Office

The estimates for the fourth weekend of the new Star Trek have it in fifth place with $12.8M in domestic sales and another $8M in overseas sales. Star Trek topped $200M domestically and $300M globally over the weekend. The film’s continued ‘legs’ is impressing box office watchers, who expect Trek still have some life left in it.


According to estimates Star Trek came in fifth in its fourth weekend, earning $12.8M, bringing its domestic total up to $209.5M. This means that Star Trek has now passed the total sales of both the other recent ‘franchise reboots’ Superman Returns ($200.1M) and Batman Begins ($205.3M).

Star Trek came in behind Terminator Salvation ($16.1M) in only its second weekend, and Variety notes that Trek may be hurting Terminator:

"T4" may have seen some of its potential audience opt for Paramount’s "Star Trek," which remained a solid performer in its fourth frame with $12.8 million at 3,507. "Trek" has cumed $209.5 million, becoming the year’s first title to cross the double century mark.

EW was impressed with Star Trek’s small drop for its fourth weekend:

[Star Trek] continues to earn despite already being in theaters for a month. The J.J. Abrams-directed movie has now crossed the $200 million mark — dropping only 44% this frame, it proves it’s still got more earning power left.

And BoxOfficeGuru is also impressed with the small drop, going as far as to guess Star Trek can earn another $40M before it leaves theaters

Posting the smallest decline in the top ten was Star Trek which dropped to fifth with an estimated $12.8M, down 44%. Paramount’s reboot hit crossed the $200M mark on Friday in its 22nd day of release and became the first film of the year, and first since last summer’s The Dark Knight, to surpass the double-century mark. With $209.5M in the bank, Trek is still plotting a course to reach $245-250M domestically.

Star Trek opens in Japan – crosses $100M internationally
As for international, according to THR, Star Trek took in $8M overseas for the weekend, in a total of 59 markets. This includes a $2.2M opening in Japan, which is a lot better than the last Star Trek movie (Nemesis) and pretty good for a Hollywood film without any major stars, but still only half of what the big overseas hit Angels & Demons did two weeks ago when it opened in Japan. Even though Star Trek is handily beating Angels & Demons domestically, the Tom Hanks film has already earned more than Star Trek globally through the power of its overseas sales.

According to THR Star Trek’s international total as of this weekend is $101.5M. Assuming estimates hold, Star Trek has a total global gross of $311M.

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$311M !!! Isn’t it a blockbuster now?

I told you haters so. But you wouldn’t listen.

Greetings from France, a small Trek country ;-)

Congratulations to all involved for this continuing good news. Domestically, it’s beaten the pants off any competitor. Internationally, it’s more of a challenge, but the news still isn’t bad.

May Trek reach a global gross of $350 million or more before its theatrical run is over!

#1 Yes STAR TREK is most definitely a blockbuster! :)

I’m hoping it can at least reach $400M globally!

I wonder what the expectation on dvd sales is.

And I quote:
” Trek has cumed $209.5 million ” – Variety

What the hell does that mean??

To bad Star Trek has left IMAX Amsterdam, but I will be going again to the theater to see it again!!

I can’t help but wish the theatrical run was lengthend….

Who’d have thought this just a few short years ago?

> Pinky quotes Variety ”Trek has cumed $209.5 million” and
> says “What the hell does that mean??”

Accumulated total.

7. pinky — cume means “cumulative”. Variety likes to abbreviate industry related words. I guess It’s supposed makes them sound like they know what they’re talking about. :)

grammar correction: “I guess it’s supposed to make them sound like they know what they’re talking about.”

Unlike me, who apparently has no idea what he’s talking about. Seriously, that was some horrible writing I just did.

Well when I was watching “State of Play” this weekend “Star Trek” showed up on the board as the only session being sold out. This was in Brisbane, Australia. So it’s not Australias fault that international sales aren’t on par with US sales.

And since Trek is the kind of film that a lot of people will want on DVD (fans, etc.), not to mention how much a new film will have boosted merch. sales, I bet overall it’ll bring in a /lot/ of money. Which is great! :DD

I believe someone here wrote what a uniquely American experience Trek is and that’s why it does better here than overseas. For example- the whole manned space exploration thing, is still solely an American or Russian experience, and thus captures those population’s imagination more forcefully. Furthermore, while some other countries say they have equality amongst its citizens they tend to have homogenous societies, whereas America is a melange of cultures where anyone can achieve higher status through merit.

16= Oh dear what nationalistic poppy cock.. maybe one reason why box office figures are so high in the US, is down also, to sheer size of populace, compared to other territories… plus, the country where an idea originates, is often the “home” where it does best (hence Dr Who has best viewing figures here in the UK than in many other territories)… I don’t think it has anything to do with any one country “getting it” more than any other… it’s simply that tastes vary from place to place…

I agree that Trek is the American Ideal in space. E Plebnista!

# 17
And I also would add, that the marketing campaigns outside America were very small in comparsion to the US-campaign.


True, the US has more people, with more wealth, more disposable income for things like movies than other countries, and our tastes align more with Trek as it was written in the new movie- we all get the humor moreso than other countries I imagine. For example, I can’t for the life of me sit through a single episode of Dr Who, old or new, because I find it excruciatingly British, in mannerisms and dialogue, but I believe you are partially correct in your analysis.

20.. Oh dear.. this isn’t the place..

Where are the bitter and patronizing canon fanatics who piled scorn on the new film before even seeing it and who predicted disaster at the box office?

They’ve retreated to their basements and are watching old VHS tapes of TOS.

Good riddance.

I’d just like to say however, in the UK and in Germany for instance – Star Trek has been doing superbly well – considering the size and population of both countries compared to the US.

#23 Has ST09 really been doing well in Germany? Germany has a large Star Trek fan base, with Trek TV shows also having been extremely successful over the years. Somehow I expected more for the new film. (But I may be wrong.)

# 23
In Germany, Star Trek has done very poor in comparsion to First Contact. Star Trek runs just a little bit better than Nemesis over here.

Star Trek Lives!
I suspect thoes basement dwelling trolls have been sneaking out for some Trek 09 and humble pie…

# 24
Schultz, you’re right.
What might be the reasons for the poor performance here in Germany? The critics and the press were very positive about the new movie (but only in small articles or side notes).

I guess, it has to do with the fact, that our (the german) contemporary taste prefers more Lord of the Rings-style fantasy than sci-fi adventures. Clone Wars was a desaster in german cinemas as well as “The day earth stood still”. I’ve also noted, that since 2002 movies hardly cross the 4-million-visitors-line (beside the idiotic Bully-comedies. But that’s a matter only Germans can understand), back in the 90’s in was a usual number for big summer-movies.

250 million looks really promising and hopefully the rest of the world warms up to TREK!…I would love to see Trek get into the top 50 of top grossing films and 250+ million would do that… TREK definately has the legs…to do it…It’s so gratifying to see the response to a TREK movie from fans and the mainstream as well!!!. We, the long time fans, have waited for this, whether the film is to canon or the story is a TREK story or whatever those nitpicky “fans” want to complain about…this is a great movie and the direction of the franchise is definately pointed in the right direction… and we the fans must convey that…NO MORE NEGATIVISM!!!

The day the Earth stood still remake was a disaster, I’d be confident in saying it performed horribly world wide, because it was HORRIBLE.

considering that the original is almost 60 years old and was STILL better acted.

but enough of that.

yeah for star trek getting over 300 mil.

now roll out the BD versions!!

# 28

Sorry, not with me.

I still place the blame squarely on advertising.

After following the stellar marketing done in the US, and despite my best efforts, I have only caught half of a single advert here in Australia.

Seriously, “I Love You Man” has been marketed better.

this is looking rather promising. And I bet Paramounts Advert department is kicking itself hard for not trying to market better

I made the mistake of seeing Terminator this weekend. That’s two hours of my life I want back.

Up to last Wednesday, 634 538 people have seen Star Trek in France. It is considered a success, if not a big success to have that kind of figures. Like 100 million dollars is psychological line to cross in the States, one million admissions is a psychological line to cross in France.

However, note that this number represents EIGHT TIMES the box office of Star Trek Nemesis. So given Trek’s alas poor reputation here, it is a sign that JJ Abrams did well.

And the positive thing is that word of mouth is good for most people.

i hardly saw any advertising in germany.
also the reputation of trek along the german society is really at its lowest point over the last 30 years.

but with better inernational marketing the globally performance would be much better. !

the new wolverine and terminator films are much more famous here !


Here are the reasons I make out, why ST doesn’t do so well over here:
1) little to no promotion.
2) summer – people are outside instead of in the cinema
3) prices – watching a prime time movie is around 9-9.50 €. Many people, who aren’t that into Trek may wait for DVD release, rent it or won’t watch it at all. My gf loved the movie, but didn’t want to go with me a second time, because it’s so expensive, so I had to go alone
4) German translation – while ST is translated better than many other movies, the tone is way more silly than in the original – especially Kirk and Chekov. Several non-Trekkies told me, they thought it was ridiculous, because of the sillyness.

The marketing campaigns here in Ireland for star trek was the best i have seen for any movie this year. But i do understand that it was not as good in other countries , looking at the figures i think per population star trek has done very well in the UK and Germany too.

Hmmm. I’m sorry to say that despite all the marketing money thrown at Japan for this film, opening in 4th place is not very impressive. They’ll be lucky to crack $9m, which is respectable, but not blockbuster. I’m really surprised. It certainly wasn’t lack of effort, which I’d say was true of much of the international market.

I have to wonder how this will impact the budget for the next film. They must have been expecting it to do much better overseas given how much was spent promoting it worldwide in April and earlier.


Well, here not even the cinemas showing it had Star Trek posters out front….

@ 38. Completely agreed. Their going to scale the budget down. Maybe from 140 million down to 110 or 100 million. Because this movie essentially SUCKED internationally. Now… its still going to bring in HUGE profits for paramount, but non the less…. not solid numbers from the world. Lets hope the Mexico release will be huge.

In terms of the film continuing to do well domestically, I attended a SOLD OUT IMAX showing last night in Virginia. (Yes, some venues are still showing it in IMAX).

I went and seen Termanator for the first time Yesterday and there were maybe 25 people in the Theater. I then went and Seen Trek for my Record breaking 9th time just a few minutes after termanator Ended and there were at least 110 people in the theater for Trek. I was very Inpressed with what trek did here in Austin. I did a little ease dropping and i heard that most of the People there seen trek for the First time and they all loved it. So on just that experence and the numbers that rek is doing it has plently of more legs for another 50 plus Million Domesticly. I thought Termanator was a decent Movie. I thought Anton Yelchin did a great job and Kyle Reese. I think he is a Major Star in the Makeing. Along with Chris Pine and the rest of the Trek Cast. I think the Next Trek Movie will make twice as much as this Trek Movie because next time everyone will know about the new Trek and what the New trek is all about.


“Where are the bitter and patronizing canon fanatics who piled scorn on the new film before even seeing it and who predicted disaster at the box office?

They’ve retreated to their basements and are watching old VHS tapes of TOS.

Good riddance.”

So tell me, who sounds like the hater?

JJ Abrams is on the good side of inside Hollywood, and I won’t get into the reasons why but astute people on here know why. Terminator has not lived up due to agenda-driven reviews by haters in the industry since Christian Bale’s tirade on set. In my opinion Terminator: Salvation was a superior movie to Star Trek 09, and I’m a Trekker and I’ve seen them both.

Now, the worst movie I’ve seen in the last 6 months was ‘Ghost Town’. How does Ricky Gervais keep getting jobs? He is droll, boring, not funny and obnoxious. He gives people with no talent hope that they can make it in Hollywood.

Does anyone know if ST 09 is about to overtake TVH as the second most profitable film of the series? If so, that is quite an accomplishment! I remember what a big hit TVH was and how much the mainstream loved it when I was a kid.

#44 … Wow. You think Terminator was better than Trek AND you don’t like Ricky Gervais? You have no credibility with me, dude. :-)

German here, three times in the cinema with husband (once German, twice in English which was offered by only one cinema in town *sigh*) and reccing it to everyone I know. So if it doesn’t make money, it’s not our fault :)

Nemesis was the only trek movie I came out of the cinema thinking “I wasted life time, bleh”.

For what it’s worth, there’s hardly any coverage for “Star Trek” here in Japan. Especially when compared to “Angels & Daemons”, “Transformers Revenge” and “Terminator 4” (I love the straightforward Japanese titles).

I went to see it today and the theatre was half empty.
There was a japanese man sitting next to me, in suit, around 50 year old. When the old Spock poped on screen he was “Awww :D”

As I predicted in another thread, I said ST would do between 2-3 million in Japan and it did. I expect by the time it is all said and done ST earn a little more than 375 mil globally. Not bad at all.


John, you and I are worlds apart in our tastes. Terminator Salvation was bland as bland could be. No heart, no soul, no point. John Connor was second-fiddle in his *own* story, and I could not honestly say I gave a damn about anyone on screen. Lots of nifty explosions though, which was obviously the point.