GoAnimate Adds More Star Trek Characters & Announces New ‘Backstory’ Contest

GoAnimate.com, the site that lets you make your own animations, today announced that it has expanded its roster of official Star Trek characters to include Nurse Chapel, Gorn, Mara, and two Klingon crewmen. To celebrate the five new characters, they have also launched a new animation contest for fans to create the best ‘backstory’. Details below.


New characters
The Go Animate Star Trek channel already includes all the main TOS crewmembers plus Khan, Kang, Mirror Spock and an Orion girl. Today they introduced five more characters:

Nurse Chapel & The Gorn

Mara & 2 Klingon crewmen

The Contest – Create Their Backstories
To celebrate the addition of these new characters, in conjunction with honoring the theme of the new Star Trek film, GoAnimate.com has also announced its latest contest – “The Backstory”. Each contest submission must tell the backstory of either Nurse Chapel, Gorn, or Mara. How did they first come to interact with the members of the Enterprise? Why did Nurse Chapel choose to work aboard the Enterprise? What is Gorn’s home planet like? Why did Mara choose to marry Kang? It’s up to you to come up with the story.

The contest runs from June 3 until June 17. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges from the staffs of CBS and GoAnimate and will be announced June 24. The four Grand Prize Winners will receive copies of Star Trek UNO, Star Trek SceneIt, and a Blu-Ray Star Trek DVD and the four First Prize Winners will receive a choice of Star Trek Scrabble or All About Star Trek Trivia.

For more details, please visit GoAnimate’s Contest Page @ www.goanimate.com/contest.

Here is an animation promoting the contest

GoAnimate.com: The Backstory Contest on GoAnimate! by Laurel

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It’s free and fun!


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Chapel and Mara look hot — for cartoony versions. =P


Anything for the fans, right? LOL!

la'Hom Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr

More Klingons!!

Ensign Ro (Short for Roland)

I invite readers to check out my page at GoAnimate. I’ve produced several Star Trek mini-series and a few shorts. I truly think some of the readers here may actually enjoy them. I recommend “Maiden Voyage” and “The Derelict”. But, please feel free to check out ANY of my animations. And any feedback or comments on them is always welcome. GoAnimate is a wonderful site for fans of animation and Star Trek. Check it out! :-)

la'Hom Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr

Give them Bumpy Foreheads

Ensign Ro (Short for Roland)

RE: #6…

They’re TOS Klingons. :-)

I have to admit that’s pretty cool, although it’s warring with my impression that the characters look like “Star Trek Babies”.


Don’t we already know Nurse Chapel’s backstory? The whole Roger Korby thing?


The Gorn looks a lot scarier than it did in Arena!

The point of the contest is that you can rewrite the histories of these characters much like the histories of the characters in the film were rewritten. Ahh, clever parallels I see here.