TrekInk: Wrath of Khan Comic Adaptation Preview

Fixing an oversight from 1982, IDW will is finally adapting Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as a comic book. The three issue series written by Adny Schmidt with art by Yang Ong Chee kicks off next week. IDW has provided us with five page preview for the book, check it out below 


Preview of Star Trek II Comic Adaptation

A & B covers for TWOK #1

Retail incentive cover for TWOK #1

First four pages of TWOK #1

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(June 17)



Out Today – Crew #4
Arriving in comic stores today is the fourth issue in John Byrne’s "Star Trek Crew" series.


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oooo reboot of Khan, do it JJ, ppl will eat their words again.

please no JJ kahn movie.

why is spocks thumb not pointed out in that TWOK #3

“Wrath of Khan” can’t be redone yet. We have to *find* him and maroon him first.

#2 – Just want to know why so many people mess up spelling “Khan”, especially when it’s right there on the title of the article, or the covers in the article…

Cool! I already have the Wrath Of Khan adaptation. It’s in black and white and very well made. I got it more than 10 years ago. But it’s not english

Sounds like Saavik has something new to think about!

Kirk is the wrong badge. It has him with captain rank? did I miss something here?

hmmm, Saavik doesn’t look like Kirstie Alley there. She looks more like T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) LOL

Why did we see external shot of the Enterprise in the Kobiashi Maru simulation?

A space seed two hour movie would be cool…

PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE NO JJ WRATH OF KHAN. Let some things remain sacred.

They’ve got Sulu in the Navigator’s chair, not the Helmsman’s chair! Did the artist not watch the movie?

Also, the simulation used K’Tinga-class battlecruisers, not B’Rel-class scout ships.

Good grief!

Long before movies on VHS could be purchased at realistic prices (think $90 each) I had the “Photonovels” of both TMP and TWOK. Basically stills from the movie with all the dialogue as speech bubbles.

Inexplicably, TWOK was in black and white. I loved those things.

Boring art. Why not just watch the movie?

I know. If it’s a line-by-line painting of the movie, what’s the point?


This one looks like it’s worth a miss. Wrong battle cruisers, etc. are just ‘sauce for the goose.’

It’s a simple case of a comic not being able to measure up to a film by virtue of its format. The art looks fine, if a bit less accurate than the great “Countdown” comics.

I can call up any scene of this film in my head and run it like a DVD, as I am sure many of us can. I will only be disappointed if I buy this. TWOK is very much about how our actors/characters interact, and about atmosphere. The “cold” of space and the sub-like battles near Regula 1, and in ILM’s beautiful mutara nebula. Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley are at their best here, and a comic can’t truly reflect that.

Maybe I’m just being sentimental.I hope IDW makes something off of it,and that they write the sequels (TSFS/TVH) to attract new interest to these films. I will pass.

Why do I get the feeling that the next story that Abram does is a rebooting of Space seed. Since the time has been changed what if The enterprise runs into the Botany Bay earlier then it did in the original.

#16- right on. At least add a few extra bits of action or cute lines. And um why would they show the Enterprise being hit from the outside? It’s a simulation with no external POV. Also when Kirk enters he looks more like a drunk Denny Crane than ’82-era Shat.

Wow.. the art on the character’s faces makes them look so darn ugly. it’s distracting.

Looks like the editors did not want to go anywhere near Kirstie Alley’s likeness for the Saavik character.
14.] Packed away in a box I just found a couple Star Trek photonovels, including “Metamorphosis” and “Amok Time”. Those were a good concept for that era.

7 & 13

OMG! Let’s burn down the comic stores in protest for them taking artistic license!

Is that Captain T’Pol er Saavik? – is that supposed to be Sulu turned around warning her of the neutral zone? I was looking forward to this comic, but after seeing the art I will pass on it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot of Space Seed for ST12. Those arguing against reusing characters what about Batman? What if they didn’t use the Joker in Dark Knight? Is the Penguin off limits? I’m sure that character can be improved upon as well as other “classic” characters. Sure I’d like to see new ideas. I’d rather see a new Space Seed than a STIV, I’m not sure redoing a movie like that is possible, but certainly reusing characters within the “universe” is.

Young minds, fresh ideas :)

Comic looks good. And NO KHAN MOVIE!!!!!


Ha ha, agreed. I don’t regularly buy Trek comics, but this one I might actually pick up– after seeing TWOK told one way for the last 27 years, it’s actually kinda cool seeing it from a slightly different perspective.

And so what if we see the Enterprise during the simulation? Is that really any less ridiculous than seeing a bunch of senior officers like Spock, McCoy and the rest participating in a TRAINING program for new recruits??? LOL

For the love of God folks, when will some of you realize that remaking a Khan story is NOT a good idea and that reason for this “reboot” is have new stories. For the love of all that is good and holy, LET KHAN GO!!!!

You can count me among those who wouldn’t mind seeing the new crew’s take on running into Khan. I bet it would be cool!

For crying out loud — I can’t tell which of you are lampooning the “They made a mistake/changed stuff, now it sucks” tendency of some of the fans, and which ones of you are actually serious. So Sulu’s in the wrong chair. So the ships are wrong (The wrong rank badge on Kirk? Yeah, that one bothers me a little… in the same way that it bothers me when people use the wrong real-world rank insignia in movies… a little research, folks… :) ) It’s still probably a solid comic. I’m liking the artwork.

And, yeah, no Khan reboot. Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman ought to be free to develop new Trek stories rather than have to do a “greatest hits” reunion tour of the best Trek moments warmed over.

The comic is exciting…it’s good to see classic trek getting so much love. It’s also cool to see the Enterprise get blow’d up during the Kobayashi Maru…and the artist uses some new angles rather than a scene-for-scene, frame-for-frame recreation of the movie. HOWEVER, I’m not overly impressed with the artwork. It looks nice from a distance (ie: in thumbnail form) but up close it’s horrible! The likenesses are awful and it just generally looks like the artist took lots of shortcuts…like he was in a hurry or something. I’ll buy it if it’s not too expensive. :-/

I really hate TWOK, and I am really tired of constantly hearing about it as if it’s the best movie EVER made.

Not only are the klingon ships wrong, but Kirk is wearing a captain’s insignia instead of an admiral’s.

Normally I’m not a huge stickler for canon, but those seem like pretty rookie mistakes.

Look, Sulu is using his V’ger face!

Why are we seeing the exteriors of the Enterprise getting attacked?? We’re in the simulation… the only exteriors we should be seeing are on the viewscreen…


#33 Indeed! That’s really a major snafu… more than a rank pin error!

#KAHN/KHAN. For some reason, that was a major typo since the late 60’s. I know that for a long time I’d write Kahn before Khan. Not sure why, but it was a *more* common error before The Wrath of Khan came out.

I’d love to see a twisted Khan in the sequel or the threequel. Have him found by Klingons… or, erm, Pakleds. Or have him resuscitated without the near-death experience we saw in Space Seed. Maybe that “damaged” him? We could see McCoy do something different this time… or they could wake Joaquin first… Of course, Prime Spock may have prevented this incident: which would be wise.

Ugh… not a fan of the illustrations in those preview pages. Looks very sloppy and loose. No offense to the artist of course, just not my style.

I am ambivalent about Khan showing up in the new films. It would be funny to have the Botany Bay show up, and then get blown up by a punk Klingon a la ST:V before any of the crew can be awakened. I think I’d rather see NEW adventures of the classic crew since we have that luxury now. Perhaps elements of some old episodes, but no outright remakes.

Looks nice, but shouldn’t they do a prequel comic first so we know how Worf and Data fit in? :)

holy hell does this thread read like dialogue from a movie mocking Trekkies for being anal retentive know-it-alls who still think their own script involving Carol Marcus, Finnegan, a spot-on replica of the 1960s cardboard Enterprise, inside and out, and making sure all 7524758927458927348957 pieces of already written Star Trek minutea, down to the color of the lavatories aboard the Excelsior, Dr. McCoy’s allergy to shellfish, and the evolutionary advantage that having a snout nose serves for a Tellarite.

“You can’t please all of the people all of the time, boy,” my grandfather used to say to me. And holy shit was that man right.

I just want one, solid, well thought-out, rationally composed answer that tells me why the hell you people can’t sit back and enjoy FICTION without stripping it down to a meandering blob of whiny, nasty, hateful bile, and screaming “Not good enough!. NEXT!!”

Shatner was right.
Nimoy was right.

ok. so breaking new ground here in terms of fan consultation as we humbly ask for your best opinions on wether or not we should see the big K in a sequel (knowing that it would not be a remake of the original movie, but continuing on in this Universe where things can be different).

Thanks in advance for well articulated opinions.

Please NO JJ WOK redux. I don’t think I could survive the lens flares on Ceti Alpha V. Besides, the new Trek movie is in a way Spock’s “Wrath of Khan”. Think about it.

As for the comic – I’m not impressed with the artwork, and the errors shown thus far just put me off from wanting to pick it up. Sorry, I’ll pass on this one.

Enough of Khan. Am still hoping for the story Gene Roddenberry always wanted to do more than any other, time travel back to Dallas on November 22, 1963. TIC.

41 Preach on brother! Would love that, but which way would you go — lone gunman or military industrial complex?

or mafia?

my vote is for something new in “2” with a teaser for khan in “3”

but i think khan should definitely be seen in the the new timeline… that would be awesome.

I’d get it, but I’ve seen the movie 100 million times and don’t see much point in having a comic as well. XD


There is a huge part of me that wants to see Khan. A huge part. As much as Mr. Montalban made that role iconic, I would relish the chance to see a new take on the character. Just as Heath Ledger made the Joker his own, whil still harnessing the inherent iconic touchstones of that character, I would love to see someone do the same for Khan. You guys have written for Mr. Banderas before, have you not….?

Also, it seems to me that “Space Seed” would provide a decent inspiration point for the sequel. Those of us that would love to see Pine’s Kirk in a tactical face-off with a strong antagonist can’t help but think Khan is a natural choice.

However – You guys have successfully rebooted Star trek. There is a brand new shiny universe at your mercy, and as the fan on me salivates for Khan, the rest of me feels compelled to urge you to go ahead and make this universe count on its own terms. Create a distinctive, threatening, iconic villian or villains yourselves. Ones that will become so famed and effective in their own right, that in 30 years, people will debate whether THAT should be brough into future iterations of Trek.

Wow, my apologies, that was a long winded way of saying “maybe, maybe not”.

#39 Boborci – No to the Big K, for one totally unemotional (logical?) reason: we don’t get a weekly diet of Trek any longer. Right now we’re in a “wait every few years” mode. So when those times come, I would much rather see some new and, to date, unimagined. Let this new crew stretch their wings against challenges we’ve not see before. That means no Doomsday Machine 2K, no Time Travel, no Spock’s Brain: But Serious! All of that is, IMHO, fodder for Pocket Books for decades to come.

I will say this… go for the Other Big K: Klingons. There must be so much more to them than we’ve actually seen (AU or not) in the 23rd Century. Give us something new that honors the old. We “know a man by his enemies”… what kind of young James T. Kirk will we see when he faces the Klingons for the first time? Could that encounter define his interpretation of the Prime Directive (title for your next Trek film, btw)? What to do with 10,000 Vulcans searching for a new home if faced with a morally ambiguous (but sexy and action packed!) situation?

Quickies: no giant earth/galaxy/universe threatening challenge. It doesn’t have to be *that* big to be big. Also, please hire a science technical consultant to review the next script. And be sure to tell us how big the Enterprise is ;)

Good luck, thanks for asking!

the one thing i didn’t like about khan in STII was that we _heard_ about his intelligence in dialog, but it never really manifested in his actions.

first, when spock says “if we go by the book, as lieutenant savak says, hours would seem like days”, to which kirk responds “i’m reading you commander”… kahn should have broken that code easily, especially when the code definition and coded transition are so close together.

secondly, khan is bested by a simple we-realize-that-space-
is-3-dimensional-and-kahn-doesn’t move seemed a little anti-climactic. there could have been more scenes where we see khan’s intelligence, and not just taken it as a given

i just watched balance of terror, that’s a great duel…

From a business point of view, I think the inclusion of Khan would give the sequel a further “must see” quality in the mainstream. Especially if he were played by a star.