Watch Tom Hanks Scream Out TOS Episode Titles On Tonight Show + ST09 Box Office Update

Last night Oscar-winner Tom Hanks was a guest on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and Conan brought up how his movie Angels & Demons has been competing with Star Trek. Hanks said that he thought the Star Trek film was "great" then went on to show how much of a Trekkie he is by screaming out TOS episode titles. See video of that below, plus the latest box office numbers.


Tonight show Trek

The Tom Hanks segment was actually not the first part of the show that brought up Trek. It came up earlier in the show during a comedy bit about Twitter (which Hanks referred to later).

Then during the second part of Hank’s interview the subject of Angels & Demons came up, including how it was competing with Star Trek.

Yes Hanks did yell out “City on the Edge of Tomorrow” instead of “City on the Edge of Forever” but he still showed off his Trek cred, so we will cut him slack on that one. Conan also shows his inner Trekkie by noting that “A Piece of the Action” had Vic Tayback as a guest star.

Box Office Update
As it did last weekend, Star Trek has stayed in fifth place on Monday and Tuesday, beating Angels & Demons both days. On Monday it brought in $1.27M in domestic sales and on Tuesday it had $1.33M. The total domestic sales for Star Trek now stands at $211.91M. Star Trek’s international sales have also picked up (likely due to the opening in Japan), bringing in $2.69M in the last two days for a total overseas take of $104.04M. Star Trek’s new total global gross is $315.95M.

Although Star Trek continues to beat Angels & Demons at the domestic box office, the Tom Hanks film has done over $250M overseas, easily beating Star Trek internationally. This presents an obvious conclusion. Put Tom Hanks in the sequel for guaranteed global dominance. [NOTE: I actually recommended Hanks for the role of Pike back in 2006, before it was even known Pike would be in the movie]


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ha . i saw this

hanks is great

Good to see Tom is on board with Trek, after all its beating his movie at home.

To continue:

I’m glad he liked the movie. He’s a terrific actor and a great guy and his support along with the fact that he’s obviously a huge trekkie is pretty awesome.

Oh, and so far, not too impressed with Conan. Maybe this will change.

^^ (Dare I say it, First!!!!) ^^

Tom Hanks is Commodore Matt Decker in Star Trek: Doomsday

The meteor was a nice touch.

They need to put Tom Hanks in the next movie. Even just in a cameo role.

Didn’t Hanks come very close to playing Zefram Cochrane in “FIrst Contact”? Just a scheduling conflict prevented it?

“Put Tom Hanks in the sequel for guaranteed global dominance.”

Umm… NO. Please no stunt casting.

The Kirk’s, Shatner and Pine, are starring in a movie together!(well their voices at least)
I wonder if their characters will have any scenes together?
The movie also features the voice talents of 2 Darth Vaders (Jones & Christensen), Luke Skywalker (Hamill), Data (Spiner), and the Voyager Doctor/Hologram (Picardo). Also Mr. “Star Trek is dead” Samuel Jackson, and super trek fan Jason Alexander.
I’m surprised Mr. Hanks isn’t involved since he’s done his share of animation voicing (Toy Story, Polar Express).
Interesting casting!
Check it out (imdb link below)!

I always liked the guy. Now I know why!

#8 Yeah the rumor goes that he came close to signing on. But since he was directing his first movie “That Thing You Do,” he could not take the part. Honestly for that movie im glad he was not involved. Since it would have changed the whole movie. It would have been how they had it in the original version of the story. Picard on Earth and Riker fighting the Borg on the Enterprise.

Ground Control to Major Tom,

“Beam me up, Hanky!!”

Tom Hanks is one of the most versatile, talented actors I’ve ever seen. I love his performances, which range from light-hearted (“Big”) to understated intensity (“Saving Private Ryan”) to just brilliant (“Forrest Gump”). I always look forward to his movies, even when the story and the casting around him is less than stellar (e.g., Angels and Da Vinci).

Hanks in Trek? Well, if Christian Slater can have a cameo, why can’t Hanks?!

I thought I had heard he wanted to be in ‘Insurrection’ but couldn’t. If he want’s to be in the next one by all means.

#14…Agreed………….And don’t forget he’s got the space credentials as well with his great performance in Apollo XIII…………HANKS ROCKS!!

My friends in college used to watch to see how quickly I could name a TOS episode during the teaser.

As for “City on the Edge of Tomorrow,” I imagine Hanks will be hearing from Harlan Ellison’s lawyer soon enough. Funny segment.

As for box office, ST09 has proven itself a success, and will soon be shown on planes and in hotels. Then comes PPV and DVD/BR, and it’s a bona-fide hit.

What I find satisfying is that the North American general public has accepted “Trek” back with open arms. These main characters, the ship, and the show, are household brands with a new lease on life.

Hey Anthony, it’s a little off subject but as a celebrity bit for today, just thought it should be known that Chris Pine was named most beautiful man of june 2009 on the website Just something for the rest of us ladies, and some gents can go and drool over :-) and p.s. thanks for all the hardwork keeping this site in tip top shape!

Hanks for Q/Trelane or as a Section 31 agent trying to thwart the Enterprise.

Good idea.

“Put Tom Hanks in the sequel for guaranteed global dominance.”

That’s actually not a bad idea!

If you’re going to “stunt cast”, why not with the biggest name in Hollywood? And the guy is good in everything he does. There probably isn’t a more versatile actor around.

No ten second cameo either. Give him something to chew on. And if he has to die in the story, so be it. He could end up being the most famous ‘redshirt’ in Star Trek history!

Ok. Get Tom Hanks in for the Next trek Movie. Maybe as an Admiral or hey even a bad Guy. But a good guy would be better for him. great to see Trek still doing well. But Hanks. Come on. Get the names right ok.

#20—-Get on the phone to JJ right now, Bob!

That’s an order, mister.

Hey Bob Orci. Do what ever you need to do to get Tom Hanks in the Next Trek. But give him a great role with a great script and a great script for Kirk and Spock and the rest of the Crew.

Oh and Bob Orci. If you do not get Hanks in the next Movie. You will get 72 wonderfull Hours in the Aginiser Booth.

Hanks in sequel as an Admiral or Commodore giving Kirk some orders on screen….

nothing big – just a cameo like Harve Bennet in Trek V or Janeway in Nemesis

plus i wanna see Harrison Ford as well (isnt he due to star in an Abrams film soon?) – actually id prefer see Han Solo in an Admiral cameo over Hanks actually :)

The meteor was hilarious, didn’t expect it to come from the direction of the audience. Why give Mr. Hanks a cameo, give him a major role in the movie. I don’t think he’s ever played a villian, this would be a great first time.

HANKS IN ST-2011!!
great idea.
to insure global dominance we can have his character, Robert Langodon, cryogenically stored in a sleepe ship disovered by the enterprise.

it will be disclosed that he was frozen in the hopes of only to be awaken at the time of the tribulation in a to ask personally about the questions concerning the grail and the last zion.

since this never happened, or at least has not happened as of the time the big E awakens him, he is real angry and our plot is underway.

we will call it:
star trek II: the wrath of ROB!

He wanted to play Zefram Cochrane in FC.

#3 I gotta say, the picture is being painted that Trek is clobbering A&D domestically, but A&D is breathing down Trek’s neck. It’s on fewer screens and holding its own against Trek. While it did not have as a big an opening which accounts for a large portion of a films’ total box office, A&D has still made half of Trek’s 4 week domestic box office in 3 weeks, more or less accounting for Trek’s additional opening weekend take.

STAR TREK Screens 3,507 Mon. $1,272,135/Tue. $1,322,790
ANGELS & DEMONS 3,464 Mon. $1,153,107/Tue.$1,287,436

I have said from the beginning, that regardless what you personally think of A&D, it is a steady earner, one that people don’t necessarily rush to see on opening night. I am only hearing word of mouth grow and numerous people telling me they are definitely going to see it. I happened to see it at a 10:30 PM Sunday screening which did not get out until almost 1AM. The theatre was half-full even at that hour and there was applause at the end of the movie. It is simply a different kind of movie and audience and it will have its own life. I fully expect Trek to slide below A&D next week and A&D to continue earning steadily right up to Harry Potter in mid-July.

If the goal is for Trek to beat A&D, then anyone who has not seen Trek at least 7 times, needs to get out there and see it again and again. Perhaps Trek might even beat Terminator this week too. Again, if that’s a goal for whatever reason.

actually if they did get Hanks or Ford or Cruise etc etc for a cameo maybe they could make sure they get just enough screen time so they can go on the main cast list/posters/trailers – for the forgien markets!!

gotta help with the overseas grosses…

As great as Bruce Greenwood was in ST09—I have to say that Hanks would have been fantastic as Pike.

Forget a cameo.

I want to see Tom Hanks as a “guest co-star” of sorts in the sequel. It doesn’t have to be a recognizable character or villain, either. The possibilities are practically endless in the new timeline. But give him a real role, like Greenwood has in ST09. He is certainly worthy of something like that.

And given that he is a long-time fan of the Original Series—I bet he could be had for a more reasonable price than what he would generally command (just a few days of shooting).

But make no mistake—-get him on the posters….and there’s your global box-office right there!

STAR TREK Screens 3,507 Mon. $1,272,135/Tue. $1,322,790
ANGELS & DEMONS 3,464 Mon. $1,153,107/Tue.$1,287,436

But again, that’s A&D’s third week versus ST09’s fourth.

I hear what you’re saying, but I think that (domestically) A&D won’t do those kinds of numbers in its 4th week.

But in any case, A&D is cleaning Star Trek’s clock globally.

Are you guys sure Hanks wasn’t getting a little help from some cue cards just off camera?

#35—I doubt it. This isn’t the first time he’s made it clear that he loves TOS. Besides, if he was getting help, why would he get the title wrong (TCOTEOF)?

i love hanks but putting him in yhe sequall is not going to help box office- Star Trek will never do well internationaly because it has such a strong western/american philosophy where they travel around the galaxy helping everyone in these backwards worlds be more amarican like them and starfleet is seen as militeristic.

ect ect

Hanks could still play Zefram Cochrane.
Zef is supposed to be out there with his cloud buddy.

But what about Hanks as Gary Seven ?


I admit Conan has looked a bit nervous and jittery in his first couple shows, but his skits and pre-taped bits have been freakin HILARIOUS.

They’re certainly more edgy and inventive than anything Leno ever came up with. I mean, seriously: “Headlines”? Did anyone under the age of 50 actually find that funny?

#37—“Star Trek will never do well (internationally)…”

I hope Paramount doesn’t take that attitude. The effects of marketing are cumulative. Paramount should continue to beef up the efforts to export Trek to more than just the English-speaking countries and Germany. Before now, there had never been any real marketing campaigns abroad for Star Trek.

“…because it has such a strong western/american philosophy where they travel around the galaxy helping everyone in these backwards worlds be more (American) like them and starfleet is seen as (militaristic).”

While that may be true for some people, I don’t think it has had enough exposure worldwide to draw such conclusions about how people will react to it. I doubt that many people would have even heard of Starfleet, much less conclude that it is any more militaristic than it is meant to be.

Paramount just has to make a committment.

And Hanks would certainly aid the global box-office, particularly in Asian markets like Japan and China (where the actors’ names sell the movie when the product is American).

#34, it’s not a matter of doing Trek’s current numbers in its 4th week. It’s a matter of steadily earning another $100M over the next 2 months and coming close to Trek’s total domestic gross. Something Trek will never do with A&D’s foreign gross. While Trek has long legs, it is finally slipping domestically. I fully expect “Land of the Lost” to do some major damage at the box office this weekend too, especially to Trek & Terminator. We’ll see if it affects A&D.

Either way, the real point is: why does it matter? People have been bashing TS & A&D since the start and both are well made movies that offer something completely different than Trek. As you have pointed out, neither gives the greatest ticket purchasing audiences in the USA what they want. Trek clearly does. But since the USA is not the only country that matters in the world, continually holding Trek up as a superior product because it has done so well here is a bit insulting. Trek is very successful and every Trek fan should be happy about that. It’s not going to be as successful as Star Wars III, or The Dark Knight. But it’s not in competition with those movies any more than it is with A&D or TS.

I saw “Land of the Lost” at a preview screening last night.

Don’t expect “Land of the Lost” to dethrone Trek this summer. The movie is not that good. Wait until it comes out on DVD and then rent it at Red Box for $1. I think if that movie breaks 75 million total they’ll be lucky.

#41—“But since the USA is not the only country that matters in the world, continually holding Trek up as a superior product because it has done so well here is a bit insulting.”

I’m not sure that comparing its domestic box-office intake (particularly while acknowledging it global weakness) to other films means holding it up as a superior product.

In the United States, the most watched sporting events (and sometimes the most watched programs period) are NFL games. Year in and year out, the NFL dominates the ratings. More people tuned in to see the NFL college draft than to see MLB and NBA playoff games! Now—with that said—the rest of the World couldn’t care less about the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers. But does that mean that the NFL should stop being continually proud of its dominance of American sports and the television market?

Of course, Star Trek isn’t even #1 at the box-office any more. But let’s keep this in perspective. It’s been 30 years since a Star Trek film made this kind of money (at least the kind of money it is on pace to make). Of course it’s a big deal! Give us a break.


Tom Hanks.

Some extra weight.

Big, black mustache.

Enter: The new Harry Mudd. Make it so!!!

#8/Hanks as Cochran:

Yes, from what I remember of stories from the time, he was on board (per se) to play Zefram. But he was also doing his own film at the time — “That Thing You Do” — and it conflicted with the shooting schedule of FIRST CONTACT, so he had to pass. He’s a big Trek fan.

And I really like what #5 said about Hanks as Matt Decker — think of Decker in DOOMSDAY MACHINE, then of Hanks in THE MONEY PIT doing the pained faces.

I think a multi-weaved plot, taking in a lot of classic TOS episode elements, would be quite fun. I don’t need a one-on-one villain (a la Nero, or Khan, etc.) but a good story with some fun, action, and character development. And more Urban as McCoy. Criminal underuse of Urban in ST.

Oh, that’s a fun idea (Hanks as Mudd).


“Star Trek will never do well internationaly because it has such a strong western/american philosophy where they travel around the galaxy helping everyone in these backwards worlds be more amarican like them and starfleet is seen as militeristic.”

Sounds just like the Catholic Church! (A&D)

Star Trek TOS has always been quintessentially American. It’s just never been properly supported overseas, as US Return on Investment expectations always met budget and profit targets, ostensibly.

Trek had a small heyday in Europe with TNG being on the air as a running advertisement for its films. It’s style was much more European (meetings, consensus-building) than TOS. Then, Paramount just seemed to forget about it. Poor brand management.

Tom Hanks: “Q” for the New Captain Kirk….

Just kidding….

#48—“Sounds just like the Catholic Church! (A&D)”

Lol. Isn’t that the truth?

I’ve still never seen ‘The DaVinci Code’, much less its sequel.

But I plan on a 4th viewing of ST09 in the next couple of weeks.