CONTEST: Win Star Trek Movie Audiobook Signed By Zachary Quinto

If you want to relive the Star Trek movie again and also get some more insights into the characters and events of the film, you can ‘listen’ to the movie via the audio book of the Alan Dean Foster adaptation. Today we have a clip from the audio book to sample it, and we are also giving away free copies, including one signed by the narrator, Zachary Quinto.


Listen to the Star Trek movie
In reviewing the audio version of of the Alan Dean Foster adaptation, TrekMovie’s John Tenuto said that Quinto was "best audio book narrator in the history of Star Trek", high praise indeed. Here is a sample clips from the audio book:

Another clip is available at Zachary Quinto’s website

Win a copy signed by Zachary Quinto
TrekMovie has a new trivia contest to win a signed CD box of the Star Trek audio book. We are giving away one copy signed by Zachary Quinto, and nine more (unsigned) 2nd prize copies. For more details visit our CONTEST PAGE. [note do not discuss trivia answers in the comments below]

Available Now
The unabridged audiobook is eight  hours long and is available in a 8 CD box or download:

"Star Trek" audiobook available at Amazon May 12

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Dang! I already have the audio book, but I have not had time to listen to the first disc yet!

Damn, competition not open to United Kingdom residents. Grrrrrrrrr


May I please have the autographed copy now? :)

#3, no, you may not.

Um I find the Tyler Perry impersonation in that clip vaguely offensive…

An audio version of a bad book with akward dialogue, I’ll pass.

Shame I live in the Netherlands, lol.

But damn, ZQ is good.

Excuse me? What I hear is an audio version of a good book with good dialogue…which, I think, is taken straight from the movie.

8. Well, the dialogue doesn’t match the movie. It’s maybe 85% the same, but there were ad libs and changes during filming that were not in the script.

I hear that ZQ absolutely ROCKS in the 8 1/2 hrs of reading, changing his voice to handle all the characters. You can hear it in the sample above.

I can’t wait to win! (<-Power of positive thinking at work!)

I already have it…and it’s very enjoyable!

The dialogue is Shakespeare compared to the GOD-AWFUL descriptive writing by Alan Dean Foster. Laughably bad. Like, “teenage fan fiction” bad.

Zack Quinto does a phenomenal job reading the book, and does a great job at portraying the voices of the other actors, especially Scotty!!!

I listened to the CDs in my car over the course of two weeks.

Cool contest, Anthony.

I used to buy some of the older Trek books on cassette, and they would have music and some audio effects. Does his one do that, or is it just Zack Yakkin’?

5. Stan Wingston – June 5, 2009
Um I find the Tyler Perry impersonation in that clip vaguely offensive…

You’re not alone, I find a lot of things involving Tyler Perry offensive too. ;)

Yay! Open to Canadians. Finally! Thank you,!

Bleh, now I can’t participate, this is so unfair!!! At least I won a local Star Trek constest here in venezuela :-(

I might look into this.

Being both a Trekkie and a book junkie.

Superb clip. Thanks!

I entered the contest – and of course, I hope to win! My husband is currently reading the book. He thinks it is awesome! Thanks for running the contest!

I may have to reconsider