Star Trek Wins 4 Golden Trailer Awards + New Trailer Mashups

One of the keys to building buzz with the general movie audience and the fans was the marketing campaign for new Star Trek movie. Yesterday Paramount was honored for their promotional work by winning four Golden Trailer Awards — details below. Plus did you know people are still making ST09 trailer mashups? We take a look at some of the latest. 


Star Trek Golden Trailer Awards
Firstly the Star Trek trailer won both the Best In Show and the Best Summer 2009 Blockbuster. It was not clear which theatrical trailer won the best trailer awards, but it is mostly likely ‘Trailer 3’ or the theatrical trailer which ran with Watchmen, and was generally regarded as the best one.

And for TV, the Star Trek ‘Dare’ commercial (also known as the Superbowl Commercial) won Best Summer 2009 TV Spot.

And finally the ‘final one sheet’ poster won Best Summer 2009 Blockbuster Poster.

USA Poster (Click to enlarge)

Golden Trailer Awards were handed out at a ceremony at the Directors Guild in Los Angeles last night. Winners were each awarded the golden trailer trophy seen here.

Golden Trailer

The full list of winners is available at


New Trailer Mashups
The Star Trek trailers have been some of the more popular of the last year and after each was released, they spawned a number of mashups, which we have reported in the past. But amazingly they are still inspiring fans. Here are just a few of the better more recent mashups.

Star Trek + BSG =

Star Trek + Pirates of the Caribbean  =

Star Trek + Star Wars (again) =

Star Trek (Trailer 2) + The Simpsons Movie  =

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Way to go, TREK!!!! I loved each of the trailers. The showed just enough to wet one’s interest without giving away too much.

Seriously awesome trailers!

The Simpsons mashup is brilliant.

The Battlestar one is amazing.


Trailer 3 was absolutely one of the BEST movie trailers I have EVER seen, period. (In fact, I almost think it’s better than the movie–which I love, of course!)

An absolutely deserved win.

Totally agree, that Star Trek trailer gives me chills everytime!

Trek rocks even as a trailer. :-)

Can’t believe that poster won any kind of award. It’s the epitome of banality.

Nothing succeeds like success, 9. :-)

hahaha… Best Summer 2009 Blockbuster Poster… What a strange world we live in. I went to see the movie with 3 friends the first time and a few days later, one friend (a Star Wars is #1 Friend) pointed out the picture on a billboard and asked, “I’ve seen that poster a few times now. I still don’t know what it is. What is that?” and then the other friend said, “Yeah! I know! I’ve seen one with the whites and blacks transposed. But what’s it supposed to be? A black hole?”

Probably not the sharpest couple of knives in the drawer, but still, I sort of understood. I guess. Who votes on this stuff??

It IS the best poster, simply because it is cool

what are the point of those mash ups?

is it to say that trek is borrowing from their fiction? whats the argument?

It’s a way to make fun of it. To fuse the best of two worlds.

The BSG-Mashup was totally awesome.

It’s a challenge, too. Someone who loves to do these mashups is looking to find out “can I do it?”.

Personally, I think the Simpson’s one is awesome!

6 & 7. I agree. The third trailer is terrific. The way it is edited together is just briflliant., I still get chills every time I see it. And I love the movie.

3rd trailer is best. Imagine if music is use in movie

The BSG one is SCARY close. Like they could have actually made a BSG movie with the exact same plot. (.__.)

But that third trailer… whoa. I have the music on my MP3 player, and it STILL gives me chills up my spine!

ummm … How do they give out Best of Summer for 2009 awards when it’s only June?

The third trailer is so awesome…’s “be-awesome”!!! Anyhow, not sure why, but seeing the BSG trailer reminded me how much more I like Star Trek (sorry BSGers). The Star Wars one reminded me how much Lucas screwed up his own creation. The Pirates one reminded me how much I miss Captain Jack. The Simpsons one was just plain weird, but very well done. But what is most important is…Star Trek is back!!! Tomorrow I head to the movie for the 6th time (it finally hit my small hometown theater yesterday). Can’t wait, again!

#19-Because all of the TRAILERS for summer 2009 are out….the fall 2009 and later trailers are what we have moved into now.

#3 Agreed.

Film making for the masses is putting upward pressure on the pros and will serve to increase the quality of future Hollywood films. What exciting times we live in!

Hi, I created the BSG mashup — thanks for the feedback, everyone!

@6. Third Remata’Klan
“Trailer 3 was absolutely one of the BEST movie trailers I have EVER seen, period.”

@13. Sci-Fi Bri
“what are the point of those mash ups?”

It’s funny, I actually think these two comments are related. I think the main reason why Trailer 3 was so effective is because it taps into the Monomyth, better known as “the hero’s journey.”

It draws on a coming-of-age story pattern that’s been around for thousands of years, and is at once familiar to many of us, in spite of language and cultural differences.

In fact, I think that’s why the first mashups of the trailer that came out were Star Wars mashups — the first Star Wars film in particular followed “the hero’s journey,” so a lot of elements fell into place neatly for a trailer mashup.

Regarding personal reasons for why I made it: I found it really odd that there weren’t any BSG mashups of the trailer. Also:

— fun!
— challenge (BSG’s ensemble cast approach made finding a hero’s journey theme harder)
— appreciation for both sci-fi franchises
— appreciation for an amazing trailer
— boning up on my video-editing skills
— boredom now the Star Trek ARG is over ;)
— … but mostly, fun. :)

Thanks again, everyone!

Star Trek trailers: So good, further comment would be superfluous. They speak for themselves.

That Star Trek: Galactica mashup was inspired. Quite good, indeed.

I like the mashups. I’m sorry but I could not help but laugh at the Pirates one because it just look so gay. I love Cpt Jack but that character is gay as happy can be.

Nice to see ST winning some awards. But I think it is just the beginning. And to the clown that thought the poster was a picture of a black hole, if you don’t want someone to know your true age then put a sock in it.

@23 Aliotsy:

Great work on the BSG mashup trailer! I used TWOK for part of my college thesis in the monomyth/ hero’s journey/ the 17 stages… I had to crowbar a few in there but it generally works. Everyone else took the easy way out and did Shrek, A New Hope or Episode 1, Lucas loves him some Joseph Campbell! I wish I was only doing it now and I could do it on JJ’s Trek, it would have been far easier.

Trailer 2 and 3 were absolutely fantastic and as much as I like Giachinno’s score (it’s a repeat listen one that grows on you) I’d love if JJ or Giachinno got Two Steps From Hell involved in the scoring for the sequel. The trailer music is pure epic win as is the rest of their stuff which I *ahem* “acquired” after finding out they did the trailer music.

10 &12 –

At least we can agree to disagree. I still think it’s a pretty dull design.

Glad you both like it.

A lot of people also believe that this is a great film. Some of us believe that it was only decent at best.

9 – McDonald’s is an extremely successful restaurant chain, but their food is still crap. Many things that deserve success don’t succeed, and many things that should be failures do succeed. Success is not necessarily a sign of quality, and lack of success is not necessarily a sign of lack of quality. The marketing “wizards” work their “magic” on and dupe the public all the time.

Oops. My above post should be addressed to #10, not myself at #9.

I totally agree with #17, they should have used the music from the trailer as the score for the movie (eventhough I´m getting used to the score of MICHAEL GIACCHINO; it is not that bad, but I´m much more emotionally touched by the trailer music)

The trailers for Star Trek were marvellous.


Because they didn’t just distill the whole film’s best bits into a few moments. there was a whole lot more out there [and I don’t mean in 2 hours and 8 other minutes or whatever ..]

Some trailers to be frank .. , you may as well skip the film, nothing in it apart from what you already saw while you were getting comfy and strapping on the feedbag of popcorn.

Unlike some trailers, Star Trek 09 still left a huge amount of the film unseen until you got to the theatres. There was more of the story, more of the characters’ interaction and personal backgrounds.

.. and as for the Simpson / Trek .. Great fun and oh what a wonderful finish.. “the wait is over”. .Mr Burns / Nero ! Still smiling to myself over that.

#28 “The marketing “wizards” work their “magic” on and dupe the public all the time.”

This is true to a certain extent, but success is not something that can be earned by marketing only. Without true quality, products always fail.

32 – “Without true quality, products always fail.”

Perhaps you weren’t paying attention to my McDonald’s example?

I only wish your statement were true “to a certain extent.” Perhaps in some perfect and just parallel universe this might be the case. It certainly isn’t the case in the one we’re living in.

Aliotsy, the BSG trailer was great! If there is a mashup award, I’d nominate yours in a heartbeat. Oddly enough, it made me think “BSG: Summer 2012”. Fantasy of ST and BSG blockbuster summer movies alternating every year foir the 201Xs. Actually, BSG is a descendant of Trek, with the TOSBSG using two heroic archetypes, the rebel and the sinner, in the persons of Starbuck and Apollo.

I can appreciate the effort into your mashup, as using a TV series is much more challenging. With a movie, one only has to pick and choose out of 90-120mins, while with the TV series, they have dozens if not hundreds of hours. (Imagine a Dr. Who mashup with Trek09).

Trailer 3 is definitely monomythic, I noticed that right off the bat as well. But as a trailer, it was just as riveting as the movie, if not more. My philosophy is that the movie starts with the release of the first trailer…thereby Trailer 3 was about 4 mins into the movie experience and definitely a hook for the fans.

Curiously, the juxtapose between poster and movie is so significant, it may be lost on some people…and thereby offensive. When I first saw it, I was amazed at its eclectism and how different it was from the predominately black, movie-star crammed ilk of Wollyhood promo posters. It is definitely not banal (banal as in it’s true sense meaning ‘predictable’ or ‘systematic’) either with the Trek movie or with the ad genera of movie posters coming out this year. Nebulous might be a more apt description, strictly from a critical perspective. Again, the predominate white/bright color is illustrative of the monomyth, metaphorically the hero arising Phoenix-like out of the sun.

The movie is a SFX-fest, but the poster is so minimalistic, it’s almost in the aesthetic spirit of yugei, (those who haven’t studied Japanese art, you’ll have to Google it, as it doesn’t have wiki). It articulates without being overbearing, and is representational rather than reproductive.

Bravo to those who awarded the poster the honors it so thoroughly deserved!

I’d love to see a Master & Commander / Trek mash-up. LOTR too.

#33 “Perhaps you weren’t paying attention to my McDonald’s example?”

A poor example, in my opinion. McDonald’s food is good tasting and people like it. You have to pay attention not to eat that kind of stuff every day. Also, don’t be sedentary and all will be fine.

Hello everyone, I am the one who created Star Wars mashup. That was my first attempt to make a mashup so be gracious ;)

@34. hawaiowa
“I can appreciate the effort into your mashup, as using a TV series is much more challenging. With a movie, one only has to pick and choose out of 90-120mins, while with the TV series, they have dozens if not hundreds of hours.”

I can’t agree with you. Picking out of 90-120min movies is still challenging, becouse you must find right clips in small period of time. While using such huge series like BSG of course takes much more time, but there is also more footage to choose from.

Nevertheless, the Battlestar mashup is awesome I love it! Great work, aliotsy.

@35. Sxottlan
“I’d love to see a Master & Commander / Trek mash-up. LOTR too.”

I really like the Star Trek trailer 3 with LOTR idea. I know the LOTR trilogy pretty good, I will think about making such trailer ;)

#33: There certaintly remains the possibility that the majority of people are wrong, and that the movie wasn’t all that great.

There is also the possibility that either your opinion is “wrong” in the sense that you are (quite inarguably) in the minority, or (more likely) that your opinion is–for all intents and purposes–meaningless to the vast majority of life on earth.

I’m sure either possibility doesn’t mean much to you, however. Feel free to continue to convince us of our error in judgement. I’m sure it will prove most enlightening.

38 – First of all, I was writing of the poster more than the movie.

Thank you so much though for saying that my opinions are meaningless. You are very kind. I still have the right to express them, even if it puts me in the minority.

Thanks! I always come here for personal attacks from people who don’t even know me.

Perhaps you’ll learn to express your opinions more civilly and respectfully someday. That might be the first step toward the enlightenment you seek.

Nice to see that the IDIC thing is working so well for you. Your handle is very appropriate despite the poor spelling.

36 – I don’t think McDonald’s is a poor example of this. It’s a prime example that people will buy junk when it is marketed and packaged attractively and conveniently. The food itself is still lacking in nutrition.