Box Office Weekend Update: Star Trek Comes In Fifth (Again)

The estimates for the fifth weekend of the new Star Trek have it in fifth place with $8.4M in domestic sales and another $6M in overseas sales, which is notable because Star Trek was also in fifth place last weekend, even though three new movies opened up on Friday. Star Trek’s estimated global gross now stands at $334.8M. More details below.


Domestic Weekend Box Office
As expected the top spots for the weekend were taken up by Up, The Hangover, Land of the Lost, and Night at the Museum 2, with the only big surprise the poor 3rd place showing of  Land of the Lost ($19.5M). Another bit of a surprise is Star Trek coming in fifth with $8.4M, bringing its total domestic gross to $222.8M. In its fifth weekend Trek beat out the third weekend of Terminator Salvation ($8.2M), the second weekend of Drag Me to Hell ($7.3M) and the fourth weekend of Angels & Demons ($6.5M). [Box Office Mojo]

This weekend showed that Star Trek’s legs still have some stretching to do. Even though three new movies opened, this was is the second weekend in a row where Star Trek was in fifth place, and its 33.4% drop was the smallest since last weekend. Right now on a day to day basis, Star Trek is outperforming five out of the nine films that opened after it (Angels & Demons, Dance Flick, Terminator Salvation, Drag Me To Hell, and My Life In Ruins). 

International Weekend Box Office
Star Trek also came in fifth place in international sales in its fifth week with $6M, which includes a $1.1M debut in Mexico. This brings Star Trek’s total overseas sales to $112M. Even though it has not been faring well in domestic sales, Terminator 4 debuted in most international markets with strong sales this weekend and brought in $67.5M to be the top earner overseas. The rest of the top four were Night at the Museum 2, Angels & Demons and Up [THR ].

Combining its domestic and overseas weekend estimates, Star Trek is now estimated to have earned a total global gross of $334.8M. However, the strength of its international sales has already pushed Angels & Demons past Star Trek in total global gross to be the first movie of 2009 to pass $400M. It is possible that the other three big May movies that opened after Star Trek (Terminator 4, NATM2 and Up) could follow suit and end up with bigger global takes.  

Star Trek’s best international market (as expected) has been the UK with more than $30M. The UK is the only foreign market where (like the domestic market), Star Trek is outperforming both Angels & Demons and Wolverine. Although Star Trek has not performed as well as other recent Hollywood movies in other overseas territories, it is the best performing of the franchise. THR notes "Its foreign total is easily the biggest overseas tally of any of the “Star Trek” titles. The series’ top grosser previously was 1996’s “Star Trek: First Contact” with offshore box-office of $57.4 million" (Even after adjusting for inflation that is only $78M).

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Harry Ballz

This movie will cruise through the summer to higher profits!


Star Trek – The little starship movie that just keeps on a chugging along.

Harry Ballz

Hey, if they put the Shat in the sequel, they can call it….The Search For Shlock!


Saw it again today. Very fulfilling and decent crowd.


Boy, it makes one wonder what it is about Star Trek that just doesn’t work overseas. I don’t buy that it is more America-centric than other movies. Granted It will likely make 400 million by the end of its run, it would have been nice if the foreign markets has been as nice to it as they are to other hollywood summer movies. 500-600 million would have sounded nicer.

Mike Stivic

I think a good essay for a film or cultural studies course would be to explain what it is about Star Trek that makes it popular in the United States and Britain but not worldwide. Is there something in the dream of Star Trek that appeals to Americans especially that does not appeal to people around the world?

Indeed. Great film.

Also, Star Trek is ahead of Up after 10 days

Mr. "There are always possibilities"

I just ran into a neighbor who was going to see Star Trek with friends from work for the FIRST time. Although she considers herself a fan, she wasn’t going to go. However, she heard so many good things about it, now she’s psyched!

It seems that there are folks out there who want to see it who haven’t even done so yet. Maybe they were going to wait until it came out on DVD. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the strong box office numbers continue as word of mouth reaches those people and they decide to do the cinema.

Live long and prosper, and boldly go!


5 – Mark,

Lack of exposition I would say is the main factor. And there is something about science fiction that just doesn’t bond well with the 3rd world. I can say that because I was born in Brazil…


Come on people, lets go out and see it again and bring friends that wouldn’t normally go see a ST movie.



Sheesh. A topic that has nothing to do with Mr. Shatner and you still manage to insult him …


The Star Trek movie was released here in Hong Kong on the 4th. I went along, but had grave misgivings about this movie. After seeing it, my fears were confirmed. I will not go into all the things what left me shaking my head in disbelief. However, one I will mention is the relationship between Spock and Uhura. What’s up with this!!! and Spock kissing her on the transporter pad!!!! In short, I did not see Spock, his essence wasn’t there. Would Spock really say “fascinating” a chair automatic ly moving?!

A very disappointing movie. The worst since Generations. I will now go back to my prime timeline and read my books.


3: Harry, LOL!


#5 and #6 – I think Star Trek is very much still in the shadows in other countries (including mine, a 3rd world country) compared to other franchises, specifically Star Wars. Ask ordinary people and they are more likely to identify Star Wars references than Trek references because Star Wars is marketed heavily here. You can find Star Wars DVDs, toys, books, and other merchandise very easily, and that makes the franchise very accessible to everyone.

I don’t believe it’s a cultural thing, because there is a sizeable number of Trek and general science fiction fans around here, and I’m sure the dreams and goals portrayed in Trek are things that many people, even in other countries, aspire for.

On Trek’s opening weekend, Wolverine earned so much more because more people know X-Men than Trek… and also because Wolverine is in 41 more theaters than Trek. I think Marketing has a lot to do with it. Trek went on a world tour but didn’t pass any Southeast Asian countries. I think a stop in any of the SEA countries would’ve helped their cause in terms of box office numbers for this side of the world and also to spread the word about the franchise around here.

Also, as of this time, Trek is now on only very few theaters here as they’ve made way for other movies, but not for a lack of audiences because when I went to watch Trek again before the local movie change-over day, the theater was still packed.

These are just my observations for my country, I hope others can share their insights as well. :)

Thomas Jensen

This is a really entertaining move. I’m an original series fan. I was on the set of the original show. I love it. However, this is the movie I’ve been wanting to happen for many, many years. It’s worthy of the original series and the people who produced it.

Go see it. You’ll be entertained. It will be thrilling and it’s emotional for any original series fan.

Duncan MacLeod

13. Johnny.

Number 1. Spock was younger then and had not fully become the spock we know, he was still emotional.

Number 2. He wasn’t fascinated by the moving chair… but by the fact that the ship recognized him as SPOCK


Yes, agreed, when he was younger he had less control, and we saw this in “The Cage” But he would NOT openingly kiss a fellow crew member on the transporter pad! This was wrong.


Wow, this thread popped up as I was posting on the last box office thread, so I will briefly recap;

Saw it again today – third time for me, second for my partner who doesn’t usually go to movies more than once. Both of us enjoyed it as much this time as before ( I will say though that seeing it in a regular theatre rather than the IMAX was a little bit of a letdown. I was spoiled by the fantastically crisp IMAX image the first two times ).

I’m happy to support this film as many times as I can, as it was a terrific re-introduction of my favorite characters. Despite my initial reservations about changes made, I relaxed and allowed myself to be taken along for the ride. I do not have my panties in a knot over whether everything fits in with the established canon. I expected differences and I got them. I think the movie made it quite clear that this is an alternate timeline/universe/whatever, and cleverly divested itself of over 40 years of baggage. I’m happy to see a new iteration of my favorite crew set out on fresh adventures.

Don’t get me wrong, the Original Series will always be number one for me ( I am just three years older than TOS… so yes, I did see them on NBC), but I see this new film as a fresh start and a new chance to see these people in action. To me it’s no different than remakes and new interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Godzilla, Tarzan, King Kong, Batman, Superman, etc… some more successful than others. For me Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, and the rest will ALWAYS be Kirk, Spock, McCoy etc. ( and the original versions of NCC-1701 will always be the best ), but I wish nothing but continued success and accolades for the new crew and further films.


Another solid hold.

“Star Trek” should end up around $245-$250 million domestic.

Paramount has to be thrilled with these numbers. I think they would have been very happy with $150 million.

Fletch Gannon

This film has been a success beyond what I thought was possible and I’m glad that it’s getting the attention it deserves. The good word of mouth is getting the fence sitters to go and see it…and will do well until ‘Transformers’ comes out and takes some of the wind out of its sails.

Good work to everyone involved!

The Governator

Paramount really has some work to do internationally for the sequel. It seems the majority of the population outside of the US just doesn’t get Trek. Of course there are many fans outside the US, but as a whole, people just don’t get it. I just can’t figure it out. Makes me wonder if its just a lack of marketing or a lack of interest in Sc-Fi. If its the latter, then it really reflects poorly on people’s grasp of the imagination. Then again it could be other factors. Not trying to bash people from other countries, but I just don’t get it.

The Governator

Oh, and i guess a congrats is in order as far as domestic sales are concerned.


This is my opinion: Paramount made a “bad marketing” in Asia. :-(


Governator #22

An obvious way to get the attention of the international box office is to hire a major star.


”THR notes “Its foreign total is easily the biggest overseas tally of any of the “Star Trek” titles. The series’ top grosser previously was 1996’s “Star Trek: First Contact” with offshore box-office of $57.4 million” (Even after adjusting for inflation that is only $78M).”

THR overlooked TMP with its (inflation-adjusted) $150M+.

I work at a movie theatre in a rural place and Trek is still doing quite well. It should have in all technicality left our theatre last week because it was the oldest movie we had, but instead we scunched up angels and demons and terminator into one show of each so that trek could still have two shows a night. very impressive for our little 7-plex

David (Daxsin)

Bottom line, Paramount rushed with their international promos. They didn’t hit as many markets as they should have and that’s why it’s not doing as well as it could be. People see that its still “Star Trek” old school style. If all of the foreign markets had the promotions that the U.S. had, it would have done much better. I believe with time and as this Star Trek is released on DVD and Bluray people in all corners of the globe will see this film and really become excited for the next installment.
There are plenty of people in the world that will make the next film a smash in the foreign market.


#13 & #18-I feel very sad for you that you are so caught up in your own vison of the past. Heck, Spock smiled at a vibrating leaf, yet you think he’s out of control with Uhura? Hmmm…let me think…female Romulan Commander, Droxine, etc. He never ever paid attention to any females, did he? Kissed them, no, not usually. BUT, we only saw but a glimpse of young Spock in The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before. I have a hunch that part of the reason Spock moved towards logic had to do with dealings with women (not the most logical creations on Earth or elsewhere in the Trek universe).

Am I crazy about the Spock/Uhura thing? Nah….but it’s more of an annoyance (kind of like a fly buzzing in your ear). The Scotty/Uhura thing annoyed me that way in Trek 5 as well. It’s just part of the movie audience mentality for writers to throw a hint of romance in there somewhere, PLUS, it was there to create a bit more tension between Spock and Kirk. No biggy in my eyes and I’m betting the relationship goes bye-bye in sequel 2 or 3.

I watched Star Trek with a bewildered 100 Chinese in Shenzhen last week. But there was one old lady sitting behind me who knew *everything* about Star Trek. So maybe there’s hope… it was a well-populated screening. Afterwards, most seemed just confused though, LOL.


i took someone and they didn’t get it. they were confused by the time travel and didn’t know who any of the characters were


22. The Governator
As I mentioned in my comment, I really think Marketing is a factor. There is already a good market for all things sci-fi. The World Tour stopped in New Zealand which is a stone’s throw away from the Southeast Asian countries. If they visited here, it would’ve created a lot of hype. The Heroes World Tour passed by here during their 1st Season, and that did wonders for the show around here. :)

Pat D.

Paramount should be ecstatic after the grosses of the last 6 films. They should out TOm Hanks in the next one for the international box office.

Ryan H

They had a huge marketing task here to accomplish first. Next time around they can focus more on overseas.

Ryan H

#13 and #18 – Did you forget about Spock being half human? They have these things called emotions.

Harry Ballz

#33 “They should out Tom Hanks in the next one for the international box office”

Yup, outing Hanks should pack ’em in!

Horta's R' Us

I took the kids to see “UP” this weekend but bought tix to Trek for the same showtime and went into UP.
So if you have a theater that collects your tickets at the entrance instead of the movie itself, buy tickets to Trek all summer and then go see the other movie.
It may sound like cheating but screw it. Let’s show the world that trek has legs and make this the bona fide blockbuster that it deserves to be!


# 29

I never said that Spock never ever paid any attention to females. Of course he did! We learnt that when the spores affected him on Omicron Ceti III and his previous relationship(or lack of) with Leila Kalomi.

You wrote,
“Spock smiled at a vibrating leaf, yet you think he’s out of control with Uhura?”
Yes I do!!!! Kissing someone on the transporter pad is by far a greater display of emotion than smiling at a vibrating Leaf!! Particularly for a Vulcan!!


Saw it for the 7th time on Saturday.

I like this MOVIE !!!




Of course I didn’t forget.

#17 says: “He wasn’t fascinated by the moving chair… but by the fact that the ship recognized him as SPOCK”

And, no doubt, by the ship referring to him as “Ambassador.”



Why are you so upset with Spock kissing a girl?

The circumstances were intense and not a typical day.

Charles H. Root, III

@25. VOODOO – I agree!

Work in someone from Bollywood. Oh, let’s say John Abraham to play Spock. This will guarantee about a billion people going to the theater. :)

For Sulu. perhaps Takeshi Kaneshiro or someone skilled in martial arts from the Asian film industry.

If they do a remake with Khan, get a real Indian actor this time, for the love of God. I liked Ricardo Montalban, but he’s gone…. Get Gulshan Grover. He’s Bollywood’s go-to guy when you need a villian.

Unfortunately, Bad Robot is in their own little bubble, which is inside the beltway of that giant mystery box known as Hollywood. I know there will be shouts of “hater” but these guys just aren’t that good and are such a part of the system I doubt they would ever do anything so progressive.

I dare them to do better next time.

We all deserve it.


I loved the Star Trek 09 film so much that I decided to see it again, this time on an IMAX screen. To my horror, I found that the film had been edited! The Uhurah/Spock on the transporter screen had definitely been edited and was a shadow of its former self. There may have been other scenes changed as well. My husband and I saw both versions together and were astonished that this had happened.

I never see movies more than once while they are at the theater. Does this sort of thing happen much!

Harry Ballz


Oh, great….I’m reminded of Spaceballs when they say the movie is still being made AS we watch it! Not again!

I Am Morg Not Eymorg

22. The Governator:

It’s not a sci fi thing because Star Wars does very well globally. Maybe it’s a good sci fi thing. Heh, had to take the shot SW fans.



Went and saw it last night again, for the 11th time, and brought a friend who is somewhat of a Trekker and had not yet seen it, he loved it and said it was by far his favorite of all the Trek movies. Interestingly in this theatre there were very few seats left, nearly sold out, so we had to sit in the neck breakers:^( I can’t recall ever seeing a theatre to such capacity… after it has been out for 5 weeks!


13 & 18,
Aside from the fact that this is an even earlier Spock then we remember from The Cage, and we know the younger Spock did have occasions to show emotions, you might want to consider the fact that they were on the pad about to depart for a mission of which they might not return, meaning they might die. This might make one tend to act a little out of character…in essence possibly saying goodbye to her for the last time. Hello?


I saw it yesterday (sunday) again for the third time here in Germany, and I expected us to be the only people (it was the 4 p.m. show). But it turned out the showing was about 50% full, with more than 100 people attending.
The main problem here, from what I could observe, is the fact that it’s completely missing its target audience. There are virtually no young people in attendance. I’m 25, and I’m constantly among the youngest to see the movie (except families who bring their children). The movie plays to the audience of Illuminati, but its marketed towards the Fast and Furious crowd.
By the way, all reactions have been posiitive here so far as well, so maybe word of mouth just takes some time to kick in.


My heart is bursting. I’m contributing to this, mind you! I’m seeing it for the 8th time tomorrow!