Happy Birthday Karl Urban

He may not be a physicist, but he is now 37 years old. Today is Karl Urban’s birthday and so we here at TrekMovie wanted to wish him a happy birthday and you are out of your Vulcan mind if you didn’t think that he nailed the role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the new Star Trek. See below to find out all the latest on fellow Trek fan, Karl Urban. 


What’s up with Karl?
Here is a quick rundown on the latest for Karl Urban:

Karl will be the first Star Trek star to do a post-release convention, by appearing at Australia’s Supanova. He will be appearing at Sydney Supanova June 27 & 28, and also at Perth Supanova July 4 & 5. More details at supanova.com.au.

Karl will be one of the judges for 48Hours, New Zealand’s largest film competition. More info at the official site

Karl appears in the new documentary on swords, Reclaiming the Blade. You can see a trailer and order the movie online at the official site.

Karl has a number of post Star Trek films roles all ready.

  • In 2007 before shooting Star Trek, Karl completed work starring in the thriller Black Water Transit playing a homicide detective in New Orleans. The indie film already has some buzz, but has had trouble finding distribution, but may come out inearly 2010. More at official site.
  • Karl recently has been recently shooting And Soon The Darkness, a remake of a 70s thriller. Karl plays the villain persuing a couple of girls on a bike trip through Argentina.
  • Karl’s next project is Relentless, a film about four extreme sports athletes caught in the Amazon jungle,
  • Urban is also rumored to be in Hired Guns, a rotoscoped western.

Karl has a big gun in "Blackwater Transit"

Why we love Karl
As noted in the TrekMovie.com review and many others, Karl Urban’s McCoy was the closest thing to the original. As a fan of the show, Urban went out of his way to bring as much of the original Star Trek into his performance, while still making it his own. Here again is a clip of Karl as "Bones" meeting Kirk for the first time in Star Trek.

Live Long and Prosper Karl…and Happy Birthday!

Urban at the LA Premiere of "Star Trek"

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Happy bday Karl

Happy birthday Karl!

Bones – spot on!

can’t wait to see him at Sydney Supanova

Happy birthday, Karl!

Karl, have a very happy birthday! And I can’t wait for more news on the sequel!!!

Happy birthday, Karl “Bones” Urban!

Happy birthday — and live long and prosper.

Happy birthday!

I think DeForest Kelley would have definitely loved Karl Urban’s McCoy. He had the character done perfectly. Almost like he was channeling DeForest. Well done Karl! And Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday indeed, to a very fine actor and a quite wonderful Bones! I never would have believed it possible but I sat smiling and teared up, all at the same time, watching this talented guy portraying the fine Doctor. Remarkable. Thank you so much, Karl.

Have a Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!live long…………

Karl is a wonderful McCoy, can’t wait to see more of him in the next movie!

And many more. Cheers!

Ok, Star Trek is basically one incredible movie with tonnes of incredible scenes, but that one where we are first introduced to Bones is still the best.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Mr. Urban! Your portrayal of Dr. McCoy was one of the best features of the film. I’m sure it made Deforest Kelly smile. I hope you get more screen time to develop Bones more in the next film!

Great actor, great portrayal of McCoy, AND he can do the Vulcan hand salute correctly (vs. people who fold the thumb in)!! Ok, so I’m a dweeb. But Karl’s terrific — happy birthday!

It’s my b-day today too!

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch, Mr. Urban! Das war eine tolle Darstellung, und ich bin sicher, DeForest Kelley wuerde das auch so sehen. Auf viele weitere tolle Startrek-Filme mit Bones McCoy :)

Happy Birthday and Live Long & Prosper Karl. I can’t wait to see more of you in the sequel. QUESTION: Why’d you learn how to do the Vulcan salute when they are all “Green-blooded Hobgoblins”? Just curious…

#17–Happy birthday to you too.

Deforest Kelley and Karl are both Dr. Leonard McCoy.
This Charakter is not owned by them, they are owned by Leonard McCoy!

Happy birthday, Mr. Urban!

btw, Urban is also reportedly set to star in TRON 2.0, according to Star Trek Magazine movie souvenir issue. This has been a rumor for a while, and Urban said himself back in April that the rumor was not true, but the magazine (which also interviewed Urban) stated matter-of-factly that Urban was in TRON 2, so… who knows?

Happy Birthday doc!

How do you “which” someone a happy birthday? Don’t you guys proof read your articles before you post them??

BTW, Happy Birthday Karl!

Happy Birthday, Karl! YOU ARE A DOCTOR (and a great actor, too).

PS. Having recovered from learning your full first name, I hereby officially declare you “SCHOENSTER KARL-HEINZ DER WELT” ;)

Happy Birthday!

I remember some of the reactions when Karl was cast, and they weren’t great. Those people sure got egg on their faces. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday Karl “Bones” Urban

Live Long and Prosper!

can’t wait to see more interactions of him with Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine in the upcoming sequel

As said earlier… “wish”, not “which”

happy bday Karl! I loved your role as McCoy! I’m looking forward the next movie and hoping, there’s much more McCoy in it!


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Karl.

And #23, as my Dad always said. If you can correct someone, you know what they meant. :)

Urban got the biggest laugh at the showing of STAR TREK I caught, where Kirk asks McCoy, “Who was that guy?” during the Starfleet trial and McCoy states: “I don’t know… but I like him!”

Happy Birthday Mr. Urban! All my hopes to you.

I “which” him a happy birthday too (mean pointing out the typo in the article) *g*

But seriously, happy bday!!

Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Urban!!! we all love you as McCoy! and I WANT TO SEE YOU AS MCCOY FOR THE NEXT 40 YEARS TO COME :)

Trek is in good hands!


^yeah, we all which him a happy birthday :p… Karl… LLAP, dude! oh, we have a special thread for you going on the TrekBBS ;)

Of course my favorite performance is one of his first films starring none other than TOS vet Walter Koenig, in which Urban plays the lead “Captain”. Thank god he took a few acting classes since then. Enjoy him in The Privateers:




Happy Birthday to the #1 reason I bit the bullet and went to see the movie :)


I never thought my man Eomer would ever be able to become “Bones.”

Boy, was I wrong.

Happy Birthday!

You nailed Bones in this film! Thank you for being dedicated to the task at hand! I’m sure D Kelly would have been proud! Thank you so much!!!

Karl Urban was able to portray McCoy while making the character his own.

Good Job.

qoSraj botIvjaj (Happy Birthday)

Happy Birthday Karl

Happy Birthday Karl. He nailed Bones.

Dammit Jim! I’m another year closer to death

Happy Birthday Mr Urban AKA Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy’ – from us all in Britain.
Greg UK

Happy Birthday Karl Urban. I loved your performance as McCoy.

Happy Birthday, Karl. Your McCoy truly rivaled De Kelley’s performance!

Happy B’day!! Lookig foward to seeing you in the next movie!!

Gawd, I am totally gobsmacked, I’m the same age as Dr. McCoy!! In my mind, he was always a fatherly figure, but have I become that age myself? Have I ??!?!