Possible Dates For Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray Releases For Fall 2009

In April and May CBS and Paramount put out a total six DVD and Blu-ray sets, mostly around the release of the new Star Trek movie, but they are not done yet. There are a number of additional sets for the new Star Trek movie, TOS, and the TNG era movies on the way, and now the first indications of when we will get them are starting to hinted at.


A big Fall for Star Trek on DVD and Blu-ray
So far the only official announcement from CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment is that they will be releasing Seasons 2 & 3 of the remastered Star Trek The Original Series on Blu-ray, which are said to be "coming soon". However TrekMovie has already reported that there will also be a Star Trek The Next Generation movie box set on Blu-ray (like the TOS movie set released last month). Like with the TOS movies, the TNG set will include new special features and audio commentaries (more on that below). In addition it is expected that the home video release of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie will have three versions: standard widescreen DVD, special edition 2-disk DVD set, and special edition Blu-ray (probably 2-disk).

Our friend Bill Hunt at The Digital Bits is now reporting (in the ‘rumormill’) that TOS Season 2 will arrive September 22nd. The Bits is also reporting that the JJ Abrams Star Trek sets will come out "sometime in November or December" with the TNG movie set coming out at the same time. They are also reporting that the movies inside the recently released TOS era movie Blu ray box set will be released as individual Blu-ray films. However TVShowOnDVD is reporting that the JJ movie sets may actually come in October (possibly the 27th). A TrekMovie source has also said to expect those releases in October, but nothing is firm yet.

As we learn more, we will provide updates. Regardless 2009 is shaping up to be a huge year for Star Trek on DVD and Blu-ray.

TrekMovie’s Tony on the TNG set!
By the way I participated in some of the special features for the TNG Blu-ray set. I, along with Larry Nemecek and Jeff Bond, did a kind of video fan discussion of each film, which will appear on each of the movie disks. In addition, I recorded the audio commentary for Star Trek First Contact along with Damon Lindelof. Both were very fun experiences and I hope you all enjoy them.

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