Star Trek TOS Nominated For TCA Heritage Award + Lost, Fringe & BSG Nominated For Awards

The new Star Trek is just starting to pick up awards, but the original Star Trek isn’t done yet. The nominees for the 25th annual Television Critics Awards have been announced and the original series Star Trek was nominated for the ‘Heritage Award’. In addition some shows from Trek veterans are also nominated for TCA awards.


Star Trek nominated for Heritage Award
According to the TCA, the Heritage Award "recognizes a long-standing program that made a lasting cultural or social impact.” Although the TCA awards have been going for 25 years, the Heritage Award has only been given out in the last seven years. The previous winners are: “The Simpsons”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “60 Minutes”, “Nightline”, “The West Wing”, “The Sopranos”, and “The Wire”. Besides "Star Trek", this year’s nominees are “ER”, “M*A*S*H”, “Saturday Night Live”, and “The Shield”.

Trek vet shows also nominated
The TCA also nominated two shows from members of the new Star Trek ‘Supreme Court.’ "Fringe" (created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman) was nominated for Outstanding New Program of the Year. Also "Lost" (created by Abrams and Damon Lindelof) is nominated for Program of the Year, as is "Battlestar Galactica", co-created by TNG era Trek vet Ron Moore.

The Awards are selected by the association’s 200-plus member critics and journalists. The winners will be announced August 1st at The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa in Pasadena, California. Chelsea Handler, host of E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” will open the ceremony.

A complete list of nominees and more info can be found at


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I hope to god BSG wins as Lost has become abit dull (Especially this year, although the finale was outstanding)


TOS earns the award. MASH and SNL, too, but I prefer TOS, obviously :-)

I think Galactica should get the award as well. It was must see TV for me and althou I watched Lost it really didn’t get good this season until the last few epsiodes. IMO.

TOS deserves the award more than any other. Obviously MASH and SNL have had a cultural impact too, but speaking not as a fan, but just someone with common sense, Trek has really had a significant impact on society and its about time it gets an award for it.

tos has been around longer then the rest and most everyone that doesnt even like trek still knows about it long live trek

This honour should have been bestowed on TOS long ago! They were a talented cast and crew who did the best they could with the budgetary constraints they were forced to work with at the time……well done!

There are too many pointless awards given out these days. Does it really mean anything if Trek wins?

#7 I’d say it says more about the award if TOS doesn’t win.

Seriouslzy, virtually every ensemble cast, let alone SciFi show takes its cues from that show.

How can they offer a “heritage award” nomination to “The Shield?” And what is “The Wire?” Never heard of it.

Trek would best be in the company of MASH and SNL. The problem, of course, is that TOS lasted only three years. Nice to see “Buffy” made it.

TOS deserves this. It lasted only three years in its network run, but over forty years later, look at the impact its had on global culture.

SNL has run for nearly thirty-five years, and only God knows why, as it continues to suck more and more each year. Monty Python, an inspiration for it, by comparison had the good sense to move on to films and then call it quits while the fans still wanted more.

M*A*S*H was a great show in its early years but became more full of itself as the years wore on.

Neither of them have had the same cultural impact as TOS, which is the nominee that clearly deserves this award.

Wow! To be nominated in the same breath as *M*A*S*H*! What an honor!

I’d be happy with either choice.

TOS spoke to racism, war, etc…..It showed a multicultural cast working side by side. It was a positive outlook about man and many people went on because of it to seek out careers in science, medicine, NASA, tehnology, etc. What other canceled tv show can you name that has been popular for 42 years, sold the same 79 episodes multiple times on vhs/dvd, and then remastered and had it’s FX updated and sold again to the same audience, andf spawned motion pictures and it now re-imagined for yet another generation recasting the same characters and outselling other 09 films with fans and non-fans seeing the film 3 or more times? I’d say that you can be hard pressed to find anyone on this planet that hasn’t wactched it, caught some of it, or doesn’t know at least one catch phrase from it’s series!

#12 Amen to that!!! Looking at that picture of the original TOS members, I am just beginning to realise how much i miss seeing them, together!!!!


I have to say, part of me wants M*A*S*H to win. I love it almost as much as Star Trek. Gah I hate being divided.


“a long-standing program that made a lasting cultural or social impact”

gimme a break!

I agree! I am a long time fan of Buffy, Angel et al, but to deem Buffy having more of an impact on society than Trek is beyond comprehension!
How much science and modern technology did Buffy inspire?
Not to mention the many scientists, astronauts etc. who credit their inspiration and LIVES to Trek.
If Trek does not win this, it is a laughable and meaningless award.
The fact it has not been nominated or won in SEVEN years does not speak much for this award to begin with.

– “recognizes a long-standing program that made a lasting cultural or social impact.” –

Told ya…;-)

Star Trek was on for three seasons and was canceled 40 years ago… and has impacted the world’s collective cultural psyche almost since day one.

The other shows were on for long periods of time and had an effect on pop culture, for sure… but Trek is different. It is more fundamental and elemental.

Star Trek deserves this award. Period.

Reminds me of Metallica printing up the “Grammy winners” posters, then when Jethro Tull actually won that year, Metallica quickly had to get them changed to “Grammy Losers”

Star Trek SHOULD win, but MASH is equally valid, in fact in some ways more so in the US.

but with Trek riding high, it does seem like its time, so I hope it wins :)

as to 9 and “I’ve never heard of The Wire” I think you should check it out, its a brilliant piece of contemporary drama and has won multiple awards.

“recognizes a long-standing program that made a lasting cultural or social impact.”

Only Star Trek has added new vocab to Websters dictionary..
words like warp drive and phaser etc…

Buffy gave us nothing….

“recognizes a long-standing program that made a lasting cultural or social impact.”

Only Star Trek has added new vocab to Websters dictionary..
words like warp drive and phaser etc…

Buffy gave us nothing….

Hey, uh… Trekmovie Staff who wrote this:

Random question–where did you get the cast picture for this article? I’ve never seen that one before and I’d like to get it if possible.

21 & 22 – Must be summer repeats have started already. ;-)