DS9/ENT Trek Actors Talk ST09 On Video Game Show

This week the Jace Hall Show, a series mostly focused on video games on Sony’s Crackle Video Site, has a new episode which brings together a reunion of five Trek stars and guest actors from DS9 & Enterprise to talk about the new Star Trek movie, games and other stuff. Check it out below. 


The second season finale of the Jace Hall Show is about the upcoming "Duke Nukem: Forever" and features a dinner conversation with Star Trek TV alumni including, Armin Shimerman (Quark, Deep Space Nine), Max Grodénchik (Rom, Deep Space Nine), Connor Trinneer (Commander Charles ‘Trip’ Tucker III, Enterprise), Jeffrey Combs (Commander Shran, Enterprise – Weyoun, Deep Space Nine – Penk, Voyager), and Gary Graham who played Vulcan Ambassador Soval on Enterprise and Tanis on Voyager).

Here it is (note some ‘colorful metaphors’ are used):






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Isn’t DNF kind of…. yesterday’s news?

Umm, I didn’t watch much of this video. Why do so many people think they have to curse to get a point through. In the end, it’s just nasty dirty language, yuck.

Can’t afford Bill Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and Avery Brooks, eh?! Whoopi Goldberg was able to get some of those dudes together for a Star Trek DVD set! Avery Brooks wasn’t there since he was on DS9 but regardless, try to get Shatner and Stewart together to play Star Trek video games and compare notes! :D PEACE!

Markus McLaughlin
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Video seems to have vaporized.

The language!!!! Those “colorful metaphors” ruined it for me.

5. Yeah, but turning a planet into a bunch of Nazi stooges is A-OK, huh? ; )

What’s the deal? I see a short commercial and then…



this is awesome. They seem like hilarious to hangout with.


Colorful metaphors don’t bother me so much. I got a kick out of this, though it seemed kinda pointless.

they seem really bitter to me…..have any of them worked since their respective shows ended?!?….thank god for G4 I guess…I suppose they can host Spike TV, Trek marathons etc…..
and such colorful metaphors……

About the only thing that Duke Nuke’m has in common with Star Trek is that the fans both received a similar stereo type. And that was those weirdo’s are all virgins for life believing in that junk.

But look to whom they feel can and will solve many of todays problems.

Jeff Combs mustache fills me with envy! I want a Shranstache …

I’ve actually seen quite a few of these guys here and there recently, on Sci-Fi channel cheeseball friday night science fiction stuff, heard their voices in plenty of cartoons, but they get good gigs and guest spots on the top sci-fi series like The 4400 and Stargate, and stuff loaded with Trek vets like Leverage, so they’re hardly out of work.

But I imagine nothing’s quite like Trek.

I always wish DN:F came out. RIP Duke.

oh and btw I’ve got balls of steel

the video is not available anymore

The vid unfortunately only works in the U.S. so anyone outside would be getting the error.

I absolutely love this vid. Totally hilarious. XD Just wish everyone could see it!

I think its nice to get some of the people on screen that werent main players. Its also weird to hear trip minus the accent. And as for DNF, I think its a lost cause, just looking at the game play it already looks a year or two behind.

Oh, and #5, seriously? Its a video game video clip, we gamers take just as much pride in the horrible things we think up to say as we do in how well we actually play.

I guess this is funny if you are watching it in Jace’s living room?

Did more people view it on this site than anywhere else?

Any chance for a transcript? This video appears to be unavailable in my location. :(

#20 …or a few screencaps or something. I love these guys and want to see them :(

I’ve used a few colorful metaphors regarding “Star Trek” too…

Shame, I can’t see this video. Is another of those restricted Honalulu via the States vids again? Or might this be viewable elsewhere?

This was pretty funny.

Olivia Munn is incredibly hot.

What was this video about again?

nasty language?

good fu**ing grief people are sensitive to words

what was said in the video, anyway?

EEEKK! What a baggle of female airheads. Cursing is a sign of a weak vocabulary and man, did they hit the mark. Watched about 15 seconds, got ill and hit the stop switch. People like this need to grow up.

’nuff said!

They’re just words people…relax. They are no less qualified to use for self expression as any other word.

@26 Inference is a sign of ignorance. A “curse” word is no more “dumbed down” then something you’ll find on an SAT. A word is a word and there is absolutely no intelligence value placed on words that can’t be dismissed as something relegated to the opinion of the person judging them.

I “swear” up and down in conversations all the time. I also have a pretty thick repertoire of obscure or rarely used words.

Obviously this is just an opinion but I am willing to go out on a line and assume that virtually every genius in history has thrown out a slew of “naughty” words in their time as well. Words are tools and tools can be used in different ways. Obviously some of those words can be hurtful if used in the proper context but so can any number of other words that people do not find “distasteful”. It’s time to stop looking at the word and start looking at the context in which it is being used.

2 & 5 — Thanks for the warnings about the language. I won’t even bother to play the video.

LoL, I have an old PC Gamer magazine from 1997 with Duke Nuken Forever on the cover! And it was “supposed” to be out by Christmas that year. Let it die.

Does the camera man have Parkinson’s?

Everytime I see Soval on Enterprise, I think of Detective Matt Sikes from Alien Nation. :-P


What makes it a sign of weakness of vocabulary? Where do you make the leap from “foul” language to a lack of intelligence or maturity?

I mean, if we were to go ahead and play the vocabulary game, we could easily start by breaking down the word “assume”. Shall we?

#33 – “[W]e could easily start by breaking down the word ‘assume’.”

I saw that “Odd Couple” episode, too! ;-)

Gary Grahams’ comment on Christian Bale being well lit in T4 was hilarious.

R.I.P. Duke Nukem Forever

Really looks like a Doom 3 rip off in all honesty though.


I wish you would have gone a step further and not bothered posting a useless comment.

Your aversion to profanity seems to match my aversion to self-righteousness


Right with you there. Some people act like they want nothing to do with something, then go on to complain about it and the people who engage in it. Live and let live? Never!

So 26 and 29, keep fighting the good fight. Why pick your battles when you can fight them all?

not available

Calling somebody self righteous for being offended by aspects opposed to character and moral values is wrong. It’s kind of like saying “I want to be able to hear all of the &!@$% cursing I want to and if you don’t find it funny like I do, then you’re bad. Keep your talk of values and morality away from me though, because I find it offensive”. Am I the only one who sees a very self-centered double-standard with that way of thinking?

So 37 and 38: Live and let live.

37 – What’s your problem? We’re all entitled to comment here. If you don’t like mine, just skip them.

I am sure you are an expert in uselessness, based upon life experience.

40 – Sarah, thank you. It’s nice to see there are still some class acts on this site.

38 – Didn’t see your post before. And since I’ll choose not to use profanity, I will simply say that it does not take very large reproductive organs to hurl insults and invectives at people you don’t even know, via the internet and under assumed names.

Yes, I will pick my battles, but at least I’ve got the necessary equipment to participate in them like a grown man, and I don’t hide in cowardice behind pseudonymous handles.

I seem to feel a little sorry for these guys. I’ve loved Jeff Combs’ work since ReAnimator, I thought Connor Trinneer was the best thing about Enterprise (I actually thought he would have made a great McCoy in the new Star Trek till I saw Karl Urban). As talented as these guys are, their careers are just kinda drifting.

36, my thoughts exactly. This game is irrelevant.



So those that think like you are class acts and the rest of us are?

Double standards huh? Hypocrites.

Hey Brett, nice comeback. What are you a12 year old? Thanks for the laugh though. Peace.

45 – Intercourse you. Don’t start what you can’t finish decently. If you want to pick a fight, you’ll get one. You’re the one that started things; don’t forget it. You’re the one who acted like an adolescent to begin with. And that’s enough wasted time and energy on you.

Did you get a good amount of attention today, baby?

Glad to see you children think profanity is funny, I thought it was funny too, when I was twelve! I’m thinking you guys should shuck off your Trek footed jammies, put down your pahser water guns and get out of momma’s basement. I for one find it repulsive when someone cannot communicate without using a “colorful metafore” every other word. And guess what….I have a right to feel that way, and I shall continue to do so. These women sure show thier true colors with thier mouths, the word “skank” comes to mind. So, feel free to pick at this post, flame, insult and do whatever, I for one am going to sit back and laugh. Nighty, night kiddies……

video not workinh

Hahaha. Granted, I only watched the part with the ‘Trek veterans, but I still enjoyed it. And just my luck that those were some of my favourite recurring stars on DS9 and ENT! (Especially Combs and Graham… FREAK. IN’. AWESOME. But Trinneer was always great. 8D)

To all posters and friends at this site: I am sorry that two of the other posters’ comments brought out some of the worst in me yesterday. You should not have had to read such rancor.

I like to come to this site to communicate and share ideas with people with a common interest and to discuss debate, but not necessarily to argue and fight.

It would be great if we could learn to respect each others’ opinions more without tearing each other down or trying to prove that we are more clever than someone else or that our opinion counts more than others do. It is something that I will strive harder to do in the future — as well as try to learn to listen better and work harder to understand what someone else is saying, even if I don’t share the same opinion. Peace.