Exclusive Preview Of Playmates 2nd Wave Of Star Trek Movie Figures & Toys

Back in January TrekMovie was the fist to bring all the details of Playmates Toys first wave of figures and toys for the new Star Trek movie. Playmates second Star Trek wave of toys and figures is on its way this Summer and we have a first look at images and all the details.


Playmates Star Trek Wave 2 Preview
In April Playmates first wave of Star Trek toys had three sizes of action figures (3.75", 6" & 12"), role-play toys and a vehicle. For the second wave, Playmates is bringing additional figures in each size and an additional role play item. Playmates refers to this second wave as the ‘Fall wave’, but it will actually be spread into three to four ‘wavelets’ that start arriving in stores in July. Below we have the full breakdown of what is new in each line.

New Star Trek Galaxy Collection  (3.75") Figures
The 3.75" line is meant for play and as with the first wave of toys, these action figures will include bonus pieces to complete the Bridge and Engineering Playsets (the number in parenthesis following the action figure’s name is the playset piece which will be included with the toy). For the second wave Playmates completes the main crew in Enterprise uniform and is doing variants for some of the main crew released in wave 1, as well as new character figures and one of the ‘monsters'(which now have official names). 

Crew in Enterprise Uniforms

  • McCoy in Enterprise Uniform (B7)
  • Chekov in Enterprise Uniform (B15)

Galaxy Collection McCoy and Chekov in Enterprise Uniform

Crew variants

  • Kirk in Cadet Uniform (B16)  [not pictured]
  • Kirk in Space Uniform (T1)
  • Kirk if Off Duty Uniform (B3)
  • Spock in Academy Instructor Uniform (B8)
  • Sulu in Space Uniform (B18)

Galaxy Collection Kirk in off duty uniform and in Space Uniform

Galaxy Collection Spock in Academy Uniform and Sulu in Space Uniform

New character figures

  • General Ayel (B14)
  • Sarek (B6)

Galaxy Collection Ayel and Sarek

New alien/monster figures

  • Keenser (B5 and B12)
  • Drakoulias (B17) [Not pictured]

Galaxy Collection Keenser

The Keenser figure is sized proportionately to the rest of the line, but the Drakoulias is shrunk down.

The 11 new Galaxy Collection figures will be released in a series of three to four ‘wavelets’ starting in July, with the final figures coming by October. The Galaxy figures are priced around $7 each and will be available at Wal-mart, Target, Toys R Us, as well as other smaller retailers.

Special note on international Galaxy figures
For the first wave of Galaxy figures sold outside the US there were no Bridge & Transporter Accessories included, however the second wave will include the Bridge and Transporter Accessories. In addition most territories will also have Booster (Bonus) packs, which will include 5 bridge/transporter accessories with one 3.75 inch Star Trek figure in each booster pack, totaling 2 different packs. This will take care of the first shipment and make the Galaxy figures all complete with the Bridge & Transporter parts.

The Warp Collection (6")
A line meant for both play and display purposes, Wave 2 of the Star Trek 6" action figures features some incredibly diversity and some literally "cool" characters and aliens. Wave two also fills out the 6" crew in Enterprise Uniform (now leaving out only Uhura), and adds some more variants.

Crew in Enterprise Uniform

  • McCoy in Enterprise Uniform
  • Chekov in Enterprise Uniform

Warp Collection McCoy and Chekov in Cadet Uniform

Main crew variants

  • Kirk in Cadet Uniform  [not pictured]
  • Kirk in Space Uniform
  • Spock in Academy Instructor Uniform

Warp Collection Kirk in Space Uniform and Spock in Academy Uniform

New Monster figures

  • Drakoulias [formerly referred to as ‘polarilla’]
  • Hengrauggi  [formerly referred to as ‘lobster monster’]

Warp Collection Drakoulias

Warp Collection Hengrauggi

The monster figures are not sized to scale relative to the other figures but are bigger than the other 6" figures. The Warp Series Drakoulias should be sized to about the scale of the Galaxy series figures. The Hengrauggi also requires some assembly and has a special ‘tongue lashing’ feature.

The 7 new Warp Series figures will be split up between two or three ‘wavelets’ starting in July and finishing up by October. The Warp Series figures are priced around $10 each, and will be available at Wal-mart, Target, Toys R Us, as well as other smaller retailers.

New Command Series (12") Figures
The 12" line continues with both heroes and villains. This line features cloth uniforms and detailed accessories. At all retailers, there will be three new figures available. The Nero looks especially excellent.

  • Scotty in Enterprise Uniform
  • Uhura in Enterprise Uniform
  • Nero

Command Series Scotty and Uhura in Enterprise Outfit

Command Series Nero

Plus Toys R Us will get two exclusives:

  • Sulu in Enterprise Uniform
  • Pike in Enterprise Uniform

Command Series Sulu and Pike

The second wave completes all but one of the main crew for the Command Line (all in Enterprise Uniform). All five new 12" figures will arrive at retailers in a single wave in late June or July and will be priced around $30 each. The Command Series figures will be at Toys R Us, and in limited supply at other retailers.

Utility Belt Role Play Set
Playmates has an interesting new roleplay set with their interactive Star Trek Utility Belt, which includes a Starfleet phaser and communicator. The phaser and communicator are different than the ones issued in Wave 1 and interact with the Utility Belt. The Utility Belt provides missions from Starfleet and you need to need to use the communicator and phaser to interact with the Utility Belt to complete the missions. There are 8 interactive missions with multiple endings for repeat play. 

Playmates Star Trek roleplay utility belt set

The Star Trek utility belt set will cost between $25-$30 and will be available in July. The belt should be available at Toys R Us and other smaller retailers.

Wave 3 coming Spring 2010 (with some by the end of 2009)
And Playmates is not done with Star Trek yet. They are now working on plans for a third wave of Star Trek toys and figures targeted at Spring 2010. This wave will include at least one new vehicle, which is welcome as their are no vehicles in Wave 2. Also, according to Playmates some of these Wave 3 items could show up in November or December of 2009. 

Playmates seems very committed to Star Trek. When asked out the line is doing, Playmates Toys VP of marketing (and Trek fan) Paul Fish tells TrekMovie:

The Star Trek line is performing well, and will continue in all key accounts this fall and into 2010. Interestingly, the consumers’ scale of choice appears to be the 3.75”, although I personally have decorated my office with my faves from the 6”. I guess I am an outlier Trekkie, though, as I also quite liked (and continue to watch) the Enterprise TV series, so what do I know.

John’s Thoughts on what’s next from Playmates
Playmates Toys is certainly committed to Star Trek which is great to see as many films (even popular ones) get only one wave of toys from companies these days. However, Star Trek is getting not just two but many waves which will help make the wait between films a fun experience. Playmates deserves kudos for introducing secondary characters such as Keenser and General Ayel as well as the Drakoulias and Hengrauggi alien animal creatures to the line.

As for the future, it is hoped that Playmates Toys finishes out the two remaining Enterprise Uniform figures (6" Uhura and 12" Chekov) and continues with both variants of main characters (how about Pike in Wheel Chair? Kirk and Spock during their youth?) and secondary characters (Robau? Amanda? George Kirk?). In fact, there is an entire Kelvin wave of possibilities. It would be great if there could be a 12" Sarek or Ayel in the next waves, or Kirk and Spock in variant outfits (such as Spock in his snazzy Academy instructor uniform).

As for vehicles, hopes are we will see the USS Kelvin, Jellyfish, and the Narada and maybe Kirk’s Corvette and motorcycle scaled to the 3.75" line. And a helmet would be a great roleplay addition, as they are the rage with the kids these days (Iron Man and Clone Wars are examples). How about a helmet based on the drilling rig sequence featuring sound effects from the movie? One word of caution though, don’t make it look like this…


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I preferred TOS’s invisible velcro to the movie’s utility belt.

I agree..the utility belt is kind of lame….the action figures look pretty awesome though..wish I could find an actual bridge for them play on….plenty of transporter playsets out there though!
hope they make a full size lobster monster!!

I have seen every episode of Star Trek ever and I’m still scratching my head from what episode the “Spock” helmet came from.

What’s with the Ayel figure wearing a get-up that wouldn’t look out of place on Marty McFly?!

I figured Keenser would get his own figure. Hopefully next we get a USS Kelvin ship.

Some of the images are broken. Some cool upcoming toys for sure!

y Chekov didnt get a command series 12 inch toy cause Kirk, Spock. McCoy, Uhura, Sulu and Scotty have one?

I sure was looking forward to AMT type ship models. I haven’t glued my fingers together in quite awhile!

i hope they do the 6 inch uhura in enterprise uniform

You could save money on Keenser and make your own with a Brillo pad. ;-)

I thought the utility belt was a nice touch.. a nod to the original pilot.

I put high powered magnets in my AA Phaser. Works like a charm. Sometimes a little too well actually.

I think the smaller figures are kinda lame– Why, in this year of our lord 2009, can’t we seem to find a cheap process for manufacturing realistic action figures without having them soar into the Todd McFarlane pricing stratosphere? Perfect example of a good, regular-priced action figure: Remember when they came out with the super-realistic, rubbery Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie figures? I know they represented actors in full makeup and might not be practical with actual actors, but they were AWESOME!! I’d like to see something like that in the Star Trek line. The larger figures are pretty good, but could be better, especially considering the price. That Spock helmet is so shameless. Who licensed the Star Trek name for that, I wonder– pretty typical for that era, though. I agree on the utility belt– completely unnecessary. I’d love to see a Kelvin ship! Not “canon” but a really cool design. In fact, I’d like to see a miniature set of all the Fed ships we saw in the movie, though some were a bit cheesy.


I sure hope they get the other photos working. I’d like to see all the upcoming figures. Space suit Kirk looks cool!

You know, I think I might be very pleased to have a Keenser toy on my desk. Hmm.

not sure what was going on with the photos but some werent showing up in IE and Safar, but were showing up in Firefox. i think i fixed it, works for all three for me now from three different computers.

I wish Keenser & space Sulu were in the 6″ line.

The utility belt was WAAAAAYYYYY better than the velcro.

The Kelvin would sell really well I suspect. She was breathtaking in the movie, as was the Enterprise.

The movie has many possibilities, including perhaps some of the respective Shuttlecraft we’ve seen.

I have the Phaser and Communicator, but the Utility Belt would go great with my uniform (when it arrives, hopefully in time for Comic-Con).

#2 “I preferred TOS’s invisible velcro to the movie’s utility belt.”

You mean the “,agnatomic adhesion strips”?

Darn! Fat fingers… That should be “magnatomic adhesion strips”

Im curious Anthony, do you know if the Phaser will have the RIGHT sound effects this time? when i bought my phaser, the sound effects sounded MUCH different than the ones in the movie (or on the Iphone App for that matter)

I was really hoping for the Narada to be part of the 2nd wave. Oh well heres hoping that it will be part of the 3rd wave.

I’d like to see the shuttlecraft vehicle that comes w/ three figures: Capt. Pike in the pilot’s chair, and Kirk and Sulu in space-drop gear. The shuttlecraft could drop Kirk and Sulu that fall with a parachute.

Really loving the additions to the line! A nice, wide range of figures. I had really hoped we’d hear about a Narada or Jellyfish ship as those had both appeared in early listings. I definitely would love a shuttlecraft and some Kelvin crew. Not too worried about the lack of 6” Uhura or 12” Chekov as I’m sure we’ll see them in Wave 3.

The U.S.S. Kelvin would no doubt be a hot seller! maybe make a battle damaged variant , and a clean and pristine type .

That Keenser figure looks nifty keen , sir! ;)

#4: Agreed that the Spock helmet is the lamest Trek toy ever!

I’ve checked out all the toys and , personally, I was much more impressed with the Playmates “Let’s make every character ever seen in Star Trek” line back in the nineties. And I still love my TOS Romulan Bird of Prey from said era. I’m thrilled to see Keensar and the Delta Vega fauna just because all Star Trek licensees tend not to make any aliens. My suggestion to all toy manufacturers (Are you listening, Diamond Select?) is to make an Animated Series action figure line with all those really great guest aliens from Arex and M’Ress to the Dramians and the Phylosians. Too, all those people who lose sleep over Kirk dolls not looking like Bill Shatner could be easier appeased by making the action figure look like a very well drawn cartoon.

With the Playmate collection anyone can make their own stop action movie and create their own Star Trek episodes before STM 12 comes out. Will there be a Star Trek Reboot channel on You Tube. I feel many Trekkie’s will subscribe to that channel. Or will it be Trekkers?

That vintage STAR TREK Helmet looks like a football helmet crossed with a police car… plus a giant nipple.

i am not going to lie, i will buy the utility belt, but not anything else especially the stupid costumes

I’ve got a good question, and I have no idea who to ask except for the fans.

Regarding Keenser, what species is he? I know it’s not explicitly said, but he reminds me of a Reman. Could Keenser be a Reman, or just another species we’ll only see one time in Star trek?

For those who want to respond to this (or berate me for asking something stupid), just put “Re: Seattle Trek Fan” at the top of your posts. I’ll check this Sunday morning Seattle time. If people see a good answer, you can just ignore this post.

Just out of curiousity, is anyone else in Canada finding it impossible to find a 6″ Captain Pike? I have every other character in wave one (everyone minus the cadet variants) but cannot find Pike.

Oh, and really looking forward to the McCoy and Chekov (and eventually Uhura) in Enterprise uniforms.

As for secondary characters, bring on Robau!

Nice lipstick on McCoy!

In case anyone is interested, I have photos of the new Star Trek Keychains at my Groknard blog (click my name), including a new movie Enterprise that is in perfect scale with the Micro Machines!

The earliest episodes of TOS featured a utility belt-type thing that was worn on landing party duty and the like, but it was brown and resembled a tiny apron.

I really like the Keenser figure-his face and eyes look really real! However–i dont like the flat robot like groin areas showing the socket/joint-hehh they should all be wearing clothes over those areas-sheesh they look like robots-bite their shiny plastic asses haha!
oh gawd i cant wait to see what robot chicken does with all these trek figures-

I’m surprised the line is doing as well as they say. Every store I go into, it looks like the shelves are still completely packed.

Just like the crappy Indy 4 figures that no one ever bought.

I’d love a USS Kelvin ship, but not from Playmates.
I got the USS Enterprise and compared to Art Asylum and DST’s models, it’s woefully inadequate, in both construction and detail.

I hope DST can get around to making a better USS Enterprise and a USS Kelvin.

Narada has been shown on a bunch of online retailer’s preorders…no word on when that’s coming out?

I, too, am suprised there’s reports of good sales, since the line seems to be shelfwarming everywhere around here… I mean, I’m sure the die-hard collectors are getting them, but they don’t seem to be flying off shelves into kid’s karts the way much of the other action figures do.

I LOVE these toys! They’re exciting!


I think that the monsters are a particularly cool departure for Trek. Kids love monsters.

Kids, that’s it. That’s the ticket.


One word on the Space Helmet:

It’s cool that the manufacturer was careful to refer to it as a Space FUN Helmet. . We sure wouldn’t have wanted any astronauts to have put it on by mistake.


I am hoping the 3 3/4″ come out a bit more consistent in quality in wave 2. Glad to see Keenser, but really want a Robau and George Kirk. WIll probably buy the 6″ Polarilla to keep it to scale with the 3 3/4″ figures.

Where’s the Kelvin vehicle? Please? Oh- and I want James Cawley as Gary Mitchell (in my warped fanboy head, that’s who he’s playing). And the long faced alien from the bar. And Gaila!

Now we know what happened to Spock’s brain! It was stolen by the son of a policeman–the little ba**ard!

I want to buy a Keenser so that I can stomp on it.

The infamous “space fun” helmet was immortalized in the mother of all Star Wars parodies, “Hardware Wars”.

Also for the 3rd wave it would be nice to have a George Kirk, Captain Robau, and definitely the Kelvin.

Does the Keenser figure come with its own matches and kindling?