Star Trek (and Nominated For Portal Awards

Today Airlock Alpha (formerly SyFyPortal) announced the nominees for their annual ‘Portal Awards’, covering all aspects of the world of genre entertainment. The new Star Trek movie received a number of nominations, as did other aspects of Star Trek (including itself). Details on that below, plus another site has a profile of


Star Trek all over Portal Awards Nominees
The new Star Trek movie led the field for films with five nominations. The film itself was nominated for ‘Best Movie’, and Jacob Kogan (little Spock), Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana were all nominated for acting awards.

In the world of TV, Trek vet Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica lead the field with eleven nominations, including Best TV Series. Fringe, created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, has three nominations, while Abrams’ Lost has two nominations.

The Portal Awards also has a category for Best Website, and TrekMovie is nominated along with four other ‘franchise focused’ sites. Also for the web, Star Trek Phase II was nominated for Best Web Production, along with a number of studio produced projects.

There is also a special Gene Roddenberry Lifetime Achievement Award, and the nominees are director James Cameron and classic science fiction writer H.G. Wells, along with three Trek vets: Gene L. Coon, Matt Jefferies, and Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

The full list can be found at Voting begins June 25 online at  and each person is allowed to vote once per day for 30 days (through July 25). profile at Media Bistro
In other news about, last week profiled this site as part of its ‘Hey, How’d you become a success’ series. Unfortunately most of the article is only available as part of MediaBistro’s paid membership, as the site is geared for aspiring writers and journalists and the article is a ‘case study’ in how this site grew to be the leading site for its niche (Star Trek news). The article includes an interview with myself and was written by author, blogger (and Trek fan) Marty Beckerman, but is by no means worth the $55 annual fee just to read (and MediaBistro will not allow us to replicate it, sorry).

For a Trek related item that you can read for free online, check out Marty’s review of new novel "Shatnerquake".


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I hope that TM wins! This is a great site that offers more than just Trek. It really is a great community here.

This website is GOOD! I come here to read news all the time.

Germany loves

Go TM Go

Congrats, Anthony! :)

I hope your site will win it because truly and fully deserves the award for best website.

I certainly hope TrekMovie wins any and all awards it’s nominated for. AP & company, you guys deserve it! I’m very glad I stumbled across this site more than a year ago, and I hope it continues on for a long time to come. After CBS’ failure to realize the potential of having a thriving online Star Trek community (aka. the now failed, I’m glad that someone out there realized that Trek fans not only love to read new Trek/sci-fi news on a daily basis but they love to discuss it (exhaustively) as well.

Here’s to the continued success of TM!!

Congratulations TM.

Congratulations Anthony and thanks again for a great site! Good luck!!

Yes, congratulations and much thanks and good luck! Hope you win! You deserve it!

Congrats Anthony and Co.

hey Congradulations Anthony. You deserive this Nom and you deserve to win. If Trek Movie dos not win then we all here will strongly request a recount!!!!. Way to go Anthony.

The Terran Empire loves Trek Movie.! Anthony you have earned lifetime Immunity from the Agoniser Booth. Way to go.

Congrats Anthony you guys over here at Trekmovie deserve it for all your hard work, consider my vote cast for Trekmovie

This is the best Star Trek website there is, and has been, on the net for news and fan interaction for any sustainable length of time. It would be a crime not to win this award!

A nomination is already fantastic, its great recognition, but the win would be the cherry. I am sure everyone here agrees Anthony and the team go above and beyond to cover everything we want and more. Rest assured everyone who comments on this site appreciates all the hard work, time, and effort the staff has put in. I started visiting..oh wow.. two years ago already, to get more info on the 2009 star trek movie, and provided more than I thought I wanted. All the interviews and articles were more than I could have asked for. And that coverage will not stop since the next movie is already under way. Congrats everyone!


Hear, Hear Mr. Pascale, you deserve any accolades you get! I have visited this more than any in 10 years to get my Star Trek news. It reminded me of Starlog in the 70’s {Albeit they were a little slower!} Well Done!

Congrats to you and your team, Anthony. You all deserve it.

This site is FANTASTIC in quality, accuracy, ACTUAL research to ensure that accuracy, and scope of covering Trek in it’s many forms of media, toys and collectibles.
Hats off to the founders. (Of this site. Not the dominion. Boo on them.)
*Cheers Trekmovie!*

MIGHT I ADD that despite the fact that this site has grown incredibly popular, it continues to have that great inside-fansite touch/feel to it.
I just feel that it hasn’t sold out like some fan sites do. This is why I keep coming back!

Everyone vote for Majel Barrett Roddenberry!

Congratulations! Well deserved!

Good for you Anthony. The hardest working man in show biz.

This is a well-deserved nomination in every way. Anthony and the entire team, you do amazing work. This is favorite website of all time.

Everyone vote for Majel Barrett Roddenberry and! Everyday! They both are the best! has earned every accolade it can possibly get, big time.

Cograts, and here’s hoping!

Love this site and hope it wins! Congratulations, Anthony and company for the nomination!

You know, you really do seem to work quite hard on this site. I hope that you find satisfaction in the recognition that a nomination brings. And that you can experience the thrill of achievement winning the award would bring. Mostly I hope you are making some good bread on the site, though.

And don’t forget us little poeple. I would like to put 1 millionth share of the trophy on my mantle next to my clock.

Also I hope that you can make enough money to repel the Typonian scourge.

congrats to anthony and his great staff-you all rock and thank you guys for your hard work and artistry on the best site on the web-i have purchased thru ads on trek movie hoping that helps keep it going–and thanx to all the readers and posters as well-you all make this a great fan site for news and discussions-and humor as well-Kudos Anthony sir!

Not to be a Pied Piper, I’ll have to say to make it far I’ll have to see the other nominees before I’d vote.

So much for the P.C. mow lets get past the B.S. This site wins hands down. Even if for some reason TrekMovie loses do we want this to turn into another Iran.

I now those odds are slim to none though, can we start planning the post award winning parties.

Just in case they throw the vote, shall we super-glue Vulcan Ears on to all the corrupt vetoes

Congrats Anthony! As Spock Prime would say, “Good luck!” Your site in my mind, has supplanted most of the other Trek sites as a gathering place for the OL Trek community and an info clearinghouse. I hope you feel rewarded well beyond the paychecks…

I would be thrilled to see the Gene R. award renamed the Gene and Majel R Lifetime Achievement award by Portal, as a nod to the Great Bird and First Lady of Trek.


For any member that votes against Trek Movie they will get 1 full week in the Agoniser Booth.

Great news. Well deserved. Bravo.

Congratulations on the nomination. Who is the competition?

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS Trekmovie!

I,too,have left behind the other trek websites,because of their dyspeptic,negative POV’s,regarding JJ’s “newtrek”.

I’m an old,old fan; but I’m onboard for a new ride; & Trekmovie is the new train taking us on that new ride.