Exclusive: Gil Gerard Joins Cawley’s Buck Rogers Web Series + Star Trek Phase II Update

It has been a while since we have reported on news from Cawley Productions on their Star Trek Phase II and new Buck Rogers web series, but today we have exclusives for both. First up is breaking news that Gil Gerard is joining the Buck Rogers series. Plus we have a production update and exclusive images from Phase II’s "Kitumba"

Gil Gerard To Join Buck Rogers Web Series
Back in January we reported that James Cawley’s Production Company had cut a deal to produce a new Buck Rogers in the 25th Century web series, with Star Trek Phase II’s Bobby Rice as Buck. Now Executive Producer James Cawley tells TrekMovie that has scored another classic actor coup by bringing on Gil Gerard has joined the cast of the new Internet series.

Gerard played Capt. William "Buck" Rogers in the 1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century as well as the NBC TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century which ran from 1979 through1981. Bringing on classic actors has been a tradition for Cawley. His Star Trek Phase II series has included a host of original Star Trek luminaries in front and behind the camera, including TOS actors George Takei, Walter Koenig and writer D.C. Fontana.

Gerard recently visited Retro Films Studio, where he met with Bobby Rice, the new Buck. Gerard offered Rice advice and his best wishes during their meeting, essentially passing the torch to the new Buck Rogers.

Gerard and Rice, Buck Classic with the new Buck !

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the Internet series, is currently in pre-production. More information at BuckRogersBegins.com.

Phase II Update: Kitumba wraps
Star Trek Phase II wrapped production on the upcoming episode "Kitumba" over last weekend. The episode is based on a modified script form the original unproduced Star Trek Phase II project from the 70s. The original story would have been the first inside look at the Klingon Empire and Klingon homeworld. The original’s version of Klingon culture was much different than the one fleshed out during TNG and DS9, with the Empire run by a boy king, the ‘Kitumba.’ Cawley tells TrekMovie that their version of the story will show how the Klingons transition from the TOS style brutal style of Klingons to the more honor-focused TNG era Klingons.

Cawley as Kirk with Jonathan Zungree (L) as Chekov in "Kitumba";

"Kitumba" is the first episode where Phase II has done location shooting, which included redressing a local restaurant for a Klingon tavern and Fort Ticonderoga for for a palace on the Klingon homeworld, Kronos.

Cawley as James T. Kirk in Phase II’s "Kitumba"

"Kitumba" will also premiere new bridge consoles, which are now all LCD screens, including the 37" screens for the large overhead displays. According to Cawley, all the animations can be changed at the flip of a switch.

Charles Root as Scotty on the bridge with new LCD screens, in Phase II’s "Kitumba"

"Kitumba" will premiere online sometime in 2010. Phase II has quite a few episodes now in post-production. The current plan calls for "Blood and Fire Part 2" to come out later in the summer, followed by "The Child" by the end of the year. Then in the first half of 2010 Cawley says he hopes to release "Enemy: Starfleet," followed by "Kitumba" later in the year.

For more on the Star Trek Phase II fan series, visit startrekphase2.com.

Also Vic Mignogna has some great behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot of "Kitumba" at his Facebook page.

Michelle Specht as a Klingon in a BTS photo from "Kitumba"

More FanMade News coming
TrekMovie has been a bit distracted and has not been keeping updated as much as we should regarding all the Star Trek fan productions. In the coming weeks we will be providing updates on what is going on with all the big productions, and some small ones too.

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New buck needs a haircut

james cawley is the man

Nice long lens in that 2nd Kitumba screencap. Very cinematic. Along with the LCDs, it’s nice to see some modern sensibilities in Phase II.

I can’t believe I missed meeting Gil

About time Cawley had an update! The guy’s work is awesome, though, keep it up.

Interesting. There appears to be one “ridged” Klingon in the long shot… as well as the standard TOS swarthy looking Klingons. Look forward to seeing this!

Sounds like he’s got lots of things in the hopper. Hopefully the quality will continue!

Like Crawley’s dress uniform! I can picture Kirk from “Space Seed” quite easily seeing that.

Love these episodes; keep it up Phase II!

This is seriously good stuff. That, and the fact that a recast fan series proved ST can be recast, is a lot to be proud of.

Phase II has long fascinated me. It’s in my ‘what if’ column.

Just excellent news. Gil Gerard; hell yeah! Kitumba sounds aces, bring it on.

Now I can say, sincerely, “TREK LIVES.”

In Cawley we trust!

That’s gunna be Cawley’s Buck Rogers?

*SHUDDERS* That guy looks like the nerd at the local Blockbusters. Seriously all those fan made trek things where HORRIBLE..they even managed to rope in some of the original cast and its SHOCKING how bad they look/act with such bad direction. Now they’re gonna ruin the memory of Buck Rogers too, it was cheesey even back in the day so how much more with these fan boys at the controls. I dare not think..

Remember the fartagutt!!!

It’s always fun to see fans so passionate about Star Trek and putting in so much effort.
All these fanmade-productions should deserve as much attention as the Paramount material; there are real gems (of episodes and movies) out there.

Also, i think, it is a very good way for Paramount and writers to see how fans are developing storylines, what they like to see. After all, if people start rebuilding their garages and redressing the neighbourhood for a fan-production of something they love, then you can bet it is a b-i-g- thing.

I love Phase II! I wish it could be released more frequently!

James Cawley should part his hair on the other side…like Shatner did.

cannon skewing bastards. they never used lcd screen on tos

Canon skewing??? It’s about making a transition now from TOS to TMP from the end of Season 3 to the look and feel we saw in The Motion Picture.

It’s not exactly TOS and not exactly TMP… its somewhere in between

15 – So goddamn true. I love Cawley’s enthusiasm and the dedication to Trek is heartwarming, but really, Phase II, Of Gods & Men, all of it is really *REALLY* poor stuff, even for low budget, independent film.

So many people love it, which I’m fine with, but I can’t take a single of frame of it seriously or gauge it as anything of quality.

That second shot of Cawley reminds me of the “court scene” in the new movie… like “you will experience fear…”

21 I was sort of choked up by the Sulu story one. The acting is…homage

But, dang, Cawley IS the man forever for doing this. And he got a role in Star Trek out of it, and met all his living heroes, and on and on. Very self-actualized individual.

#15 As far as Buck goes… it’s not as you say ‘fanboy’ production.

From what has been said so far, here on TrekMovie a whole back:

Buck Rogers is an officially licensed product. To be written, directed and crewed by professionals and starring professionals.

Congrats to Mr. Cawley and his crew and their continued efforts. What I would give to work with such a crew!!!

I cannot wait to see “Blood and Fire’s” conclusion as well as future projects. I also have high hopes for the new “Buck Rogers'” series.

Incidentally and on a personal note, it is no secret I am pretty outspoken in here, and I hope Anthony doesn’t mind a self-plug. I have recently launched my own blog called ‘running2nowhere.’ I’d be honored if any of you would be kind enough to visit on occasion (with two posts thus far).

A lot of people talk about what theyd do but Cawley actually does it and more power to him.

So exciting! New Voyages/Phase II gets better with each episode. I just wish they could do the post production quicker! Keep up the good work Cawley and crew!

I have a sincere admiration for Mr. Cawley and the entire Phase II endeavour.

You don’t have to agree with his methods and approach or even enjoy his (and the entire cast and crews’) work. However we Trekkers should respect or at the very least acknowledge their dedication to Trek and their craft.

Even though I am more of a TNG-era fan, I’m quite envious of all the people involved with Phase II. They are pursuing their passion for Trek to the fullest.

Just gotta say that i love the new phase 2 enterprise


Keep up the great work, Mr, Cawley!!

Good luck to them!

One question (sorry if it’s been answered elsewhere): is the Buck Rogers show based on the Glen A Larson TV show incarnation or is it based on the original source Buck Rogers stories?

#31: Answer: Dom, it will NOT be based on the 1979 TV series. It is my understanding that they are going back to its origins, its roots… sounds cool to me.

How or if they update the concept to a 21st century audience remains to discussed… or at the least, put out in the press.

I REALLY am looking forward to it!

The glimpses of Kitumba we get in this report are awesome! I can’t wait for this episode… 2010, gee, such a long wait.
I love the idea that the transition of Klingons from sinister villains to honor-driven warriors is going to be explained. James Cawley has such a great knowledge, understanding and love of Trek, it’s amazing.

15, 21: You are free to consume JJ’s contentless glossy products instead.

I hope that the new Buck Rogers doesn’t have that annyoing robot from the ’79 series: “bee-dee-bee-dee-bee-dee….”

(Believe it or not, Mel Blanc of Bugs Bunny fame actually did the voice.)

I agree. Please no Twiki. In fact, I would hope it’s an entire new take on Buck Rogers and not a copy of the 70’s series.

Also, I don’t really care for the direction the Klingons went and I’m sorry to see Phase two trying to build a bridge between the old and the new. The whole role reversal of Klingons and Romulans, from TOS to TNG, is a real sore spot with me. I’ll have to pass on this particular entry I’m afraid.

I love what James Cawley has done! Loved his comment about how Paramount should treat the “Fan Based Films” The should treat it like the paperback books. This way Cawley Entertainment could carge a fee with Paramount getting part of the action.

We should all donate something to Cawley’s Star Trek project. Gift cards to Home Depoe, Walwart, or just use PayPal. Check their web site for details and great DVD covers that can be printed out.

We would all “live long and prospser” !!!

To James Cawley, cast & crew:

Despite what the trolls and haters say here, the VAST majority of Trek fans DO enjoy and appreciate your work. I look forward to seeing you at DragonCon this year!

Gil Gerard looks like Gene Roddenberry.

Just rewatched Catspaw – Chekov’s hair looks like a tribble.

James Cawley is a force of nature… Keep up the good work!

More will be forthcoming regarding Buck Rogers in the coming months as significant milestones are reached. James Cawley and his team are still in early pre-production stages. Much up-front business and script development is under way.

Quote from original press release {
Buck Rogers originally created in 1928 by Philip Francis Nowlan and then later serialized by John F Dille of the Dille Syndication Company has seen various incarnations of the character on television, movies, radio and in books. This will be the first live action series of Buck Rogers in nearly 30 years and the first web based series of the characters.

Executive Producer James Cawley will be bringing Buck back to his beginnings telling the story from the perspective of a 22 year old Buck Rogers who leaves World War One and is propelled into the 25th Century. “We will be using the technology we have today, to present The Original version of The First Sci-Fi Hero ever! Previous filmed incarnations never really captured the original Buck from the comic strips, which is what we aim to do” Franchise owner, writer and game designer, Flint Dille will be an Executive Producer and Consultant, and will be instrumental in keeping true to the Buck Rogers mythos. Charles Root & Gary Evans who have been instrumental in the success of “New Voyages” will also be serving as Co-Executive Producers for Retro Film studios.

Cawley says he plans to bring “every attention to detail and historical accuracy of the comics to the series”. Cawley best known for his Hugo nominated and massively popular web series New Voyages – Phase 2 based on Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry has already begun casting for roles in the new series. “We’ve got our Buck and some other key characters and are in talks with actors who have serious science fiction credentials to join the show”
} end original press release quote.

See our nascent website: http://www.buckrogersbegins.com

Big fan of New Voyages/Phase II here: I was wondering if you and Daren Dochtermann could redo Star Trek V just in time for the 20th Anniversary. The special effects on Phase II puts it to shame. Just wondering :)

Keep On Trekkin’!

Yes #35, that’s what ruined the show for me. Mr. Blanc’s voice was too recognizable for me. I kept seeing Yosemite Sam in my mind every time that stupid little robot talked (Although, Erin Gray looked exceptionally hot in her uniform!)

Wow, James that is some receding hairline!

Receding hairline, lol! I have more hair than I know what to do with. Most people usually accuse me of wearing a hair piece! lol……………..

Bobby, looks a bit out of iti n the photo, but it was taken late in the evening, and really fast! then when we were about to snap the picture Gil with his great sense of humor squeezed Bobby’s hand real tight and said “don’t F’ it up kid!” We all exploded with laughter! That is why Bobby’s expression is that way!
Fun Times.

Love the look of the new LCD screens on the bridge, it looks so realistic now, if only the original could have looked that good!

James, keep up the good work, and good luck! We’re all counting on you.

Cawley is forever the Fan’s Man, keep up the GREAT work, will always enjoy and look forward to your work!

Is the Buck Rodgers series going to be more like the first series with Gil Gerard, my personal favorite, or more like the classic serials & comics? I would love to see Gil somehow be able to reprise his take on the character. By the way – can’t wait for the new Phase II episodes – regardless of what anyone says love the hair & the new LCD screens.

This is going to be a Retro, yet very contemporary take on it. I think you will all enjoy it.