ST09 CelebWatch: Pine #2 Bachelor + Quinto’s New Role + Zoe’s Bday + Pegg Autobio + Urban Talks Fans + more

Star Trek continues raking in the dough at the box office, and the film’s stars continue to make the news. We have Chris Pine heating up People’s Top Bachelor list and the LA stage, Zachary Quinto taking on the current financial crisis, Karl Urbans talking about the fans, Simon Pegg penning an autubio, and much more. Plus, what ST09 star update would be complete without pictures of  Zoe attending a fashion event!

Pine goes ‘North’ + ranked among ‘hottest bachelors’
Chris Pine is #2 on People‘s Hottest Bachelor List. The new magazine goes on sale today and has People’s 45 ‘sexy guys we love’, with Chance Crawford topping the list. People has some hot bachelor features which include Chris, including his favorite hangout and a Love Connection game. Pine is quoted:

On my first day of shooting [Star Trek], I ended up breaking a stunt guy’s nose. A word of caution to any young actor out there: Do not hurt stuntmen, because they will pay you back in kind! The next take after that, this big stunt guy kicked me in the stomach. He said it wasn’t on purpose, but I don’t know.

In other Pine news, we never got to see James T. Kirk serve aboard the USS Farragut in the new Star Trek movie, but his alter ego, Chris Pine, is currently serving aboard a "Farragut" of a different nature. The actor is appearing in the play Farragut North which began at LA’s Geffen Playhouse this past Tuesday. previewed the show, reporting Pine received a lot of attention after the performance, earning loud cheers during his bow and chatting with excited fans at a private post-show event. Reportedly, however, Pine is not receiving a lot of money for his performance, considering the play a “labor of love.” In an interview with Backstage Pine notes that "I want a long career, and I want a
career made up of many and diverse roles." The OC Register also has an article on Pine in the play, and a photo gallery as well. For more information on the play and to purchase tickets, head on over to the Geffen Playhouse website.

Pine makes it on board the Farragut

Quinto producing a financial meltdown
Star Trek marked Zachary Quinto‘s (Spock) first major film work, and even though he is still on the small screen (currently shooting the next season of Heroes), he seems intent on making more movies. According to Jam! Showbiz, Quinto is hoping to start producing and starring in a new movie within the next several weeks. The movie, which will be shot in New York, will involve the world’s current financial crisis. According to Quinto:

I would play a sort of young financial analyst who comes from a rocket science background and applies that knowledge to the financial world. It’s a significantly different character than either Spock or (Heroes‘) Sylar. It has elements of Glengarry Glen Ross.

Urban going Supanova + talks meeting with fans
Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy) will be attending the Supanova Pop Culture Expo next week in Sydney, Australia. In an interview with ninemsn, Urban talked about his experience with greeting the fans:

I don’t think there is a body part I haven’t signed. Well no, actually there are a few, I take that back!

Urban also noted the overwhelmingly positive response to his portrayal of “Bones” in the new movie, and explained how Abrams trusted he and his castmates to develop the characters themselves, stating “There certainly was no mandate that we had to … closely adhere to what had gone before us.” If you live in Australia (or are visiting) and want to meet the new “Bones,” he will be at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney on June 27th & 28th and in Perth on July 4th & 5th. See for more info.

Urban was also spotted in Culver City last week attending the AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards honoring Michael Douglas.

Looking dapper, doc

Zoe’z B’Day + doing her thang for the CFDA!
Today (June 19th) is the birthday of the talented and lovely Zoe Saldana (Uhura), who is turning 31 years young! Happy Birthday Zoe! In other Zoe news, the always fashionable Zoe attended the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center this past Monday, looking as stunning as ever. We have an image for you below, but you can check out more at WireImage and Celebrity Snap.

Zoe looking amazing at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

Pegg interview + new autobiograpy
In an interview with California Chronicle, Simon Pegg talked about fitting in with the Hollywood crowd and becoming a father for the first time. Pegg says that his “Hollywood moment” came at the Iron Man premiere last year, when he walked over to actor Jeff Bridges to say goodbye. Bridges, who was talking with fellow actor Jon Voight, put his arm around Pegg, who describes the experience thusly:

Jon was telling some story about Midnight Cowboy, or some film he had been in, so I just stood there listening with Jeff’s arm around my shoulder, thinking, ‘How the devil did I get here?’

On becoming a father, Pegg had this to say:

I’m more nervous about work things than that. I’m prepared. We all miss sleeping but I don’t sleep that well anyway. I always wake up and then can’t get back to sleep.

Also Simon is writing an autobiograpy called "Out of Spaced" due out this October. More information on the publisher’s website

Hemsworth tries out “Project Natal” + appears on new poster
Speaking of Australia, Kirk’s daddy, Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, tried out the new Xbox Project Natal, the “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” for the Xbox 360. Hemsworth was captured on video testing out the nifty gaming device, which he found to be “more real” than Star Trek. Take a look:

It’s Daddy Kirk versus what appear to be a bunch of RED MATTER BALLS!! AAGH!!

In more Hemsworth news, you can check out the actor on the new poster for his upcoming film, A Perfect Getaway. The movie, a horror/thriller about a group of couples vacationing in Hawaii who discover that psychopaths are stalking and murdering tourists, is set for release in the US on August 14th. Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, Hemsworth is also starring in the remake of Red Dawn and will be playing the title character in Marvel Studios’ Thor.

The poster for A Perfect Getaway, featuring Chris Hemsworth (third row of faces, left).

Bana’s time-traveling trailer
Speaking of movies opening on August 14th, Eric Bana (Nero) will again be battling daddy Kirk, this time in separate movies. Bana’s next flick, the romantic drama The Time Traveler’s Wife, opens that same day, and the film’s trailer is now online. You can check that out below.

Eric Bana playing a character lost in time. Why does this sound so familiar?

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Good for them.


ok let me start this out by saying this….sigh…….HAPPY B-DAY ZOE!!!!!

Project Natal = Holodeck…Here we come!

Happy birthday, miss Saldana!

I’ll be interested to see where this new ‘crew’ is say, seven or eight years from now. My guess? Most will be very, very popular and successful in movies or television, and will have long since left Star Trek behind. Since ‘my’ crew is the classic crew, I really have no vested interest either way….

Any thoughts?

Zoe…that’s a little risque, eh?

Wow, Zoe has my bday! neato! lol

I’m not usually into romantic dramas, but “The Time Traveler’s Wife” looks interesting, mainly because of the sci-fi element to it, I guess. I might go and see it.

God bless!

“currently shooting the next season of Heroes” thats spoiled that then : )


No way. One, maybe two MIGHT make it big. So big they could say im done with Trek and kinda ruin it for some of us. But that doesnt mean it will happen. Scotty Sulu Uhura Chekov will likely not get much bigger, maybe Zoe. But Kirk and Spock you can worry about. Urban has peaked loves trek and will probably do 20 movies if they made them. Same for most above.

I could see Pine or Quinto not wanting to do more then 3. That would suck. If I had to pick just one, it would be Pine.

Lets hope they stay and do AT LEAST 6 :) Hey, even if they make the movies `10 or 20 years apart, they should all come back for more like the original series crew did with movies at some time or another.

Well see.

If Zoe got an hotter she would be a Supper Nova. Wow. Pine you are a good man and a great actor. Karl urban looks so much like De Kelley. almost erie but so kool. He is the Perfect man to play Mccoy other then De. Kelley. Quintoes Star is realy rising. Oh and did i say nthat Zoe was supper hot. i meant that she is SUPPER HOT. Hailing frequencys open please.

Happy Birthday to the Beautifull and Sexy and Talented Zoe.

You are such a kid! And I am such a dirty old man of nearly 47.

Best of days, Zoe!

Congrats to everyone else on your projects. I’ll try to check ’em out. Chris Pine: read Shat’s latest book if you’re wondering how to get everything done that you dream of. You’ll be entertained — exhausted, but entertained.

Chris Hemsworth would have made a better James T. Kirk than that Chris Pine punk. Nobody was thinking when they cast Pine as Kirk.

Happy B-day, Zoe! I hope you and Bob have a fun day together! : D

#14—“Chris Hemsworth would have made a better James T. Kirk than that Chris Pine punk. Nobody was thinking when they cast Pine as Kirk.”

The general reaction to his performance in the film would seem to indicate otherwise.

It would appear that most people, established fans of Star Trek or otherwise, were quite impressed with Pine’s portrayal of Jim Kirk. Pine’s failure to meet with the expectations of “The Purolator” hardly equates to a lack of thinking on the part of April Webster and the rest of the casting department. But Hemsworth did play a good Kirk—George Kirk, that is…

And what exactly about Chris Pine leads you to refer to him as a “punk”?

I certainly see no evidence that he is either a young homosexual partner to an older man, or a member of a rebellious counterculture group.

I do think Chris Hemsworth would’ve made a better James T. Kirk than Chris Pine. No knock on Pine.

jeebus every new photo of Zoe validates her hotness even more

Hemsworth would have been every bit as good as Pine, no doubt. But he may have offered a wee bit more maturity than this particular phase of Kirk’s life demanded. An interesting “what if” for sure.

Feliz cumpleaños, Zoe!

Damn, she looks awesome.

That Nero movie looks good too. At least this time we see his wife. ;)

WOW!!! Zoe you are BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

Happy Birthday Zoe!!

I LOVE you! <3 <3 <3

Ms. Saldana & Mr. Urban continue to demonstrate that THEY at least – of all the folks in and around the new Trek – know how to acquire reasonably well-fitted outfits.

Happy birthday to Zoe Saldana!

oh god, I am SO looking forward to The Time Traveler’s Wife. That is a great example of a brilliant, interesting, unique take on time travel, which science fiction can always use more of. Love it.

Ahem ::tugcollar::… nice dress.

In 7 or 8 years? Probably still doing Trek movies. It’s like at the time of filming the second or third Spiderman movie when gossip mongers had it that Toby McGuire was getting tired of the franchise and would be replaced by Jake Gyllenhall- it never came to fruition. I doubt Trek will be any different and you’ll probably hear around the second or third sequel that Pine or Quinto are “ready to move on.” Once again, doesn’t mean it is gonna happen but those are the only guys you really have to watch out for.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Saldana. If you don’t mind a fella’s saying so, you are a stunningly beautiful woman.

Great articles! The Simon Pegg article was fantastic. He is my favourite of the new Star Trek crew.I like the fact he is so humble even with all of his success in Hollywood. on the Good luck to him and his wife on the upcoming bith of their child. I am taking my nieces and nephews to see Ice Age 3 when it comes out in the UK. I love the book the Time Travelers Wife and will be seing this movie at the cinema as well. Eric Bana is so handsome.

#14 i guess you didnt get enough attention as a child. it’s sad that you have to lash out like that. it’s practically comical. all the actors did a good job, especially clifton collins jr (ayel came off pretty creepy). but really, at this point in time, its cool to point out what you didnt like about the movie. but stop acting like a 3 year old. calling pine a “punk”…it’s just pretty lame.

Oh, and with the upcoming project natal and mass effect 2, and star trek online, microsoft keeps on giving me more reasons to love my xbox360

I’m picturing the pure comedy of Simon Pegg nervously looking for a way to escape and as Jeff Bridges holds onto him like a pet chihuahua. I belive the two were in “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” although I haven’t been able to see that film yet.

It is real good and nice that the movie stars are getting plenty of jobs, the only negative part could be will they be available for sequel parts? Or is the rumor true that they signed multi movie contracts.

And I got a free magazine today in the mail, the main topic was THE 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA, and J.J. Abrams was ranked #14. Talks about his first project in 1984 just after High School upto the current block buster movie, and if you can not guess what that is why are you here at this Website? To bad it only filled one page of four columns.

I was going to feed the Trash Can but flipped through it first and the article sought my eye.

33 – I think I read somewhere that they all signed contracts for three Trek films. I am sure another poster will correct me if I am mistaken.

Speaking just from history (and not specific knowledge of this individual project) a major studio is not likely to have greenlit a “franchise” project this large WITHOUT having the principals signed to a multi-picture deal.

Was there something in Urban’s pocket, or was he just happy to have his picture taken? I’m sorry, that was bad. But really, what did he have in his pocket?

I think all of the actors did a great job, but I was the most impressed with Chris Hemsworth. A perfect performance – he made that scene so effective, so believable. He will have a very bright future.

Does Zoe ever take a bad picture? She is so photogenic, I’m jealous.

Yikes! Sorry about all the typos in my last post. Sometimes my brain works faster than my fingers.

I enjoyed the performances of the minor characters as wellas the major cast. Chris Hemsworth and Clifton Collins were my favourites. Karl just nailed Dr. McCoy.

I guess I have a soft spot for Scotty. I moved to Scotland about a month ago to start my new job. I have fallen in love with my new home and plan to become a citizen. My husband is for Northren Ireland has dual UK/US citizenship.

I hope this cast does at least two more movies. Star Trek is back!

Happy 31st Birthday Zoe!

There’s a Trek precedent for “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. Remember the DS9 episode “The Visitor” where Captain Sisko disappears and reappears throughout Jake’s life?

Same concept, beautifully done.

Xbox natal looks sick nasty

Go Shorty, it’s your birthday ….we gonna party like ….

(sorry – couldn’t’ resist)

TTW trailer looks kinda lame. Hopefully the movie plays up the sci-fi/time travel aspect more than the romantic plot line. TTW book by Niffenegger, is highly recommended.

AWESOME!!! June 19th is my birthday too! Happy Birthday Zoe, to us!