The Collective: Diamond Select Star Trek Toys Fall Update

A week ago we previewed the fall wave of Star Trek movie from Playmates, but Diamond Select Toys is still coming up with new Star Trek figures and toys as well. Today we have the latest news from DST with some newly announced figures, some confirmed delivery dates and more.


New figures coming to TRU
Toys R Us is getting another DST exclusive in the form of a Kang action figure. Available now for preorder $13.99 is an exclusive 7" action figure of Kang as he appeared in "Day of the Dove" which will be available in October.

Kang attacking TRU in October

[pre-order Kang at for $13.99]

Also in October, Toys R Us will have re-issues of Diamond Select Mirror Kirk and Mirror Spock 7" figures, featuring the characters in their alternative universe costumes. These are also $13.99 and available for pre-order at the ToysRUs site:

Kirk and Spock coming to the Mirror Toys R Us stores

[Pre-order Mirror Kirk for $13.99 & Mirror Spock: $13.99]

"WNMHGB" Sulu shipping
The Blu-ray Star Trek Season One sets included an offer for a free Hikaru Sulu (from "Where No Man Has Gone Before") action figure from DST (by sending in a certificate and $7.50 for shipping and handling). According to DST, the figures are ready to ship and fans who placed their orders early should start getting the items soon. Sulu comes with a phaser and communicator. The sculpt is very nice, showing a very young Sulu in a detailed paint scheme. The uniform, scene only in The Cage/Menagerie and WNMHGB episodes joins the already available Kirk and Spock in such outfits. The offer is valid until January 2010, so be sure to send in your certificates.

"WNMHGB" Sulu Blu-ray offer shipping

Wrath of Khan communicator coming X-Mas season
TrekMovie has also confirmed that the previously announced Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Communicator role playing toy and the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 B ship toy are scheduled to begin shipping during the holiday season for 2009.

TWOK communicator coming by the end of 2009

Enterprise B coming by the end of 2009

Borg wave de-assimilated
Diamond Select Toys giveth and they taketh away. DST have confirmed with TrekMovie that their previously announced wave of Borg figures, including 7 of 9, have all been cancelled, due to lack of pre-orders relative to the cost of the figures (and more specifically the alcoves). DST is rethinking the line and may end up re-assimilating the Borg into their offerings in the future

Pre-ordering these figures was futile

Enterprise D ships have arrived – review tomorrow
Finally the USS Enterprise D ships (both regular and "All Good Things" variant) have arrived. Tomorrow TrekMovie will reviews of both of these highly anticipated items. We will have high res pictures and video, but here is a quick preview.

Enterprise Ds



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woo-hoo!!! I’m the first! The Enterprise D models are absolutely beautiful! oh, and btw, the new Star Trek movie is utterly BRILLIANT. JJ Abrams and company have saved the franchise. I am eternally grateful to them for delivering such a fine film.

Man….so many toys, so little cash!

Aww. I was hoping for a better reason for the lack of Borg stuff, other than lack of pre-orders.
Something like, oh, i dunno, “the Borg were wiped out in Star Trek: Destiny, so why carry a line of action figures for a species that no longer exists?”

Something like that.

Oh, and ^ Spoiler. :)

That was in the books. No one reads those

I want those Ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Enterprise D is beautiful!

anyone else think the slope of the section where the enginerring section and saucer meet is a little funky on those Ds? could be the angle of the picture or the fact that they needed to make that a little more sturdy because of the saucer sep action (awesome, btw, that we finally get that on an enterprise d toy!)

Yes! I shall buy a Klingon yet!
(they cacled my other Klingons…)

#8 The very first Enterprise D toy, (a die cast replica made by Galoob in 1988) could do the saucer sep.

What is it about William Shatner’s Kirk’s features that makes him so difficult to get an adequate resemblance on any of these figures?

I guess I’d have the same comments for Nichelle Nichols too. And while we’re at it, Chris Pine’s figure doesn’t look that much like him either… yeesh.

oh… but wow! great likeness of Michael Ansara’s Kang! It’s right on the money!

In a matter of a week or two my Enterprise – D will be arriving from NFC ! She sure is a beauty !

Man that Kang figure looks sweet! I may have to consider that one! We need more Klingons!

I think the kang is very good, still don’t like the ENTERPRISE-D.. never did, looks like it’s been stepped on.
TWK Comunicator will be a nice addition to the collection, now we need one from ‘The CAGE’.. none of this Abrams rubbish… keep it Prime.

Are the Sulu figures available for orders outside the U.S.?

I want the entire set of the Terran Empire Crew and i want the terran Empire Enterprise. Thats the Kool stuff for me. Long live the Terran Empire!!!!!

The Enterprise B and the Excelsior are the two ugliest Starfleet ships in all of Trek. I can’t stand that class of ship.

I’ve got both of the Ds…and let me tell you….they’re pretty sweet.

You can have just the lights going, or listen to the sound and voice effects. The saucer sep is cool, and then magnet is powerful. Definitely worth the wait on those things.

Kind of mad about those Borg drones being cancelled again.

Those 7of9s are HOT. Guess I should have pre-ordered. Might’ve saved the line. Well… probably not.

I wonder why the WNMGB Sulu does not come with a WNMHGB communicator instead of the regular one?

The item I’m looking forward to is the three two-packs bringing us Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, and Uhura. Now I’ll just have to scour message boards and eBay for Chekov.


I agree, at first glance it does look a little too rounded or droopy. I’m sure John will give us a detailed look from every angle!

Diamond Select how about a two-pack of 7 of 9 and a full Borg 7 of 9?
And a two- pack of the Borg Queen and Picard as Locutus of Borg?

Kang looks dead on! I’ll get that one. Too bad about the Borg collection, especially the 7 of 9 Borg and the Seven human figure. They were on my list…

I’d love to see figures made of Kirk and Spock in the spacesuits from ST: TMP!

I’m sure the WOK communicator will be nice, but I just never liked that design. Not sure I’ll get it. As someone else here mentioned, the communicator from “The Cage” would be awesome. I doubt though their would be enough interest to warrant it, or a DST Pike’s Laser. :(

Kudos to the team that brought us the Medical Tricorder! I’m loving mine. Can’t wait till the Science Tricorder ships.

8, 22. Don’t beat the D down just yet, I got mine Yesterday and I 100% satisfied with it. Wait for review…

Take all “confirmed delivery dates” from DST as meaning within the next 2-3 years, possibly. Classic Tricorder anyone?

However, the new offerings do look nice.

Definitely need a Kang, but I sure would like the Tricorder my local comic shop has had on order for me since December.

Saw the D in person- excellent model. You could damn near film it as a miniature for a movie. Wish Playmates had put that detail into the Alt-E. I wish Playmates had put half that detail into the Alt-E. In good Playmates news though, the 3 3/4″ figs at Wal-Mart were marked down to $4.95, cheap enough for me to buy a Scotty, switch out his head with a GI Joe Gung Ho, and now I have Redshirt “Cupcake.”

Extra points to those who turned the toy discussion into praise or hate for the new film!

We have no devil, Kirk….

I got my big D a few weeks ago and it is spectacular. The only downfall is the fact that the saucer is waaay to heavy for it to sit on a single stand. They sent two, one for the saucer and one for the stardrive section. Standing separately they are awesome. I haven’t had too much time lately to try and get them on both stands while the D is together without it looking gimpy. But, the paint, the lights and the sep is utterly delicious. I can’t wait for AGT variant. I love that ship!

I’m not a big fan of the Ent-B, but I love the standard Excelsior class. Will they be making a NX-2000 or NCC-2000?


In your review of the 1701-D, hope you can find out from DST why the windows are missing from the neck of the toy ship (they are not missing on the neck of the AGT version).


One thing that always bugged me about the alternate future Enterprise from “All good things..” was the fact that the third nacelle sits directly in front of the emitter of the impulse engine. Um.. wouldn’t the power significant enough to propel a starship at sublight speeds also blow the nacelle right off its supports? Just askin’..

#26! i feel your pain.
I’ve been waiting on my Science Tricorder for what seems like years. TRU’s site says it is shipping on 6/27. Anyone know if there is any truth in this?

It’ll be interesting to see if a plastic toy can imitate the TWOK communicator’s actual metal appearance.

20, 29, 31. How dare you! You’re criticizing the almighty AA! Everything they make is perfect. Do you want to be banned?

Re: #6 “I want those D’s”

Are you referring to the Enterprise model or the Seven of Nine figure?

And Kang rules!

“OUT! I need no urging to hate humans! But for now, only a fool fights in a burninig house!

Nothing like “Double D’s”

And that TWOK communicator sure was butt ugly.

Re: “The Cage” communicator. That thing looked so damn fragile. You ever notice how gingerly Pike opens the thing, like it’s going to come apart in his hands?

At the risk of outraging people, I sent three messages to AA customer service about possibly getting my tricorder replaced (it was actually pretty beaten up upon arrival) and I still haven’t heard anything back from them.

It makes me pretty leary of ever ordering from them again. And I am one of their biggest proponents.

29, Mine sits on a single stand just fine. I did notice though that the ball and socket on the stand is extremely tight.

#20. John Gill –

Since WNMHGB was a transitional episode, the figurines come withe the last issued field equipment prior to the uniform change. ;-) He’s also got the wrong Delta-shield design, it should be the reversed question mark “support” symbol, which is reversed on uniform color with the “sciences” symbol from The Cage and the rest of the series.

Perhaps this is Alternate Reality Sulu wearing the uniforms and weapons used by Starfleet between the Kelvin and the Enterprise. That seems to be a popular way to explain most discrepancies these days …

Glad to see they’re doing an Excelsior class, for some reason those ships just look so graceful and regal. That said the only way i can reliably get one is through, hope they’re not too expensive.

DST let it slip by with the neck windows absent on the NCC-1701-D. The AGT D oddly enough has the correct neck details. DST has refused and or is unwilling to comment on this debacle.

43–yep, I’ve always thought the Excelsior/B design was very cool. I’ve got one very old Excelsior model a friend built for me, and an Enterprise B. Perhaps if JJ & Co. do enough sequels, we might one day get to see a new take on that ship design as well.

I’ve noticed it’s a rare thing to get the likenesses right in most action figures. I do think that’s a pretty good young George Takei likeness though….

Wow – Kang looks wicked, I’ve gotta get him! XD

I was just talking about ol’ Kang a few threads ago – I think I was on some tangent concerning my fave TOS baddies.

Now if I could only find an awesome Gary Mitchell action figure – I love that episode, :)

– 24thCRS!

I’m all over that Kang figure. Looks great!

I picked up the Diamond Select Enterprise-D today. I oped for the AGT version as I always liked that design and I could not be happier with the finished product. The ship is BIG, the magnets holding the primary and secondary hull together are really strong – no risk of the two pieces coming apart, the lights and sound effects are very nice, and the detailing is beautiful. About my only minor gripe is that the model feels slightly wobbly on the display stand (they should have made a heavier stand with maybe two contact points) though it still seems stable enough to display.

Great effort by DST on this one, it really puts the Playmates toys to shame and I’m looking forward to seeing more of their ships in the near future. Come on DST, give us a Reliant!


That head sculpt was amazing!!!!


Nice to see Kang! Took em long enough, since theyve had the TOS Klingon body since they released their exceptional version of Kor, years ago. I don’t remember Kang having bangs though. But still cool. Lots of TOS goodness, great time to be a collector and fan!