Exclusive First Look At Inside 2010 Star Trek Ships Of The Line Calendar

2010 will mark the 10th year for the popular Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar series. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at four months from the new wall calendar, including the first ever look at the USS Aventine.


New blood for the ships of the line
Like previous SOTL calendars, 2010 will have 12 month layouts and a centerfold. For their 10th year Pocket Books brings back many of the talented artists who have provided images of Star Trek ships in previous years. These would be: Daren Dochterman, Koji Kuramura, Michael Stetson, John Tesca, Max Rem, John Han, Mark Rademaker, and Andrew Probert, all being wrangled by Trek vet Doug Drexler, who also contributes. Here is the cover by Max Rem.

[note all images in article can be enlarged by clicking on them]

Star Trek Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar – cover (by Max Rem)

But this year Doug mixed it up, but bringing on some artists he found on the web (Robert Wilde, Greg Stewart, and Steffen Weisener) as well as CBS-Digital Trek Remastered artists Niel Wray and Max Gabl (who have two contributions). There are also what Doug calls "a wider spectrum of media" as well. In addition to all the digital work,  Probert’s contribution is based on a traditional painting, and John Han used old school physical models.

Here is the centerfold featuring an image from "Requiem for Methuselah", one of two images from Star Trek Remastered.

Centerfold – Flint’s Castle (by Max Gabl and Niel Wray)

And here are a couple of Enterprises in February and August

February – Enterprise D and the Remmler Array  (by  Steffen Weisener)

August – Enterprise A from Star Trek VI (by Koji Kuramura)

Another first for the 2010 calendar is it is the first SOTL calendar to debut a ship from the Pocket Books series of Star Trek novels. Specifically the SOTL is where you can get your first look at the USS Aventine, which was featured in David Mack’s "Destiny" trilogy. Artist Mark Rademaker (who worked with Drexler on Battlestar Galactica) loved the Destiny series and asked if he could make the Aventine based on the aesthetic of the Enterprise E, along with the description from the books detailing the ship’s slipstream warp drive and "shark-like" appearance. Much time was spent on the details, down to ensuring that the nacelle pylons, shuttle bays, and number of decks all made sense.

October – USS Aventine (by Mark Rademaker)

Mark will be creating another image of the Aventine for one of the covers of the 2010 ‘Typhon Pact’ mini-series. He has also made an animation showing off a 3-D wireframe for the Aventine.

The Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar comes out in August and is also available for pre-order at Amazon for $11.19. Note that Amazon has an early dummy cover, the above one is the final.

More calendars for 2010
There will also be a Star Trek movie and Star Trek original series wall calendar in 2010, both of which are available for pre-order. A day-to-day digital calendar covering the entire Star Trek franchise is also in development (not yet available for pre-order).

Ships of the Line – The Book
The SOTL calendars are so popular that they resulted in a 2007 Ships of the Line (Star Trek) mini coffee table book, edited by Margaret Clark and Doug Drexler, with words by Michael Okuda

Ships of the line…the book


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Sweet! I’ve always loved these calendars.

“The SOTL calendars are so popular that they resulted in a 2007 Ships of the Line (Star Trek) mini coffee table book”

Not quite accurate.

The calendars were *preview* images from the book that never materialize and was indeed canceled. Pocket finally collected enough images and the book limped to stores, a shadow of what was originally planned.

“Stare” Trek?

Aventine is MAGNIFICENT. Give us a series!

I never understood why the coffee table book was MINI-SIZED! I’ve kept all my SOTL calendars, and hoped maybe a nice sized book collecting the images would allow me to cull my collection.

I take that back… I guess I understand WHY the book was small ($$$). But putting out a book of these gorgeous large images at such a reduced size strikes me as a perfect case of “if you can’t do it right, then you probably shouldn’t do it…” Because now, it’s very unlikely we’ll get another bite at this apple, say, with a large format book that would show off these images at their original published sizes.

(Not to be a downer; this calendar is the highlight of my Trek purchases for any given year, but the “book” was such a let down!)


For Star Trek (2011) the Enterprise should undergo an update/refit to result in looking exactly like the TOS Enterprise.

Fans were initially disappointed in not having the chance to see the original design in a big budget production – TMP, and ST (2009) did it again. The Enterprise’s engines look more advanced in TOS so conceivably it would make sense if this new Enterprise was updated to appear as the original.

Dude its the U.S.S. Aventine! That is one AWESOME! Ship! Totally cool!

the Aventine looks cool!

Wow, the Aventine is super-beautiful (and I normally don’t give ship graphics a second glance).

The USS Aventine looks interesting. It looks like power and speed and it has a TOS-style saucer-rim! A great idea! Make a TV-show!

Since the Aventine is Captain Dax’ ship a tv show would be interesting. I liked Nicole DeBoer.

I see they made the wise decision to feature the Aventine in my birthday month, as it should be. ;)

Wow! These are some great new pictures! Of course I will get this calendar, as I did in previous years.

Yummy calendars. :)

Look in to my eyes…..

I love these calendars.
The others pale in comparison.

#7 Yes, fans were disappointed as this weekend Star Trek became the highest grossing Trek film even after inflation is considered, and still the #1 movie of the year for one more weekend.

Nobody cares that the ship doesn’t look dead on to a forty-three year old design.

USS Aventine…very nice! I loved the calendar that had the Enterprise J in it, what a ship that would be.

Doug Drexler and John Eaves, I love their stuff. That is why I wanted to see more ships in star trek movies and TV show as well as continue to move into the future with movies and TV show cuz these guys have immense talent and to see their ships take flight is always impressive.

I posted this question in another article but it is much more fitting for this one.

Q: Why is it that Starfleet vessels also referred to federation vessels do not bear the federation logo anywhere on the outer hull? Plenty of Starfleet delta shields logo’s on the saucer, the secondary hull, the warp nacelles but no federation crest. Is there a reason for this in canon or a “Drexler “ “Okuda” or “Eaves” design reason? I think the federation crest would look fitting on its vessels.

Sorry J.R I don’t understand your logic. As a long time fan I really don’t care about seeing the TOS enterprise in the movie, hell they refitted TOS for TMP because they needed a more high tech detailed looking ship. TOS ship was designed and built for TV, not movies which is why in every case (except generation) there is a different ship. In the design world things are designed for TV or movies and what works for one does no work for the other, which is why you never saw ANYTHIGN TOS in the movie. Look at it from a studio or designers standpoint not a canon fan viewpoint. I am a crazy canon nut, its fun, but in the end in reality I don’t care. I don’t really want to see the TOS enterprise on the big screen. If they do a refit in the XII or XIII it should look a little different than what it is now, then maybe we see the refit an updated 1701 A designing but even that is too much. If they make two more movies I doubt that the Enterprise will visually change, and I am fine with that. If it changes I am fine with that too. I just want to see more ships or varying designs and not just for 10 seconds before they are destroyed. I want to see the Enterprise cruising side by side with two other ships, or a battle with 2 or 3 dozen ship. Again we were given a one on one scenario with the ships like EVERY OTHER STAR TREK MOVIE (except first contact,) we were lucky enough to get that battle scene with multiple ships. I just want to see a huge fleet of ships for the next movie PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..I am asking Kurtzman, Orci, Abrams, and ILM..hook it up.

Six inch format… PLEEEEEEEEAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

And please include one real starship. Thanks.

I could have sworn that Max Rem was a pseudonym used by Doug Drexler.

That Aventine represents everything I dislike about modern/recent starship designs for Trek…

No connecting dorsal…the lack of a saucer…

The verdict?


I’d love to see these images in poster size.

25, that’s a legitimate criticism, but I think she’s quite beautiful.


“No connecting dorsal…the lack of a saucer…”

I don’t know- maybe because in the future, they don’t require a connecting dorsal or saucer!

If by the 30th century, a temporal Federation ship is just one big oval, I don’t see how the USS Aventine isn’t possible in canon.

Oh, I’m sorry- you’re just a pessimistic fanboy. If the history of mankind was a fiction, and someone liked a WW2-era fighter jet, and then they were upset after seeing a 21st century fighter jet because “it’s ugly”, they’re simply (In Leonard Nimoy’s words): “You’re a dickhead”.

Nice conversing with you.

7. J.R. – June 21, 2009
“Fans were initially disappointed in not having the chance to see the original design in a big budget production”

Maybe you wer, but I wasn’t… I actually liked the new design. And even though I loved the original TELEVISION eneterprise from the ’60’s, I didn’t think it would translate well to the big screen. I am very happy with what they came up with.

And JR, next time please don’t generalize.

“Captain” Ezri Dax??? Ya, that’s believable. Unless those novels are set 20 years into the future from the time of the Dominion War, the idea of Ezri being the Captain of a starship is beyond my ability to suspend disbelief.

Is there an Admiral Quark in there anywhere?

(just checked – this series is set 6 years after the end of the Dominion War. Ya, sounds like fanboy tripe to me)

30, remember that the symbiont Dax is a lot older than Ezri looks. A LOT older. Judge not a book….

that type-f shuttlecraft is unbelievably inaccurate!

did the modeler so much as look at one for reference?

whats with the long, squashed trend in newer ship design?

can we get a tall ship, to steer by star?

# 31

Ya, but I also remember Ezri Dax being a bumbling Ensign that could never be a Captain in a mere 6 years. No way, no how. Again, fanboy tripe that stretches any ability to suspend disbelief.

Now, if Jadzia hadn’t been killed off and this novel had HER as a Captain, it’d be totally believable.

She’s an alien, though. Maybe that was just a phase.

don’t forget pike’s words ” you will be an officer in four, you will have your own ship in eight” ezri must have taken the same tract as kirk

The Aventine looks much better with colour.

#25, at the risk of offending #28… I have to agree with you. It is not a pretty ship in the slightest.

The Sovereign class is simple and elegant. The Constitution class is simple and elegant. The Aventine… isn’t.

Sorry, I just don’t like it.


After the dominion war I’d say that even any ensign who showed the slightest sign of leadership ability would get a command. Remenber that starfleet lost thousands of ships and some of the best captians they had. You would need to replace them quickly.


If you read any of the DS9 novels set after What You Leave Behind, you’ll find that Ezri grows immensely as a person. She, like some people I actually know, is shy at first, but has an amazing untapped potential when put into a crisis situation. After all, she is a Dax.

As for the Aventine, it’s a bit bulky, somewhat reminiscent of the fan-made Excalibur-Class for various games, but I like it for the most part. Personally, I’d still take a Sovereign any day, but I certainly wouldn’t turn it down.

U.S.S. Aventine is awesome design.

Holy crap, the Aventine looks amazing.

I really wish the calendar images were available as posters. I slice up the calendar and tape it together and hang the images on my wall at the end of the year.

#37 Please tell me you were joking when you called the Sovereign class simple and elegant. Simple and elegant is how I would describe the TOS/TMP Constitution classes. The wedding cake design on top and ribbed design on bottom may look nice, but it most definitely is neither simple nor elegant.

Aside from the nacelles, I enjoy the Aventine’s appearance. It appears a bit bulky from this angle but from the front it would look more like a cross. From the top it appears it would be an arrowhead design. Putting your pylons directly behind the impulse engines just seems stupid though.

Love the Aventine, even without the slipstream drive and just as a regular class, I love that design. Glad to finally see what she looks like :)


I think it is elegant. It seems to ‘flow’ from front to back, if you see what I mean. Which is what the Aventine design tries to recreate, but I don’t think it quite manages to I’m afraid.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people, for instance, think that the new Enterprise ’09 is a good piece of design… ¬.¬

I am in my heat-proof cloak. Let the flaming begin.

Love the Aventine! Get that guy to do more ship! Hopefully its in STO too.

The Aventine is gorgeous! I can’t say I’m fond of the centerfold though…it doesn’t FIT! Here’s a calender full of starships and then right in the middle, a castle. And the Enterprise-A picture is rather lackluster. It was a nice attempt, but the fact that the artist “drew” in Chang’s bird-of-prey, as well as forgetting that the Ent-A’s warp engines didn’t glow except at warp kinda make it seem…cookie-cutter. And why oh why did they have to use the Enterprise-D for my birth month? :-/

I like that you can see the klingon warbird thru the hole it just blew into the saucer of the Enterprise-A! Brilliant!

I’d like to see more perspectives of the Aventine before I render my final verdict, but from that angle, so far I likey!

My SOTL book actually does sit on my coffee table, but the mini-size is indeed very disappointing, and a huge let down from what could have, and should have been.

7. J.R. – June 21, 2009
For Star Trek (2011) the Enterprise should undergo an update/refit to result in looking exactly like the TOS Enterprise. Fans were initially disappointed in not having the chance to see the original design in a big budget production – TMP, and ST (2009) did it again. The Enterprise’s engines look more advanced in TOS so conceivably it would make sense if this new Enterprise was updated to appear as the original.
Yeah, the Enterprise (2009) needs some changes.
It needs a refit, how that it is now under a new captain.
The USS Aventine’s nacelles shows the impact that Star Trek (2009) is starting to have on the prime stuff.
The USS Aventine’s nacelles are like the ENT-E’s nacelles and ENT-09’s nacelles mixed.
The USS Aventine’s nacelles are better than ENT-09’s nacelles.
I think a mix of ENT-TOS and ENT-09 would work in the next film.
Maybe Spock-Prime helps with the update and that is why it looks more like the ENT-TOS. Spock-Prime seems that he want to put things in the order he knew in the Prime universe, just look that his actions with Kirk-09. Spock-Prime wanted Kirk-09 to be captain just like Kirk-Prime. Also look at Spock-Prime’s actions with Spock-09, telling him to go with his human side, a thing Spock-Prime learn after his mind-melded with V’ger in TMP.

Star Wars large-format books are beating the pants off Star Trek books at this point, sad to say.

SW just came out with a three-volume encyclopedia. Hard cover.

Whereas we haven’t had an updated ST encyclopedia in ages. (Hint, hint, hint.)