More Ships Of The Line Calendar Images

Over the weekend TrekMovie provided the first look inside the 2010 Star Trek Ships of The Line Calendar. Today Doug Drexler, a contributor and wrangler of the other artists for the calendar, has put up some additional beautiful images on his blog, check them out below.


More Starship porn
Trekkies just love our starships, which is why the Ships of the Line calendars are so popular. 2010 looks like a real winner, here are the additional months that Doug is showing off on his blog. Click any image below to find out more and see the full size.

April – Romulan Warbird (by Andrew Probert)

June – 1701 shuttle bay (by Niel Wray & Max Gabl)

July – USS Defiant in Operation Return (by Gregory Stewart)

September – The 1701 (by Doug Drexler)

December – Starbase & 1701 refit (by Robert Wilde)

And if you missed them, here are the exclusive images previewed at TrekMovie over the weekend.

February – Enterprise D and the Remmler Array  (by  Steffen Weisener)

August – Enterprise A from Star Trek VI (by Koji Kuramura)

October – USS Aventine (by Mark Rademaker)

Centerfold – Flint’s Castle (by Max Gabl and Niel Wray)

Star Trek Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar – cover (by Max Rem)

The Ships of the Line 2010 Calendar comes out in August and is also available for pre-order at Amazon for $11.19. Note that Amazon has an early dummy cover, the above one is the final.

More calendars for 2010
There will also be a Star Trek movie and Star Trek original series wall calendar in 2010, both of which are available for pre-order. A day-to-day digital calendar covering the entire Star Trek franchise is also in development (not yet available for pre-order).

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Lovin it, just made a mess!! :)

Neato! :D

But a shot of DS9 would be REALLY cool.

I’m in heaven…sad eh?

Just *look* at that December image… holy wow.

Just frigging beautiful.

5. Love the December, except the orientation of Spacedock looks completely wrong compared to Earth. I suppose if they can launch a starship from Iowa, they can rotate Spacedock into it’s final position.

For that matter, how do we know that Spacedock doesn’t always rotate very slowly, or that they don’t rotate it periodically for even weathering, like the USS Constitution in Boston? See, I just solved my own nitcpick.

The Romulan Warbird picture looks kind of lousy to me, but the rest are awesome!!!

Sorry to be in the minority. I still want something
bigger and better. “Flint’s Castle”? Com’on. A beautiful
Klingon Warbird or a beauty shot of the future
Enterprise D would be better served in that month.

#8 – The Romulan one is actually a real painting done by Andy Probert. It is somewhat stylized.

There is also a month, as yet unseen, that is supposed to have been done with real phsycial models and not CG.

Yes, the Romulan warbird one is a painting versus all of the 3D modeled images we’re so used to. Although Andy is a true classic artist, and who else would give us our first look a truly original Romulan drydock.

I actually think the image does look a little muted. I upped the brightness and contrast and deepened the blacks in photoshop and it looked tons better.

Ship porn. That was priceless. Awesome stuff, once again.

Ahem- I like to refer to it as “nacelle porn” rather then ship porn, thank you very much!

Seriously though, great images. I personally am stoked to see there’s still a space artist out there using paints. There’s a volume and tone you don’t get with CG. Of course, I also still keep vinyl records…

Looks like a action packed calender. Kool. But where is the Terran Empires Ships. The I.S.S Enterprise.

Some Nice CGI. Some 90’s looking CGI as well, the shuttle has no texture to it on the front cover — it looks quite bland.

Call me old fashioned but I’m a big fan of the live model shots. Even the CGI in the new movie could not match some of the older model photography from the previous Trek films.

That said I do love the shuttle bay, the starbase (despite what attacked it, its taken pieces off like it was a pie cutter, too clean) and Flint’s castle, an awesome picture.

That Aventine is a sweet looking ship. Damned sweet!

You can see a teaser on this forum….go to post #5…


The USS Aventine, No bloody a, b, c, or d, space dock, and the shuttle bay images are the best. That image of the shuttle bay just looks so good, and…yea just love it.

Love the defiant one, the Aventine looks amazing though

This is a really, really nice look backward.

Ya right. Space Dock wasn’t built in space. It was built on Earth in Iowa shipyards. Why does everyone think we can build things in space?

Once again looks like cartoons. Too much CG. Need real work done again using models and lighting techniques. None of these calendars were any good except for the 2002 one. 2002 didn’t use any CG i could notice.

the aventine is one sexy assed ship , Captain dax is very very lucki cus me wants that ship teehee

September is the best! Nothing beats that ship!


There is a month which features models…check out the teaser here….

Go to post 5

All the recent talk of the movie ship size drew my attention to the Romulan Warbird size — evidently each ship is almost as large as DS9!

Some of these “canon” size figures really should be revisited.

5, I agree. The December image is my favorite as well.

25, the Classic Constitution in indeed one of the best ships ever designed in Star Trek and clearly shows that no redesign will ever be as good as the original.

27, did you know that at, Bernd Schneider says that according to a source at ILM that the new Enterprise from the Star Trek AU (Alternate Universe) 2009 film was originally designed to be 366 meters long but was upscaled because it looked too small against the Narada and for the shuttle scene when Kirk, Bones, Uhura, etc. arrive aboard from Starfleet Academy? According to Schneider the size of 366 meters would make the hull detailing match that of the TMP Enterprise. In any case, there is a fascinating article over there that’s worth checking out.

That’s nice, but that’s not the size that it is now.

September … oh yeah. [cue sexy music] [slip into bathrobe] [raise one eyebrow, nod, smile]

And October for seconds if there’s any of me left. Rrrowl.

Any Intrepid class pics?

excellent work.
If only CBS Digital had made the hanger deck look so damn good!

Where is the USS Aventine from? If it was DS9 then that explains it since i did not see most of Seasons 4-7, but all of the pictures looks sweet!

Anthony is a pervert.

Hey! Slow down, partner, you’re giving away an awful lot of the goods here…

I’d like some surprises when the calendar comes out later this year.

@25 – agreed.

@30 – are you sure? It really depends on which timeline you’re in, no? I personally think I inhabit the prime timeline, but that’s just ego.

Great! I particularly like the TOS Remastered pictures in June and Centerfold. And that I get the Enterprise (from the New Voyages pilot) in September, the month of my birthday.

#34 the aventine is captian dax’s first command and is from the star trek destiny series from david mack , there alre also plans for the aventine series of its own next year.

i highly reccomend that everyone starts reading the novels from the tng novel greater then the sum right the way through the the destiny triliogy as they are brilliant

This remids me that we’ve never seen an acceptable view of what Starfleet is about in the movies have we? A peace keeping armada?

We get to see on a few occasions what this armada of ships look like going agaist a foe, but I want to see StarFLEET at it’s full force. Who is frontline, and who is the warship. Who is the peacemaker. I want to see some military strategy. We know the fleet has some military leanings right? i’m just saying… It’s human nature.

ST: Voyager stinks, BTW. IOMO.

I LOVE the shot of the starbase being built. Timeline-wise, puts it sometime between TMP & TWOK?

I must have a six inch!

That’s what she said.

Shut up, you!

I must have this calendar in a 6 inch format!!! PLEEEEEEEEAASE!

#30 – Actually, Dennis, if I were one who’d only watched the film, and thus based my guesses of size and such solely on what the film showed me, I’d say that’s exactly what it is now, the behind-the-scenes claims notwithstanding.

Of course, come the next film, after they’ve had some time to re-detail the ship to actually match the size now claimed, it could be a whole different thing. (Or, they might change their minds and go back to treating it liike the size it looks, and just have done with it. ;) Who knows?)

#37 – “@30 – are you sure? It really depends on which timeline you’re in, no? I personally think I inhabit the prime timeline, but that’s just ego”

Nah, the ships’ sizes have never been at issue in the prime timeline. This is entirely about the ship we saw in the alternate timeline. (As someone with little interest in alternate universes for their own sake, my primary involvement in that debate is simply that what they’re claiming and what was on the screen don’t match. But like I said to Dennis, come the next film, that could change, too.)

On topic, meanwhile… Holy crap wow… Gorgeous stuff! December, September, October, and June are my favorites so far, with April right behind.

#15 – When I first saw the really tiny version of the pic on Drex Files, I thought it was under attack, too, but look closer at the big version. They’re *building* it.

#27 – Well, the warbird was always established as huge. ‘Course, so much of its size is actually around empty space that there’s less sheer bulk volume of the ship itself than its size might lead one to believe. But it’s still *big*.

#43 – I think you’re right about the timeframe.

40, watch Deep Space Nine, especially from Season 5 “A Call To Arms” to the series finale “What You Leave Behind,” also known as the Dominion War. During those last two seasons you see everything that you asked for: massive space battles, brilliant military strategy, and much more. Rewatch DS9 and you’ll see it all.

I’d like to get me hands on the Ample Nacelles of Ms. September there!

44, I’m long overdue for a DS9 watch. I’m currently looking into aquiring all seasons of the show so I can watch it all ($300+ @ It might be a minute). Unfortunatly I only saw the first couple seasons, and I think the last few episodes so far, but the show did have a bit of everything so it will be worth it.

Two words… ger-jus!

#43:”#30 – Actually, Dennis, if I were one who’d only watched the film, and thus based my guesses of size and such solely on what the film showed me, I’d say that’s exactly what it is now, the behind-the-scenes claims notwithstanding.”

You can’t know that, because you can’t put yourself in the place of a viewer who has no pre-existing bias – you have one, as does most everyone who has seen Trek previously (including moi). It’s like saying “I’m going to pretend for a minute that I have no musical likes or dislikes, and thus decide by listening to a new piece of music whether it’s ‘good’ or not.” The only way to make the new ship out as around three hundred meters long is by comparing it to other Trek ships, not by using the internal evidence of the movie.

Rows and rows of large shuttles inside a huge shuttle bay and the relative size of Kirk and McCoy’s shuttle as it flies toward the Enterprise and over the saucer have nothing to do with “behind-the-scenes claims;” they’re in the movie, and other scenes in the movie establish the size of those shuttles very strongly. Judging just by what’s shown in the movie, the Enterprise is much larger than a thousand feet or twelve hundred feet long. The relative size of details like windows is irrelevant, as the absolute size of such details is not standard.

i wish they would make continue to make calendars for the other shows…not just TOS.

these pictures do look great though. i hope they include the Titan….the smallish pic on the cover of my Sword of Damocles copy is simply not enough!