First Details On Star Trek Movie Blu-ray – including Features and Deleted Scenes

The first details for the Blu-ray edition of the 2009 Star Trek movie have come out of Europe, complete with a release date and list of special features (including deleted scenes). Although Paramount Home Entertainment will not officially confirm any details, TrekMovie and the Digital Bits have confirmed with sources that the reports are (for the most part) accurate. Details below.


TrekMovie has previously reported that there will likely be three home video versions of the Star Trek movie: standard widescreen DVD, special edition DVD set, and special edition Blu-ray. The details out of Germany from and are for the Blu-ray, but could also apply to the special edition DVD set. Bear in mind that there can be variations between different regions, and also this is not an official release from Paramount, so this should not be considered final. However, except for some of the naming, sources indicate the below list is accurate.

Star Trek (2009 movie) Blu-ray Details


Picture: 2.35:1 (1080p)
Sound: German Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby True HD 5.1, English Audio Description, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, Italian Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: German, English and others


  • Audio commentary (JJ Abrams, Bryan Burke, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci)
  • Featurettes:
    • Where no man has gone before:
      • The Shatner conundrum
      • The redshirt guy,
      • The green girl
      • Trekker alert!
    • Casting
    • A new vision ("Savage Pressure")
    • Starships:
      • Warp explained
      • Painting work
      • Accelerated bridge construction
      • The captain’s chair
      • Operating the buttons
      • Shuttle shuffle
      • Accelerated Narada construction
    • Aliens:
      • The alien paradox
      • The girl with the big eyes
      • Big pro Quinto
      • Klingons
      • Drakoulias anatomy 101
    • Planets:
      • Additional businesses
      • Confidentiality
    • Equipment and costumes: Klingon costumes
    • Sound
    • Music
    • Gene Roddenberry’s vision
  • Deleted scenes:
    • Spock’s birth
    • Klingons capture Narada
    • Young Kirk, Johnny and Uncle Frank
    • Amanda and Sarek argue after Spock’s fight
    • Interrogation and escape from prison
    • Sarek and Amanda
    • Bedroom and Kobayashi Maru (original version)
    • Kirk apologizes to the green girl
    • Sarek sees Spock Prime
  • Starfleet vessel simulator (probably BD only)
  • Star Trek gag reel
  • Trailers:
    • Teaser trailer
    • Theatrical trailer "The wait is over"
    • Theatrical trailer "Prepare for the beginning"
    • Theatrical trailer "Buckle up"
  • Star Trek: D-A-C demo (trailer) for XBOX 360
  • BD Live options

As for the release date, Amazon Germany has it listed for October 5th. Paramount Home Entertainment is not confirming any release dates or details. However, sources indicate that the date is likely accurate for Europe, but that the US date could be later, possibly late October or November.

Deleted Scenes show ‘origins’ got most of the cuts
As reported before, but now seen in more detail, the part of the Star Trek movie that was most affected by the editor’s blade was origin stories for Kirk and Spock plus Nero’s time with the Klingons. The deleted scenes listed above seem to be in the order that they would have appeared in the film, almost all of which would have been before the Narada’s attack on Vulcan. It seems that the brunt of the cutting was from Spock’s childhood/adolescence and Nero’s ‘lost years’ (which is also being turned into comic book series). In the TrekMovie review of the Star Trek movie, it was noted that that the origin story part of the film felt like it went by too fast, so these deleted scenes will be very welcome.  

More Spock and Nero backstory will be on the Blu-rays, some of which appeared in trailers for the film

More Star Trek Home Video for 2009
Paramount and CBS are also planning additional Star Trek home video releases, including Blu-ray sets for Original Series Season Two (late September) and the four Next Generation movies (likely October/November). As more details on Star Trek home video products become available we will provide updates.


This article was developed in conjunction with Bill Hunt of the world’s best home video site, TheDigitalBits, see his version of the story.

Thanks to Ulrich for the link and the translation

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i can’t wait!

Looks good. I’d like to know if the deleted scenes will have the completed effects and if they’ll be in HD.

Also, “Young Kirk, Johnny and Uncle Frank” … Why those three together? George Samuel Kirk Jr. was Jim’s older brother, which means he should exist just fine as he was born pre-Narada. Why did they switch out the name? Eh, I should just wait ’til I see it.

someone will surely take all of those deleted scenes and turn them into a extended cut. I just wish Paramount would do it

Awesome, but I really wish those deleted scenes were being put back into the film.

Well, I will deffinatly buy this. To bad the Z-5500 don’t support TrueHD. Guess it will transform itself to DTS?

French release date for the dvd is scheduled for november 15th according to

OMFG, so excited

Deleted scenes are good – but why don’t they put them into an extended cut? Paramount, please read – EXTENDED CUT = GOOD.

Of course, I’ll still buy the blu-ray – Star Trek in 1080p… yum…

They should release a director’s cut version with those deleted scenes in the film. Would eliminate some plot holes…

i was hoping for 7.1.

I was spoiled by the Lord of the Rings special edition extras. No movie has come close to that amount. But this looks like it’ll come close.

Can’t wait!

“Sarek sees Spock Prime”???!!!

Oh my GOD, YES!

yup-they should give an option to have them all play as an extended edition-i have a feeling we will love the deleted scenes as much as the rest of the movie-i also do not see any mention of a feature on the closing of st:the exp-i remember reading that paramount interviewed and filmed a lot the final weekend and that it was going to be an extra on the new movie dvd-id luv to see that maybe with new info teasers on the reopening/changes etc…is there anyone at paramount we can ask mr anthony?

3 Why Uncle Frank? I think that in the new time line Kirk’s mother remarried.

9. A director’s cut might not include every deleted scene. I’d like an extended cut too but maybe the director cut some scenes for time, in which case they could go back in, and some other scenes because they didn’t work or changed the pace of the film.

Sarek sees Spock Prime? <>

Awesome! Can’t wait. But if all of these deleted scenes and special features are not on the DVD version, I will be immensely pissed.

Star Trek gag reel – awesome I can’t wait to see Simon Pegg causing the cast to crack up

#9==maybe they plan to…in a post-DVD theatrical rerelease a la The Dark Knight :) Anthony, can you please try to convince someone who was on the production staff and/or the suits at Paramount to do so?:)

Heck, I wouldn’t have minded a 4 hour SPECIAL EDITION version of the movie….I would love to see it all together…now that would be awesome to view!

Correction to my post in 17: Obviously, some of the features like the simulator and game demo won’t be on the DVD, but there is absolutely no reason why all the featurettes, all the deleted scenes, the gag reel, and the trailers cannot be on the 2-disc special edition. Come on, Paramount, do not disappoint me!

And the audio commentaries, of course.

This film will always be the child of two video formats.

21, I agree. It is most likely that the simulator and game demo won’t be on the DVD but I’m confident that most of the rest, from all of the deleted scenes to the specials like “Gene Roddenberry’s Vision” will be on the DVD. I had the special edition version of “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” on DVD and from what I can tell, almost everything on the Blu-Ray versions are on the DVD versions. Granted that those DVDs are released by Sony but the “Star Trek Movie Trilogy Collection” DVD set has almost all of the same special features that the Blu-Ray version does so I’m confident that the Special Edition DVD for the new Star Trek movie will as well.

As an addendum to all previous posts: I am still hoping for an extended cut of the movie which adds back all of the deleted scenes in some fashion. In fact, I would prefer that to a disc with the deleted scenes separate. This way, the deleted stuff can actually become canon. Just make Spock’s birth a flashback or something (assuming it was meant to be the opening scene) and leave the rest as they were meant to be. That’s what I would love to see.

24. LoyalStarTrekFan — That’s great to hear! I hope you’re right and they do include all the special features and deleted scenes. Personally, though, I would prefer an extended cut of the movie. :)

i would love to see more spock and uhura in the next one!

Why would the US release be later? Aren’t US movies usually released in the US first both in theaters and on DVD?

Is no one interested in what the new klingons look like? Or has this already been mentioned?

Yeah, I’d like an extended cut on Blu-ray/DVD. I know Abrams considered the Klingon sections to be a pacing issue, but you kind of accept that ‘Special Editions’ might not have quite the theatrical version’s pace.

Although DVD has seemless branching, Blu-Ray has the ability to automatically take you out of the movie and into features and back again.
Please Paramount use this facility even if you are hoping to rip us off again with an Extended edition next year!

But hang on, this is the studio that has enjoyed Star Trek sales on VHS, LaserDisc, Single Episode and Series versions of TV series, HD TOS on HD, DVD and now Blu-ray. All the movies, then special editions on DVD, now all the movies on Blu-Ray but NO Extended editions. And now Star Trek09 theatrical version only making way for us to buy the whole enchilada next year by selling us the whole libary again as Blu-Ray Special Editions! Will it ever end and I haven’t even mentioned downloads and enhanced versions re-released for TV!

It’s any wonder Paramount could not let Star Trek die 4 years ago. How many other fans shell out so many times for something they already own 10 times over? Talk about double dipping gone mad!

31. KevinA

Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see TMP, TWOK, TUC, ST09 (and potentially even TFF) released in seamless branching special editions with less DNR and better colour timing just as the next film hits the cinemas!

I’d love to see an extended cut on the Special Edition standard DVD , and hopefully and Text Commentary by Mike and Denise Okuda . So they can help point out all those little easter eggs and cameos we keep on missing LOL

R2-D2 where are you ?

*looks through floating debris*

“The Shatner conundrum”….. interesting! I guess they talk about how they could of used him in the film, and the dilema of fitting him in.

All sounds very good, hopefully it’ll all be there on the official release!

@ 23. Alf, in pog form

That’s very clever… :)

“Kirk apologizes to the green girl”

Kirk apologizing? That could have actually given him some likability.

If the Directors cut does not include all the cut part I know I’ll be trying to piece them in. If not me someone will and start looking for salesmen with a wooden leg, an eye patch and a bird for a pet. And the ones that get caught will try to make money off it.

Or figure every two years they will market a newly cut version, as they try to earn more money.


I saw Oct 5th and I’m thinking yes! Then I see: Probably later in US, maybe late October or November, I think NOOOOOOOOO!

Why later. My b-day’s in the middle of October. Please be early Oct for US, please, please me.

No way I’m gonna buy that movie on DVD, Blu Ray, VHS or Betamax.

The release date for Germany has moved from October 5 to december 31. In France the release date is still for november 17, for DVD and Blu Ray.

sounds like a great package for features

I look forward to the deleted scenes and documentaries.

looking forward to getting TOS season 2 on blu ray and getting the TNG movies

Why can’t they put those deleted scenes back in using branching so we can watch both versions. Paramount is really stupid sometimes, okay most of the time.

Maybe it’s too early for a “Director’s Edition”, but I would have enjoyed seeing both the movie as it was released, as well as a version where the deleted scenes were restored.

Oh, well. I’ll just have to “suffer” with the “inconvenience” of using the extras menu. :)

WOW it went straight to DVD. Never came to my home town. :(


Man, I was really, really hoping we’d get an extended cut, not just deleted scenes, but I knew that wouldn’t happen.

At least we should be able to see them….

Sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to seeing what JJ’s Klingons will look like and some of those deleted scenes really sound intriguing. When it comes to Trek you can never have too much of a good thing and an extended cut with those scenes would be great. With BluRay’s branching capabilities, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal either. And do my eyes deceive me, or will we actually be getting a blooper reel??!! My brother and I have been eyeing a Panasonic 54″ 1080p plasma TV; this may be the last piece of convincing we may need to pick it up. Can’t wait for this one on BluRay.

I hope JJ did not screw up the Klingons

LOL, what does it matter the new movie aint canon

I would be interested in seeing the Klingon look

Just to be a little nitpicky (hey, I’m a Star Trek fan), the “Director’s Cut” would technically be the version we saw in the theater since (iirc) JJ had final say in the theatrical cut. Normally, studios have final say in the theatrical cut and sometimes they butcher it (e.g. Blade Runner theatrical cut)

Also, it’s interesting that this is the first officially sanctioned “gag-reel” for Star Trek. Previously, TPTB wouldn’t in include a gag reel because they felt it would take away from the realism of the show.