The Collective: Review Of “Star Trek” Novel Adaptation Signed Collector’s Edition Box Set

The adaptation to 2009’s Star Trek film by Alan Dean Foster has had seven printings so far and made its way to the New York Times Best seller list. It is appropriate then that his book is getting some royal treatment by Premiere Collectibles. TrekMovie has all the details in our review of their special edition boxed signed hardcover book.


Review: Premiere Collectibles Trek Book

Premiere Collectibles specializes in presenting best selling books in hardcover signed editions. Indeed, some fans lamented that the book was originally offered only as a trade paperback as all other Trek books have been available in hardcover (either from Book of the Month Clubs or when first sold by Simon and Shuster). The Premiere Collectibles edition deals with this concern.

The "Star Trek" collectible hardcover helps complete your collection of Star Trek adaptation hardcovers (my collection is still two short)

For $35, fans will receive the book in a special hardcover edition, with a special jacket sleeve based on the US movie poster. The book is also signed by Alan Dean Foster and numbered (only 1000 of these books will be made). Also included is a certificate of authenticity signed by Duane Ward, President of Premiere Collectibles. The certificate and book arrive in a leather display box featuring the delta insignia and Star Trek logo in silver against a black background.

The book and leather box

The collectible leather display box is an excellent item. It is well designed and handsome. It holds the book nicely and includes a ribbon for ease of removal of the text from the box. It is nice that the box has silver detailing and if you move the box in light it kind of looks like lens flares.

Trade paperback and collectible hardcover

The book itself is also very nice. There is nothing like a hardcover book for clarity of text and page quality and the Premiere Collectibles edition does not disappoint. The pages are a nice color of white unlike the trade paper’s more muted colors and the text is cleaner and easier to read. The removable dust jacket is a welcomed feature and it is good to have the movie art on the cover as did most of the previous Star Trek novelizations.

Certificate of Authenticity

Premiere Collectibles added a signing page in the book which is nice because it makes where the signature of ADF is more special. As an Autograph collector, it would have been nice if the interior real signature was written out in full like the one embossed on the box cover, instead of just Foster’s "ADF." However, my other Alan Dean Foster signed items (from Star Wars which he also novelized) also just have his initials, so that is his style, and it is nice to have Alan Dean Foster’s signature on his latest bestseller in a unique and limited edition.

Fosters signature (and limited book number)

The Conclusion:

Possibly the best feature of the "Star Trek" signed collector’s book is the price. Most hardcover books (without a certificate, autograph, or display box) are $25. This set costs $35, so for $10 more you are getting the autograph of an important Star Trek author and a very cool display box. For a comparison, a similar collectible edition of William Shatner’s "Movie Memories" (hardcover, display box, autographed, limited to 4,526 copies) originally sold for $100 in 1993.

The "Star Trek" signed collector’s book is an affordable and truly wonderful addition to any book enthusiast or Star Trek book fan’s collection.

The collector’s edition of "Star Trek" is available only at Premiere Collectibles for $35. You can also order just the hardcover book for only $25.

Here is a video showing off the entire package:

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