Watch Winning Entries In GoAnimate Star Trek ‘Backstory’ Contest, the site that allows you to create and share animations, has just announced the winners of its most recent Star Trek contest, "THE BACKSTORY". This contest was to honor the addition of three new TOS characters to the GoAnimate platform – Nurse Chapel, a Gorn, and Mara – and also, to honor the backstory theme of the latest Trek film. Check out the winners below.


GoAnimate Announces Winners of Star Trek Contest
For this contest, users had to create animations describing the backgrounds of these characters, either individually or as a combination story. The Grand Prize winners are featured below, and will win awesome Star Trek loot (Star Trek SceneIt, Star Trek Uno, Star Trek Scrabble) in addition to GoPoints on GoAnimate and of course, internet fame.





Congrats to all the winners!

GoAnimate are planning future Star Trek contests, so stay tuned to TrekMovie for the latest information – or head on over to GoAnimate and try making your own Star Trek story today.

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This is COOOOLLL!!!!

Love Federation Style is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, fun stuff. “Lady with the lamp” is my favorite. Congrats goes out to Walker88. Great job to all!

Those are cute! Chapel’s backstory is my favorite, Love Federation Style isn’t bad either.

That was hella tiiiiiight!

Where were these creative powers when TAS was on TV, bet they could have made it a better watchable cartoon.

The question is will they go for TAS the next generation for TV. I’m sure the cartoon network would buy it.

Who wants to talk one of the winners into presenting the idea to the Cartoon Network?

A fun little cartoon engine to play with. All though I got a little frustrated when I tried to work with it, I was surprised by what it allowed you to do… If I had taken more time, I;m quite sure I could have pumped out some good stuff

“Lady with the lamp” is the best. “Love Federation Style” is cute. Great jobs!

Man I wish I had the patience to finish the animation I started. Star Trek, of course.

The nurse Chapel backstory one is excellent. Well-written, nice use of music, funny…