NASA Poster Depicts Next ISS Crew In Star Trek Uniforms

Since Star Trek first went on the air in the 60s, it has had connections to the real life space program. And today the latest example is a new official poster for the next expedition to the International Space Station which has the crew dressed in Star Trek uniforms Check it out below.


Star Trek’s latest crew
The next expedition for ISS (Expedition 21) is scheduled to begin in October when three new crewmembers arrive via a Soyuz launch from Russia. The new crewmembers, combined with three from the previous expedition, will form ISS Expedition 21. Mostly for internal purposes, NASA creates special posters for each mission, and for Expedition 21, they went with a Star Trek theme, with the crew in Next Generation uniforms, an Original Series typeface, and the Enterprise NX-01 in the background (which seems fitting as Enterprise featured the ISS in the opening credits). 

The poster is available at the NASA Space Flight Awareness page. It can be downloaded in hi resolution or low resolution.

The Star Trek themed poster is not their first foray into popular culture. In recent years NASA’s Space Flight Awareness group has been taking on various films for Shuttle and Station missions. Here are some examples.

NASA goes to the movies


Thanks to Keith Cowing of for the tip


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Gah, why couldn’t they have went TOS or New movie!?

That is AWESOME!


Good one #1!
Typically NASA – outdated, obsolete and out of sync with the rest of the world to the last…


Very cool! And I’m sure more people will be interested in the mission because of this poster.

No, really funny and cool idea:)

I hear you Anthony, i think it’s just a sophmoric culture the internet breeds where if you’re not the first person to say something that’s a negative put down, you’re not as cool as the next guy. Pretty sad.

Hell Yeah! A mixture of TNG and ENT. Pretty cool.

Funny !!!

great concept, but too bad its all mixed up. NX in the background yet theyre wearing horrible versions of the TNG uniforms. Actually I think they should have stayed with the ENT era theme and used those uniforms since that’s the closest Trek to modern space exploration.

Hey, it’s always cool when NASA gives a nod to the inspiration of Star Trek, but it did bother me they went with those uniforms and I said so. Just being honest.

It’s always seemed to me that NASA has always tried to keep a slight distance away from Star Trek, so this seems to be a pretty big step for them to take!

I think it’s great that they are making an appeal to us! I’ll bet that they probably were just using what they thought would look best in the poster, or perhaps they used the uniforms of the astrronauts choice, but regardless, at least they made the effort!

“Imperial Star Ship” crew?? oh No I mean “international Space Station” right, right….

@ #1 OMG they arent in TOS uniforms, thats gona so screw it all up!!!!

whining and complaining always…dont worry anthony the rest of us are glad you DO bother!

@ #5 — I know why you bother. For the other 95% of visitors…the ones who appreciate it.


Hey, am I just missing the sci-fridays articles? Or have you guys stopped doing them?
Also: Thanks for bothering Anthony. Seriously, this is the ONLY place I go for Trek news.

Noo nooo noOOOO! Why the shadow of THAT enterprise. That series was a travesty.

So Cool!

we are nitpicky because we love star trek…i was about to say that “what’s next? the supreme court wearing deep space 9 uniforms?” HMMMMMM??

Keep bothering anthony, it keeps us entertained!

Anthony, trust me, no one is more grateful for this site. I check it every day and thank you and the rest of the crew for the work you do. I just wish they had better taste in uniforms. ;)

Agreed, #1.

Say what you want about “Enterprise” but those uniforms were the most practical and “real life” usable of any Star Trek series.

Can we get larger pics of their other posters. They look hysterical!

No really…
It’s just like in that old ‘Simpsons’ episode when Leonard Nimoy shows up in Springfield and Mayor Quimby says ‘May the Force be with you’…

This is still knocking my socks off. I love the idea!

This is the REAL Starfleet!

i hear anthony’s frustration-after all people checking and reading star trek news are All fans, yet every single thread has so many negative,rude,picky comments so if all you guys being negative nellys all the time are fans, then what chance is there to promote trek-we cant even agree on what is good and what we like-i have enjoyed and embraced every incarnation of trek and i know many others do too but mentioning enterprise sucks or voyager sucks, whats the point? no series or movie is perfect or ever will be-each has had valid human points to think about and were entertaining-lighten up peoples is what i think anthony feels frustrated about…

I think the nasa poster is cool-on the other posters i recognize the matrix one but what are the other two?


Harry Potter and Ocean’s 11.

Nice pic. I love it.

Gawd those uniforms they are wearing are awful – I guess its funny enough as a joke to go around NASA internal mail, but personally I’d be a bit insulted if I was an astronaut and made to be in those uniforms given that the photo has turned up in public domain. They’ve put in the hard yards, they deserve decent outfits in photoshoots!
Haha then again I am super anal.

Does this mean they’re gonna build NX-01?!!


(muchos sarcasm)

TNG uniforms! Vomit!

@30 I really think that if we had artificial gravity, enough building skills and a good enough propulsion system, we would create a ship similair to the NX-01 (depending on the techniques we use for the engine though).

Or we might go for something like a submarine in space, which would be logical since it’s a efficient model and we have experience with it.

I think that it’s very cool.
I wish that I had thought of it.

Cool! Thanks Anthony.. Keep up the good fight and ignore the idiots! ;)

Glad to see they went with Prime universe uniforms

Anthony, idiots are popping up all over the internet. Do what many have decided to do: DELETE THEM! Screw the free speech crap. People abuse it too much. You have a great site here and it belongs to you so hit that delete button on things you don’t like and start banning ip addresses.

Remaining on topic: Cool posters!

Anthony: you have done a great service for Trek fans! Thanks you so much for this site, which is extremely enjoyable, and has kept me entertained every day for over a year!

Its hard not to let the negative people get in the way of doing something positive. I have experienced this personally. Please know that the haters are outnumbered many, many times by people who love this site, and enjoy the work you do, (and LOVED the new movie). Hang inthere!

Live long and prosper and boldly go!

Wrong uniform… :)

I really loved the action packed episode where they taught ants to sort tiny screws in space.

KInd of a weird mash-up of TOS/TNG/ENT, but the general public won’t notice, I guess.

#39 – LOL

Or, the one where their bones degenerate in the zero gravity environment?

Anthony, thanks. Keep it up

“It’s always seemed to me that NASA has always tried to keep a slight distance away from Star Trek, so this seems to be a pretty big step for them to take!”

I’d hardly call naming the first shuttle “Enterprise” an attempt to keep a distance from Trek. :-)

those uniforms make them look like convention fools… no one should wear those costumes but actors, they never look right on anyone else, just ridiculous!

30. Real enough until CBS ordered the sets be a) bulldozed or b) auctioned off for a quick buck. (grandios grevance)

Nice to see the NX-01 silhouette get some love from NASA.

Isn’t the first guy from the left from the movie Armageddon?

the nx01 mission fatigues would have at least looked more natural…

Personally I would have preferred the Star Trek: Enterprise uniforms.

#36 – I totally agree! Anthony, I too am tired of these negative nitpicking morons. PUSH THE DELETE BUTTON!

Coming back to the main thread topic… I have the NASA channel on in my office all day and there are frequent references to Trek by ISS astronauts as well as even Leonard Nimoy doing a “you’re watching NASA TV” promo. So this is no surprise to me.

OH NO!!! The typeprint is italicized instead of normal like the Star Trek printed in the movie itself. What awful taste NASA has!!!!!!!

#5-Just another attempt at humor by me to point out how ridiculous some of these negative doom and gloomers seem to be on this site and about every other site on the internet. You do an absolute FANTASTIC job, and though I don’t read every single article because it’s not my thing (things like novels, comics, gaming), I sure as hell don’t pop up there and spew negative vomit: “I think I may throw up on ya!”

Anthony, seriously; I used to go to 3-4 sites to get my Trek news, now I just go here. Your site is FABULOUS!!! Additionally, I have visited those “old sites” once in a while out of curiousity and 75% of what they have as news seems to come directly from your site and it’s “cited”. You are the cream of the crop!

These are very cool. I didn’t know they did these mission posters.

But, better versions of TNG uniforms exist that they could have worn.

I wonder if the ranks and the department colors they are wearing correspond to their position and job for the mission. Anyone know?