Happy Birthday JJ Abrams

Today is the 43rd birthday of Star Trek producer/director Jeffrey Jacob ‘JJ’ Abrams. The man behind Lost, Alias, Felicity, Fringe, MI3, Cloverfield and much more joined the Star Trek universe 3 years ago, and he was a welcome addition to the family. So happy birthday JJ, and many more.

Some of our fave JJ videos

Here is JJ talking about his ‘mystery box’ at TED conference

JJ hugging William Shatner

And what better way to celebrate a birthday, but in song. Here is "Cool Guys Don’t Look Back At Explosions" featuring JJ Abrams on Keyboards.





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Happy birthday JJ and many more!

Ditto young man. we are the same age… hehehehe live long….


Happy Birthday to the man who brought Trek back to us. J.J May you live long and prosper.Happy 43rd to you Sir.


Oh and J.J as a birthday present to you. You have Full immunity from the Agoniser booth!!!!

Well I’ll be darned. I have the same birthday.

Have a good one!

Happy birthday, JJ! Live long and prosper!

Off by one day. I’m 45 tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, JJ. You are definitely a genius of entertainment and the world is very very lucky to have you here! Best of luck in the future, and may this be your best year yet!

Happy birthday JJ!

Just saw Trek again last night, theatre was half full but the showing was full of cheering, big laughs and applause at the end. Impressive for a movie that’s been out now for nearly 2 months! We owe ya JJ!

good job on da new Trek!!! Happy B-Day!


You gave US the present. I hope $500M in ticket sales is a good enough birthday present in return.

Let’s do it again in 2011.

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ! I love your work. and you are the next Spielberg !!!

Happy Bday JJ! From this old Trekkie (just months younger than you); thanks for a great film!

Happy Birthday JJ!!!! My gift to you is one more ticket purchase to see Star Trek!!!

Happy Bday, J..J. Thanks for bringing Star Trek back.

JJ, HB, LL&p!

Off by a month and a day: my birthday is July 28th and I’ll be 43rd. Many more to you, JJ. Even funnier, my initials are “JJ”.

Happy Birthday and continued success


You deserve a great day today. You made lots of people happy with the new Trek. Take a day off for a change and enjoy today. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Mr. Abrams…”live long, prosper ,and keep on hangin’ and bangin’ …”

….. you’re a genius!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mister Abrams !

Happy Birthday JJ – I loved your new Star Trek, and excitedly await the next Adventure! You are an amazing talent and artist, I so admire you!

Happy Birthday JJ and thank you.

Happy Birthday JJ…..Bones give you reading glasses?

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday JJ, but please restore the timeline……thanks!

May JJ enjoy this day more than the collective joy that all have enjoyed from his works of art (thats movies/tv shows if you can’t figure it out). And they seem to be great works at that. And may you be blessed with millions more.

I hope someone got you a No more Khan pendent for your birthday. I was looking for one this morning but could not find a retailer that has any.

And as a side note that video of who they say you are in, the person resembles you but seems not to have the same body structure as you, on it is you some 25 years ago or more just after high school. That person looks in his early 30’s or late 20’s.

May you be given a perdect Star Trek script as a belated birthday present.

Happy Birthday, JJ- the ISS crew says they can see the candles of your cake from orbit!

Thanks for giving us a summer movie that rivaled the summer of ’77!

(C’mon- how many times did YOU see Star Wars if you were around back then? I’m about at that count with Star Trek!)

happy b-day jj. You brought back my beloved franchise that truly helped me a lot while growing up. It influenced me a lot on my political views and much more. Thank you JJ for giving us a great Trek movie. Happy b-day man !

“JJ on keyboards”! That was SO off-the-wall and cool. And “The Mystery Box” presentation was highly entertaining and inspiring. I had never seen that before. Anything made by Apple is my other “obsession,” not to mention my odd fascination with folded boxes (folded things in general) – weird.

Happy birthday! Thanks for the new Star Trek (and Lost).

Happy birthday JJ…..may you live long and prosper….and thank you for bringing us the best movie of the year!!!

Greetings from Brazil

Actually JJ Abrams? Because, if so… win. Just… win.

Happy Birthday, JJ!

Happy birthday to J.J. Abrams!

Happy Birthday!! We’re so happy you’re sticking with the franchise. Can’t wait to see Star Trek XII!

Happy birthday JJ God bless on ur birthday and Live long and prosper

Its my birthday too!

Happy birthday JJ and thankyou for giving “us” the ultimate movie this year. I saw it for the 7th time yesterday, on my birthday, June 27 downunder that is!

Live long and proper!

Oh wow JJ’s birthday is a day before mine, were both cancers….in the zodiac sense lol.

Happy Birthday JJ , I wish you health, happiness, and success. Thanks for giving us a beautiful and powerful Star Trek, I am thrilled for the next one.

All the best
live long and prosper.

@ #11. sean. Yea same saw Star Trek for the 6th time, the theatre was 50% full with cheers and laughs throughout the whole movie, its still impacting people, still wonderful, still satisfying. I took my mother because my sister who is not a fan was raving about it so I had to take my mum…she (not a fan) loved it! Another grand slam.

We share the same Birthday, JJ. Happy B-Day!!

Happy Birthday!

Here’s a challenge JJ for the next movie… re-invent the Gorn!

Make the Gorn the ferocious and fearsome alien it was supposed to be. Instead of the sorry, pathetic joke it has become.

…and now, a wonderfully lame word-puzzle for the lover of mysteries, the birthday boy himself.

8 1 16 16 25 BD 10 10

Happy Birthday, JJ, and many more with Star Trek too!!!


Happy Birthday, JJ! Many thanks for bringing the awsome show LOST to my life, and breathing new life to the Star Trek franchise. Now all I can say is – more, more, more!

Best wishes from Lithuania

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ!!!!! A massive thank you for bringing STAR TREK back to life bigger and better than I could ever have imagined! :)