Nichelle Nichols & Zoe Saldana Present Together At BET Awards

Tonight another awards show has integrated some Star Trek, this time the BET Awards had the first ever appearance of the two Uhuras together with Zoe Saldana and Nichelle Nichols presenting an award. We have pictures and video below.   



The two Uhuras, Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Saldana presented the award for best new artist and the winner was Keri Hilson.


Saldana and Nichols on red carpet

Saldana and Nichols on red carpet

Saldana and Nichols presenting award to Keri Hilson

This video uploaded to youtube focuses more on the winner Keri Hilson, but you can see Saldana and Nichols together briefly

Photos by Wire Image

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nice-both uhuras look lovely-they both have smiles that go on 4ever!Nichelle still looks beautiful to me and of course Zoe too! I watched some of the awards but missed this…

I feel warm and fluffy now. Seriously.

I don’t care how old she is…Nichelle Nichols is still hot.

Man, side by side they look so much alike.

#3 lol

just lol

Nichelle and Zoe are class acts. Forever timeless and also very beautiful. I love Nichelle’s sense of humor and Zoe can portray Uhura like no other.

They surely picked sure-fire winners for Uhura. Many well-wishes to two very classy ladies!

Very groovy.

We had a chance to see Nichelle in Iowa this weekend at Riverside’s Trek Fest 2009. It was a great apperance from this seasoned convention guest with Walter Koenig and George Takei. It’s amazing to see her in another apperance so quickly after her visit to the Midwest. Good for her.

My first thought was… wow, Zoe is really tall.

Then it was… wow, Keri is really tall.

I think Nichelle could have played a hobbit.

Except the obvious difference in their height, they do look astonishingly alike – good casting.
Well, Zoe looks a bit skinny compared to Nichelle in TOS, but she is portraying a much younger Uhura in this movie, so it’s quite plausible, besides with age she’ll gain a bit more flesh anyway, so by the time we reach TOS time, she’ll look even more like the original Uhura.

Well, Google tells me that Nichelle is 5’5, which is normal for a woman, Zoe is 5’7, and Keri is 5’9, which is on the tall side, but there’s all not so far off. Of course, it depends on how tall each’s heels were.

I’d love to see shots of each new actor next to their “original.”

Come to think, we’ve seen Shatner and Pine briefly, and Nimoy and Quinto are in the movie together…I guess that leaves Takei/Cho and Koenig/Yelchin. Are there any pictures of them?

very nice… and good for the producers to recognize Ms. Nichols accomplishment by having her involved and under the spot light.

I dislike the BET network immensely and never bothered to watch it when I lived in the US. It is rife with lowbrow ghetto humour and is full of negative stereotypes of Black people. I saw the Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Zaldana clip on You Tube this morning and enjoyed seeing them together. They couldn’t have picked two more lovely and talented actresses to play Uhura.

Wow. Both are Beautifull.

Nichelle may be older, but she has a better figure! Uhura was always stacked, and Zoe, pretty though she may be, needed more meat on her bones to fill Uhura’s skirt properly.

Just check out some of these photos for Nichelle in her prime…

damn i appreciate those two…..and Keri Hilson lol. Nichelle Nichols looks good to be in her 70’s and Zoe….lol SHE ALREADY KNOW!!!!

They do look great together.

Now what the heck are the BET awards?

Zoe looks like Nichelle’s daughter. Same nose, bridge and eyebrows. Uncanny.


Um wow standing next to each other they really look alike. And how the heck is Nichelle Nichols hotter now than in Star Trek V and VI?

19. It’s called “surgery”…

11. If Nichelle is 5’5″, I’m Yao Ming. I towered over her when I was 14, and I only ended up at 5’8″.

Funny how nobody has mentioned how Nichelle was late getting up on stage because she was in the ladies room. Ah, the foibles of old age!

I always thought Nichelle looked better in the Red Uniform, I remember her first appearance in the Tan one and it made her curves look pale compared to the Red.

And the the jumpsuits in ST:TMP, talk about Unisexing people. Their is a prime sample of how to do it.

In other words she has made Dr, King proud of her for not leaving after a year, like she wanted but he begged her not to do.

Now we have Zoe, with her doing half as good as Nichelle she will have a fine life as Star Trek TOS’s Queen of Tongue. (thats language not sex toy)

I’m just enjoying these comments… I think there is something very moving about seeing these two very gifted women standing side by side. Ms. Nichols, who by created the role of Lt. Uhura helped to significantly expand the role and visibility of African Americans in television and film and Zoe Saldana the product of her legacy. Gene Rodenberry’s vision of the future has in part become our reality. I and thankful for part that Star Trek has played in all of this.

Zoe Saldana is not canon, she is to tall! They are both hottt! Nichelle was the first woman who kissed me many years ago!

Uhura will always be my first love. Nichelle will always have a place in my heart, and Zoe is a wonderful successor.

It’s awesome that they presented together. It would be even better to see them do it at the academy awards! However, even better than that would be if Zoe was nominated for best supporting actress1 (Are you listening, academy folks?)

What is fascinating is that BET is owned by Viacom, which also owns Paramount, which owns the Star Trek Films rights!

Ahhh, what synergy!!!

i know this sounds funny but i put Uhura before Kirk , Spock, and McCoy as my favorite characters

Way Cool!

Amazing that she isn’t wearing wigs at her age. Little did we know back in 1966 that Nichelle would become such a pillar of the African-American culture, as well as Trek culture. She’s done a lot of service work over the years, besides her active recruiting for NASA and charity appearances. I can only hope that one or more of the current cast will be as activist (as a positive and gracious role model) as she is when they start getting a touch of grey.

For the record, I liked Tim Russ’s “And Gods and Men” as much as the new movie; it was great to see Nichelle, George and Walter take up their roles for one more Trek…

Zoe is probally 5’5″ & Nichelle is 5’0″ that makes Keri 5’9″ cos Zoe is much shorter than Keri at least 4″ shorter so she can’t 5’7″ that makes Keri 5’11” & Keri is not 5’11” she’s 5’9″.