Photos & Video From TrekFest & TrekExpo [UPDATE: & VulCon]

Over the weekend there were two Star Trek events held in the middle of America, TrekFest in Riverside, Iowa and TrekExpo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Celebrities attending these events include Leonard Nimoy, Marina Sirtis, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Denise Crosby, and Walter Koenig. Below we have links and excerpts from news reports, plus images and videos from the events. [UPDATED: Plus new video from VulCon from Alberta, Canada]


TrekFest in Iowa
TrekFest, held annually in Riverside, IA (future childhood home of James T. Kirk) is part town fair and part Star Trek convention. The event includes a parade as well as Star Trek celebrities. This year was the 25th anniversary and they had three TOS stars appearing: George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, and Walter Koenig, who appeared around town and took fans questions. Here is a video of some of their Q&A (thanks to ‘frostedblue’).

And here is part of the parade, including the stars float and the ‘USS Riverside’ (thanks to REdwardBulter)

Here are Walter, Nichelle and George on their float

George, Nichelle and Walter n Riverside Parade (Photo Press Citizen)

More TrekFest 2009:


Trek Expo
As reported earlier, Leonard Nimoy (Spock Prime), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar/Sela), and John de Lancie (Q) were all guests at this year’s TrekExpo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. BAM’s Blog at NewsOK has a report and pictures from the event, which you can check out here.

Nimoy and de Lanci (NewsOK)

Marina Sirtis (NewsOK)

Denise Crosby (NewsOK)

And here is a quick video of Nimoy signing from the MovieGeekFeed


Attack of the show in Vulcan

Two weeks ago the town of Vulcan, Alberta Canada held their annual Spock Days/Galaxy Fest. G4’s Attack of the Show was there and today they will be airing a segment of their show on the event.

UPDATE: And here it is:


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It’s great to see all the veteran Trek cast members appearing!

Yes, and it’s great to see them all having fun together in the prime prime reality!

Makes one wish they were there…

Wow! Wish I had time and money to travel to those events.

Marina looks better now than she did twenty years ago.

I have to agree with number 4 I Just met Marina at Wizard World Philadelphia a week ago.
Marina looked amazing,she was more beautiful than ever.

I saw Marina about 20 years ago. She was wearing a low cut black dress that she kept having to pull up, lest she show all of her ample lovely boobies. When she wasn’t doing that, she was eating strawberries and signing autographs. (I have pictures!) Sexy lady then and now.

I don’t care how old she is, Marina Sirtis is still hot.

spock and q together! two of my three most favorites (the other is garak!)

i was at trekfest good time small crowd more personable if you never been got to try it once priced reasonable $125 got you autographs by all 3 a photo with all 3 free trekfest t-shirt photo and postcard plus your seat not bad

All that stuff looks like some ultimate kickass fun.

I was a Trek Expo and I can tell you that Marina is freaking hilarous!

At one point when the audience was laughing their heads off at her costume stories a lone fan in a TOS shirt got up and started leaving from the first few rows. She pointed to him and said “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!”

he meekly said “to get an autograph?”

She said “Sit down, I’m not done yet! Who’s autograph?!”

The audience was nearly rolling on the floor.

I hope she comes back next year!

Pardon, I was at THE Trek Expo this year in Tulsa.

I will say it was unfortunate for Mr. Nimoy because of stupid questions. this girl in cosplay asked him who would win: The Death Star or a Borg Cube. He just looked at her and we all groaned.

Now the audience knows how Stewie felt in that episode of “Family Guy!”

Marina is mostly drunk everytime I have seen her! Nichelle is still hot!

Marina Sirtis will always be hot!

Marina Sirtis is still sexy, met her at Dragon Con a few years back and she just gets better with age…yummy.

Marina can be my Counseler any time. Everyone looks great.

Dang, another Big E that blows the new movie version away…

Q and Spock! If they ever return Spock to his timeline, they should involve Q somehow.

I never thought in a million years something I posted would end up on this blog. 0_0 That’s my video up there!

I remember at the closing of Attack of the Show on Friday Kevin blurted out on Monday they would be in Kirk’s future home town in Iowa. So today I was expecting to see Iowa. But they went to Vulcan although I was expecting something else even what little they showed was nice. It needs a half to a full hour (thats 15 minutes to 30 minutes of real show with half the time as ads.)

Still think there was far better coverage here than any TV show would have. Any body ready to by there Net TV yet, even Comcast is now labeling there next toy as Internet TV is what the company will now be called because of their Cable Internet modems.

And Sirtis has looked hot ever since those Italian skin flicks as a 20 year old she earned her first Movie money from. I bet that those films where not her first real acting money but when your low on cash things happen that you can regret later in life. But even clothed she’s still hot.

Marina is still super hot stuff, what a dame!

She just gets better with age…. ahhhh!

Trek Fest happens just down the road from where I live, and we took our toddler son to the parade this year. The atmosphere is very personable and friendly, with a great mix of fire trucks, farm tractors, shriners on three-wheelers, costumed spacemen, and starships! The person posting above was right that the Q&A and autograph signing costs money, but you can see the parade and see a lot of fun stuff without spending a dime. The accompanying Trek museum is open year round, and I am definitely going back to check that out.

Uhura is finally in the Capitan’s chair! (Ms. Nichols is one classy lady, God bless her!)

Dang- wish I’d known about the Tulsa con- I might have gone to it. I really need to get back into the convention circuit.

Was Marina in sexy boots and did anyone get pics????

Looking at de Lancie, I just had the brilliant idea that Q could bridge the prime and alternate universes in a future film. Make everyone happy.

It’s funny that everybody seems to have the same reaction when it comes to Spock and Uhura, even Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols.

Marina wore sandals and a ‘dress she bought for 25 dollars at Forever 21’ and told all the ladies to go there. Haha.