Star Trek Passes $370M + Studio Chief (& Orci & Kurtzman) Talk Trek Future + Urban’s Big Mouth

Star Trek just finished its 8th weekend in general release and it is still in the top 10 for ticket sales. We have all the latest box office details below, plus the head of Paramount talking up the future of the franchise. We also have more from Bob and Alex and Karl Urban getting a mouth full.


Box Office Update: Trek still in top 10 – passes $370M
Of course the big news for the domestic weekend box office was Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, which passed the $200M on its fifth day (the only film to ever earn faster was last year’s The Dark Knight). But the old Star Trek movie was still in the top 10, after eight weekends. It also had a bit of a surprise in that it came in 8th, ahead of Night at the Museum 2, due to a strong showing for Trek on Saturday.  Star Trek again had the smallest drop of all films in wide release (-32.6%)

  Film weekend Total Dom / wks
1 TRANSFORMERS 2 $108,966,307 $200,077,255 / 1
2 THE PROPOSAL $18,578,541 $69,162,471 / 2
3 THE HANGOVER $17,022,166 $183,054,267 / 4
4 UP $13,061,737 $250,234,554 / 5
5 MY SISTER’S KEEPER $12,442,212 $12,442,212 / 1
6 YEAR ONE $6,022,444 $32,529,560 / 2
7 THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 $5,451,107 $53,456,827 / 3
8 STAR TREK $3,711,968 $246,331,182 / 8
9 NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 $3,643,522 $163,391,192 / 6
10 AWAY WE GO $1,709,313 $4,088,390 / 4

Star Trek’s overseas sales are now at $124,127,476. This brings the global total to $370,458,658.

for For the year Star Trek has moved around on the charts. It is now the #2 film domestically (being passed by Up), and the #3 film globally (passing Monsters vs. Aliens, but being passed by Transformers 2). Star Trek has also moved onto the top 50 films of all time (domestic – before inflation), and has moved the Star Trek domestic franchise total (again before inflation), past $1 Billion. It is also worth noting that however you want to measure the inflation adjusted domestic box office for Star Trek The Motion Picture, the new Star Trek movie has passed it to be the top earner of the franchise.

Two more films open this week for the 4th of July weekend (Ice Age 3 and Public Enemies), and it will be interesting to see if Star Trek has another top 10 weekend in it. Last year’s very leggy movie Iron Man was able to manage eight weekends, so it would be a bit of a feat. With the holiday, Star Trek should be able to top $250M domestically by next weekend, something few thought it had a chance at before it opened.   

Brad Grey talks importance of Trek
The combine strength of Star Trek and Transformers has pushed Paramount close to the the $1B mark domestically for 2009 and the top of market share for the year. In an interview with business channel Bloomberg, Paramount Chairman and Chief Executive talked up the importance of these kinds of franchise’s the the studio’s future.

The box-office success of the film and “Star Trek,” released in May, moved Paramount closer to achieving a goal of developing movies with the potential to spin off profitable sequels, Grey said in an interview yesterday. In August, the studio will release another possible franchise, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” he said.

“It’s incumbent upon us now to continue to build on our margins,” said Grey. “The way we do that is by controlling costs around the world and continuing to build these franchises.”

Again with Orci and Kurtzman
If you have not had enough Transformers 2 interviews with Orci and Kurtzman that also delve into Trek, then Dark Horizons has a good one, with a lot of talk about the differences between working with Abrams and Bay. They also give another update on the status for the sequel.

Question: Is there serious discussion about the Star Trek sequel? And what would be your ideal – if you could come up with one story line from the original series to incorporate as fans, what would it be?

Orci: I don’t know. Literally, we’re making it a point not to even commit to saying what we would do to each other. We can literally clean out the summer, you know? It’s just too early. It’s sort of like swimming the 100 meter in your time off, you know what I mean?

Question: Do you think there’ll be a period where you’ll be able to sit down and start coming up with ideas?

Orci: Yeah. You know, we’re going to start in a few weeks. We’re gonna just – move past this period of time here, take it all in, as was said, and then re-educate ourselves with the material. Just come at it again without forcing it, you know?

Finally, Urban has his mouth full
Star Trek’s new Doctor McCoy, Karl Urban, appeared at the Supanova convention over the weekend in Sydney, Australia — where at some point he felt the need to do this…(Photos, with no real explanation from Splash News via NY Post)

Urban demonstrating how to do an internal scan?

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Now that’s a talent. I can do the same thing with a 1 liter bottle of Pepsi.

I thought Trek would do well, but I gotta say I’m AMAZED it’s hung around the Top 10 this long.


Maybe Q could show up for a possible character arc?

He could fix Urban’s jaw problem!

Smooth Picture Karl!

And yet another layer to why Karl Urban is my favorite thing about this whole ordeal :)

I’m going to see Trek again this week. I’m all for stretching those legs out as far as they can go.

hey karl urban…”thats what she said.”

I’m planning on seeing it for the 4th time tomorrow here in Iceland. I think it’s the last day they will be showing it !

Of course Transformers 2 is likely to unseat Trek to #3 Domestically by the weekend.

Star Trek is now In 3rd place Worldwide, where UP is not doing as well (This list goes to 11 as The Hangover is quickly advancing to make the top 10).

01 $461.1 Angels & Demons Sony
02 $390.3 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen P/DW
03 $369.3 Star Trek Par.
04 $368.9 Monsters Vs. Aliens P/DW
05 $361.1 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Fox
06 $357.5 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Fox
07 $349.2 Fast and Furious Uni.
08 $323.5 Terminator Salvation WB
09 $285.6 Up BV
10 $221.7 Taken Fox
11 $213.4 The Hangover WB

By the end of the year, Trek may be knocked out of the top 5 though. My guess:

1) Transformers 2
2) Harry Potter
3) New Moon
4) GI:Joe
5) Up

Bruno, The Hangover, 2012 & Public Enemies could all give Trek a run for its money.

Whatever they do for a story for the sequel, I just hope there’s more McCoy and more Scotty.

Karl is simply demonstrating that he’s ready to star in Brokeback Mountain II.

Urban is demonstrating how Rush Limbaugh smokes a Stogy.

11. John from Cincinnati

“Whatever they do for a story for the sequel, I just hope there’s more McCoy and more Scotty.”

Couldn’t agree with you more! Frankly, I could watch a whole movie just about these two characters. Urban and Pegg were so pitch perfect for their roles.

I would start by saying that it is a good thing that this is the alternate universe and John Cho is Sulu and not George Takei, because he would be getting ideas about Urban with that Mike in his mouth! LOL! Anyway, Urban was wonderful as Mccoy! So dead on, cant wait to see 5 more trek films with him!

Trek has a strong chance of staying in the top ten next weekend with only two movies opening. If things stay as they are, Trek should come in at 10th place next weekend.

Q visiting the original crew of the Enterprise?? HELL YEAH!! Let the countdown begin!

@10 | RD
Up doesn’t do well internationally because a few studio maniacs decided that Up opens in September/October in the big international markets (UK, Germany, Australia, France, etc.)
As for GI Joe: I still see this one bombing. Like Hulk. The previews aren’t that good. On the other side – no one seems to care about the bad reviews for Transformers 2.


Karl Urban is awesome

10. RD

New Moon and G.I. Joe are not likely to make it to $200 million, let alone catch up to the $260+ million Trek is on track to earn. The same goes for Bruno.

New Moon, as you know, is the sequel to Twilight, and although fans of the book generally liked the movie, it did not really win any new fans. Twilight earned $191.5 million domestically; I don’t expect New Moon to earn much more than that.

I expect Bruno to out-gross Borat’s $128.5 million, but not by much. It might get to $170 million, unless it turns out it’s not that good, in which case it will probably earn less than Borat.

If Public Enemies tracks like recent gangster movies (The Departed, American Gangster, Road to Perdition), then Public Enemies won’t make much more than $130 million. Given the star power involved, I would say Public Enemies has a good chance of reaching $150-160 million, but no more than that.

It’s possible that The Hangover could overtake Star Trek in the end, but that becomes less and less likely with each passing week. Hangover is currently $63 million behind Trek, and despite its strong legs, it’s already earning in the teens. Hangover is projected to close with around $230-$240 million.

Transformers will pass Trek by next weekend. The only remaining movie opening this year that is *guaranteed* to out-gross Star Trek is Harry Potter. There is, however, a *high probability* that Trek will also be out-grossed by 2012, Avatar, and Sherlock Holmes. None of these are guaranteed to out-gross Trek (and indeed some or all of them may not), but they are the only ones that stand the chance of doing so. No other movies pose a threat to Trek at this time.

How the year is looking:
1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – $435m
2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $340m
3. Up – $335m
4. Avatar – $300m+
5. Sherlock Holmes – $270m
6. Star Trek – $260m
7. 2012 – $240m
8. The Hangover – $240m
9. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – $205m
10. Monsters Vs. Aliens – $196m

God, that Sherlock, Holmes movie just looks terrible. TERRIBLE.

Re: Karl Urban…

(Cue George Takei voice):


I think it’s about time that I see it for an 8th time. I love this movie!!!!

Karl is so funny. Is that Dr. McCoy’s medical scanner in his mouth.

“My God, Jim, I’m a commedian, not a doctor!”

LOL Great Fun, Karl!

Dear Bob and Alex, I can understand about assimilating the material, do you guys feel like Borg Drones yet? Trust me, it’s not that bad, but when you guys need some healthy “individual” perspectives, don’t hesitate to call on your “fan-tastic” Star Trek buffs here at TrekMovie, we all love to put our two-cents in! There are a great bunch of folks here, if you can sort through all of the “flotsam and jetsam,” but I’m sure you’ll do fine!

Write Long and Prosper!

P.S. Dear Paramount, the Star Trek Webmaster Program was sheer GENIUS, any clues as to it being EXPANDED? Viral Marketing works really nicely, citizen journalism and mainstream media are making a come-back. But still, a piece of the puzzle is missing, I think J.J. hit the nail on the head with his ARG but it seemed it was a “tad” too cerebral for some modest internet users. Target audience was a bit too narrow.

I love you guys, and “Keep On Trekkin!,” we’ll (the fans) be here when-ever you need us!

#21. Not a bad analysis. I had overlooked some of those late openers. But I still say don’t underestimate the economically battered public’s desire to laugh this year. I think that’s one of the reasons The Hangover is doing so well and add to that the fact Borat surprised everyone and Bruno has 100% Critical rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Twilight was a huge hit with the adolescent crowd and like Transformers, I think there is more hype just to see those stars again than the story. This isn’t a rational adult literate audience who weren’t as receptive of Angeles and Demons – its hormonal teenagers. Also, Paramount has sunk $170M into GI:Joe. Either they were stupid to take such a huge risk, or there’s a huge audience for those toys just like Transformers (but I don’t know nearly enough about it). I would have thought Transformers would have tanked myself, especially considering its reviews. Then there’s the fact that the overall the box office is up over 11% over last year and it’s only June.

Nevertheless, if this were 2007, which also had Transformers, Trek would rank 7th domestically adjusted for inflation, with what I would perceive as similar films to 2009. So, I would guess your numbers are right on. 2008 was a completely different matter where Trek would have come in 4th. So it really depends on the strength of the box office.

01) $351.1 Spider-Man 3
02) $336.7 Shrek the Third
03) $333.1 Transformers
04) $322.8 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
05) $304.7 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
06) $267.5 I Am Legend
07) $246.3 Star Trek
08) $237.4 The Bourne Ultimatum
09) $229.5 National Treasure: Book of Secrets
10) $226.7 Alvin and the Chipmunks
11) $219.7 300

However, adjusted for inflation, for the top grossing movies since 2000, Star Trek ranks 57th Domestically and 123rd Worldwide over a decade of similar films with similar budgets, similar technology and similar box office models – which only shows how much variance there is in the box office from year to year, as to what constitutes a successful top grossing film.

#21 –
Thanks for that . Very informative. And I agree in regards to New Moon, GI Joe, Bruno, Public Enemies, and The Hangover. I think all of them will gross less than Star Trek., domestically. However, I do think you over-estimate Sherlock Holmes and even possibly Harry Potter. I for one think Harry has stayed at the party too long. How much longer can you tell stories about pre-teens/teens using actors in their 20’s? Plus, I just don’t feel or hear the Potter buzz anymore. As for GI Joe, I saw that trailer before one of my viewings of ST, along with trailers for Land of the Lost and Year One. I rated all three a “turkey”. So far I’m 2 for 3! ;-)

LOL! We can always count on RD to rain on any parade!! Unless it’s a parade for his beloved ST:TMP!

Bruno at 100%! LMAO! Out of 7 reviews. Since it doesn’t come out for two more weeks and nobody has really seen it, that’s a red herring.

I do have one question. How are the yearly numbers calculated? If a movie opens around Christmas, but earns half (or more) of it’s money after the New Year, how is the yearly box office determined?

My guess (domestically):
1.) Transformer: Revenge of the robots that got destroyed in the last movie
2.) Harry Potter 6
3.) Up
4.) Star Trek

Maybe lower, but “Star Trek” has #2 and “Transformers 2:Watch a kid play a video game for 2 hours” will take the #1 spot soon. Harry Potter will make more than Star Trek. G.I. Joe won’t make as much- most people like me are thinking “WTF a G.I. Joe movie. LAME!” New Moon won’t make that much even with its fanbase, because many fans didn’t like “Twilight”‘s movie version. “Avatar” and “Sherlock Holmes”, well, I just haven’t seen any hype, and haven’t really heard anything about them until now so I don’t think they’ll make that much money.

But we don’t know so why am I guessing anyways?

Ok. By order of the Emperior of the Terran Empire!!!!!! All Trek Fans Must See Star Trek This weekend or face 24 uninterupted hours in the Agoniser Booth!!!!!!! After you see Trek. You may see Transformers or any other movie you want.

Best be it not Transformers.

11 and 14.

I’m hoping there’s more of Urban and much less of Pegg. Pegg was definitely the weak link in this movie. He did not at all remind me of Scotty. And his “comic relief”, which was a poor idea to begin with, fell flat.

21. Charles Trotter

Those are mighty specific predictions you are making, including for films which have yet to be seen! May I ask what your BO predictions for Trek were about 6 months ago or so?

26. RD

Thanks! I try. :-) I agree that Bruno will probably be a big hit, and will possibly make more than the $170m I estimate, but I’m not sure it will match The Hangover’s final gross (which will actually probably be closer to $230m, not $240m). Although its just as raunchy (probably even more so), Bruno is a completely different type of movie compared to the R-rated romance/”bromance” type comedies which seem to be gaining in popularity (The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, I Love You Man, Knocked Up, Superbad, etc.) You’re right, though, audiences are always looking for a good laugh, now more than ever, and I could be underestimating Cohen’s popularity. I still don’t think it’ll surpass Trek, though. :)

G.I. Joe could really go either way. I don’t see it being the mega-blockbuster that Transformers was, but I also don’t see it completely flopping. The movie stands a good chance of making around $180 million or so, but I wouldn’t count on much more. I’ll be surprised if it makes more than $200 million in the US.

Thanks for putting Trek in perspective of previous years. ’twas very helpful. Based on that, I would say Trek definitely has a good chance of coming in 5th or the least 6th place. The box office is a bit stronger this year, but I think Trek will be able to hold on. :)

27. & 28. Brian Kirsch

Yeah, I may have over-estimated Holmes a bit; I just saw the trailer for the first time and it doesn’t look all that spectacular. I might have to move that down the list a bit. Then again, it’s a Christmas release starring Robert Downey, Jr., so who knows?

As for Harry Potter, the buzz is still very much there. Fans were supposed to get this movie back in November but were forced to wait until July. With the extended wait, and the fact that this movie actually looks better than all the others combined, I think this Potter could very well be the highest-grossing in the franchise. $340 million may be a bit too much, though; maybe $330 million. :)

In response to your question regarding yearly numbers, if a movie were to open around Christmas of, say, 2009, and make most of its money in 2010, it would still be considered a 2009 release and would be included on charts for that year. So a movie like Sherlock Holmes, which opens Christmas Day, would be on the 2009 chart even though it will make much of its money in 2010.

I think that’s what you were asking, lol! Please let me know if I misinterpreted something. :)

Q would be interesting in a “Star Trek” film. I could see him and Spock Prime having a relationship similar to Picard/Q. Q would obviously have the power to restore the timeline, if he wanted too.

Personally though, I think they should save Q for a final TNG film. Either a direct to DVD or feature film would be fine. Since Star Trek is a golden goose again, it may be wise to consider a TNG film.


Man, I love you even more.

32. Anthony Thompson

I’m not sure what my prediction was 6 months ago (it was probably still in flux, as it were), but for the May movie preview I posted on Facebook back in late April, I predicted the movie would open with $75-$80 million and would go on to earn $220 million. I got the opening right, but at the time, I had no idea Trek would have the kind of legs it had. Then again, I try not to get *too* optimistic in my predictions (though, admittedly, my estimate for Sherlock Holmes was pretty optimistic). Anyway, I’m glad I was wrong in this scenario and that the movie will earn a bit more than I predicted. :)

Correction to #37 — I’m glad it *has* earned more than I predicted. Past tense. :D


Bruno match Borat? Borat was an anomaly, this guy is the Yahoo Serious of this age.

Trek made what it made and we should just all be happy that Star Trek is cool again.

Look, let’s just hit all of the other websites and see if we can generate a few more box-office bucks for Star Trek.

After all, it watching and re-watching the original that got momentum going in the first place.

But, we never beat Star Wars.

It’s time. don’t you think?

If Q ever visits the original crew, he would be the one that could restore the alternate timeline to its original state. I would like to see Q bring the alternate crew to the 24th century prime timeline. That would be interesting.

Urban’s photo? I am truly afraid to ask…

I think Trek is due to finish its run at my local cinema here in the sunny UK today- all things being equal I’m very much hoping to get along for one of the last showings.

The girls over at ONTD_startrek posted after it happened. Karl made a joke about blow jobs and proceeded to demonstrate on the microphone. So, yes. It is as bad as it looks! Also, as hilarious.

[[ Someone mentioned his turn as Bones was really funny and asked if he’d consider doing “full blown comedy”. He said “What do you mean by “blown?” and it got a laugh so he mimed wiping off the corners of his mouth. That got an even bigger laugh so he stuck the mic in there. He really did look kind of pleased with himself, lol. ]]

It seems like more people are “discovering” Star Trek, and these are people who would did not regularly watch any of the Trek TV shows nor pay to see any previous Trek movie at the theater. Star Trek is being kept alive by the non-fans now. They are going to see Star Trek because they heard it is a great movie. The original Star Wars did not start huge, but it kept going and going forever.

Even if it drops out of the weekend top 10 during the coming holiday weekend, I have a feeling it will appear in the top 10 again. And I think it will continue to play in multiplex theaters for months. In fact, Paramount should push to get it back into more theaters (and maybe even some Imax screens) and do a “see it again” campaign during the lull between summer and the holiday season.

OMG! I cant believe that a stupid cartoon has surpassed trek, that just sucks.

#32 Pegg did his best with the material he was given. Don’t forget who wrote that stuff!! And apparently the blame for the dumb furball lies with JJ.
I’d like to see more of Scotty in the next film – provided it’s the tough, uncompromising, respected 3rd-in-command Scotty, and not “Scotty the idiot”.
The responsibility for that lies with the writers – not Simon Pegg.

Clearly, Transformers is the superior picture.

But it’s really too bad people wasted their time on that hunk o’ junk rather than checking out Virtuality on Friday. I do have an issue with the cinematography being too similar to BSG … but honestly, Virtuality was about the best hour and a half of sci-fi I have seen in a long time. It felt like an old Twilight Zone episode, it challenged and amused and made you think. Great TV. Representations of disability, all races, various sexual orientations — fantastic tapestry of humanity.

Get it streamed if you can and see it. I’m in pain that people would have missed it for Transformers….

I’d so love to see Q too, but I’d like him to be this mysterious power behind the events, like, we would be shown him, but the crew wouldn’t meet him directly. And the above-mentioned Picard/Q-like relationship between Q and Spock (Prime) would be awsome, as the two are just so different, and judging by the ‘Spock vs. Q’ audioboks, this would work perfectly and could also be hilarious. What can I say, I always wanted to see both of them together on screen :) Anyway, I wish we’d get more of the original Spock in any form while we still have Nimoy around, it’s not like he’ll be here forever (terrible, terrible tought.. [shudder]).

Also, Q could be just the perfect nod (inside joke?) (and maybe a hope) for all those who want the original timeline restored: he could be this God-like jerk with just the right powers to set everything back, but he simply won’t do that for just the sheer fun of it (something similar to when Q brought Janeway and Voyager right next to the Earth, and then just returned them back to the Delta quadrant; it was such an intense moment; I can see a similar scene with Q and Spock P.).

Oh, yeah, and I’m also for a more serious Scotty on the Ent., doing more of what is stated in his job description.

Even though Transformers pasted Trek, the big question is of the viewers of either movie in a year what will be remembered for details. I bet at least 75% of the Trek viewers will remember things, and for the Transformers you’d be lucky to have 10% memory. Just look at the age of the viewers and you’ll know. It’s 12 year old kids against 27 year old adults, of which most have learned that memory is needed to have a good life. Kids are for entertainment and adults are for validation of their beliefs.

And how much would the Transformers make if each kid had to earn the money for the ticket, and not just beg mommy or daddy and see the movie just so the kid gets out of their hair. Is that not why mommy and daddy love saturday morning cartoons.