June 2009

Exclusive First Look At Star Trek Movie Enterprise Model + More Round 2 Trek Model Previews

Since the film came out, many have been asking if there was going to be a model kit for the new USS Enterprise from Star Trek. And the answer is: yes! TrekMovie has all the exclusive details and a first look from Round 2 at their first Star Trek movie model, along with all the details about for the other ‘classic’ Trek models coming out later this year and into 2010 and beyond.

Sci-Fi Monday Movie News: Transformers, Alien, Ghostbusters, Avatar, Hobbit, Iron Man + more

It is a special Monday edition of our SciFi Sunday wrapup of genre movie news. We have tons of updates on the new Transformers movie, with lots of clips, quotes, etc. Plus Ridley Scott may be involved in that Alien prequel and there’s more news on Ghostbusters, Hobbit, Avatar and much more, plus lots of previews, including Iron Man2 and Shorts, featuring Star Trek’s Jimmy Bennett.

Star Trek (and TrekMovie.com) Nominated For Portal Awards

Today Airlock Alpha (formerly SyFyPortal) announced the nominees for their annual ‘Portal Awards’, covering all aspects of the world of genre entertainment. The new Star Trek movie received a number of nominations, as did other aspects of Star Trek (including TrekMovie.com itself). Details on that below, plus another site has a profile of TrekMovie.com.

Star Trek Timelines – An Official Graphic

The new Star Trek movie is not easy to classify. The film is not a traditional prequel like Star Wars Episode III, nor is it a traditional ‘canon reboot’ like Batman Begins. Some have wondered how the new film fits in with the Trek universe, and what affect it has on the extended universe. A new page and graphic on the Star Trek Online MMORPG official site gives a pretty good explanation. [movie spoilers obviously]

Star Trek V 20th Anniversary – Retro Review

Today is the second Friday in June and the number one movie at the American box office is a Star Trek movie. And on the second Friday in June of 1989 another Trek film opened, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, to an entirely different reception. This weekend TrekMovie begins a 20th anniversary look back at STV with a series of articles, starting with this (repost of our 2008) retro review.

Patrick Stewart ‘Absolutely Loved’ New Star Trek Movie

The last four Star Trek movies featured the crew of The Next Generation, led by Captain Picard, played by Patrick Stewart. But in a new(ish) interview from the UK, Stewart seems to be a fan of the new Star Trek movie, as well as its new captain, Chris Pine. Details below, plus we catch up with what the former Jean Luc has been up to recently.

ST09 Tidbits: Trek Crosses $225M Domestically + Bana Reluctant Nero + NASA’s Lesson From Trek + more

Before it finished its fifth week at the domestic box office, Star Trek crossed the $225M mark yesterday. We have all the box office details below, plus the Trek lesson of the day (this time for NASA), Eric Bana talking about how he was reluctant to take the role of Nero, and a student project envisioning the Star Trek movie inside a mobile device.

Tom Cruise Wants JJ Abrams To Produce Mission Impossible 4

JJ Abrams first feature film as a director was Mission: Impossible: III back in 2006. After the film’s release there was a falling out between Tom Cruise and Paramount pictures, however more recently things have thawed and in the last year Cruise has been talking up a fourth entry in the franchise. Now it appears that JJ Abrams has been asked to produce MI:4.

ST09 Tidbits: Orci On Shatner Scene + Kirk Babies + Star Trek Inspires Star Wars Reboot? + more

Star Trek has passed the one old month mark, but it still makes news. Today we have a collection of tidbits from video of Bob Orci talking Shatner (and wearing a funny hat), some details on the baby Kirk, Star Trek inspiring people to think of a Star Wars reboot, and more, including the latest box office numbers.

Abrams: Jack Black NOT In Talks For Harry Mudd For Star Trek Sequel

The Star Trek movie is still in theaters, but it appears that the casting rumor mill for the sequel is just starting to gear up. The latest seems to be Jack Black as Harry Mudd with word that he was having meetings with the Abrams team. JJ Abrams addressed this rumor directly by telling AICN that he had indeed met with Black, but not for Mudd, details below.

Book Excerpt: Star Trek TNG: Losing The Peace

Later in June Pocket Books will be releasing "Losing the Peace" a new Next Generation novel by William Leisner, and the first TNG book since the "Destiny" Series. Picard and the crew of the Enterprise E have to deal with how their mission has changed in the post-"Destiny" Federation. Pocket has put up the the entire first chapter online, read it below.