June 2009

Box Office Weekend Update: Star Trek Comes In Fifth (Again)

The estimates for the fifth weekend of the new Star Trek have it in fifth place with $8.4M in domestic sales and another $6M in overseas sales, which is notable because Star Trek was also in fifth place last weekend, even though three new movies opened up on Friday. Star Trek’s estimated global gross now stands at $334.8M. More details below.

Sci-Fi Movies Sunday: Transformers, Avatar, Marvel Movies, Clash of Titans, GI Joe, Harry Potter + more

For our weekly wrapup of genre movie news we start off with a ton of new info, images and video from Transformers 2, but that is not all. There is a lot of new info about Avatar and the upcoming Marvel movies, including Thor and Iron Man 2. And we have new previews and images, including Clash of the Titans, GI Joe and the next Harry Potter and Ice Age movies.

Possible Dates For Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray Releases For Fall 2009

In April and May CBS and Paramount put out a total six DVD and Blu-ray sets, mostly around the release of the new Star Trek movie, but they are not done yet. There are a number of additional sets for the new Star Trek movie, TOS, and the TNG era movies on the way, and now the first indications of when we will get them are starting to hinted at.

Star Trek TOS Nominated For TCA Heritage Award + Lost, Fringe & BSG Nominated For Awards

The new Star Trek is just starting to pick up awards, but the original Star Trek isn’t done yet. The nominees for the 25th annual Television Critics Awards have been announced and the original series Star Trek was nominated for the ‘Heritage Award’. In addition some shows from Trek veterans are also nominated for TCA awards.

Happy Birthday Karl Urban

He may not be a physicist, but he is now 37 years old. Today is Karl Urban’s birthday and so we here at TrekMovie wanted to wish him a happy birthday and you are out of your Vulcan mind if you didn’t think that he nailed the role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the new Star Trek. See below to find out all the latest on fellow Trek fan, Karl Urban. 

A New Hirschfeld Draws Star Trek’s New Crew

The late illustrator Al Hirschfeld, known his black and white drawings of celebrities and Broadway stars, also did a number of  famous drawings of the various Star Trek crews. Now a new Hirschfeld has decided to take on the new crew with a drawing based on the Star Trek movie, and he is giving away 20 of them. Details below, plus we take a look back at the Star Trek works of Al Hirschfeld.

Sci-Fi TV Saturday: BSG, Doctor Who, V, Heroes, The Prisoner, SGU + more

In part 1 of our weekly wrap up of genre entertainment news we have all the latest for the upcoming TV season, including details on the BSG movie "The Plan", casting news and more for Heroes next season, and updates on whats coming from Doctor Who, V, Chuck and more. Plus we have preview images and videos, including Smallville, Stargate Universe, and The Prisoner.   

ST09 Tidbits: Ryder For More Trek + Star Trek Tech + More Trek Baseball + Fri Box Office

The Star Trek movie is now in its fifth weekend, but it still makes news. We have some new comments from Winona Ryder on what she would like to do in Trek next. Plus the latest box office has Trek topping a new chart. We also have some new interviews cover some of the technology behind making Star Trek and another baseball team going to the final frontier.

TrekMovie After Dark: Trek XXX, Mr. Skin Trek, Trek Corsets & ST09 Erotic FanFic

In the last few days a few things have come across the desk at TrekMovie HQ which are a bit on the risqué side, but we still wanted to share them with you all. So tonight we have a special ‘After Dark’ feature, including a clips from Star Trek XXX, Mr. Skin taking a look at Star Trek celebrities, plus Star Trek corsets and new ST09 erotic fanfic.  [warning article contains adult themes]

Star Trek Wins 4 Golden Trailer Awards + New Trailer Mashups

One of the keys to building buzz with the general movie audience and the fans was the marketing campaign for new Star Trek movie. Yesterday Paramount was honored for their promotional work by winning four Golden Trailer Awards — details below. Plus did you know people are still making ST09 trailer mashups? We take a look at some of the latest. 

CONTEST: Win Star Trek Movie Audiobook Signed By Zachary Quinto

If you want to relive the Star Trek movie again and also get some more insights into the characters and events of the film, you can ‘listen’ to the movie via the audio book of the Alan Dean Foster adaptation. Today we have a clip from the audio book to sample it, and we are also giving away free copies, including one signed by the narrator, Zachary Quinto.

Star Trek Ends 4th Week With $320M Globally + Passes Another Trek Milestone

On Thursday Star Trek came in fourth place with $1.23M in domestic sales, bringing its domestic total up to $214.4M. This, combined with its total international sales of $105.9, brings Star Trek’s four week global gross to $320.3M. More box office details below, including some predictions on what Star Trek can expect for its fifth weekend.

PineWatch: Chris Pine Picks Next Movie + Named ‘Most Beautiful Man’ + New Photos + more

Star Trek’s new captain may not (yet) be the king of all media like Bill Shatner, but he is certainly getting enough buzz this week to get him his own ‘Celeb’ column. We have news of Chris Pine’s first big post-Star Trek role in a new action movie with Denzel Washington, plus new photos, and more in our very first ‘PineWatch’

Report From Mexico City Star Trek Press Conference (w/ Pictures & Video) + JJ Talks Sequel

The Star Trek movie has opened in most markets around the world, but there are a handful left, including Mexico this weekend. To promote the Mexican premiere JJ Abrams went down to Mexico City with Zachary Quinto, Roberto Orci and Zoe Saldana. We have video and images from the yesterday’s press conference, along with a few comments from Abrams about the Star Trek sequel.

Star Trek: The Exhibition Launches New Site + Science Museums Still Showing ST09 in IMAX

Starting in 2008 there have been two ‘engagements’ of Star Trek: The Exhibition, a touring museum exhibit of Star Trek set pieces, costumes and props and more. Now ST: TE has a new central website with info and where you can get notified when it comes to your town. And in other Star Trek museum news, a number of science museums are still running Star Trek in IMAX.  

Exclusive First Look At 2010 TOS and ‘Ships’ Star Trek Calendars + Movie Calendar Announced

Every summer the new year starts a little early with the release of the Star Trek calendars. Just like last year, Pocket Books and Andrews McMeel Publishing will have a Star Trek TOS and a ‘Star Trek Ships of the Line’ calendar for 2010. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at the inside of the TOS calendar and the cover for the SOTL calendar. Plus we have news of a third calendar based on the new Star Trek movie. 

GoAnimate Adds More Star Trek Characters & Announces New ‘Backstory’ Contest

GoAnimate.com, the site that lets you make your own animations, today announced that it has expanded its roster of official Star Trek characters to include Nurse Chapel, Gorn, Mara, and two Klingon crewmen. To celebrate the five new characters, they have also launched a new animation contest for fans to create the best ‘backstory’. Details below.

Watch Tom Hanks Scream Out TOS Episode Titles On Tonight Show + ST09 Box Office Update

Last night Oscar-winner Tom Hanks was a guest on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and Conan brought up how his movie Angels & Demons has been competing with Star Trek. Hanks said that he thought the Star Trek film was "great" then went on to show how much of a Trekkie he is by screaming out TOS episode titles. See video of that below, plus the latest box office numbers.

EXCLUSIVE: James Clyne Talks About His Newly Revealed Star Trek Concept Art

There were two main concept artists for the new Star Trek feature film. In the last few weeks Ryan Church has posted a couple his designs on his site. Now James Clyne has joined in, by putting up over two dozen pieces of Star Trek concept art on his site. TrekMovie talked exclusively to Clyne about his work. See below for his sketches and what lies behind them. 

The Collective: Review Of Hamilton Star Trek Trek Ship Collectibles

You may not have heard of them, but the Bradford Group (and its various brands) has been making legacy-quality Star Trek collectibles for years. Over the next couple of weeks TrekMovie will be reviewing their latest offerings which are perfect gifts for dads and grads. Today we start with the Hamilton USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Laser Etched Glass Statue, and the Guardians of the Federation Collection Figurines.