July 2009

Box Art for Star Trek Season 2 Blu-ray + Individual Star Trek Movies on Blu-ray & DVD [UPDATED]

This Fall is going to be big for Star Trek on home video. We had announced some box art previously, but we now have art for the whole collection, including and exclusive look at the TOS Season 2 on Blu-ray set. We also have art for the new ‘even numbered’ individual movies releases on Blu-ray and DVD.  

Star Trek Magazine #20 Excerpts: Abrams & Krige Interviews + more

Star Trek Magazine #20 is just arriving on newstands as a focus on the Borg. STM have provided TrekMovie with excerpts of their interview with the Borg Queen (Alice Krige) and an article on the history of the Borg. We also have an excerpt from an interview with JJ Abrams and a closer look at the covers.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek Mission’s End #5

McCoy is still missing. Kirk is injured. Bugs have attacked bugs. There’s some weird quadraphasic readings. Oh, and Ambassador Cassady is in charge,  where does that leave the Enterprise crew? This week IDW brings an end to their five issue Mission’s End series which tells the story of the final days of Kirk and crew’s five year mission. We wrap it up with our review of the final two issues (and the series as a whole) below.

Official Star Trek Vegas Convention Shaping Up To Be Huge – TrekMovie Will Be There

Next week is the annual official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. This year has quite the stellar line-up, including the original Kirk, three Spocks and lots of first-time convention stars like Christopher Lloyd. There are also many night time activities lined up, including a TrekMovie meet-up and a Roddenberry party. Details below.

Orci: Linking Next Two Star Trek Movies Just A ‘Maybe’

A few days ago we reported a comment from Star Trek scribe Roberto Orci at Comic-Con about possibly linking the next two Star Trek movies. However, in a new brief interview (from the next day) has Bob downplaying the possibility as just a maybe, and also talking about differences between the second new Trek film vs. the second Transformers film. Details below.

Viacom Chief Touts Star Trek As ‘Unqualified Blockbuster’ As Film Reaches $380M Globally

The Star Trek box office performance is almost in the history books, but the film is still out there and has finally hit the $380M globally. Yesterday Viacom’s CEO touted the film to investors as a ‘unqualified blockbuster’ and talked up the future profit potential of Trek as well. Details and the latest box office below, plus another Star Trek musical interlude.

Star Trek Home Video Update: New BD Live SDCC Video + Close Look At Best Buy Gift Set + More Pre-orders

As we have been reporting over the last couple of weeks, the there is a lot of activity going on now in the world of Star Trek home video. Today CBS started releasing special Comic Con videos via BD Live (also soon available online). We also have a closer look at the Best Buy gift set badge pins, and now almost all of the upcoming releases are available for pre-order.

ShatWatch: Bill Reads Palin Poetry On Tonight Show + Helps Greenpeace Send A Message

It has been a busy 24 hours for William Shatner. Firstly, it seems Bill and Conan have moved on from the ‘salute incident‘ as The Shat appeared on The Tonight Show to do a comedy bit last night. We have video of that below. In other William Shatner news, today he got involved in a Greenpeace event protesting toxic chemicals being used by HP, you can listen to his message to HP employees below too.

Review of Wrath of Khan Extended Soundtrack + Producer Interview

Last week, TrekMovie reported that Film Score Monthly and Screen Archives Entertainment was releasing an expanded version of the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan soundtrack by James Horner. Today we have a review, focusing on the new material, plus an interview with the producer of the new expanded soundtrack, providing some behind the scene details. 

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: SDCC 2009 Edition

Over the last few days the producers and stars of all the big genre TV shows were in San Diego at Comic Con. In our weekly wrap-up of news we have the latest from new show like FlashFoward, and old favorites like Lost, Doctor Who, Heroes, Fringe and more. Plus we have the latest images and previews. So let’s get started.

The Collective: Star Trek Standees + New Bobbleheads + Playmates Wave 2 + New Watch

The Collective has a collection of news about Star Trek products you might have not heard about and updates on some favorites, including Star Trek movie crew life-sized standees, Playmates second wave of Star Trek movie figures, first look at the Star Trek Armitron watch, and new Funko Star Trek bobble-heads. Check it all out below

Exclusive Interview: Tim Jones & Mike Johnson Talk Nero, Star Trek Adaptation & Future Comics

At the Comic-Con IDW panel this week, Tim Jones and Mike Johnson talked a bit about their two follow-up comic books to “Star Trek Countdown,” but nothing we hadn’t already covered here. However, in an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, not only did they talk details on the two announced books, they also talked about the books coming next. Find out below.   

Orci Talks (Again) About Linking Next Two Star Trek Movies + Saldana Says Script ‘Half Done’

All indications from Paramount over the last few months have shown they are anxious to keep the ball rolling with the Trek franchise and get another movie out ASAP. Now it appears they planning for the long term and want the creative team to be thinking two steps ahead. The latest news comes from a comment from Bob Orci at Comic Con. Also at Comic-Con, Zoe Saldana says the next Star Trek script is ‘half done.’

Science Friday: Lunar Prize + Jupiter Impact + Ion To Mars + Glowing People + more

This week in TrekMovie’s Science Friday go to the Moon, Mars, and beyond with Lunar X-Prize and ion propulsion. For those of us still grounded here on Earth, you can take a look at a cometary impact into Jupiter. And, why don’t you glow in the dark while you’re at it? What, you didn’t know you could do that? Find out more in this week’s article, plus check out our gadget of the week: The Orb blutooth device.