PineWatch: Carriers Trailer + Unstoppable Stopped? + Farragut Reviews

The follow-up movie for Chris Pine after his breakout performance as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek will be a horror movie he shot before Trek called Carriers. We have details and the new trailer below, plus some news on Pine’s next film, which is having some budget trouble, and reviews for Chris’ new play. 


Chris Pine in "Carriers"
Carriers is a horror film Chris Pine shot in 2006 and has been sitting in the can over at Paramount Vantage (which has not been absorbed back into Paramount Pictures). Paramount will finally release the film on September 4th. Here is the official synopsis:

A deadly virus has spread across the globe. Contagion is everywhere, no one is safe, and no one can be trusted. Four young attractive people race through the back roads of the American West to the pounding beat of a vacation soundtrack. Their aim is to retreat to a secluded Utopian beach in the Gulf of Mexico, where they could peacefully wait out the pandemic and survive the apocalyptic disease. Carriers follow their getaway through a surreal and dangerous world where laws and rules no longer apply.

Their plans take a grim turn when their car breaks down on an isolated road, starting a chain of events that will seal the fate of each of them in an inexorable and horrifying voyage of hell through a western landscape populated by only the hideous dead or the twisted living. Their desperate retreat south turns into a deadly battle against infected children, homicidal doctors, crazed survivalists, rabid dogs, and finally, each other. The virus is the least of their problems as horrible choices must be made in the face of lost humanity.

And here is the newly released trailer:

And the official poster.

More photos for "Carriers" at


Pine’s Unstoppable being stopped?
As reported in our first ‘PineWatch’ a month ago, Chris had chosen the Tony Scott directed action-thriller "Unstopable" as his post Star Trek project. However now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is considering putting the project on hold due to problems with agreeing on a budget. Apparently the deals for Chris Pine, co-star Denzel Washington and director Tony Scott have not been closed yet. The lackluster performance of the latest Washington-Scott colaboration The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 is probably not helping, but there is also a general belt tightening going on in Hollywood, which may not match the director’s vision. From the THR report.

Washington is an A-lister who earns as much as $20 million per picture at a time when studios say they want to rein in star salaries.

Hollywood execs are pointing to such star-driven projects as "Land of the Lost" and the Washington-Scott actioner "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," which have faltered at the boxoffice, while concept-driven pics including "Up," "Star Trek" and "The Hangover" have flourished. (Ironically, "Trek" star Pine was one of the actors who broke out in a concept movie; "Unstoppable" was to be a coming-out party of sorts.)

Known for their high production values, Scott’s movies tend to travel in a higher-budget range. But Fox is known for managing costs by examining budgets critically.

So it looks like Chris may need to shop for another Star Trek follow-up.

Pine gets rave reviews for "Farragut"
Chris Pine is appearing all July in "Farragut North" at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. Directed by Tony-Award winning Doug Hughes (Doubt), the cast also includes: Mia Barron, Dan Bittner, Justine Huen, Chris Noth,  Olivia Thirlby and Isiah Whitlcok, Jr. In the play Pine portrays Stephan Bellamy a press sectretary for a presidential candidate.

The politically charged play opened June 24th and is getting generally good reviews, with Pine getting particularly high marks from the critics, here are some excerpts

Pine, who scored in the Geffen staging of Neil LaBute’s “Fat Pig” back in 2007, amply possesses the requisite charisma, boyish charm and calculating intelligence of a political wunderkind. He plays Stephen Bellamy, only 25 and already a seasoned pro of 10 years’ standing. Communications director for unseen, come-from-behind candidate “Morris,” this master of cell-phone spin is on top of his world, the brass ring of White House entree tantalizingly within reach.

The riveting interest is always Pine’s seductive double-talk, the way he maniacally stirs up trouble whenever he feels the heat from his incessantly moaning phone. There’s a reason his Stephen is so adroit at his job — a genially handsome exterior conceals a ruthlessly Machiavellian interior. He’s upfront about his moral shortcomings, but somehow that only adds to his lethal charm. Molly, who’s no old-fashioned purist, can’t help wishing that this sad, self-made dreamboat was made of better stuff. Pine coaxes us into falling into the same sinister trap.
LA Times

It’s Pines’ play to run with, and run he does, charming his way into and out of trouble until he finally runs clear out of friends, excuses and scruples.
Hollywood Reporter

Pine in "Farragut North"

There are performances every day Tuesday through Sundays, with additional matinees on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets range from $45 to $74 and are on sale now at The final performance is on Sunday July 26.

UPDATE: Pine talking about Farragut North

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Pine looks alot like a young pre-Trek Shatner in that first Farragut pic…

Now they can’t say the new Kirk didn’t serve aboard the Farragut! :D

#2 –


Wish I was in southern Ca so I could see the play. I am really enjoying Pine’s acting and looking forward to more. Has anyone seen a romantic comedy his did called Blind Dating. Fun film and he does a great job in it as a blind man.

I hope Carriers doesn’t play into a formulaic zombie movie … I mean, it looks pretty good from the trailers, and I have been looking for a good one of those zombie flicks..

@ 2. lol. Well said.

I thought Pine was great in the comedy Bottle Shock. Check it out.

#4 – I’ve seen it. The story is kinda plain, but I agree, Chris does a great job portraying a blind man. :)

#7 Yeah I really liked Bottle Shock as well. That was a good little film.

Carriers looks interesting and I love Chris Meloni so bonus!

#2. LoranBasaraEvin

AH Ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, No.

just no.

20 mil+ salaries for stars, et al. Same goes with sports stars, media bigwigs, corporate CEOs, and anyone making millions on the backs of Great Unwashed. There is no shame, no discipline. Pass the popcorn and 3-D glasses.

Is this a Star Trek web site or just another celeb watch site?

huh, Carriers looks sucky. Pine or not, I won’t be bothering with it.

I LOVE the Carriers Trailer. Really looking forward to it. Having said that, it also has the potential to be abysmal! :-D

Good news about the trouble with Unstoppable. It could have been a career-killer for Pine. That movie was doomed at the premise stage. Why would Fox want to shell out 100 million bucks for a presumably boring, mediocre action-thriller? A film that could have been made in the 80’s, and probably was. A film that would probably only make 50-70 million at the box office. To Chris Pine: consider selecting a project people will actually want to go see.

I really enjoyed him in both Bottle Shock and Blind Dating. He really has talent and this is only one more proof of it. Too bad about Unstoppable but I’m looking forward to Carriers.

To #10 (Krikzil) – Chris Pine is starring in Farragut North with Chris Noth, not Chris Meloni….

“Four Young Attractive people….” That is the funniest synopsis I have ever read. HA!

BakulaWatch – – trailer for Steven Sodebergh’s Informant with Matt Damon and Scott Bakula

So few comments to this article leads me to believe that it is a mistake to turn this site into a celeb watch site. 2 cents, and finished now.

Are you really finished, or will there be a third post where you complain about the same thing.

Why on Earth would we not want to follow what all Trek actors (not just the new ones) are up to nowadays?

Pine is hot sh** right now. Good for him.

I can’t wait until Pine makes a Spoken Word album with a cover of Rocket Man….

He will probably star in a western, some margerine commercials and a film starring some giant mutant spiders…..

And Quinto will be in the next Mission Impossible as the son of Paris….or as new Paris….

I wonder if JJ will remake 1968’s White Comanche – that was a classic film starring THE SHAT….

That film was kinda a pre-lude of TOS “The Paradise Syndrome”

Go Pine. I’ve loved this guy ever since I saw Smokin’ Aces. He was absolutely hilarious in that movie. And I’m psyched to hear Carriers is finally coming out… I’ve been waiting for it!

#1 – You might need your eyes examined.

And this guy is such a versitile actor! I mean, like any good actor he looks completely differ – oh wait, he looks exactly the same as he did in the movie they called “Star Trek” for some reason. Pretty Boy’s too worried about his “look” to actually become different characters – you know, like actors are usually supposed to do.

Let mine be the first vote to discontinue this pointless and foolish “Pine Watch” column on Who’s with me?

I saw Farragut North on the opening night … Chris Pine was excellent, and Chris Noth was just average … Chris Pine was what drew your attention in every piece … it’s a real shame that Leonardo di Caprio is playing the part in the movie of the same name and not Chris …

Hi DidDi,

There is no doubt in my mind that Chris Pine “saved” the new Star Trek movie. After 11 viewings it was very clear to me (and this is only my opinion) that his presence rescued the film when it was starting to drag (and that did not happen very often.)

Still, successful web sites have a clear “branding image’ and this site is getting a bit out of focused. The web administrator knows best what to do.

Hi Third Remata’Klan,

I totally agree that Chris Pine might be, and probably is, a significant acting talent. But as for following the details of his personal life (and his life outside of Star Trek) that should be reserved for “lesser” web sites.

FYI – I am the 29th person to respond to this four day old thread when other articles get hundreds of comments. That is telling.

Always surprised me how many Star Trek fans online can be pricks.
Keep posting this info, it’s good to know what’s going on with the Trek

According to Roddenberry, the fans “share the Star Trek philosophies about life…they are interested mainly in the ideas promoted by Star Trek rather than in a usual fan thing of merely having a crush for some particular actor. Star Trek fans are generally anything but silly.”