TrekInk: Previews Of John Byrne’s “Crew” #5 and “Schism” Miniseries

Next week John Byrne wraps up his five issue "Crew" comic miniseries and we have a five page preview from IDW to get your started. Plus Byrne has release a few preview images from his upcoming "Schism" series, which will finish up his Romulan cycle of comics. 


Preview of Star Trek Crew #5 (click images to enlarge)
Star Trek: Crew #5, written and with art by John Byrne, will wrap up the "Crew" miniseries, telling the story of "Number One" from "The Cage". The IDW blurb for the comic states:

What lies at the literal end of the universe? The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are going to find out when they try to discover how entire star systems can simply vanish! Story and art by the inimitable John Byrne!

Crew #5 Retail and dealer incentive cover

Crew #5 five page preview

You can pick up the previous four issues of "Crew", and pre-order #5 at TFAW.










(July 8)

Early artwork from Byrne’s "Schism"
John Byrne’s next Star Trek comic is the three-part miniseries titled "Schism" kicking off in September. The TOS-era "Schism" focuses on the Romulans and is a sequel to Byrne’s "Alien Spotlight: Romulans" and "Romulans: The Hollow Crown". Here is the IDW blurb:

War! From behind the scenes, the Klingons loose their unsuspecting puppets, the Romulans, against the forces of the Federation. But the Klingon Emperor is impatient with the slow pace of the conflict, and back on Romulus there are already some who begin to see through the Klingon schemes. The final arc in John Byrne’s Romulans tales begins here!

This week Byrne showed off some artwork from the third issue of "Schism" on his forum

Previews from Byrne’s "Schism"

You can pre-order "Schism" #1 from TFAW







Last Generation Trade Paperback

Also being released next Wednesday is the trade paperback for the Myriad Universe story "Star Trek The Last Generation", written by Andrew Steven Harris with art from Gordon Purcell. The IDW blurb states:

In this first-ever Myriad Universe tale, Starfleet is no more. The Federation lies in ruin & the Klingons have conquered Earth. But a resistance, led by Jean-Luc Picard, seeks to free humanity from Klingon rule. Now, finally, it may have the means to do it: An android named Data, who has scrutinized the timeline & discovered that things are not as they should be.

Here is the cover:

Cover for "Last Generation" trade paperback

You can pre-order "Last Generation" at Amazon.


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FIRST! (??)
I love the pre-tos designs!

I love Number One. She deserved better.

I don’t know why but I really dig the Pike era stuff. I guess I’ve always been curious about what other adventures that crew might have had. I might pick this one up.

Lovely artwork , and looks like a good story ! One in the bag , I think !

oh yeah, this looks like fun. Nice old-style adventure… I’m definitely curious enough to see where it goes to pick these up

The star trek crew comic seems more respectful to Star Trek’s origins than all of ST: Enterprise.

In the 1960’s I have to believe that it was intended Spock was far more unique being an alien aboard the enterprise than it is now. Even in the DS9 era there are all Vulcan ships which implies that starfleet wasn’t always integrated and that each member planet got there own quota of starfleet ships and Spock got on a Human one because he was part human.

And of course Pike-era designs are awesome – and its only a matter of time before the reboot gets booted and this style will hopefully be revisited.

Notice the Captain is not Pike, it’s April.

Yeh, I like the old school look and feel, oh well…

I think Mr. Abrams and Mr. Church missed a great opportunity. The original design could have been updated and yet kept the basic shape of the original ship.

I also think it’s nice that the “Crew” comic features Captain April, a character that was missing in action in the new movie along with Number One.

remember the USS Intrepid in TOS? That was an all Vulcan Federation Constitution Class which is very strange. If Spock was the first Vulcan to graduate the Academy and was such an anomaly how did they manage to crew an entire Starfleet vessel. Also why would they as opposed to simply crewing a Vulcan ship?
Maybe one of these early adventures stories will tackle that.

Are any of these issues going to be available as apps on the iphone or other mobile devices? I read the whole Countdown series that way.

too bad John Byrne didn’t do the Wrath of Khan comic…the artwork isn’t really that good…Byrne’s stuff is awesome!

Nice job drawing the bird on the bottom of that Romulan Bird of Prey. That’s not an easy angle of perspective to draw a design like that. Well done!

Nice work here. It captures the Cage look perfectly!

Interesting choices. He’s got Engineering in red shirts, while including the other three colors as well, including beige. He’s also using the later red accents for doors, railings and desk edgings pre-Cage before they were first used in WNMHGB (mistake or intentional)?

Is this a new design interpretation? Or has this been depicted before?

In particular, I find the red engineering uniforms mixed in extremely intriguing. In The Cage in particular, there could have very easily been red shirts down in Engineering only, since we never saw anyone from engineering – actual engineers vs. all other support divisions.

It’s a little more complicated in WNMHGB since we see Scotty on the bridge, representing Engineering as a department head. However, Scotty is also seen operating the transporter and helming the ship and he is never identified as the chief engineer. It’s entirely possible then that there are still red shirts down in engineering and Scotty is the 2nd Engineer & Support Departments head, not the chief engineer yet. In other words, representing Engineering on the bridge while the chief engineer is where he’s supposed to be as the ship prepares to leave the galaxy. Or perhaps it’s the other way around and Scotty wears the beige color as the Support Department head of which engineering is a subsection.

Either way, I like the idea of the red shirt being part of the The Cage era uniforms.

‘Crew’ is fantastic!!! I have them all! Byrne is a god!!!

‘Crew’ is what tv’s “ENTERPRISE” should have been!!!!!!!

Hope the “crew” series makes it into a trade paperback.

#15 –

Ooorrrrrr… “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” were pilot episodes and they were pretty much making that stuff up as they went along. No need to overthink the costumes too much.

Number One rules! I want her to get her own TV show.

@ #6

I agree wkiryn, the TOS designs are refreshing. I liked the gray and black theme of the ship. Hopefully, the new “reboot” will incorporate more early design elements into the next films, but however, I do notice the comics leaning toward design of the new movie. Notice the front of the “teardrop” below the bridge, does that remind you of something? I guess TMP refit design schemes of the Enterprise have more impact than we realize.

Although I would have prefered the new Enterprise be more like the TOS era, I really liked Gabe Koerner’s version of the ship. It is true to the TOS design but also dresses the ship up nicely for the big screen (see link below.)

comment image

Man if they had only used that design and kept more in-line with traditional starship design. With Scotty being at the beginning of his career and the extra years before the original Prime Enterprise 5 year mission, one can only hope for a couple of refits added in so we can see something more closely to the Prime version of the Big E. And leave the size alone, please, why not make the smaller ships SMALLER, instead of bumping up the Big E’s size, no one really cares if you “tweak” a shuttlecraft but to mess with the Big E, now even that would piss Scotty off.

I can’t even think of someone to fill Majel’s shoes, were Number One to be recast. Uh Jennifer Gardner? No. Majel had that quiet dignity about her. But seeing those comics does make me wish it were possible.

Trek has always cast relatively unknown actors for lead roles. I’m sure they could find a suitable actress – hypothetically speaking, of course, since I’m not seeing anything as cool as a Number One TV show coming up in these dark times.

I mentally cast Jen Garner as Number One in the STXI universe because she favours Majel so strongly. But also because I can completely see her as a take-charge, in control, amazing captain who could hold her own with Pike and Kirk and no-one would doubt for a second her crew would follow her into hell. I guess I’m not thinking of the romantic comedies she’s done, so much as her work on “Alias” and in films like “The Kingdom”.

But I am so stupidly *thrilled* that IDW gave Number One a mini series all her own. out of all the Trek first officers, she gets the least amount of attention, and it’s been great fun seeing her serving under April, and meeting Pike for the first time. I also really loved Sarah Poole in issue #4–smart, no-nonsense, gruff the way Boyce and McCoy are gruff, but still warm and just that bit insubbordinate.

I wish they’d kept the story 6 issues instead of 5, tho. I don’t want the story to end so soon! In terms of the art, I love the colourists style–the inkwash/watercolour look gives the whole book a light and bright airy feel. Kinderzierski’s just done ana mazing job with teh colours. Byrne’s style has always bugged me slightly (particularly the way all his women’s faces look the same) but the finishing inks and colour really work with his Jack Kirby impression nicely.