7 Trekkie Suggestions For 4th of July Activities

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, a day for Americans to celebrate their independence as a nation and a people. TrekMovie has some suggestions on how Trekkies can celebrate the holiday, including joining George Takei at a fireworks show, seeing Chris Pine demonstrate democracy, re-enacting "The Omega Glory" and more. 


Go to fireworks show narrated by Sulu
[Shoreline Amphitheater – Mountain View, CA]

What is better than a fireworks show for 4th of July? How about a fireworks show with Star Trek music and Mr Sulu? The Radio Disney "23rd Annual 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" has the San Francisco Symphony doing a "look to the future" playing music from 2001, The Planets, Star Wars and a Star Trek. Star Trek’s George Takei will be narrating. (MORE INFO). Takei has an interview about the event in the SF Chronicle.

Visit Star Trek: The Exhibition
[Detroit Science Center & Philadelphia Franklin Institute]

How about spending the holiday touring the sets, props, costumes and Star Trek memorabilia at one of two science museums hosting Star Trek: The Exhibition. The exhibits and museums show how Star Trek is part of our future and has ties back to NASA and the American space program. Both exhibits run until September, but 4th of July weekend is as good a time as any to check them out. (MORE INFO). As an added bonus, the Detroit Science Center is still showing the new Star Trek movie in IMAX (four showings on July 4th).

Watch "Omega Glory" Remastered
[airing in Syndication – check local listings]

This weekend Star Trek Remastered, which is in national broadcast syndication, is airing the most American patriotic episode of the series, "The Omega Glory". Watch Kirk and crew get embroiled in a war between the Yangs and Kohms (thinly veiled stand ins for the cold war fight between America and the West vs. the and Communists of the East). Here is a preview.

Re-enact Kirk’s speech from "Omega Glory"
[place of your own choosing]

One of the patriotic highlights of "Omega Glory" is a speech given by Kirk at the end where he quotes from the preamble of the U.S. Constitution. It is a classic Kirk scene that can fill you with patriotic feelings, which can only be better if you recreated the scene yourself. Here is classic episode of his "Kirk Korner" where our friend Daren Dochterman shows you how it is done:

See new Captain Kirk demonstrate American democracy in action
[Geffen Playhouse – Los Angeles, CA]

Star Trek’s new Kirk is appearing in the play "Farragut North", but instead of being about Kirk’s first posting on the USS Farragut, it is actually about presidential politics during an election campaign. Chris Pine plays an up and coming genius communications strategist for a presidential candidate during the Iowa Caucus. Go see the new Kirk show how democracy really works. There are four showings this weekend. (MORE INFO). Here is video of Chris talking about the play, with some video of the play itself.

Go to a space Bar-B-Q
[space – or near you]

Nothing says 4th of July more than a cookout, with friends, family and lots of food. How about creating a Star Trek themed Bar-B-Q. The folks of the USS Challenger fan club are holding one in Ortley Beach, NJ, but if you aren’t near that one, make your own. Last year the folks at CBS showed us what a 4th of July meal might be like in the 23rd century.

Go see the new Star Trek movie…again
[at a theater nearish you]

Yes the Star Trek movie was released two months ago, but it is still on over 1,000 screens in America. If you don’t live in a big city you may have a bit of traveling. The movie is $2M away from breaking the $1/4 Billion barrier domestically, so do you patriotic duty and help put it over the top this weekend! You can find a theater playing the film at the official site or at Yahoo movies. The film is also still playing at a handful of IMAX theaters, mostly in museums, more info at IMAX.comStar Trek tells the story of a boy from Iowa who lost his way, only to grow to become the the captain of a ship and save the world…essentially the embodiment of the American dream. Here that boy gets set on the right path by Captain Christopher (Uncle Sam, "I want you…") Pike.


Whatever you do for your 4th of July, TrekMovie hopes you have a happy and safe independence day!


A special note for our Canadian friends for a belated ‘Canada Day’
Wednesday was Canada Day, which is the day Canadians celebrate the formation of Canada as a single country. So a big (belated) happy birthday to Canada from TrekMovie (and check out our list of Canada’s contribution to Star Trek from last year). Of course Canada’s biggest contribution was none other than William Shatner himself. Once again, here he is talking about his Canadian pride.


And for everyone else in the world, well just enjoy another summer weekend!


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I’ve seen the movie five times already and i just got tempted to see it one more!

Happy 4th to all!

once more

Thank you Trekmovie for the Canadian Happy Birthday!

And Happy Independence to you, America!

Wonderful to see Star Trek uniting nations.

are we allowed to say “happy 4th” on the 3rd?

Thanks for the Belated Happy Canada Day eh.

We love trek up here!

I’m all for watch the STAR TREK movie \m/ >_<

Happy 4th to all the Americans on the site and Peace to everyone else!

And Daren, don’t quit your day job!

Thank you for your best wishes on Canada Day and Happy Fourth Of July to our American friends!!

They have days in Canada? Hmmm. Who knew?

Hands off my space chicken! ‘cept for Denise, Spockanella, Liz, Vulcanista, and the other lovely ladies of this site.

Wow!!! Wow!!!
(Standing Ovation for Mr. Dochterman)

A brilliant performance, sir!

ddoc: (after 2nd viewing) Even better!

Daren, if you’re taking requests, could you please do Kirk’s “Risk is our business” speech next? :)

That’s one of my favorites. :) I would have done that as episode 4 if I had kept doing them… perhaps someday…

hmm im in jersey i should check out the BBQ

My family heritage in America dates to 1620 Massachusetts and the Pilgrim Fathers, let alone military service in the War of Independence and most subsequent actions.

Every time I hear the E Plebneesta I feel a thrill. Maybe you’ve got to be a Patriot to understand but I’m glad it makes it that far into (future) history.

God bless America – she needs thy blessing now more than ever.

C.S. Lewis

For those of you that have nothing to do and happen to live near Ventura County.


16. Great gig Chris! I wish I could help you guys play some Beatles tunes with my cello.

We had to learn the preamble in the 7th grade and had to recite it individually in class. I learned it by listening to my audio tape of Kirk in “The Omega Glory”. This was back in the mid 70’s. My delivery was very Kirk-like which didn’t go over well with the class, but I did get an ‘A’.

Hey Chris. Im in Austin. Wish i could be there. Happy 4th to all and may al of you have a safe and fantastic 4th of July Weekend. Go see Trek after you have eaten the Hotdogs and Apple Pie. Yummm. Sounds good.

I would so love to go enjoy the holiday with my “Trek family” on the big screen again. It has left my area.


I’m going to celebrate July 3 in the traditional way: a replay of Independence Day, followed by The Patriot tomorrow.

Then I’ll do the traditional burnt sacrifice, blow up some stuff and call it a day!


Yo, that 4th of July vid was hilarious! Neat fun!

Happy Birthday, America!

Gene Roddenberry was really a pioneer in many ways, and The Omega Glory was a true example of what a visionary and patriot he was, and thanks to episodes like TOG. it really shines.

Happy 4th and to our Canadian neighbors, friends and and a couple of the ST TOS actors, happy Canada day. Anyone know how many main actors there were in Star Trek TOS?

BTW- even after 39 years and countless viewings, this episode still puts a lump in my throat

happy belated canada day to fellow canadian trekkies here !

Thanks for the Canada Day wishes! A Happy 4th to all my American friends.

I was at the Just For Laughs Shatner show when he did that sketch.. it’s a take off of the Molson Canadian beer commercial ” I Am Canadian”. You didn’t see in the clip, but Bill got a standing ovation. Thanks, trekmovie, for running that clip!

^ 23 Cyberghost

Yes sir, it does. Our little colonial-era village here in Chester County will address the assembled crowds for its annual reading of the Declaration of Independence. Many good men died here during the “Paoli Massacre”. To live, they need only have declared loyalty to the King. They did not and were killed where they stood.

As a native Philadelphian, I grew up surrounded by equally sanctified land including Valley Forge and its great suffering and transformation. The character “forged” by Washington, von Steuben, Lafayette and their men is clearly the character of the fictional crew of the USS Enterprise. Consciously or no there are great parallels to Washington’s determination, his great desire for peace, reluctance to fight, firm resolve in the face of failure, clever genius and sheer intestinal fortitude.

Washington and his men are heroes for all ages and all peoples that love Liberty.

C.S. Lewis
(Gazing out upon the Paoli Massacre Battlefield on a moon filled, cloudless eve, hearing the fireworks across the wood, and thanking my God I am the heir to men such as those.)

Thanks for the belated Canada Day wishes!

And a happy 4th to our terriffic neighbours to the south! Live long, etc. :D

I actually went to the Exhibit earlier this week…

Wow, another lame TrekMovie non-news article.

Sometimes they’re like a bunch of evangelists… or Amway pushers.

Trek is fun. But stop trying to cast everything into Trek illumination.



Aww, C’mon. Paying tribute to the “E Plebnista” is fun. It’s a craptastic episode that gets William Shatner’s worst performance as Kirk transformed into a wondrous thing, worthy of tribute and endless adulation. Even if “Cloud William” and the ‘Yangs’ are all morons.

And having SFX guru Daren Dochterman recite ‘the’ speech. From. That. Very. Episode. Is reason enough for a quick bit of fun.

Casting everything ‘into Trek illumination’ can be fun and educational sometimes. Just don’t tell your kids.

26 CS

You made my night! Kind words for George Washington. Seldom heard, yet wholly insufficient. The greatest of men. I recommend Founding Father and Washington on Leadership, both by Richard Brookhiser. Very good books.

I stand in awe of your American pedigree. We’ve only been here since the Civil War, by way of Prussia, on one side, and later Ireland.

I unashamedly profess my appreciation for The Omega Glory. The last few minutes of that episode are corny only to fools.

I always like to read John Adams’ note to Abigail which he wrote from Philadelphia after voting to ratify the Declaration of Independence…

“The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not. I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.” (The Book of Abigail and John: Selected Letters of the Adams Family, 1762-1784, Harvard University Press, 1975, 142).

God Bless America. I love the part about guns and bonfires!

31. God, Corps & Gene Coon:

Sir, I would stand and fight with you if you would have me. And let there be no doubt of your Patriotism. One might be a son of the Revolution by blood or by adoption. It matters not as by the example of him that created us.

If you will allow a civilian: Semper Fi and God bless.

C.S. Lewis

^31 Ibid

Sir, I took the liberty of sending your comments about Washington and Adams’ excellent words to my friends and family. I hope you don’t mind.

C.S. Lewis

Damn…the E Plebnista video actually gave me goosebumps.

Good one DD!

Get a room, guys.

Yeah, it’s time to return to planet Earth now!

Wow, look at the lines for the Star Trek Exhibition!

Oh, and what about the DS9 fireworks scene when Sisko and Jake got back with their solar ship, Or when the Voyager finally got home? Or even Edith Keeler’s speech in that episode. All of those would be great to use in an Independence Day speech.

Great clips. That 4th of July in space was really funny, and so is Shatner’s “I’m a Canadian!” bit.

Oh, Canada … thanks for being such good neighbors to the north, and for giving us William Shatner!

Oh … and great bacon, too!! :-D

Happy 4th to all our american friends! Greetings from Rome.

How is it that they could find a planet that had the exact wording of the Declaration, only garbled up. Is this an example of the “parallel planetary development” concept? This issue always bothered me more than the universal translator/everybody speaks English issue, or the not having a freakin window in the bridge.

But Kirk saves this episode with his speech at the end – and great acting, considering he is Canadian! The remastered trailer makes this episode look totally awesome!

And I must confess my intrigue with C.S. Lewis’s always-in-character posts over the last two years on this site – very, very interesting!

You guys can keep Shattner, Met him once at a Con, he really is a jerk to fans sometimes.

Has any one notice that America is far closer to the views of the Cons and we are losing our traits of be Yang’s. If we are ever to look for other planets with life, be it like us or those sewer worms. We need to remain like The Yang’s of those fireworks only become lights in the sky. If any thing shed your polyester outfit and wear some animal skins. If Peta does not like you for it, salute them with a one fingered salute. America just like the Yang’s deserve freedom for all even for those that can not read the Declaration of Independence any less slurred than the Yang’s do.

So much for late night typing, another typo, but when your tired errors are far more common.

suppose to be an OR but typed as OF in this line.

need to remain like The Yang’s >>>or<<< those fireworks only become lights in the sky.

41. Ensign Ruiter – July 4, 2009

Thank you Mr Ruiter – it is humbling to know one’s thoughts have meaning to others.

Whilst looking for the spelling of “E Plebnista” I found the Wikipedia entry for “The Omega Glory”. It seems the script included a scene — filmed but cut from the final print — in which the crew speculated the Yangs and Comms were descendants of early Earth space exploration missions, launched during the Cold War.

Now I am off to an Independence Day party with an old friend, who will ship to Iraq in September. In the spirit of Founding Father John Adams, I wish you all the …

“Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations” befitting this ancient festival day.

C.S. Lewis

I wish you Happy Independent Day! :D

Happy 4th July, America!

Ok, that standup from the Shat deserves a response — Once again, Mr. Shatner reminds us all of his excellent talent in performance — also suggests (through that standup) that his real forte’ is in front of audiences, not in front of cameras.

Happy belated Canada Day! (oh, yeah, and, happy 4th, to us Americans, too…)

Yes, this is the price we pay for having STAR TREK on TV: ‘reality’ as it comes out of someone’s attempt at fiction. I know we can’t separate TREK from its origins, but this certainly cheapens the impact of STAR TREK. I imagine there are plenty of people out there that can conjure up a robust and way-more-reasonable account of the crew of a starship than what we’ve been forced to choke down sometimes, and this particular episode does not stand out as getting anywhere near that ideal. Comms and Yangs, my ass. I’ll take the Horta, the Doomsday Machine and even tribbles (for that matter) ANY day.

love the daren doc recreation of the ‘speech’!