Leonard Nimoy Talks Future of Star Trek & Spock

Dan Madsen, the founder of the former official Star Trek fan club and Star Trek Communicator Magazine, has an excellent new interview with Spock Prime himself, Leonard Nimoy. The interview covers a lot of ground, including where Nimoy sees himself in the future of the franchise.


Nimoy on Trek’s (& Spock Prime’s) Future
You should go to Starland.com to read the full interview, which covers a lot of ground from the history of Star Trek, to the new feature film and more. Here is just an excerpt on Nimoy’s view of the future of the franchise and his possible involvement.


Dan Madsen: As it stands right now, what do you foresee for the future of Star Trek?

Leonard Nimoy: It is very clear that Paramount is interested in making another Star Trek movie. I think, at least a month ago, they had already authorized a script to be written and that means a financial investment and an expectation that there will be at least a script to look at. My understanding is that it will be written by the same guys, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman. They are probably at work on developing a story right now. I think that there is very strong interest in the next Star Trek movie coming from audience and studio alike. Beyond another movie, who knows? The future is wide open.

DM: I assume as well that you are very open minded to appearing as Spock again should they ask you?

LN: I have no illusions on whether or not they need me. They decided that they wanted to make this film using Spock as kind of an anchor for the story, which I think worked very, very well. They don’t have to do that again. If they decide they have a role for me to play I would be very interested in talking to them about it. But I have every reason to believe that they have established a whole new set of characters and they can sail very well without me and that’s fine. Either way is good with me. I am very gratified that this has happened. 

More Spock for the Star Trek sequel?

More Spock Prime?
Of course as Trek fans, we always want to see more of Leonard Nimoy as Spock and he was fantastic in this year’s Star Trek. However, there are some issues with using his character in future films. Spock Prime is from the future and he is literally the man who knows too much. He is a walking Deus Ex Machina that could probably solve any crisis with some insight into the characters (lets say they are dealing with Khan again) or with some magical 24th century technology (like the ‘transwarp beaming’ tech he gave Scotty). Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci has stated here at TrekMovie that Spock Prime will probably adhere to some kind of ‘temporal prime directive’ but if Spock Prime is on the bridge in the middle of a dilemma and the audience knows he has the solution, then you may have a problem.

So, yes it will be great for more Nimoy Spock, but they have to find a way to use him that doesn’t take the drama out of the challenges they face. This new crew needs to come up with their own clever solutions and not go running to Papa Spock every time they are in a jam.


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Not that I wouldnt luv to see Nimoy in another Trek movie but again since this is an alternate jjverse everything is wide open and may not happen as spock remembers in the prime verse-his help may be no help or even cause problems and interfere with any correct solutions—i think prime spock should be doing what he told spock he would do-help with the Vulcan colony efforts so this verses spock can go out with kirk and the big e on their adventures-

As much as I love Leonard Nimoy, and think he is and always will be the one true Spock, I hope they don’t include him in the next movie. He did a wonderful job handing the baton to the new crew, and now it’s time for them to have exciting adventures of their own.

That said, the fanboy in me would love to see the next movie featuring Spock Prime rescuing Shatner’s Kirk, ending with them disappearing together into the stars.

You’re the man Leonard!
‘We can no longer afford to ignore eachother’

I think it’s pretty certain that if they were include Spock Prime in an upcoming movie it would be a small part involving his involvement in rebuilding the Vulcan race and creating a new home-world with, and for his people.

Easy Solution to this problem…. “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few” Spock Prime should have (once again & according to his nature and character)…. sacrificed himself and destroyed the Narada.. thus elimanting any contamination of the new future…. take it easy on me…. just a thought lol

I wish we could have Spock looking as good as Leonard Nimoy looks. He played Spock too old in “Unification” on Next Generation. He was great in the new film, don’t get me wrong.

What an awesome interview!!! Nimoy is the greatest.

Leonard nimoy Going where trek has gone before = v’ger SOLVED….khan SOLVED…the whale probe SOLVED…

Still that’s way down the liiiiiiiiiine. I want to see khan yell out a ” kiiiiiiiiiiiiiirk, kiiiiiiiiiiirk, while falling off the enterprise at 15000 ft above the earths surface after an incredible hand to hand fight. just throwing it out there.

I think I would like to see Nimoy’s Spock make cameo appearences throughout the on-goaing adventures of this crew. As ambassador for all Vulcans, he could appear in Federation scenes, much like Sarek was present in Star Trek 4 and 6.

well I for one am glad to hear Mr Nimoy isn’t creating aload of hoopla if he’s not going to be in the next one. Unlike someone else I could mention

If they make the next movie about the refugees from the Now distroyed Vulcan, how will they exclude Spock Prime?

Mr. Nimoy, we are once again impressed by your greatness and modesty, before and after ST’09. Live long and prosper… We love you Leonard!

As to seeing Spock Prime in the sequel, I think it would be great, and as a fan I would expect a great send-off for Spock Prime, that would put him in his own time safe and sound, and just maybe, restore the timeline, so everything we’ve come to known and enjoy over the decades is not just some dreamy dust blowing in the wind.

I tried to add this message the first time the story was posted last night before it was taken down.

but hopefully they could use nimoy as spock prime in a role simlar to his appearance in stxi
as was seen this summer he doesnt need a lot of screen time to make a memorable and important impact on the story.

and if nimoy doesnt return for a future trek, dont forget he mind melded with young kirk, so would it be that far of a stretch for some of his memories of the prime universe to know be a part of young kirk.

and said memories could help kirk and crew in encounters with characters such as kahn or others.

“but if Spock Prime is on the bridge in the middle of a dilemma and the audience knows he has the solution, then you may have a problem”

but then again, with clever writing, such a dilemma could add quite some compelling drama to a story or scene….?

Subspace conversation:

SPOCK: So yeah, things are going pretty well. All kinds of new races and shit. You were right about Jim. Knows his way around a bridge that’s for sure. Weird day today, picked up that Khan dude from those 90’s shenannigans. He’s still a bit groggy. Not quite sure what to do with him. So how’s New Vulcan coming along?

SPOCK PRIME: Oh fine, fine. It’s funny because — wait, did you say Khan?

SPOCK: Yeah…

SPOCK PRIME : Latino looking fella? Makes all the women lose their skirts?

SPOCK: (laughs) yeah, he’s a character alright.


SPOCK: What?

SPOCK PRIME: I know it’ll seem like a cool idea to dump him on a planet. Noble and shit, but there lies the way of ear wrigglers and dead sons. Got it?

SPOCK: Whose son? What?

SPOCK PRIME: And if you DO have to ditch him, in 20 years, try and find a more stable individual than that country hick for your Katra will ya? It’s not a bong, it needs to be treated right.

SPOCK: ….?

Spock Prime’s knowledge of the future isn’t story problem, it’s an opportunity. Say he offers to help out with some of the galaxy-threatening “things” that he knocked down in his own universe. So he’s a guest on the Enterprise, kind of an Admiral Emeritus guiding them around so they can wipe out giant amoebas and planet killers with ease.

And they’re in the middle of one of these outings, and Spock Prime says:

“That’s not how it happened last time …”

And he looks worried.

I guarantee you, that one line would send a chill through the theater.

I would’ve thought Starfleet Intelligence would have gone to Spock Prime and squeezed every drop of information out of him. If he wouldn’t have given it willingly, they’d use drug or torture. I mean, c’mon, a guy from 140 years in the future shows up and you ***don’t*** make him spill the beans? That’s just plain silly.

If the timeline is already different, Spock’s knowledge can stop people dying and give the Federation a huge political, economic and military advantage, not to mention preparing for the Borg, the Dominion, trading in the Gamma Quadrant and so on.

No, the only believable thing is that Federation will get what they want out of Spock (unless he kills himself and doesn’t pass on his katra!)

I would argue that Spock really isn’t ‘deus ex machina.’ Or at worst of limited use in that role, given this is an alternate universe that had developed, and will continue to develop, along a different path.

I’m thrilled to see Spock Prime again if he appears because, ‘Hey, here’s our story thus far, and it makes sense for him to do his thing at this point.’ Not so if it’s, ‘Hey, let’s find a way to plug Leonard Nimoy (or William Shatner) into the next movie.’ I think Bob Orci has said many times that including any particular character or situation has to make sense, to evolve naturally and be integral to the story. Completely agree with his perspective.

He could just scribble down a notebook and give it to KIrk before he sets off:

EDGE OF GALAXY: if you MUST try to cross it – and why bother? there’s nothing out there – that’s why it’s called the edge of the galaxy – then kill anyone who gets glittery eyes ASAP. And take a lot of spare gear because Delta Vega isn’t where it used to be.

BIG PING PONG BALL SHIP: Don’t let him bluff you. It’s just one of those testing-mankind things. You’ll get that a lot (see appendix A).

TALOS 4: Don’t go there. I mean literally.

JANUS 6: The round things are eggs. Actually just call ahead and tell them that now.

GOTHOS: The fop is just a kid. Let him play with you for a bit then go outside and call for his parents.

TRANSPORTER MALFUNCTIONS: If anyone falls over and gets covered in odd radioactive ore while on a geological mission, beam them down a change of clothes before beaming them up again. Failing that, don’t forget you have *shuttlecraft*.

Anyone want to keep the ball rolling here? :-)

Sorry but no Spock in the next one. Made sense in this movie, but that, to me, is like if they had thrown more of the TOS crew in First Contact, wouldnt have worked. Time for this crew to make it on their own and I think they’ll do just fine.

the transwarp beaming solution while interesting was a big stretch for me, even in the 24th Century they could not do that and in Best of Both Worlds the Enterprise had to match warp speed with the Borg Cube to beam on board at warp.

Doesn’t ruin the film but it was a big Deus Ex machina.


So Kirk and crew would have no adventures if he did that

Im kidding before anyone gets gets defensive or pro Abrams on me


I think the whole point of Star Trek is that humanity has evolved beyond that kind of paranoid, preemptive strike, behavior. Starfleet people deal with situations as they happen because they are confident that they can solve them. They do not live in fear.

You have to remember that Kirk is not 100% sure about the Time Travel thing at that stage of mind. The Mind Meld may have placed hints, but that is another topic that he is not 100% on. Even though he has been at the other end of these events. Who’s to say that if these thoughts pop up in his head, he may only see them as minor fantasy ideas. Or in Bone’s words those ideas are poppycock and just forget about them. Things may turn out the way Kirk wants but is that not idea’s based on Kirk’s Alpha malehood command and control.

Kirk with Spock Prime’s foreknowledge of things start bringing in the Conspiracy kooks and changes the unknon into boredom.

#12 – Did you poke wasps’ nests a lot when you were a kid?

At first I thought about something for Spock Prime like Janeway in Nemesis. Show him in a private conversation with New Spock or so, show that they are close. But then I thought a scene like this wouldn’t do justice to this greatness, history and achievements.

So either there’s a dramatic reason for his inclusion or not. If he has nothing to add to the story, leave him out. There’ll be other films. :) Or maybe only show a personal item of Spock Prime from the original timeline in New Spock’s quarters on the Enterprise.

I’d love to see Nimoy on the bridge again!

amd Shatner standing next to him :)

As much as I love Leonard Nimoy…I would prefer to see him as Paris in the new MI movie…It would be an unfair advantage for the new crew..though many loose ends could be tied up without much discussion…I would personally hate that concept..I love to see the interaction of the crew figure out to solution…not have a go to guy who already knows the answers…. though this new timeline doesn’t guarantee events happen as they did before….
And wouldn’t that chap Shat to see Nimoy in another movie…he is not in!
Spock should go on to start the new Vulcan colony and be done with it.

What if Prime Spock had a death scene in the next movie? I think it would be the first time in history the same actor had a death scene for the same character in 2 different movies (especially 29 years apart)

With regards to Spock Prime knowing solutions to problems already encountered:

I do not think he would know. To quote alternate Spock:

‘Nero’s very presence has altered the flow of history, beggining with the attack on the U.S.S Kelvin, culminating in the events of today, setting into motion an entirely new chain of incidents that cannot be anticipated by either party.’

The key words: ‘cannot be anticipated by either party.’

That was the whole idea of setting it in the alternate universe wasn’t it? To wipe the slate clean, as they say.


Nimoy on the Bridge and then on the seat of the Presidency!

They still need to get him and Shat together once more if only for a two minute scene.

Last chance.

Not to get too techie here – but something DID happen to the timeline after Nero popped up to make the Federation slightly ahead of itself in technology. According to the timeline, STXI takes place, what, eight years, before the original series, and the Enterprise is a more powerful ship with hints of the movie design features. Maybe Spock popped in early, dropped off some design docs to give the Federation more of an edge, and then popped out again.

I just love the fact that he’s classy and secure enough to say, “eh, they probably don’t need me; if they happen to have any ideas they can run it by me and if it’s got any merit I’ll think about it”.

two words:

What is next?
The Next Generation, Mirror Universe, Energy Ribbons?

I thingk Spock LN Prime should realize that he is in an alternate reality dimension from his own. Not just a changed time line. Not just new actors but different actual people-main characters. This way the old trek time line is in tact and missing Spock LN.

Then anything could happen and old things will be brand new.
LN Spock could only warn of powers and attitude and not of specific predicable past.

Otherwise with or without LN Spock Prime it will be the same thing all over again.

What else could be different in the Classic time line of ST?
The Enterprise missions would have to be in space and at planets where other ships were sent in the Prime time line. Another ship would be assigned the Enterprise’s old time line adventures and the New Crew would get to do adventures of other ships from the old time line-hence new characters, aliens, ships, etc. Instead of the Enterprise doing the 5 year mission where they went to past time line a different ship would get those missions in that space/stars. The Enterprise would goto places where other ships went in the regular time line.!!!!!!!!! A different 5 year mission would exist.

If the goal is to be free and open minded new…then that is the only non re-run repeating stuck in the clutter of 40 years of Star Trek


Simple and *dramatic* way to have Nimoy’s Spock Prime in the new film:

Kidnapped by Klingons.

Klingon agents learn that he’s from the future, kidnap him and try to extract information that will give them a huge advantage over the Federation and the Romulans. It’s up to “new” Kirk & Spock to rescue him, possibly facing down an entire Klingon fleet.

About resistance to the mind sifter like in “Errand of Mercy”…he is older, and possibly not as strong mentally (as in able to resist) as he used to be.

Spock prime and alternate are the only two aspects which make the JJverse remotely enjoyable to me.

I don’t care if Spock prime may have “all the answers” Leonard Nimoy in a “Star Trek” film (or any other film for that matter) is ALWAYS a good thing… Just don’t kill the character off.

P.S. Now they have to find a way to get the Shat involved.

Perhaps Spock will develop Bendii’s Syndrome, like his dad.

Is it a heridiatary disease?

That is a perfect solution to the Spock Prime dilemma and could create some interesting drama.

Spock Prime is losing his mind; and the answers to 140 years of crises are locked within his deteriorating mind.

It would make for an interesting time for both Spock Prime and the new crew. The new crew has no choice but to face all the great challenges by themselves, or at the very least, us the spurious advice of a senile Vulcan.

And new Spock has to deal with the knowledge that he’ll end up losing his mind in 140 years.

No one wants to see Spock go through this, but I think it has a lot of potential, both as a dramatic device, and as an opportunity to see how Nimoy would approach the role of a mind-sick Spock after so long.

Tholinahata #3

“That said, the fanboy in me would love to see the next movie featuring Spock Prime rescuing Shatner’s Kirk, ending with them disappearing together into the stars”

Couldn’t agree more.


I disagree.

The whole timeline has changed, therefore no events other than time specific ones (V’Ger, Whale Probe) will play out as before.

Spock Prime simply telling them how to avoid a problem could indeed cause one. As soon as you interupt a chain of events by doing something different at first base; second, third and fourth base become unpredictable and things happen different. It’s a butterfly effect.

He could actually make things worse by telling them to avoid the Botany Bay… another ship, another species may discover them and bring on a new nightmare for the feds.

MR. ORCI, Mr, Kurtzman, CHECK THIS OUT!!!! Here’s a plot Star Trek writers. After losing 48 ships to a Romulan vessel from the future, the Klingon’s launch an attack against the Romulan Empire, causing an all out war which spreads into uncharted parts of the Galaxy. The Romulans, who are getting the sh%t kicked out of them suddenly come across a floating Earth ship, SS Botany Bay. Make a long story short, Khan takes over the Romulan ship, makes a deal to help the Romulan Empire to defeat the Klingons, thus destabilizing the balance of power in the galaxy, which causes Star Fleet with information from Spock prime to send in the Enterprise to kill Khan before he becomes even more powerful. Oscar if you would please, i’m available for further consultation, hehe.

The bridge has been crossed with Spock “bridging” the generations… time to move on. I posted this earlier, but was the last one… so if Bob and Alex are really reading this, here it is again…

The best of trek always relates to current events told in a sci-fi sort of way and based in the future. Bob and Alex… look at our world… terrorism, genocide, economic collapse etc. So, do you think you can make a compelling NEW story that involves terrorists who come from a planet that is committing genocide and threatens the economy of the 24th century (remember, they don’t use money)? How does a fleet of starships combat rogue terrorists… do they have a fleet of ships hidden somewhere you can destroy? Is genocide being done on Uhura’s home world? Do we know who they are… is there a sense of mystery and intrigue? Do they have a superweapon or is their weapon stealth and disguise? Does the federation stoop to their level or does Kirk find a way to overcome “Bush era” tactics and live up to the prime directive? A bio-weapon that destroys the federations food supply and nanites that destroy the replicators causing starvation and chaos?

YOU TELL ME! Food for thought.

Anthony – “lets say they are dealing with Khan again”

No. Let’s not.

It is a parallel timeline, they can do whatever as long as the original timeline we all love is still intact, which it is

We will never see Leonard Nimoy as Spock again.