“Amok Time” Performed Live in Portland ‘Trek in the Park’ + TWOK Performed in Kansas City Tonight

Doing ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ during the summer is so passé. This year Star Trek is all the rage, and so the Atomic Arts’ theater company in Oregon is holding "Trek in the Park." During the next two weekends you can see a live version of "Amok Time" in Portland, Oregon.  [UPDATE: and Wrath of Khan being performed tonight in Kansas City]


Amok Time Live
For their first performance, the Atomic Theater Company chose the classic Star Trek episode "Amok Time". This is not a parody, but is a straight recreation of the episode. The theater company actually had a budget of $1000 and built set components for both the bridge of the Enterprise as well as planet Vulcan.

Trek in the Park: Amok Time will be performed each weekend in July at the Woodlawn Park Amphitheater at 5PM (July 18-19 & July 25-26). Admission is Free.

The "Trek in the Park" event was previewed by OregonLive, which has this video from dress rehearsal.

Trek in the Park


TrekMovie reader Will A Maier tweeted us about a performance done over last weekend (in the rain), including sending in an image from his cameraphone.

Portland’s Trek in the Park takes on "Amok Time"
(photo: Will Maier)

GeekInTheCity also has a photo set from the performance that was done last weekend (in the rain). Here is a slide show.

(photos: Geek in the City)

UPDATE: TWOK Reading in Kansas City Tonight
Star Trek novelist Kevin Dilmore tweets us that there is a dramatic reading of Star Trek: II The Wrath of Khan in Kansas City MO tonight at the Westport Flea Market. Here is the flyer.

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Good luck to the players! I wish I could watch. Sounds like they’re serious, and that’s great. More please!

And to think I thought I had it good with Shakespeare in the park!!

Fantastic. But is their special effects budget as far from the original as they think?


Man I know what to get the drama club to do for next years high school play!

Do not try this at home kids.
These are classically trained professional actors.

Wow, I’ve GOT to go see this.

Not bad at all!

A little short in the SFX department, but otherwise excellent.


That’s awesome!

These parktrek guys seemed ok. They could give some acting lessons to James Cawley and his diluted band of untalented wanna bes.

Not nice, 11. Cawley and his crew are earnest and they’ve done a helluva job as nonprofessional actors, IMHO.

Yeah, hey, Eric… giving kudos to one group doesn’t mean you have to knock down another group… both are trying their best… and you have to give them their due.
And I think the word you meant is “deluded”… as in proceeding from a false assumption, not “diluted” as in watered down.

12. i just think that if Cawley and his peeps cared about the Trek story as much as they claim, Cawley especially, would have gotten a better actor to play Capt. Kirk, they got a new Spock, they got Deforest Kelly’s kid, why not the Kirk part?

Hey 13, you are corrected, i apologize, they are absolutely DELUDED!

I know, as fans, we’re supposed to stay positive about things like this, but…

…oh, the pain.

Ok. These plays are simply NOT CANON!!!. Lol. Ok. These look great and i just wished someone in Austin Tx would do the same. looks kool. Even for Geeks.

You know Star Trek has gone mainstream when they are reenacting episodes in the park. Star Trek lives! Thank you Team JJ

I love that they perform the soundtrack live. That ROCKS!!

Well, I could have gone into downtown next weekend to see Rockwell in MOON or gone out to see this trek in the park … sorry, it is going to be MOON all the way, the only thing I’ve wanted to bother seeing in the theater since WATCHMEN.



Good Lord!!

“Good God man, I’m a doctor, not an actor!”

Aw, man! I live near Portland Oregon, If I had known I wouldn’t have been out of state for it.

20. whaaa? Trolling?


It’s a sad sad thing. I think.

I love this kind of stuff. kudos to the company for their efforts! Eric, lighten up bud.

dun dun DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN dun de-dun dun

*badabodabadaboda badabodabadaboda badabodabadaboda badabodabadaboda*


I would love to see this!!!! They are a brave, brave group of people.

I went to Trek in the Park on opening night, no rain that evening. About 200 people crowded around the small amphitheater for the showing. If you live anywhere near Portland this is a must see show! My wife and I are going to go see it again. They are putting the show on every Saturday and Sunday through the month of July. Next summer they plan to do the classic episode that introduced us all to Khan Noonian Singh, Space Seed!

They ought to do “The Conscience of the King” next. ;)

I’ve gotten copys of 7 different crews making Star Trek Fan Productions of Star Trek shows and Cawley’s productions seem the closest to something that Hollywood would make. Star Trek New Voyages is good but I like Star Trek Hidden Voyages best. Could it be because ST:HF has the most shows, 7 seasons of 4 to 6 shows. Star Trek Phase II looks very good, but it will take at least 10 shows to make a valid judgment.

Need more Trek shows in existence, professionally acted or not. :) Fan productions make up in desire what they may lack in budget.

Frankly, the special effects on some of these productions rival those of some professional productions I’ve seen on TV in the last ten years, and that’s not bad, considering that they don’t have multimillion-dollar corporations behind them.

I hope that Trek fans who are behind these productions never let their critics dissuade them from making their dreams come true.

– I hope that Trek fans who are behind these productions never let their critics dissuade them from making their dreams come true. –

Well said.

Portland Bloods takin in some Trek in the Park. Right on!

Gotta step in here and offer my 2 cents’ worth in defense of Eric, of all things…

Yes, Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II is an admirable endeavor. Production values are fascinatingly high for so-called “amateurs”, and yet I cannot but agree that Cawley leaves a lot to be desired (and that’s an understatement) as Kirk (or as any other character for that matter – he simply does NOT come off as a trained actor and every line he utters seems forced).

And the fact that that abomination calling itself Scotty on that show has just GOT to be replaced is a total no-brainer. Apologies for anyone offended by the strength of my message here but, excuse me, he’s just TERRIBLE!

Love the show, and can hopefully still express criticism without also being accused of trolling.

Live long and prosper, everyone.

I actually liked it. Several of Spock’s lines came off as funny, unlike the original. It was a different way of looking at the script.

Here are some videos I found on youtube:

Maybe they will let Shat star in one of their performances…
I would love to see Shat get into Phase 2/New Voyages in some capacity…though I doubt he would have the time, or that they could afford him…it’s not that I don’t him back in TREK…but after all the “contraversy” why would he want to be in the next one?
Besides he’ll be to busy with HOOKER!!!

One of the downsides of this economy . . . . too much time on our hands.

Finally! A Trek event in my town! I’m so there!

Your attention please. Kal-if-fee fans are reminded that they may keep any ahn-woon flung into the stands as a souvenir. However we request that you do not go onto the field, throw objects onto the field, interfere with the lirpas or cause any other disturbance which would require the umpire to call “Kroika.” Thank you for your cooperation.


Shat can also produce performances of “Hooker in the Park”.

Wait…that came-out wrong.

I saw “Trek in the Park” today, and it was lovely. Over 700 people were there, crowding the little amphitheatre. It was pure trekkie bliss! I highly recommend going, both for the crowd and the show. Great people, great fun!

The most important thing to note is that Shakespeare in the park is dead. Star Trek in the park for the next 400 years.