Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart

There may be two Captain Kirks but there still is only one Captain Picard. Today is Patrick Stewart’s 69th Birthday. Although he has handed in his space suit to return to his home in the theater, Star Trek fans still remember the leader of The Next Generation on TV and film. See below for the latest on Patrick.  


Patrick Stewart Day
Patrick Stewart’s contribution to the arts, on the stage, TV and big screen, should surely justify a national holiday, just like Captain Picard Day is on the USS Enterprise.


Stewart headed to an alternative reality (& Castlevania)
In some other PS news, Patrick will be acting as narrator for the upcoming Ricky Gervais movie The Invention of Lying. The film is set in an alternate reality where people can only speak the truth, until one guy (Gervais) ‘invents’ lying. Here is the trailer (unfortunately, there is no PS in the trailer). The movie opens next September 25th.

Speaking of voice work, Stewart can be heard in this trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Stewart’s voice appears in the game, which comes out at the end of 2010.

See Patrick in Godot in London
Stewart is also currently appearing in "Waiting for Godot" with Iam McKellen at the Haymarket Theater in London. The play has been extended to August 9th. More info at waitingforgodottheplay.com.

Stewart’s in "Waiting for Godot"



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Happy Birthday Mr Stewart. Thank you for many, many enjoyable hours.

Many Many more!

Happy Birthday MR STEWART !!!!!!many more years to come…MAKE IT SO


Good Brit, cordial man, enjoyable actor… if only he wuz’ from Kentucky…

Maybe he wuz’ a Southie… e’er see “King O’ Texas”?

There are FOUR lights.
And Patty be one o’ ’em…


Are you from Kentucky, British Naval Dude sir?

Can we AT LEAST get TNG crew one last movie?? Even if its straight to DVD??? Trek doesnt need a big budget to make money. If its a good story and its true to what Trek stands for it will be great!! And I bet they would all do it!

and im not even a big TNG fan, but its a no brainer!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart!

Thank you for being the great actor you are!!!


Happy birthday, Mr. Stewart. =]

The guy is a class act all round!

Tears, joy ,sincerity and so much more.

I my humble opinion, the finest Trek performer of all time.

Oh Yes!

Happy Big 6-9, Patrick! May you continue to boldly go where EVERYONE has gone before!

wow 69. thats a blessing!! oh yeah TrekMovie dont forget he play Professor Charles Xavier in all 4 of the X-men movies.

Sir Patrick Stewart

How does that sound for the near future? Hopefully…

Ahh long live TNG and the 24th century! Happy Captain Picard Day!!

On another note, U.S.S. Crazy Horse is the wildest starship name in history! Carrying crazy Admirals

Happy birthday Mr. Stewart.

Patrick Stewart made TNG, he’s fantastic. As much as i love Kirk i like how Capt. Picard is so dynamically different, yet just as compelling to watch.

Can we all remember — as Pat’s a Brit — that a comma, in proper English, should follow Happy B Day(!)?

Happy Birthday, Patrick Stewart! You are a great role model on and off the screen, and a personal hero of mine. Many happy returns!

Oh, and as far as his voice-work for games? You must mention one of my all-time favorite games — Oblivion! He played the King Uriel Septum VII. His part was short, but he brought me into the game from the very beginning. Always great work from this man. And a quality human being to be sure.

I’m dead, Jim…
I’m from Kentucky…

A lil’ wee bluegrass on yer’ birthday cake be grand, Sir Pat…

Sir Pat… what a wonderful name fur’ me margarine…


“There may be two Captain Kirks but there still is only one Captain Picard.”

There only needs to be one… :)

Happy Birthday sir (OK, a few hours late now but never mind…)

“There may be two Captain Kirks but there still is only one Captain Picard. ”

Wasn’t Shinzon a clone of Picard?

“I’m a role model…”

“I’m sure you are…”

That part of that show always cracks me up. In any case, Happy Birthday to Mr. Stewart. He’s a great actor, and I’m glad folks ave begun to recognize that his range reaches far beyond Star Trek.

I can’t believe Mr. Stewart is 69 years old and William Shatner is 78! I guess it’s true that time flies when you are having fun.

I enjoyed Mr. Stewart’s work since the movies Lifeforce and Dune.

Live long and prosper Mr. Stewart.

I watched the first 20 minutes of Generations today, and I realized how awesome that movie could have been if:

1) Shat, Koenig and Doohan were in it for about 20 more minutes;

2) The incredibly stupid sailing scene, attemting to show TNG’s “campiness” to rival the original cast’s, hadn’t made it off the cutting room floor; and,


Sorry for the non-sequitur, but I had to let this out (again).

I always felt that Patrick Stewart was a bit too good for Star Trek The Next Generation. Since Patrick has expressed in wanting to be a guest star on Doctor Who. Now if only the producers of Doctor Who could find him a part opposite Matt Smith in the new tv serial. Or if they could find him a part opposite David Tennant in the new supposed Doctor Who big screen production.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Stewart.

A total class act, the best actor Star Trek has or ever will see (to take nothing away from most of the others).

I miss TNG. :)

(But then again, I miss DS9 and ENT, too!)

Happy birthday to Patrick Stewart!

bon fete le bon capitain. -Q

Here’s to the finest Captain in Starfleet!

“The line must be drawn Here! This far, No further!”

Indeed, the bar has been raised in which we hold all Starfleet commanders to be judged by. He set a great example and will live on as one of the best assets of Starfleet and Star Trek.

jean luc picard is my father.

Happy birthday, Patrick. You still look good naked, baby.

Happy birthday Patrick God bless

Patrick Stewart, you may be the only actor alive capable of bringing life to a starship captain who could even remotely rival the Great One himself — Captain James T. Kirk.

Congratulations, sir, on your latest birthday, and may you have many, many more.

Happy birthday, Mr. Stewart, and may you long grace our screens:)

Happy Birthday to Patrick Stewart!!

Haha Captain Picard Day! ROFL

Happy Birthday, Patrick Stewart!

happy birthday patrick!! make it so!

Happy birthday Patrick… We appreciate the class you’ve introduced to being the Enterprise’s captain… Although you looked quite tired in Nemesis I’d die to see you on that bridge once more if you really feel motivated about doing it again…

Mr. Stewart is one of the reasons I fell in love with Trek.

Happy Birthday Sir

Happy Birthday Jean-Luc!

Sorry for the correction, Happy birthday Admiral Jean Luc Picard, and to actor Patric Steward. All though we do not have a Holodeck yet I’d like to wish you can play the part of Cyber Neil Armstrong in this weeks upcoming 40th anniversary walk on the Moon that is comming up on July 20th, 2009. That image of the july 20th, 1969 moon walk in burnt in to my mrmory as strong as the September 3rd, 1989 first airing of The Next Generation in Denver.

heh heh, 69

Happy birthday Mr Stewart. One of the greatest actors ever.

Hope you had a great day

Happy Birthday! ^_^

Happy birthday, Mr. Stewart! Unlike some “purists” in the Trekverse who seem to believe your egomaniac predecessor is God’s gift to Star Trek and acting (when in fact you’d have to be a complete idiot not to realize the exact opposite is true at least for the latter), you’ve shown just how much of a class act you really are with you versatile acting style, your ability to make friends instead of enemies with your fellow cast mates, and your concern for all your fellow human beings by being a member of such organizations as Amnesty International and speaking out against the ills of humanity in various public service announcements. What’s the most admirable thing your predecessor has done? Apologize to Trek fans in general for telling them to get a life nearly 20 years later?

Also, I may be a bit biased because it was your Trek that was in its original run when I was a wee lad, but damn it, you’re my favorite captain!

Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Stewart.

Best wishes. =]

we have the same birthday, i’m honored

Happy Birthday Number One!

Stonecutters (AKA The Society of No Homers) rule!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Agree with #45.
A very special happy birthday to the best Captain of the fleet ever and certainly the best actor of the entire Star Trek universe.
All the best for you Mr. Stewart, you were and are one of the main reasons i fell in love with Star Trek