The Collective: New Talking Card + Tricorder & Fragrances Shipping + Funko SDCC Exclusives + more

This week in Star Trek collecting brings fans a very cool new talking birthday card from Hallmark (we have pictures and video below). The Collective also has news on some long-anticipated items finally shipping, another Star Trek Comic-con exclusive, and a unique Roddenberry autograph collectible up for auction.

New Star Talking Trek Birthday Card
During the last few years, Hallmark has been releasing various sound greeting cards featuring Star Trek. This week, Hallmark has released what is arguable the most superior greeting card perhaps in the history of greeting cards ever, including a first-ever tri-fold design (see pictures below). The card evokes a scene from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, when Spock gives Kirk a copy of a "A Tale of Two Cities."

Front and inside of new card (click to enlarge)

Even cooler is that when you open the card you can hear the classic birthday greeting dialog from the film. (see video below).

The new talking Trek birthday card retails for $5.99 and is available at Hallmark stores, Walgreens, and other establishments which feature Hallmark cards.

Star Trek Fragrances & DST Science Tricorder starting to show up
Some previously announced Star Trek products are now starting to show. Firstly the three new Star Trek themed fragrances (Tiberius cologne, Red Shirt cologne, and Pon Farr perfume) from Genki are just starting to become available, and are shipping. You can order them Action Figure Express, Entertainment Earth and other retailers. (For more see our review)

Also just starting to show up is the long-anticipated Diamond Select Toys Science Tricorder. TrekMovie just got one in, and so look for our review within a week. You can order yours from ActionFigureExpress (who are shipping now) or Entertainment Earth

Funko Comic Con Exclusive Kirk and Spock
Also, a reminder that the Uhura Hallmark ornament is not the only Star Trek Comic Con exclusive. Funko, makers of Star Trek vinyl figures and bobble heads, will be doing special ‘transporting’ Kirk and Spock bobbleheads. You can pick yours up at booth 4829. But, if you can’t make it to Comic Con, you can get the Spock at Entertainment Earth and the Kirk at Forbidden Planet.

Roddenberry Letter on auction
The final item of collector news is that International Autograph Auctions in the UK is holding an auction this weekend, and one of the items is a 3-page signed letter from Gene Roddenberry from 1973, discussing Star Trek. The letter is in response to a ‘Miss Judy Thomases’, where Roddenberry answerss a number of questions on the nature of Spock, the state of the franchise at the time, Star Trek fans and more. The ‘TLS’ (typed letter signed) is written on Warner Brothers stationary (GR was working at WB at the time) and is quite rare. It is expected to sell for around £800-1200.

More details on the letter at


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Oh those bobble heads are COOL!

Each more awesome than the next. Love the TWOK card!


I need some help here. Has anyone ever seen schematics to the desktop monitor shown in the TOS, e.g., in Kirk’s quarters? Seems like everything from TOS has been blueprinted EXCEPT that. I’d appreciate any help any one can give. Thanks.

I wonder if actor Jerry Ayers gets any money for the use of his likeness on that bottle of “Redshirt”?

I didn’t know that the Pon Farr fragrance bottle had a lirpa blade for the lid! OUCH! (What? it’s not realy a blade, you say?)


Uhhhhhh… Gene’s letter- they (Starry Trek fans) dunna have crushes fur’ some parrrrrticular actor?

Iz me love fur’ Nomad wrong then?

And thar’ be some Spock-lust lasses beggin’ ta’ differ…

On another note-
Wore tha’ Redshirt fragrance once and got me red-blood cells sucked oot by a cloud… worst parrrt wuz’ I paid fifty quid fur’ it…


The Kirk bobblehead looks more like George W. Bush.

Yeah, what’s the deal with Red Shirt cologne? If you want to strike out with the ladies and visit the emergency room on your night out, wear Red Shirt?

RedShirt cologne: Smell like you’ve got a target on your back!

I have one of the original Funko Spock bobbleheads. He had an unfortunate habit of making remarks out of the blue at 3 AM. I had to put that little plastic silencer back on him- it scared me half to death!

Not sure if u ever got my last post John but you should check out the new hotwheels die-cast ships, they are the best trek ships for the price since micro-machines.

trekkies and their money are soon parted: now with double the TOS casts!

“The letter is in response to a ‘Miss Judy Thomases’, where Roddenberry answerss a number of questions on the nature of Spock, the state of the franchise at the time, Star Trek fans and more.”


They’ve had the Tricorder in stock at Forbidden Planet NYC for about a month and a half now.

A Tale of Two cities is still my favorite novel of all-time !!! Loved it a lot ! And wrath of khan :D

Hey DM, I saw something online made for Star Trek New Voyages…let me find the link…it’s a replica of the monitor you are looking for…

Will post after this thread…

John T.
Great as ever! Did you know the price for the SW Hallmark SDCC exclusives? And are you going to the con yourself? I’m going Saturday so hopefully there’s some stuff left for me,LOL! Anyways,have FUN y’all! John-Robin!

Here it is:

Not sure if he has plans or not, but I would imagine so…

the card quote doesn’t have the same meaning out of context…

Last year for my birthday I received a talking Star Trek card, do not recall what it said, but I liked it and thought it was unique. Only one minor complaint, the battery is like half dead already and only lasted a month (or about 20 uses). But I bet it was most likely their demo one since it looked some what handled but not over handled.

Still want a Hallmark Klingon D7 with lights, but that is another battery toy.

#2 are you implying that George W. has the rarely seen great integrity of our 43rd President, or is it that James T Kirk models his greatness after our last President?

Just remember if it was meant in a negative way you are in-directly insulting both, and why do you wish to harm Star Trek?

As for the Desk Communcation Station, PC’s can now fit in that space, so you could make a working one with Voice I/O and a LCD Screen. I wonder if anyone will make one. All you need is a power cord and a wireless Internet connection.

Bet they will sell for big $$$ to Geeky Trekkers. All you need is Majel Roddenberry’s voice for the Computer Core.

Hmm, the fragrances are definitely interestin.Not that I would buy them, but it would be interesting to know how they smell.


Thanks! Anthony is going to the con and will have complete details. The Hallmark ornament at SDCC will be $25, limited to 450. Best wishes!

It’s time the sci tricorder is finally on sale. I pre-ordered last summer.

I would love a TOS tricorder that actually worked. I know that one was made a few years ago in the TNG style that took temperature, pressure, light analysis, etc. A TOS version would be cooler I think.

I have a Roddenberry letter on STTMP stationary with envelope from summer of 78…it’s tls… always been the one thing I vowed not to sell…however in these trying times the thought has crossed my mind more than once.

I actually got the star trek card for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Everyone cracked up when I opened it up and recited the quote along with the card!

yea! my tricorder comes in the mail tomorrow. Preordered mine from Toys R Us back in February when it was only $30.


I thought the Kirk looked more like Tony Blair…

I’ve had my science tric from New Force Comics for at least 2 weeks now.

I saw the science tricorder at Sci-Fi Toys a week ago. It looked much better than the medical tricorder.

BTW, I still have heard nothing from DST about the bashed up tricorder I got over a month ago. They have been seriously ducking my requests for a replacement or refund. E-mails to their customer service department and website have gone unanswered. Generally this is not a good sign for a company’s stability.

@18: Thanks TREKWEBMASTER. That will be really helpful. I appreciate it!

John T.
I know the ST one is limited to 450,but the Star Wars one that I was asking about is limited to 700. Do you happen to know the price for that one? Bummer that you’re not going yourself but I’m sure you’ll get all intersting details,lol! Have FUN! y’all! J-R!

Glad you dig the card – I wrote it and came up with the sound clip myself!