Quinto Presents At ESPY Awards + Pine’s Next Movie Update + Guide To ST09 Stars At Comic-Con

It seems like you can’t do an awards show these days without having a Star Trek skit or Trek celebrity presenter. Last night it was Zachary at ESPN’s ESPY Awards. This quickie ST09 Celeb Watch has pictures and video from that, plus an update on Chris Pine’s next movie and a full breakdown on where you can find your Trek celebrities at Comic Con next weekend.        

Quinto at the ESPYS
Last night the new Mr. Spock was one of the presenters at the ESPY awards. Joined by actress Jaime Pressly, Quinto handed out the Best Game Award to his home town team the Pittsburgh Steelers, for Superbowl XLIII.

Quinto looking logical walking on stage, and in the backstage press room
(photos: WireImage)

You can see Quinto in the video highlights from the show (at the 2:05) mark. 

One other bit of Zach news is that the short film “Boutonniere” featuring Quinto will be showing next weekend (Sunday July 26 1PM) in Los Angeles at the LA Shorts Fest.

Pine’s "Unstoppable" seems even more stopped
There is more trouble for the movie Chris Pine picked to be his first big post Star Trek movie. Two weeks ago we reported that Fox was having budget problems on the Tony Scott directed action-thriller "Unstopable". Now Variety reports that Pine’s "Unstoppable" co-star Denzel Washington has pulled out of the project. So it looks like the new Captain Kirk will need to find another film to do between now and the Star Trek: Something Something sequel (which could be shooting as early as next summer).

Star Trek movie stars at Comic Con 2009
There is no Star Trek movie panel at Comic Con next weekend, but many of the film’s stars will be in San Diego on other panels. Here is a breakdown of where you can find the Trek stars.

ST09 Celeb Date/Time Panel Room
Chris Pine (via remote, or recorded) Thu 7/23
Quantum Quest: A Cassini Odyssey Ballroom 20
Zoe Saldana Thu 7/23
EW: Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture Ballroom 20
John Cho Fri 7/24
FlashForward Room 6A
John Cho Fri 7/24
TV Guide: Sci Fi Hot List Ballroom 20
Zachary Quinto Sat 7/25
Heroes: First Look at "Redemption" + Q&A Indigo Ballroom
Hilton Bayfront
Clifton Collins, Jr. Sat 7/25
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Room 6DE
Roberto Orci &
Alex Kurtzman
Sat 7/25
Fringe Screening + Q&A Ballroom 20
Zachary Quinto Sat 7/25
Archaia: New Titles
(for Quinto’s Before the The Door production company)
Room 5AB


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Chris Pine for TJ Hooker!

Washington probably “pulled out” because he didn’t want to be upstaged by a better actor!

Why are the movie folks NOT coming to Star Trek Las Vegas? (With the exception of the excellent Mr. Quinto?)

Considering he’s one of the finest actors of our time, I’m pretty sure that isn’t why Denzel pulled out. But have fun with that.

Going back to last year, Zach Quinto is the ONLY Star Trek 09 actor to appear at a Trek convention. Why is that folks?


Not to denigrate Chris Pine in any way, but you don’t seriously believe Washington is not a good actor???

#4—-“…he’s one of the finest actors of our time…”

“Glory” and “Philadelphia” are his two finest performances in my opinion…really his best work I think.

I think that much of his work—like “Malcolm X”, “The Hurricane”, “The Great Debaters” and “Remember The Titans”—tends to be overrated.

The rest of it— like “Training Day”, “American Gangster”, “Crimson Tide”, and “The Taking Of Pelham 123”—- is middling fluff work at best (not that I blame him for making big money).

I would call him one of the greatest “movie stars” of our time. I’m not so sure about finest actors.

#6—Do you know Harry at all? :)

Get Avery Brooks!!!!

You know maybe the other ST09 stars are too big for a Trek convention? I would have thought Orci and Kurtzman would have come for sure. I’m a little disappointed, but maybe there’s still time.

Denzel Washington is HIGHLY overrated! He has two emotions in his acting arsenal…….whispering his lines or barking them in anger. He got very lucky, period!!

Want to see great acting? Watch Anthony Hopkins in ANYTHING!

#11—-Hopkins? That’s a great actor.

I think there is a big difference between a great actor and a great movie star. Some end up being both. I think he is much more of a “movie star” than a great actor.

While I agree that he can be overrated, I also think it takes more than luck to convincingly pull off what he did in a supporting role in “Glory” for sure. He certainly deserved the Oscar for “best supporting actor” he received for that one. I bought into that character from the start, and he stole scene after scene with that performance.

The “best actor in a leading role” award he got for “Training Day” was far less deserving, IMO. Seriously, what was so special about that performance? I think that was more about him being nominated for the same award two other times and coming up short (“The Hurricane” and “Malcolm X”). The Academy has a reputation for that sort of thing. I am not sure who else was nominated that year, but I remember that being a frowning moment for me and the Oscars.

Get “Common”!!!!…he is becoing a big time action guy…Terminator :Sal and B.A. in the upcoming A-TEAM!!!! yeah

J_irwin56 – July 16, 2009 write “Chris Pine for TJ Hooker!”

Fascinating idea ! :))

Ah yes…It was Sean Penn for “I am Sam” and Will Smith (seriously) for “Ali” that I felt were robbed on Washington’s behalf in 2002.

Both performances were ten times better than Denzel’s mad-bad cop in “Training Day”, IMO.

People here always cite awards as corroboration of an actor they like, yet the Academy Awards (the biggest award for acting) are rife with many examples of where the “wrong” actor won that particular year!

Better to go by the “substance” of an actor’s work: Al Pacino (great), Edward Norton (great), Robert Deniro (great until his comedy phase), Sam Rockwell (great), Meryl Streep (great), Jack Nicholson (used to be great)………..well, you get the idea.

Zachary Quinto looks great! Wow. So handsome.

Or. James Cawley as T.J. Hooker! I would pay to see that.

jeeze thats one awesome head of hair Quinto has…thats like Elvis hair

he’ll never know the pain and humiliation of a receeding hairline… : (

#5 – I noticed that fact also. Strange not even 1 no-name extra. Just Quinto… strange do you think it is something in their contract? I hope next years Vegas con has some XI cast.

YEAH! Zach Quinto got to present his hometown’s team, well our!! GO STEELERS AND PITTSBURGH! Haha. I feel so honored to live in the Burgh =D

No Star Trek Comic Con panel last year seemed odd and this year even more strange.

I noticed that too, why are there no other actors from ST 2009 other than Zachery Quinto??? Last year may have been too early for them, but now would a great time to get that fan base going.

There’s no way I can be logical and avoid one simple truth: Comparing Denzel Washington to Chris Pine is like comparing Michael Jordan in his prime to LeBron James. It is undeniable that LeBron James is very, very good. Same goes for Chris Pine. But Michael Jordan is still Michael friggin’ Jordan, and LeBron is not that good. Again, same goes for Chris Pine. Now, in five years or so, LeBron James and Chris Pine will be a lot better at their respective jobs. But they will still not be the equals of Michael Jordan and Denzel Washington. They may come close, even very close. But 100 is still a bigger number than 99.

Denzel is a fine actor, and I am not ready to put Pine anywhere near him. Most of the more recent stuff by Denzel is junk, but he has proven himself over the years and doesnt have anything to worry about.
When an actor makes me believe he is the person he portrays, that tells me he is good. Jimmy Stewart made me believe he was Glen Miller and Charles Lindbergh, George C Scott did the same with Patton. I have to say Denzel is X. When I see pics of the real Malcom X, I think, who is that?
He did that great a job on selling me.

Now, if we are talking Denzel V Starship Captains…..when Patrick Stewart walks in, they should all sit quietly and learn from the best. “Make it so!”

I am glad that Pine don’t make a movie with Denzel Washington. I don’t like the kinds of films Washington usually make very much. They are always so serious. I prefer lighter entertainment in general.

I’m hoping one or more of the new cast might surprise us at the Vegas Con with an unannounced appearance ….maybe when Quinto is on stage. It does seem odd that no one else has signed up — heck Creation pays them quite well.


i’m sure Karl Urban would love to do conventions, but i think he lives in austrailia. but, yeah… the new crew doesn’t do conventions yet… makes sense because trek hasn’t ruined their careers yet.

Hmm…cons are hardly about ruined careers. I’ve been going for 30 years and have seen visits from big name stars at the peak of their careers. It’s smart to go and stoke the fan base. Nothing is bigger than Comic-Con. 140,000 fans…..all the studios have a presence along with their directors, producers and actors.

yeah I hate to break this to you but the likely hood of seeing any of the new actors(with the exception of Zak and Karl Urban who have allready done star trek cons ) is very low.
luckily living in Los angeles pretty much able to get everyone when they appear on the talk shows or at premieres, but it sucks that most of these actors in the new movie dont appreciate what these conventions can do for them in terms of connecting them to the fans.

Karl Urban has done a few conventions in new zeland and australia, And Zac is doing the star trek show in vegas from the horrible folks at creation, but he was also in talks from what i understand to attend a show in florida latter this year but a shooting conflict arose so that had to be scrapped for now.

Nice to see that Quinto’s bigass eyebrows grew back just fine. LOL

Chris Pine is doing the remote feed for comic con, cause he is unable to attend due to his show Farragut North which is taking place nightly at the geffen playhouse in westwood doesnt close till sunday the 26th.

I went and saw it again last night, got my soundtrack autographed and i asked about comic con, and he said the play is his first priority.

I really like the new cast doing different things other than Star Trek. I mean they should strive for it. They need to explore their full potentials and become happy with what they are as actors. Each new role will add flavour to them. That way, they will shine even more brilliantly in Star Trek films. And, lastly, when they grow old, they just won’t think that they are the trademark of the franchise or something (which we have seen proven this year) like some bitter one(s) not to mention their name. Star Trek is just too big an idea to be trapped in anyone’s ego. Only with better and more competitive actors it will shine brighter. I am so happy that we are on this new trek, shine on ST!

for those who has not seen:


yeh good point-it could be that most of the movie cast are too busy making other movies at this time-even trek fans are not going to the creation vegas con this year–After all it wont be the same without quarks and the experience there-plus i refuse to pay one penny to the hilton for closing them down–but the real reason-i became jobless in tacoma a few months ago -Ha ha oh well hope all you who can afford to go to comic con and vegas con have fun! im jealous-if anyone has the star trek virtual 360 archive disk-i got one on e bay and i am one of the scenes in quarks bar under dedicated patrons-i am at the bar in the back right by the ice crushing machine and the borg elevator-i didnt see sny cameras the night i was there last august-very kewel for me to be one of the few-

opps its the star trek experience 360 virtual archive cd i was talking about-for windows and mac

I can’t even believe that this is even a topic of discussion: Whether Denzel Washington is considered a good actor or not.

I realize the person who first stated that may have been suffering from Trekkie-overload, but the others who question his ability need to think on this again. Denzel is one of the top actors working today, period. And I’m not just talking about his status as a leading man — he’s an amazing actor who’s capable of doing anything that’s put in front of him.

Anyone who could float as effortlessly and effectively from “Malcolm X” to doing light Shakespearean comedy in “Much Ado About Nothing” in the same year is a phenomenal talent. End of story.

#37—Of course he’s a good actor. His Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor” in “Glory” was without a doubt justified.

However, I stand by my opinion that the one (“Best Actor In A Leading Role”) he received for “Training Day” was a sham reward for a series of nominations in the same category. I think that more deserving performances that year were robbed—-specifically, Sean Penn for “I Am Sam” and Will Smith for “Ali”.

Great Movie Star? Yes.
Good Actor? Yes.
Great Actor? Not so sure.

I think Harry has a point in that Denzel has really only shown us a limited range (at least on the big screen). Is that his fault? Possibly not. After all, an actor can only prove his worth with the material he is given.

Nevertheless, Harry’s “two emotions in his acting arsenal” comment is not a huge exaggeration, based upon the material he has chosen.

Thanks for your support, Closettrekker!

Look, folks, if you like Washington as an actor, hey, more power to you!

I, personally, have enjoyed watching actors who far surpass his “abilities”.

Please unclench those sphincters of yours and try to recognize that It’s all subjective and to each their own, no?

7, 11, etc.

I can’t believe y’all are dissing Denzel Washington. Aside from the Oscar-winning work he’s done, even his so-called “middling” movies have a resonance and heft that would be missing without him. Did you even *see* “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3”? Or “American Gangster”? In Pelham he played a beautifully measured schlub — a decent, fascinating, flawed guy forced into heroism. Really an amazing performance. And in “Gangster” he was just wickedly complicated and charismatic, a terrific foil for Russell Crowe. It wasn’t a great movie, but it was well-acted.

How bizarre that we’re even having this conversation.

And frankly, the great Anthony Hopkins would likely be the first to praise Washington’s acting ability.

And one more thing. . . Closettrekker (12, 38), I think you’re employing a false distinction between “great actors” and “great movie stars.” I’ve heard it before, and it doesn’t fly with me.

Probably the greatest movie star of the sound era was Cary Grant — and while he didn’t win any Oscars (other than an honorary), if you go back and look at his movies, he turned around some of the subtlest, slyest, best, most relevant performances of all time. I would argue that he was among the cinema’s greatest actors. Ever. Period.

A great movie star can also be a great actor. I think very often people mistake the distinction between comic or romantic leads (like Grant, for instance) and character actors (like, I don’t know, Charles Laughton) in a way that simplifies and diminishes both types of acting.

There are, in fact, many types of great acting. Not everyone has to play Shakespeare to be deemed a worthy actor.

Think of Hepburn or Bette Davis. What were they? “Great movie stars”? Or “Great actors”? I’d say both. I’d say Meryl Streep is both. And Anthony Hopkins is both. And, yes, Denzel Washington.

#41—“I think you’re employing a false distinction between great actors and great movie stars.”

I’m not sure why. There are plenty of great movie stars who were not/are not generally considered to be great actors.

In my own view, Tom Cruise is not a great actor—but he has most certainly been a great movie star.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a great movie star—but nowhere near a great actor, IMO.

“A great movie star can also be a great actor.”

Agreed. I said as much in #12.

“I’d say Meryl Streep is both.”

Well, it’s probably debatable as to whether you could still call her a “movie star” today, at least by the definition that I am affording that term in this context (as it can also mean simply one who plays the lead in a movie)—-but she is absolutely a great actress. And at least at one time, she was both a great movie star and a great actress.

“And Anthony Hopkins is both.”

Again, I’m not sure I would call him a great movie star, but there is no question that he is a great actor.

If you’re looking for an actor today who is most certainly (IMO) both—then look no further than Tom Hanks. There probably is not an actor with a stronger combination of ability and “bankability” in Hollywood today.

As for Mr. Washington, I simply think that he would be somewhat overrated as an actor to be placed in the same category—-although again, he is most certainly (in my eyes) a good actor and a fantastic movie star.

“There are, in fact, many types of great acting. Not everyone has to play Shakespeare to be deemed a worthy actor. ”

Agreed, and not everyone who plays Shakespeare is necessarily a great actor.

Look, this is all completely subjective. But I don’t think it is “bizzarre” at all to see that there are differing opinions.

I forget who but some lady star of some Star Trek TV show of the 90’s said that doing a Star Trek Con was like on the fifth level of her priority’s. I’d say today since Trek get media coverage but not like Jackson or Cronkite, those Conventions are on the 2nd or 3rd tier of importance. And the Conventions need to be with in a month or two of the movie premiere to get the #1 or #2 spot. And Conventions rarely pay the six or five digit amounts.

So to get stars at Conventions you need more $$$, more publicity that travels more public desired paths (get seen and admired every where), or raise the personal stars Star Trek is the future for them attitude. Now if you could make them feel that if and when any one looks back at history, that that person feels that they will be seen as a prime building block to how we got here today, and if they were not a block in that foundation what is here today would have never gotten here now.

I know that is playing with peoples minds, but are we not kind of all ready doing that via TV, Politics and the Mass media. There was big debates in the late 40’s and early 50’s about the effects of TV brainwashing the public in DC as they made laws for the new form of media known as TV.

Many of these debates are being done again as The Net (Internet, you know how you are reading this now). And they will continue until it is available and as easy to use as the Newspaper and TV are today.

The TV debate topics are only 60 years old so that can be found much easier than the Newspaper debates of the 18th century as America was forming. But that stuff in History is almost forgotten by our school teachers today.

#43 – Spockish, what you just said is the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever heard. At no point in you incoherent rambling response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We are all now dumber for having had listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul!!

Aww, I’m sorry to hear that Denzel won’t be starring with Chris P. I wonder what happened. :( Denzel is a great actor and I happened to think his work in American Gangster and Training Day were great, if you ask me. I was actually looking forward to seeing him and Chris Pine on screen together as Chris is a great up and coming actor, too. Ah well. Maybe our sweetheart Zachary Quinto here and CP can get together to do a comedy film together (I think they’re magical on screen together) before it’s time to get back on the Enterprise for new adventures! :)

Whoa! What’s is important to me in this news is basically the career options of the actors especially Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine and the future of the Star Trek franchise. The Chris Pine/Denzel proposed movie didn’t sound all that great to me although I like both actors. Perhaps it is for the best it won’t be made. I would like to see Zach and Chris do some sort of romantic comedy together or separately. They both seem well suited to the genre. A buddy film might also take advantage of their chemistry.

Why is the next Star Trek being delayed???