TrekInk: 5-Page Preview Of Spock Reflections #1

This year’s "Star Trek Countdown" comic prequel to the Star Trek movie featured the elder Spock on Romulus late in the 24th century. Next week IDW debuts the first issue (of four) of "Spock Reflections," which will delve into the events that led to Spock choosing to live on Romulus, and promises to have "key insights” into Spock, as well as a “startling revelation." We have a 5 page preview of issue 1 below.


Spock Reflections
Written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton with art by David Messina.


What could drive a man to abandon all he knows and go to live with the Federation’s sworn enemy? In the follow-up series to the smash hit Star Trek: Countdown movie prequel, we see for the first time the real motivations behind Spock’s decision to live on Romulus, and follow as he looks back on what brought him to this place in his life. From the team that brought you Star Trek: Mirror Images!

Issue 1 covers


Issue 1 5-page preview

(click to enlarge)

"Spock Reflections" #1 arrives in comic shops Wednesday July 22nd.

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Looks cool


First rate! I love a good “Spock” tale.

Looks and sounds like a good idea, especially the part about bringing the Enterprise B into the story. Not enough stories bridging the gap from TOS to TNG for me. I look forward to this series.

Will these be combined into one book after the final issue like the movie Countdown series was?

Can’t wait!

Guilt over Kirk’s death cannot be his ONLY motivation to pick up stakes and go to Romulus. It had already been established in TNG that his motivations were more based on his ‘almost’ failure of what occurred during the aftermath of the Praxis incident (ST6:TUC) and how he did not want to involve his friends in his attempts at galactic peace and ‘cowboy diplomacy’.

If anything, his unrequited love for the Romulan commander from the cloaking device caper would be a more human motivation that he might actually find someone he can love, respect and admire as an equal rather than the half-assed pairing with Saavik from the novels.

Will be interesting in the direction they take….

May the will of the prophets guide you in all your treks through the stars.
The Vedek.

Didn’t a TNG episode suggest that Spock had MARRIED at one point? I wonder if his wife’s death is something that might have triggered his move to Romulus…

It’s certainly a part of Spock’s life I would love to see explored at some point. Either in the comics or a book.

looks sweet! i wanna keep reading!!!

Dood – LOVE those covers!

The whole IDIC to Romulus motif was a clever idea – kudos to the artist that nailed the harumph-ish Sarek a la Mark Lenard too.

– 24th CRS!

The covers look really nice.

yes! i’ve been waiting for an official “gap bridger” between TOS and TNG! a comic from spock’s perspective is a great start, but personally, i’d like to see them make a new t.v. show featuring Enterprises B & C.

I love it! I commented about the movie comic and how it didn’t seem to make sense. This kind of comic…I just love these. The backstory is both welcomed and so interesting!

(And does anyone else think it’s just **so cool** when Bob Orci pops in and leaves a comment?)

I thought the Victory was Constellation class? Always good to see the years betwen Harriman and the Enterprise-D. More please.

I would love to see this series on DVD/Blu-ray via the Ken Burns Effect! These would be killer on screen. The story looks extremely interesting.

I want all these comics on DIGITAL FORMAT so I can put it on my NON APPLE device. Hint Hint HInt.

coming in TPB?

Looks interesting, especially the covers that show Spock progressively aging at different points in his life. I’ll probably wait for the inevitable trade paperback edition so that I can read the whole story in one go; it’ll make a nice companion piece to my Countdown TPB.

Just one thing…somebody needs to teach Harriman the Vulcan salute.

Ah, good ‘ole Harriman. Always the bumbler.



I have to say that I’ve always hated the characterization of Harriman as an idiot. Raising the abilities of key characters by lowering those around them is bad writing. Note that they didn’t do that to Captains Pike and Robau, and Kirk and Spock didn’t suffer by comparison.

I mean, how would a moron like Harriman wind up in charge of the Enterprise unless Starfleet are a bunch of morons too. Are you saying that in the future most people are morons except our heroes? I hope not.

Weak dialog in that so far- but hey! A Saurian! Way to mine those weird, abandoned ‘TMP’ aliens! I love those guys!

I’m really excited about this!

I’m with you #20. The writers of the new movie did a good job avoiding that, but it happens too often in Trek.

Harriman being a bumbler is especially grating because he was given command of the Enterprise-B.


Picard said he’d attending the wedding of one of “Sarek’s son”. This might have been a nod to Spock before they’d decided to use him on TNG, but similar conjecture could also suggest Sarek had another son. After all, he was still a healthy Vulcan around the time he married Perrin, following Amanda’s death, and could have had another half-Vulcan son with her. Just because he never got an episode doesn’t preclude that it could’ve happened.

Harriman got far better treatment and a sort of wrap-up — all very well done — in “Of Gods and men.” he had really grown as a character and even explained what happened after ST:G, and his friendship with Chekov and Uhura. I know it’s not supposed to be canon but I always felt it was appropriate. And I agree, the idea that every other officer in the fleet is an idiot — to make Kirk/Spock look better was VERY annoying.

I am looking forward to this series. I found a comics shop near my workplace that carries IDW Star Trek comics. I will check and see when this comes out in the UK.

#21 – And I hear they make great brandy too.


In that seasons commentary (TNG Season 3 “SAREK”) The producers actually say that the “son” they had in mind was in fact, Spock. However, since they were unsure if he’d ever commit to guest-starring on the show, they left it open. When they finally secured a two-parter with Spock, they gave a nod to that statement by having Riker ask Picard if he had ever met Spock, and Picard simply says “Only once”. Again, in the commentary of that episode, (UNIFICATION) and stated many times by Rick Berman, they meant for those two statements to be the same thought.

Poor Harriman. He just can’t stop putting his foot in it, can he?

We do need blocks of time filled in, comics may not be the front edge of popular places to learn stuff.

TV has done

Enterprise as a toddler (Enterprise NX-01) hinted at NCC-1701 (as Scotty would say in TNG, with no bloody A, B, C, or D)

Enterprise as a teen (STM:TM aka ST09)

Enterprise A & B (STM:TMP to STM:UC, STM:Gen) (only hints at B)

Enterprice C & D & E(ST:TNG) (only hints at everyone but D)

Enterprise J (ST:ENT)

But the comics can fill in info/plots for all Enterprises and making of the Federation, if they have a compelling enough story they will grow up into a movie or even TV shows.

And are not Movie story boards basically private personal Director’s Comics.

The Spock having a Wife is Lame like kirk in ST: GEN in Nextus.

Guilt over Kirk’s death, then the haunting thought that spock would have saved kirk from the nextus all a long, that kirk was pulled out by picard and then was killed in the 24th century is the best motivation for Spock.

The Romulus stuff would have been Kirk’s last work before his first death.

# 7
Didn’t a TNG episode suggest that Spock had MARRIED at one point? I wonder if his wife’s death is something that might have triggered his move to Romulus…

It’s certainly a part of Spock’s life I would love to see explored at some point. Either in the comics or a book.

Actually, in the second part of the Trinity series from a couple years ago, had Spock marry a human ambassador. They had a child and named her T’Amanda. Sorry, I can’t remember the title but the first book was about mcCoy, the second Spock and the third was Kirk.

My ass, those drawings look bad. Seriously.

I think you are referring to the Crucible books? Makes me more excited to read them…
Can’t wait, it’s the only available Star Trek comic book here in the UK (correct me if im wrong) and it comes out at 31st of July.

The star trek Titan book 1 said that Spock marries Saavik who is then the rank of Captain. The second page is werid though, i thought Spock fell out with his father over his choise to go to Starfleet so Sarek wouldn’t have been at his enrolment naturally, would he? It isn’t out where i live in the UK yet but the last issue they brought out in my city 15 days late and with the gift attached that was supposed to be with this issue.