Star Trek Movie DVD and Blu-ray Sets Available For Pre-order

Details on the various DVD and Blu-ray sets for the Star Trek movie were just announced on Friday, and now they are becoming available for pre-order. The 3-disk Blu-ray and 2-Disk DVD are both discounted to $27.99 at Amazon in the US. Below we have links to those and to pre-orders and notification sign-ups in the UK, Germany and Canada.


North American releases
Full details on the North American release of Star Trek can be seen our Friday article. The three sets will be released November 17th. You can pre-order the deluxe sets now at Amazon in the US and register to be notified in Canada

US ( pre-order for November 17 [NOTE: Box art on Amazon is likely not final]

Canada (, available Nov 17, sign up to be notified when available to order

Overseas releases & pre-orders
Star Trek is also available to pre-order overseas. TrekMovie has not confirmed the features, box-art or release dates, but the following are the prices and release dates available on the various Amazon sites.

UK ( – pre-order November 2

Germany ( – pre-order for December 31





More to come
As information becomes available, TrekMovie will have more updates on the home video releases for Star Trek around the world.



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Now I will need to buy a Blue Ray drive.

Available for pre-order?

But OF COURSE they are!


Well this is crap! I told myself that nothing was
gonna make me get a Blu-Ray player…..Aaugh!
Now I gotta get one. (sarcastic-Thanks JJ!)

I suppose if one is curious, your local rent-a-center or other rental place may have a Blu-Ray player you could borrow for a week or so, along with a Netflix or other Blu-Ray rental of Star Trek. So perhaps if you don’t have the money to fork out for the Blu-Ray stuff and don’t know if you want to commit, you could always “Try it out” first. That’s what I’m planning on doing anyway, though I’m going to have to rent an HDTV too that week ;)

Then I’ll probably just buy the two disc DVD.

Not that it’s dirt cheap, but I thought I did well and saved on a lot of hassle (rental places, etc.) this last week when I picked up a 32″ RCA HDTV for about $350 and a blu-ray player for $98. Yeah, it was a big dent in our savings, but now we can enjoy all of this HD stuff, especially Star Trek!!!

#5 – Cool, which store?

TV from Best Buy (last week’s sale) and blu-ray player from Wal-Mart.

I saw a Magnavox Blu-Ray player at Wal-Mart for $85! Now if I only had a job I would probably take the plunge.

Temptation, aarrggghhh!

One bluray please.

As others have said there are now bluray players availble for under 99 dollars, while they might not be profile 2.0 (enabling bd live) a profile 1.1 bluray player for less than 99 is well worth it (as you can still see the pip and every other special feature)

ive only been buying blurays for the past 2 years now trust me once you see the incredible picture and sound you wont ever want to watch another sd disc again

“once you see the incredible picture and sound you wont ever want to watch another sd disc again”

Just curious – how does an ‘upscaled’ sd DVD look on a hi-def setup? Is there a noticeable difference? I have a fairly modest DVD collection – about 400+ – and to buy them all again in Blu would be overkill…

@ #8 According to several tech reviews, that Magnavox player is the low of the lowest in quality for players on the blu-ray market. It be best to do your research either through Consumer Reports or through CNET reviews. :)

#12 – VERY good advice. Research is key.

When it comes to the more expensive items (which to me is anything over $20.00 haha) I always check customer reviews and see the average rating of a product before I decide to buy. I always see if anyone is having any namely problems. Some wouldn’t believe how much of a lifesaver those reviews can be!

When it comes to Blu Ray players, the Sony players are really about the only way to go. Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re also fully upgradable. The PS3 is really THE best Blu Ray player on the market, complete with wireless internet support, it’s a cinch to upgrade the firmware when new updates are available, plus the ability to get internet and play games. These are only a few features. The only downside is that to really take advantage of all of the Blu Ray’s features, you should also invest in the BT remote. I’ve had mine for about 7 months now and love it!

November can’t come soon enough.

#11 – It really depends on a number of factors, primarily the quality of the DVD’s tranfer, whether it is an anamorphic DVD and the quality of the upscaling hardware in your player. I use a PS3 as my primary BluRay player and have it connected to a 52″ Sony 1080p LCD. Oppo also makes some very good and reasonably affordable DVD and BluRay hardware.

The PS3 happens to be an excellent upconverter (firmware updates are also a snap if you have it connected to the internet) and properly mastered DVDs (like the Star Wars films) still look very good. The original Trek films look good for the most part, though after seeing a few native BluRay movies, your eyes quickly start to discern the difference in video quality between a properly mastered BluRay and its corresponding DVD counterpart.

£17.99 for the triple disc Blu Ray in an exclusive steelbook you say? CLICK. Having that.

Is this Christmas in July ???

I was thinking save up for a PS3 then start getting BR-DVD’s, But recently I’ve seen Samsung BR-DVD players for half the cost. They are not game machines but do hook up to The Net via my DSL line. And that is a big factor in the PS3. Games are not as big as they were in 1977 when I got a Atari Game machine or 1980 when I got an Atari 800 Computer. My HP AMD 64×2 system can play most games. So I may just drop the PS3 for a Samsung BR player.

At the least I’ll get the 2 DVD set, but I want to check out the future of the Trek Universe on BR disk three. Maybe I’ll by my friend with a PS3 the 3 disk set for X-mas. I guessed the BR price would be arount $60, but at half that it’s almost a steal.

As for how SD-DVDs compare in visual quality against BR-DVDs. In motion action both upscaled DVD and Original BR-DVDs have more information than your poor small optic nerve from your eye to the brain can process. Unless you focus in on areas you will not really notice any diffrence, your brain may but you will not. The only real way to notice is slow down the play speed or look at still pictures.

Mr Joe Fighter Pilot may see the difference buy you Mr Joe Average that has a hard time following the Golf ball on the fairways will not. So either drink a few Beers so you can not for sure see the diffrence, or speed your brain up so you can process the info fast enough to see the diffrence.

This all most bypasses the hardware display issues, but what you see the video on still can help. Top of the line stuff is nice and bargin basement stuff is poor in quality. Or if your like me and know there is a diffrence but can not afford the top of the line stuff, go for middle of the road. Sony is top – Visio is cheap and I can afford Samsung.

I’ve slowly converted part of my DVD collection to BluRay, focusing primarily on sci-fi and comic book adaptations since those are the types of movies that really take advantage of the technology. When viewed back to back, so that your memory isn’t filling in the gaps, even catalog movies like 2001 and BladeRunner look much much better. Viewing TOS Season 1 back to back from DVD to BluRay (on the same player) shows just how much more detail you get. And even the very early James Bond movies like From Russia With Love and Thunderball are noticably sharper and more colorful on BluRay.

With regard to sound (which these kinds of discussions generally tend to skip over) I find the Dolby Digital soundtracks on BluRay to be much clearer and punchier than their standard DVD counterparts, even on my pretty vanilla surround sound system.

Now there are movies where the improvement is nominal. You’re hard-pressed to see any dramatic difference in a lot of Fox movies (Planet of the Apes comes to mind). And if the filmmaker went for a soft look to begin with (as was the case with Peter Hyams’ live action photography on 2010) or relatively cheap film stock was used (as was done on Predator) then the BluRay won’t look as impressive simply because the original photography wasn’t much to begin with.

But assuming you have a decent 1080p display, and the film in question was properly mastered, believe me, even Mr. Joe Average can tell the difference between an upscaled DVD and its BluRay counterpart.

dont have no blu-ray……getting either the one disc or two disc for me.

Bought. Already #5 in Blu sales at Amazon.

Another great site for UK buyers is, here are links to the 2-disc and 1-disc DVD respectively:

Blu-ray is probably there as well, but I’m not one to use that – DVD’s are so much simpler.

I think when buying a bluray player its safe to say that if its cheap and comes from walmart, dont trust it. I was planning on getting a bluray drive for my HTPC but that’s gonna be hard now considering the motherboard on it decided to go die. Still seems like the best way to go when I get a new computer, though.

#5 – I hate to tell you this JimJ, but that 32″ HDTV you got, I believe, is a 720p model. Blue-ray is 1080p. So, what you are going to see is only slightly better than an upconverted DVD at 480p.

I cannot wait to do some editing with the movie. I intend to put the deleted scenes back in for my own personal canon.


There are really good articles on blu rays on the net (try avs forum).

Regarding renting Blu Ray Players and HDTV, search through your friends you’ll probably find someone who has a good HT with a Blu Ray player. The rental for things like that aren’t worth it.

Upscaled DVDs look very good, but the incremental improvement with blu ray is an incredible step upwards. I’ve owned an Oppo DVD player for 2 years that is very good for upconversion and recently got a Blu Ray player. Contrary to my expectation, I am feeling more and more compelled to replace my best action DVD’s with Blu Ray for the extra detail they contain. My understanding is that DVD source is 480i, progressive scan players are just able to interpolate. So a 720p display will have significantly more information (detail) especially as things move on the screen. You cannot, by the way distinguish for small TVs ( Samsung, LG; Best audio analogue outs and DVD upconversion–> Panasonic, maybe Pioneer, definately Oppo. The quality of Blu Ray output when you have 1080p24 across HDMI to a TV that can handle 24 frames (120Hz or 240Hz) is only subtlely different between brands and largely the difference can be addressed through proper LCD adjustment (contrast will affect 3-dimensionality so if an Oppo is set up to darken more, you may see slight improvement in the performance out of the box). This makes sense since all the player is doing is pulling 1080p info and digital sound and passing it on digitally through HDMI to your receiver and/or TV. Most of the differentiation these days is in DVD upconversion (what brand name or in house chip, how well it does on jaggies, etc) or analogue out (D/A conversion, quality of the analogue components, support of 7.1 out) or other bells and whistles (support of DVD-Audio and SA-CD, Netflix, Pandora, etc, wireless dongles, wall mountable, free BD disks).

Typo in previous message: My tirade about Sony and my comment about screen size merged. Should have said:

So a 720p display will have significantly more information (detail) especially as things move on the screen. You cannot, by the way distinguish for small TVs ( Panasonic, maybe Pioneer, definately Oppo. The quality of Blu Ray output when you have 1080p24 across HDMI to a TV that can handle 24 frames (120Hz or 240Hz) is only subtlely different between brands and largely the difference can be addressed through proper LCD adjustment .

@Another Q

Sorry. I am in the same boat myself. At least the price is starting to get into the affordible catagory. Costco has one for $149. I’d like a PS3 but cannot afford it right now.

I can’t wait for the Blu Ray!! Seeing the movie again just makes me want it more and MORE and MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND…. Well, you get the point!! LOL. I love this movie!!! Definitely THE best Trek EVER!!! I WANT MORE MORE MORE!!! lol. Hurry up guys, lets get the sequel rolling!!!!!!!!!!

Love my PS3! So many fun things to do with it! There is a price break rumored to be coming for it soon!

thank you for the info.
I will buy them in the uk, because don´t ship to germany