Happy Birthday, Roberto Orci

Roberto Gaston Orci was born on July 20th 1973 in Mexico City, Mexico. Today TrekMovie takes a moment to wish a happy 36th birthday to this Trek fan who was so instrumental in the reinvigoration of the Star Trek franchise. We also have a little news on a new DVD of Bob and his writing partner Alex speaking at a recent WGA event.


Of all the members of Star Trek’s new ‘Supreme Court’, co-screenwriter and executive producer Roberto Orci is often noted to be the biggest Trekkie of the bunch. For TrekMovie community members this is self-evident from his regular visits to the comments section for both formal and informal feedback sessions with the fans here at TrekMovie. So he may be a big-time writer and producer, and one of the 50 Most Powerful Latino’s in Hollywood (according to the Hollywood Reporter), but to us he is Bob, a fellow Trekkie.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Live long and prosper Bob


Bob and Alex on DVD
Back in May we reported on a WGA event where Bob Orci and his writing partner Alex Kurtzman spoke and did some Q&A from fans and fellow writers. That event was recorded and is now available on DVD. Here is a new video clip with Bob and Alex talking about ‘committing to their universe.’

You can purchase a DVD of that WGA event from the WGA site.

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Have a Trek-tacular Birthday Bob! You share it with both my dear mother and the Apollo 11 moonwalk! Make it a good one!

For god’s sakes Bob, evreyone else has a birthday, why are we treating your like a goddamned funeral?

Bob, happy birthday ya big galoot! :>)

Happy Birthday, Bob! I know it’s not easy making everyone happy–but you and your partner made this Trek fan very, very happy. Thanks for restoring my faith in the franchise!

Now about the Transformers….. ;)

Happy birthday, you talented sonuvagun. Your present is knowing that you got a chance to play in the wonderful sandbox we call Star Trek – and you built a very nice sandcastle for all of us to admire. Good for you!

Cha Bob Toh’gah-nah lo Pre’tOk…

Happy Birthday Bob! Hope you have a great birthday! Thanks for the GREAT film. They say lightning never strikes twice, but I am sure with you at the helm we’ll prove em wrong! (as long as you avoid a Khan reboot!)

Live Long and Prosper!

Happy Birthday to Bob Orci (maybe TM.com could send him one of those new Wrath of Khan birthday cards)

and speaking of which – KHAAAAAAAAN FOR THE SEQUEL!!

Happy birthday, Bob! Thanks for the gift you gave *us* in May.

Holy crap! Happy Birthday Bob!!! Hope you get laid!!!

…Now get back to work on ST XII :)

Happy birthday

Now please make sure you don’t rehash khan for StarTrek XII

Happy B-Day. It’s my birthday too.

36 years old and you’ve already accomplished so much! Can’t wait to see what the future holds. All my best…

you do a great proper Trek movie for Trek XII I can forgive you for Transformers 2

Happy Birthday.

It’s my Birthday tomorrow :P

Happy birthday, Bob. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Roberto Orci!!
you are big part of Hollywood history from now and forever!
as a young |creative|writer/entertainer, i admire you greatly!

AS A DEVOTED FAN OF THE ORIGINAL STAR TREK, i KNOW THAT STAR TREK IS in great hands. YOU’VE PROVED IT!!.. so do what ever you feel is right brother!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


He’s exactly 10 days older than I am. Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday BobOrci !!!

Happy birthday, Robert Orci!

Happy Birthday, man. You’re successful, you have a great network of support around you and your contributions to culture and entertainment are unmistakable. I hope you had a great year this year, and that the next one is ten times as good. The world wouldn’t be as fun a place without you.

oh wow! same bday as me!

Happy Birthday man!


reminds me of: P!atd (Panic! at the Disco)

Happy Birthday!

happy b-day robert ! Gotta thank you for the great job you did with the Trek franchise. Hopefully you’ll stick around with the franchise for the long distant future.

as Savik tells spock before they leave vulcan in the voyage home….

”May your journey be free of incident”

Happy birthday, Bob. Live long and prosper.

Happy Birthday, Bob. Trek was awesome and I hear Transformers 2 was too (though I haven’t seen it yet). Keep ’em coming!

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Happy birthday, Bob! I hope there is a proper TNG send-off in your future!

Peace and long life, Bob. Happy birthday!

♫Happy Birthday too you
Happy Bithday too you ♪ ♫
♪ Happy Birthday Dear Bob!
Happy Birthday too you!!

Peace and Long life. Hope you have lots of fun today. :)

Happy B-day, Mr. Orci from


Many happy returns, and may all your future contracts include the retention of “other media” rights!!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Orci! enjoy your special day with your beloved ones and friends! :)


A heartfelt Happy birthday Mr. Orci.

Enjoy a break from trek and transformers, and spend it woth your family and friends.




Happy Birthday, Boborci!!!!

The time you were willing to spend interacting with all of us here during the development and filming of the movie was truly appreciated.

Also, you should be getting a gift notification in the mail soon for a 2 year subscription to Nacelles Magazine! ;-)

Happy Birthday!!! Ya know the best part of having a Birthday???


PS – The calories don’t count on your birthday so you can eat 3 pieces.

No message that I am aware of, except of course, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You the man Bob, You the man!

Happy Birthday Boborci!

I got you a big smile to wear to all your public appearances and interviews. I expect you to wear it from now on :-)

I’m a big Bob Orci fan, always enjoy reading/hearing interviews with him. There’s no question in my mind that Mr. Orci and his fellow “Supreme Court” compatriots were the right people to take over Star Trek.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mr. Orci !!!
…”Live long , prosper , and keep on hangin’ and bangin’…”

Feliz Cumple Sr. Orci !!!
Saludos desde Mexico !!!

Happy Birthday Bob
You don’t look a day over 40

Many happy returns of the day, Roberto Orci – especially as, having a July birthday myself, you’re already helped given me one of the best birthdays ever – going to see Star Trek!

Yo Roberto! Happy Birthday and many more!

Feliz Cumpleanos Bob!

you da man, bob. this guy’s movies gross like 2 billion this year…

Bob, hope you’re having a good one. I wonder though, if you and Alex were in the middle of the festivities and say…a rich morsel of plot or dialogue wanders up there, would you both stop the party and get it down or risk it lost forever? Kiddin’ :). Live long and prosper.

Happy Birthday Bob! Now, get to work on the sequel! : D