More Details and Pre-order for Star Trek Season Two On Blu-ray

On Monday Paramount Home Entertainment announced that Star Trek The Original Series Season Two is coming to Blu-ray September 22nd. Today more details on that release have emerged, and it is also now available for pre-order at Amazon. Details below.  


Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray
The second season of Star Trek on Blu-ray will be much like Season One, including allowing you to watch episodes with ‘seemless branching’ between the new CGI effects and the original effects, all in HD.

The new details on the 7-disk set come fromTVShowsOnDVD, which notes that all the disks are ‘Mobile Blu’ and BD-Live enabled. This means that you can use your iPhone as a remote control and download exclusive content to your iPhone, and there will be additional exclusive content on the BD-Live website. There will also be a special monopoly card.

Tribbles Tribbles Tribbles!
The giving away of tribbles at the Paramount booth at SDCC was a hint of the biggest special feature of the set. There will be an entire disk dedicated to tribbles, including a BD download of the PDF for the "The Trouble with Tribbles" adaptation. No more details are available, but there will likely be additional Tribble special features and possibly the DS9 and TAS tribble episodes (which were on the DVD version).

TrekMovie will provide more details as they become available.

Pre-order available
Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray arrives September 22nd and is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $90.99 (discounted from $129.99).

[click to pre-order from Amazon]


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If it features the TAS and DS9 episodes in Blu transfers, I will plotz. Gimme!

Favorite season, but seams kinda high priced. ?? Hopefully there will be more suprises in the box or disks.

How much was ST TOS S1 HD DVD? I bought it, but don’t remember.

But the press release said this would be $79.99!

SEAMless branching. SEAM.

#2 – The TOS HD-DVD MSRP was $219.99

Very cool. Lot’s to enjoy there.

Oh and is that the possibility of Hi-Def DS9? Really?! Awesome!

Yeah WTF is the deal with the pricing?

#6, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for HD DS9 & TAS episodes. This was discussed to-death on this thread:

But the most likely scenario is that if included they will both be SD just like they were on the DVD release, with a small possibility of TAS being re-mastered to HD (since it was also film like TOS), and an even smaller possibility that portions, much less all, of DS9 will be re-mastered in HD.

sorry not worth it..

these prices are highly unreasonable..

To those whining about too expensive…

First off. Sigh.

Second. Season 1 went on pre-order at the same price and ended up shipping for $64.99 which is more than reasonable for what’s on there. I expect S2 to end up at the same price point.

#10 your probably right, same hapened with BSG BR compete set due out Tuesday. I think they had 2 price decreases on Amazon, and to my suprise, BB matched the price. But TOS is 40+ years old, not just finishing up it’s final episode 6 months ago. Milking the Cow again

I want a tribble!

Tibbles are so lame. lol

/sigh @ 10

Last weeks press release lists the official MSRP at $79.99. Why would you list an $80 set for $90? Obviously there’s a mistake somewhere, so it would be nice if they fixed it.

$79.99 is a much better MSRP for these sets than $129.99, stores can still sell them for the same actual retail prices as Season 1 goes for, $60-$80, and CBS/Paramount doesn’t look like a bunch of greedy dicks.

I want a Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!

I’m not buying any of these TOS seasons on Blu Ray until the prices go down!!

Dan you could always get a Net-Flicks account and rent the Blue-Ray DVD’s, this will give you a Trek fix until the prices drop in 5 years or so.

Seemless branching – ha, ha

Okay Matt. Here I go. My birthday present to myself. Thanks.

Day one purchase for me. Season One dropped 50% in price by the time it was actually released and I’m sure outlets like will drop the price of this new set several times before release day as well. Yes its somewhat more expensive than DVD sets of other shows but the presentation is really nice and the extras are actually pretty good.

Shouldn’t it be the science delta shield? I’M NOT BUYING!!!!!!


^ 21. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise – July 24, 2009
Shouldn’t it be the science delta shield? I’M NOT BUYING!!!!!!

Indeed, I think that we can all solemnly agree that this packaging art is a…
(all together, now) DISASTER!!!!! ;-)

i really would rather get the remastered dvd….

I would be surprised if the DS9/TAS episodes wern’t HD here is why.

I just saw something the other day that says that EVERYTHING shot for star trek in the 80’s and 90’s was shot on 35mm film, yes even the model work., transporter BG, etc… They also said that when they composited everything together on tape, they saved the film’s time code. This means that getting HD copies of the episodes is as simple as re-scanning the original negatives and then re-compositing, and re-editing. I’ve seen a demonstration of compositing in action. Its very fast. Also re-editing with saved time codes is also easy. I heard that they remastered sinefield’s 10 seasons using this technique in less than a year, and that they already have at least one episode of TNG in HD.

Is there a Scotty mail away figure with Blu-ray season 2 like the Sulu figure with Blu-ray season 1 ?


That doesn’t allow for the phaser shots/etc in T&T.

Moreover, dropping Sisko, Dax, O’Brien, Worf, Odo and Bashir into the TOS shots involved more than simple compositing…

I don’t think they would need a whole Blu disc for the Tribbles tribute if two of them were going to be SD. I’m hoping for the first HD showings of Star Trek not involving TOS and the movies.

#24. Allen wrote: getting HD copies of the episodes is as simple as re-scanning the original negatives and then re-compositing, and re-editing… re-editing with saved time codes is also easy. Where to start? LOL Words like “simple” and “easy” are really not appropriate here. Not that you are wrong, per se, but this is a huge understatement about the true complexities involved. Trek ain’t Sienfeld. There are two problems with re-mastering TNG, DS9 & VOY, the rest is mostly irrelevant: 1) Money 2) EDL conform logs First the money. No matter how simple or how fast Trek can be remastered, given the number of elements involved and the additional video fx which must be recreated, makes Trek the biggest remastering projects of them all and with that the most expensive. There are a lot of rumors out there, but I know for a fact that as of about a year ago CBS has been shopping the project to various major hollywood post houses for bids. But that’s it. Yes, there is a test episode, but that’s it – a budgeted feasibility exercise in order to get a true estimate of the cost per episode, which may or may not have been completed for commercial release. At this time, I do not believe CBS has committed any funds to start the project – and that is the key, will they spring for it or not? Eventually yes. But, both Tribble episodes would be outside of the scope of any initial re-mastering projects. If they were to take these on specifically for the BD release of Season 2, I would think they would not be saved as a surprise, but rather a purchasing incentive (like the Best Buy Delta shields), since the only reason to spend the money on them is to make money. Second the re-editing. Cost aside, while it is a straight-forward process to re-telecine the 35mm dailies and re-composite the video elements, re-conforming the master from the original film elements is quite a bit more problematic. Whether this becomes a simple paint-by-numbers effort of labor, or a much more complex and time-consuming laborious frame matching exercise, depends solely on whether the EDLs were as detailed as I hope they are. Some have claimed that the original dailies were transfered to Beta SP without overscan edgecode from the film, or even keeping logs of edgecode timecode frame starts reference. If that’s true, then they have a real problem on their hands as each edit must be painstakingly matched to the FRAME in order to lock to audio synch, without even a rough timecode location to start from. This is the greatest unknown to the process and considering some things Ron Moore has said about how fast and loose they were in the early days (like different frame rate transfers), its even hard to speculate. The later episodes were likely handled with more care and most likely they will be the first to be remastered. As far as I know, no one has commented on this. Lastly, even if detailed EDLs are available, there is still more to post with Trek than Seinfeld besides picture. It has been pointed out the as good as the original vfx footage might be, it won’t stand up to the CGI of the TOS remaster. The question of new CGI vs. telecine and re-compositing will be addressed and considering they will have to create new CGI to replace the video vfx layer, they will likely replace all the vfx which of course will add time to the project. More than likely each episode would require a full 5.1 surround re-mix as well. So taken as a whole, there is nothing simple or easy about this project. As much as I would wish for HD Tribbles episodes, I think it is unlikely we will see anything but SD on this version. #27 Jon B, All 7 discs evidently have Blu-ray only features. The fact that there is a separate BD for the extras is only evidence that the SD content wouldn’t fit on the discs with the episodes, or they wanted all of them on one disc AND wanted it to have some special BD accessible features as well. Unless as #26 Mammalian Verisimilitude, points out the much more sophisticated CGI compositing of old footage with new was performed on high res (if not HD) conformed masters, then it is unlikely there will be any HD extras from the TNG ear on this release. TNG era re-masters are coming, just probably not with this release. In fact, as more and more TV moves to HD tape instead of film, those telecine machines are going to be sitting around with a lot of free time on their hands and the cost to restore these old series is going to… Read more »