New Site Previews Star Trek Movie DVD & Blu-ray Sets

Paramount Home Video have launched a Comic-Con preview site for the Star Trek feature film Blu-ray and DVD releases (which come out on November 17th). The new site has a new preview video showing off some of the special features for the home video releases. More details and images below.


Star Trek on Blu-ray & DVD Comic Con Preview
Yesterday we reported that Paramount was handing out Star Trek USB drive / com pins at their booth at San Diego Comic Con (#3535). The USB drives contain a link to a brand new sub-site for the new Star Trek movie home video releases.  

But you don’t need the USB drives to visit the new site at The site shows off the packaging and the lists the details for the sets as well as links to a few other things we have already reported on here. The big new thing is the Comic-Con Exclusive Video which has a preview of the special features.

The video (available in HD) gives you a glimpse into some of the many special features on the set, including behind the scenes for the production, concept art for ships and costumes, interviews and more. Here are some screenshots.

The site also has links to the previously released Star Trek iPhone applications (Phaser & Countdown comic), and a way to sign up for updates. 

Visit for more.


Pre-order your set today
You can pre-order Star Trek on 3-disk Blu-ray, 2-disk DVD, or 1-disk DVD, at Amazon. Or pre-order get the 3-disk Blu-ray Gift Set at Best Buy.


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Sweet can’t wait for release! First?!

Heck yeah gotta have it


Man i can’t wait to have this here in Brazil!!!!!!!

The moment where Nimoy addresses the cast and crew of the movie brought a lump to the throat, I don’t mind telling you. Lovely.

Looks very mpressive. But im glad they did not show the Defiant in the Movie as that would have been against Canon. Sorry i had to say it.

I cannot wait! Buying a Blu-ray player just for this!

So the Defiant was a pre-refit Miranda class? Sweet

Man, it would have been the memory of a lifetime to be on that crew the moment they wrapped and Nimoy addressed them. And they had BETTER release those ship elevation charts – those vessels are bad to the bone.

I hope they use the Defiant in the next movie – give it those big honkin’ v2.0 nacelles, an Aztec skin job, and a really beefy, tricked-out new roll bar.

Oh – AND FLAMES! :-)

Oh, geez. Here I go.

J.J. Abrams, thank you for the stupid camera shakes, the lens flares (You literally brought flashlights to make it more intrusive?!), the rushed pacing, the lack of any interesting story (evil guy wants to blow stuff up), giving Chekov Uhura’s job, making Trek a terrible place for women again and most importantly, for making Kirk such an unlikable a**hole.

Robert and Alex, I will not say you can’t write stories. I have no doubt if you wrote something like this, it would be a good starting point. Unfortunately from what all the interviews have hinted at, you were surrounded by a bunch ‘yes men’ who wouldn’t say no to a single point in your story because they didn’t really care about Star Trek. This is not a finished story. There were far too many liberties that were taken that you had to reduce character development to “fate” and “Destiny” and made the Transporter an unlimited plot settling device. Also, the whole point of the Kobayashi Maru was not to show Kirk as an awesome bada**, but to give his character flaws and show that he was not always right. And now with this NuKirk, he is never depicted as having any flaws or being wrong.

And for god’s sake, give the women something to do. You show Kirk’s mother surviving the opening, but you write her out of the movie completely after that. You killed off Spock’s mother so she could be Spock’s “Lady in the fridge”, and you didn’t do anything with Uhura except make her Spock’s love partner (which by the way lacked development and relevance). Just because she’s is in love with Spock doesn’t make her more prominent or important! And if the only thing that makes Uhura useful in the entire movie is shown while she is undressing, you are not taking her character seriously or respectively. And where was Number One from The Cage? She was Star Trek’s first female character, she was assigned to Christopher Pike and she was a darn good character. She would have been a much better choice for the movie instead of either Chekov or Sulu.

And as for you Karl Urban!……you….you were actually awesome. You are the only reason why I even like this film. Of all the people who worked on this film, you were the only one who acted like you wanted to be true to the character you were portraying and thus made me remember why I liked Bones so much as a character. Thanks.

J.J. wanted to turn the Enterprise into a hot rod. I understand the creative decision to do that, I really do. And they certainly accomplished it.

But that wasn’t the right thing to do with the original U.S.S. Enterprise.

Certainly there would be changes, but the overall thought wouldn’t that it would be a hot rod.

Of course, in a parallel universe every creative decision is as right as another.

But I would have liked it better if the original ship was included.

And yes, I liked the move very much.

Hmm, not getting any sound from the video…

The greatest movie of the year…STAR TREK! Cannot wait to get it on Blu-Ray. Love the concept art for the Defiant. Must be a Miranda-class of this new timeline.

I loved the movie, can’t wait. Only saw it once, in IMAX. So I am sure the 3 disk set will be awesome.

Can’t wait.

I love these designs. They make me think. I suppose these “would have been” the TOS-era craft we know but with a little extra punch in the wake of the Kelvin disaster. There was possibly not enough time to completely redesign them. And the newly proposed ship, the constitution class, was totally redesigned from the ground up, giving us the ship we see in the movie.

IDK, this is all fiction after all.

U,S,S, Defiant! Let’s hope this one doesn’t end up getting dragged into the mirrior universe as well!

I agree with #11 on at least one point, where was number 1? Not only a tribute to Majel Barrett Roddenberry, while she was alive and in her death. Great character, to bad the suits of the 60’s didnt believe in Gene’s vision of women, beyond short uniforms and yeomans and way to little character development of our favorite communications officer, Nichelle Nichols. The show, and especially the pilot was way B4 their time.

To bad, but at least we have MBR as the voice of the computer, I believe.

Competition from another site. Blast ’em, Mr. Sulu!

This will look sweet on Lord Garth’s 73″ DLP
Lord Garth likes the Defiant

Lord Garth still doesn’t know why there are two cordless drills in the middle of the bridge console

Oh look! JJ has his own lensflare! Heh!

JJ? Awesome. Kurtzman, Orci & Lindelof? Awesome. Star Trek XI? Awesome.

I can’t wait for the DVD and I can’t wait for the next installment in this reinvigorated franchise!

Carry on.

Gotta admit that this movie is gonna be the reason I buy a blue ray player too. Can’t wait. Gonna catch it at least one more time in the theaters this weekend before it leaves for the small screen

11. Jeyl – July 24, 2009
“Oh, geez. Here I go.”

Way off base, but fine… your opinion.
Way off the subject…. I’ve seen your name posting before… what happened, didn’t get enough chances since May to tell us you didn’t like it?

To #11, Characters have to grow. That drives stories. I think the purpose of the story was to show how Kirk transitioned from a raw rebel without a cause into a purpose driven, highly capable Captain of the flagship of the Federation. We never saw that in TOS. He was established by that point. This story was about what James T Kirk had to do to become better than he thought he could be. ( I think that moment arrived when he told Spock on board the Vulcan ship, with very firm conviction, “This will work!” *& got Spock to believe him.) I don’t think we were supposed to like him, really. Not at first. This Kirk has somewhere to go in the movie 2 and 3 story arc.

The back story on TOS was that Kirk graduated from Starfleet Academy as one of the youngest graduates, if memory serves. This Kirk was a “repeat offender”. This is about 5 years difference because his Dad was not there to guide him, to “ground” him.

Do I agree with every story point? Heck, no. Killing Amanda Grayson & destroying Vulcan went too far. The romance between Uhura and Spock felt – forced & gratuitous – and I’m not sure what purpose it served except to show that this Spock may make different choices than Spock Prime did. I wanted Abrams to LOCK the camera DOWN so it would not shake. The lens flares got to be too distracting.

You’re right about the federation being a terrible place for women again, but this is TOS era, not the enlightened TNG era.

Let’s see where this goes, eh?

Bob, Blu-ray is awesome! Welcome aboard. This film is guaranteed to shine. Blu was made for Trek 2009! I cannot wait!!

I have a 133″ screen and a true 1080P projector attached to my PS3. There’s nothing like a good home theater. Especially for a film like this!

Can’t wait for this! Got a nice TV, BD Player and Surround Sound. Should be fun! But why the long wait, especially if all the Trek titles that we (or at least I) were expecting day and date, are coming two months earlier.

Now, am I the only one concerned about the Digital Copy being itunes or not? Paramount has only done a handful of them so far, with the recent ones being Windows Media only. So, does anyone know. Hopefully I can get a copy on my Mac/ ipod- instead of just a coaster. But sinc Abrams himself is a fellow Mac guy, heck there’s pics of him with a Macbook on the set (which some of look like they were designed by the same people who design the Apple Stores), so is need to worry?

Okay, no need to worry about the Digital Copy question, just got the video on the site to work, and since it has a pic of an iphone/ ipod touch, guess it’ll work. No worries anymore!

Ha, the registry numbers of the other ships are higher than 1701. I’m sure they would have come up with a lame reason for why post-Constitution ships would have been there for the big E’s maiden voyage. Maybe the big E was built quickly in Iowa and was out a few years before the cadets came on board…

The 2 disc Bluray MAY tip me over the edge to buy A BD player..but the Best Buy gift set w/ the badges can collect dust on the shelves a LONG time! I’m still waiting for the pre holiday cxheap machines and bonus title offers from Amazon about Thanksgiving time when the BD industry makes a do or die drop in player prices to get people to plunge into the format.

@ 11. Jeyl & 18. Cyberghost:

I feel your pain. Apparently, It’s back to the future with the mid 20th century network suit female character portrayals.

And If the official timeline ( didn’t change until Nero showed up, then:

Just where in blazes is Number One?

And how about Dr. Boyce, Lt. Tyler and Yeoman Colt?

I’m a doctor, not an architect, but why is the Enterprise like a zillion times bigger?

And damn it, why was James T. Kirk born in space and where’s his brother Sam?



I already have a DVD of it, courtesy of a Friend.

Ha, by the way, looks like the USS Newton could easily kick the Big E’s butt. So much for the fleet’s flagship…

If the Defiant shown above was destroyed at Vulcan in the movie then they could name one of the new Constitution class ships Defiant and it could get pulled into the “mirror” universe. Thus following the prime timeline in a sense.

“Citizen, pul the F*** OVER!!”


Oh yeah, Electron is right. Guess the Defiant did get smoked at Vulcan. Oh well, still SWEET!

God bless Leonard Nimoy. I love you Mr. Nimoy. If you are reading this, I want you to know that I really love you, from the bottom of my heart. I admire you and respect you so much. I followed your career through the years. You are a great actor, a wonderful director and writer. I saw your amazing work as a photographer . You are an Artist with a capital A. I love you, Mr Nimoy, and I want to thank you for everything you did during all these years. God bless you, and I have to say it’s a shame that you retired so early. We need Artists like you. I’m looking forword to your next project, and I wish you all the best.

Bob Orci a few thoughts….

The way I see it do three movies and at the end of the last one have Q turn up and say to Kirk you can save mankind and Vulcan but at a cost.

Have Q give Kirk the option to save Spock in this timeline or completely rewrite the alternate history to stop Nero destroying Vulcan and stopping him as soon as he comes through the wormhole.

The cost……history will correct itself and the new adventures will never happen so Kirk WILL be as he always was.

Think about it they can do three movies hit reset like this and then things will happen properly.

Then do three more within the confinds of canon.

Literally the best of both Worlds.

Star Trek Global Box Office Update:

$379,280,270 as of June 24, 2009


I thought the portrayal of young Kirk was dead on. Go to any college campus in America and you’ll see hundreds of “James T. Kirk” types running around with a smirk on their face. They’ll grow out of it when reality settles in.

Even with Shatner though, you could tell that Kirk did not have a Wesley Crusher childhood. He’s has a bit of swagger about him. By the time of TOS (2265-2270), Kirk was significantly older than in this movie (2255-2258). So, we’re talking about 7 to 10 years of field duty that Nero’s interference with the timeline effectively screwed up. That’s a decade of experience that would’ve tempered some of his natural arrogance.

Nichelle Nichols-Uhura @ SD Comic the Wizard Comics booth..

signing autographs for $30.

#11. Jeyl

Listen Here, that was Very Well put.

I really couldn’t believe how uninterested I was with Most of the Characters, with exception of Urban’s McCoy.

and I absolutely hated the Movies Premise.

Is it not that Kirk has to start as an Ass, so he has the next decade or more of getting refused the key to a girls room so he has to educate him self into the cool dude girls will jump into bed with at the slightest look. Not every one is born with the powers you have to self educte your self to earn those powers.

The Kirk from the original series was a romantic. He was well versed in great literature and really conveyed the sense that he was an explorer. There is nothing like this in this NuKirk and I seriously doubt even he would know how to make gun powder.

Does anyone know if this is going to have a Betamax release as well?

#11. As Scotty said. (Everyone is intittled to there opinion) But you are all alone. I can point out over 400 Million Reasons why you are alone. I have seen the Movie 11 times and it will be number 12 with my girlfrend tonight. Her First. This Movie has it all. A great Story and Action and still brings a tear to my Eye in the first 5 minutes. I hope that they can get Mr Nimoy back for the Next Movie. But with out the Shat.

I just read an article on Yahoo with Peter Jackson and James Cameron about them bringing there films like Lord of the Rings into 3D. Now that would be so fantastic. Even better. Think about seeing all the Star Trek Movies in 3D. Wouldnt that be something. To see trek 2009 and 2011 in imax in 3D. Wow. I hope this pans out.